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No Pressure Pt. 02

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my story. This is a continuation of the first story I shared, this time focusing on Kelsey’s POV. It does not go back and give her POV on what’s already happened. This story picks up where Part 1 left off.

I continue to welcome productive feedback. However, if you are unable to read the story because Beckett uses they/them pronouns, my work is simply not for you. Commenting about it won’t make me change it. You can’t change someone else’s identity, even a fictional character.

Part Two

“Shut up and fuck me,” Kelsey said with enough force to hopefully snap Beckett out of their self-doubt. It was something Kelsey had noticed about Beckett over the last couple of days. Below that tough and confident exterior, they didn’t truly think very highly of themself.

Beckett grinned widely back at Kelsey before working their hips back and forth slowly. Kelsey breathed deeply as she adjusted to the girth of the strap-on and kept her gaze locked on Beckett, who looked a bit nervous – likely because Kelsey had told them that it had been a while since she’d been with anyone who liked using a strap-on.

It had been over a year since she’d slept with anyone and at least three more since she’d incorporated any toys into her sex life. Her last partner, Jo, thought toys made sex less intimate so the two never used them. And, after they moved in together, Kelsey had gotten rid of her toys. She figured that if Jo wasn’t into them, there was no reason to have them. Because at the time, she thought that Jo would be the only person she’d have sex with for the rest of her life.

But about a year into living together, their relationship fell apart. They spent most nights separately reading or scrolling on social media. They had a few TV shows that they’d watch together, but they had very few other overlapping interests. That sounded ideal to Kelsey at the beginning of their relationship – she could have her autonomy and a monogamous relationship. In reality, though, it pushed them apart.

Jo stopped going to Kelsey’s softball games and Kelsey retaliated by saying no to pretty much any activity Jo enjoyed. If she couldn’t get Jo to come to her softball games, she wasn’t going to do anything that Jo wanted to do. Talking only led to fighting, so they stopped communicating altogether. Why bother?

When they broke up, it was no surprise to their friends and barely a surprise to Kelsey and Jo. It was far from an amicable break up, everything they both had been holding back for two years came spilling out all at once, but Kelsey didn’t think twice about it and Jo didn’t seem to either. There were no attempts from either of them to get in touch after Kelsey moved out and on the rare occasion that they saw each other in public, they’d barely acknowledged each other’s presence.

And in the eight months since the breakup, Kelsey hadn’t even thought about dating anyone. She needed independence before she could even think about being with anyone else. Historically, she wasn’t great at one-night stands or short-term, casual hookups, so those were off the table. She allowed herself to open back up to the idea of seeing someone a few weeks before the tournament, but she didn’t actively pursue it.

As Beckett moved slowly, they searched Kelsey’s eyes for something. Was it permission to go faster? Because if so, Kelsey was happy to give that permission. She expected at least a little bit of discomfort after several years of nothing more than a couple of fingers, at most, but she felt quite the opposite. She felt pleasantly stretched, full but not uncomfortable. It didn’t feel like an object was moving in and out of her, it felt like Beckett was moving in and out of her. She wasn’t sure if it was the type of dildo, the type of harness, or the angle but-

“Holy shit!” Kelsey cried out when Beckett sat up straight and pulled Kelsey into them, almost the full length of the dildo buried in her. And the view, well the view might have been the best part. The open curtains let in just enough light to give Beckett the appearance of glowing. The slight sheen of sweat called attention to the faint lines of definition along the muscles of their abs and shoulders.

Kelsey slid her hands down from where her nails had been digging into their hips and rested them on Beckett’s strong thighs. The muscle flexed under her touch as Beckett’s thrusting turned to grinding and their breath became choppy. Low, guttural groans interrupted the incoherent directions that Kelsey had barely even registered were spilling desperately from her own mouth.



“Just like that.”

Kelsey matched Beckett’s movements with her own hips as she continued to urge them on while Beckett slid their hand into the small space between them to turn on the small vibrator lodged in the pocket of Beckett’s. They moaned and arched their back more, pushing the last half-inch into Kelsey so their bodies were flush against each other.

“You’re so hot,” Kelsey whimpered, istanbul travesti locking her legs around Beckett’s hips.

“You feel so fucking good,” Beckett returned.

“Can you come like this?” Kelsey asked, sure that her own orgasm was approaching and wondering if there was a chance they could climax together.

Beckett nodded, releasing a shuddering breath. “Yes.”

“Tell me how,” Kelsey demanded breathlessly. “I want to feel you come.”

“Play with my nipples,” Beckett whined.

Kelsey bit her lip and leaned forward and reached for Beckett, who thoughtfully grabbed a pillow and slid it under Kelsey’s shoulders to prop her up better. Remembering Beckett’s earlier request to leave their bra on, she cupped their breasts over the fabric. She felt their nipples peak against the thin material and began rolling them between her fingers.

“Fuck. Yes. Like that.” Beckett’s moans were a much higher register than Kelsey expected, and she liked it. They were also far more talkative than she expected. And she really liked that.

“You are so fucking hot,” Kelsey said, aware she was repeating herself but unsure what else to possibly say. It was all she could focus on – Beckett was so fucking hot it was unreasonable.

“Grab my waist,” Beckett said, placing their own hands over Kelsey’s and sliding them down their body. Kelsey could feel the rigid muscles tightening under her hands.

Beckett pulled Kelsey against them with one hand splayed on her lower back while the thumb of the other found her clit and rubbed in circles, the action causing another stream of incoherent nonsense to spill from Kelsey’s mouth. She wasn’t usually this verbal, but her partner also wasn’t usually as hot as Beckett. Or as good at making her feel good. She felt like she had to express her appreciation as much as possible.

Beckett collapsed forward, moving their hand from the small of her back and flattening their palm against the mattress to hold themself up. The circles they had been making with their thumb became more erratic as Beckett pressed their forehead to Kelsey’s. “I’m close,” they whined, “so close.”

“Tell me what you need,” Kelsey said in a much huskier tone than she expected to come from her own throat.

“Keep grinding against me,” they instructed. “Yes, like that. I’m so close… so close… I can’t…”

Kelsey reached between herself and Beckett and extracted Beckett’s thumb from her clit, bringing it to her own mouth and wrapping her lips around it while Beckett’s dark eyes stayed intently locked on hers. She then brought her own hand to her mouth, wetting two fingers before pushing her hand between them to rub her clit.

“Focus on yourself, you already have me ready to come again. I want you to come while you watch me touch myself.” Kelsey had no idea where this dirty talk was coming from, but it felt like it was what Beckett needed.

“I’m gonna…” Beckett’s body tensed and they cried out as they collapsed onto Kelsey. With a few more deliberate strokes to her clit, Kelsey joined them. Their bodies rocked together as Beckett’s teeth sunk into Kelsey’s shoulder and they both gave in to the pleasure consuming them.

An incessant buzzing sound coming from Kelsey’s night stand pulled her from the deep sleep she’d fallen into after her third orgasm. Beckett was still wrapped around her with their face nuzzled between her shoulder blades. Their warm breath both tickled and soothed her.

With blurry eyes, she focused on the buzzing object: her phone. She never turned off the alarm that she’d set for seven o’clock so she wouldn’t be late to Beckett’s game the day before. It had been important to her to show up for Beckett after she’d been so hot and cold with them. She felt like she needed to make up for letting them see her spiral out of control not just once, but twice.

Hoping not to disturb the body quietly snoring behind her, she reached for the phone and silenced the alarm. Checkout wasn’t for another four hours and all she really needed to do was toss everything in her car. She’d deal with it after her two-hour drive home to Scranton.

“What time is it?” Beckett murmured into Kelsey’s shoulder as she settled back under the sheet. They planted a soft kiss there that radiated across Kelsey’s skin. She was exhausted from the night before but Beckett’s touch was enough to perk her up a bit.

“It’s only seven, sorry. I forgot to change my alarm,” Kelsey said as she gently stroked the arm that had landed across her stomach. “This is absolutely not a request for you to leave – exactly the opposite, in fact – but what time do you need to head home? I don’t want to make you late. Your friends probably already hate me for being such an asshole to you all week.”

“Actually, Sam and Sylvie are big fans of yours,” Sam said as they propped themself onto their elbow and faced Kelsey.

“I find that hard to believe,” Kelsey said as she turned to face Beckett. “I had two very embarrassing istanbul travestileri public outbursts in front of them.”

“Oh they don’t care about that.” Beckett pulled Kelsey into them so their bodies were flush against each other. “You don’t need to be embarrassed,” they said, kissing her forehead.

Kelsey’s eyes drifted down, away from the kindness and understanding that Beckett’s were showing her. “I do, though. And I am.”

Beckett tilted Kelsey’s head up so she was looking at them again. “You aren’t your worst moments,” they said, planting a gentle kiss on her lips.

Kelsey almost believed them.

As Kelsey tossed the last load of laundry into the dryer that evening, her phone vibrated in her pocket.

A. Beckett: Made it home. Dog is pretending I don’t exist.

The message was followed by an image of a gorgeous black labrador staring very intently at a wall. This was the first Kelsey was hearing about a dog in Beckett’s life.

Kelsey Hughes: Puppy!

Learning that Beckett had a dog only made them even more attractive, if that were even possible.

Beckett: I think you mean old lady, she’s 11.

Kelsey: All dogs are puppies, regardless of age.

Kelsey: Why is she looking at the wall like that?

Beckett: Because I left her for 5 days so she hates me now.

Kelsey: That tracks.

Beckett: I think she forgot who I am.

Kelsey: That does not track. I doubt anyone, especially that pretty puppy, could forget you after just 5 days.

Bubbles appeared on Kelsey’s screen but quickly disappeared. She anxiously awaited a response, but after five minutes, nothing came through. Was that too forward? Kelsey had been told that her intensity could be a bit scary and she didn’t want to scare Beckett off already. Logistically, continuing to talk to Beckett had its challenges, but Kelsey hadn’t connected with anyone in a really long time. And never in the way that she did with Beckett.

After Beckett brought her to two more climaxes that morning, one in bed and one in the shower, Kelsey took Beckett to breakfast at one of her favorite spots in Philadelphia. With the tournament and Kelsey’s embarrassing outbursts behind them, the two talked until the very kind waiter asked them if they’d mind giving up the table for patrons that had been waiting for more than an hour.

Kelsey hadn’t even realized they’d overstayed their welcome until she looked at her phone and saw the reminder to check out of the hotel blinking at her. She had to go back to reality. And reality was much less appealing than the fantasy she’d lived in for the last five days. There was still a part of Kelsey that was convinced that Beckett wasn’t real.

Physically, she knew they were real – she’d touched every bare inch of their body, as well as some clothed ones. But she couldn’t truly believe that there was someone out there with the capacity to care the way Beckett seemed to care.

Kelsey: Sorry, that was probably too much.

Beckett: No! Sorry! Taco finally looked at me and I got distracted playing with her.

Beckett: I typed a response but I guess I didn’t hit send.

Beckett: Well, I typed an emoji but I guess I didn’t hit send.

The next message showed a blushing emoji in quotes.

Beckett: That’s what I meant to send.

Great, now Kelsey was being needy. Beckett didn’t need to give her all of their attention, especially not after only one night together. She had been independent for months now. Even before that, she and Jo hadn’t really been much of a couple for more than a year before they split. Beckett didn’t owe her their undivided attention, especially not when they just got home to their beautiful black lab.

Kelsey: Wait, your dog’s name is Taco?

Beckett: Technically, her name is Natasha.

Kelsey: I love it when dogs have human names.

Kelsey: But 1. How did Natasha become Taco and 2. Why Natasha?

Beckett: She had the name before I adopted her. I didn’t think it was appropriate to change her name without her being able to tell me if she liked it.

Kelsey: Fair. So… did she tell you that she liked the name Taco or…

Beckett: Lol. No, but she doesn’t seem to dislike it.

Kelsey: Does she really like Mexican food or something?

Beckett: Yes, but that’s not where her nickname came from. It’s silly, honestly. I called her Tasha but one of my niblings couldn’t pronounce “sh” sounds, so she called her “Tacha” and that just evolved to Taco.

Kelsey: What is a nibling?

Beckett: Like niece or nephew but gender-neutral.

Kelsey: travesti istanbul I feel like I should have known that.

Beckett: A lot of people don’t. It’s all good. My family happens to be outrageously queer, so these things come up more often.

Kelsey: Define outrageously queer.

Beckett: Well, to start, I have two moms. My older brother is bi and married to a pansexual woman. They have three kids – one is non-binary, one is trans, and the other is a little too young to understand their identity.

Kelsey: Does anyone really understand their identity?

Beckett: Fair.

Beckett: But yeah, so my family is real gay. My younger brother and his wife are cishet and expecting, so maybe they’ll be our token straight family.

Kelsey: That’s pretty amazing.

Kelsey: So I guess it wasn’t a big deal when you came out.

Beckett: Nope. But later yes.

Beckett: Later as in when I told my parents that I use they/them pronouns. They weren’t thrilled about that. They didn’t get it and probably still don’t, but we came to an understanding.

Kelsey: I’m sorry. That’s really tough.

Beckett: Thanks. But it’s all good now.

Beckett: “Came to an understanding” was probably a bad way to say it. They don’t “understand” but they respect and support me. And that’s what’s important.

Kelsey tapped the message to send a “love” reaction. She loved hearing that Beckett’s family was supportive and she loved learning more about them. She had no idea what she was doing talking to someone who lived more than six hours away, but she was enjoying it.

Beckett: I should feed this needy thing… Is it ok if I text you? Like, in general? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here but I’d like to keep talking to you. If you want…

Kelsey blushed. Beckett seemed as clueless as she did about what was going on. It was oddly comforting.

Kelsey: I’d like that.

Beckett: 🙂

Beckett: Have a good night, Kelsey from Scranton.

Kelsey: You too.

Beckett and Kelsey texted frequently over the following three weeks. They quickly fell into a rhythm where she knew she’d wake up every morning to a text from Beckett and fall asleep every night with her phone still in her hand from texting them until she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

Beckett: Taco just learned, after five years with me, to lie down on command!

Kelsey: Ahh! That’s so exciting!

Beckett: Wanna see?

Kelsey: Duh.

Kelsey expected a photo of Taco lying down, but a video call blinked on her screen instead. She checked her reflection quickly before accepting the call. She was not expecting for anyone to see her and her hair was a bit of a mess, but she looked presentable.

“Hi,” Kelsey greeted Beckett.

“Ok, are you ready?” Beckett asked, as if they’d called her a hundred times and this wasn’t the first time they were seeing each other since the tournament. At least, outside of the selfies they’d both been sending..

Kelsey nodded. “Yeah, let’s see it.”

“Ok, ready.” Beckett flipped the camera so Taco was the subject. “Lay down,” they said, pointing to the floor.

Taco didn’t move.

“Lay down,” Beckett repeated.

Taco lifted a paw and tapped Beckett’s hand, which was still aimed at the ground in front of Taco.

“No, not paw. Lay down,” Beckett commanded.

Kelsey held her laughter in as long as she could, but watching Beckett try to get their senior dog, who had never learned to lie down, to do so was entertaining.

“I swear she just did it,” Beckett said, flipping the camera back towards themself.

“I’m sure she did. But,” Kelsey continued, a smirk playing on her lips, “are you sure you weren’t just looking for an excuse to Facetime me out of the blue.”

Beckett’s face flushed. “No,” they said, not at all convincingly.

“You did! I was just teasing you, but you did.” Kelsey shook her head but couldn’t shake the wide grin that spread across her face.

“Hi, by the way,” Beckett said with a smile.

Kelsey tried, and failed, to suppress her own smile. “Hi.”

Beckett winced and bit their lip. “Is it ok that I Facetimed you?”

“Yeah. I’m glad you did,” Kelsey said, settling into her couch and pulling a blanket over her. “Tell me a story.”

“A story? Like a bedtime story?” Beckett asked, almost incredulously.

“Any story. Tell me about your day. Or your week. Whatever you want. It’s open-ended.” Kelsey didn’t particularly care what they talked about, she was just happy to hear their voice and see their face.

Their tan had faded quite a bit and their hair was not as freshly cut as it had been at the tournament, but Beckett was still the most beautiful person Kelsey had ever met. Her eyes were immediately drawn to their lips, the same lips that Kelsey could still feel ghosting behind her ear and commanding her to let go and come for Beckett.

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