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Nichole’s House: Alone at Last!

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Eighteen year old Toby could feel the nerve-wracking butterflies creating havoc in the pit of his stomach and fluttering down to tickle along the nook where his balls connected to the base of his penis. Facing the foggy mirror in his bathroom, standing with a still damp towel tied loosely around his slender hips, he leaned close to wipe some of the gathered steam on the mirror, scrutinizing his smooth features. Part of him wished that he would grow some fucking whiskers instead of this damned peach fuzz that lay scattered above his upper lip. He couldn’t help but wonder if Nichole would notice and grabbed a razor, scraping a bit off, a quick curse released as he pressed a bit too hard, a drop of blood appearing.

Tearing off a small bit of toilet paper and pressing it to the small cut, Toby turned and moved back out into his bedroom. Pulling off the towel, he couldn’t help but notice how hard he already was just at the anticipation of being with Nichole tonight. He could feel his cock twitch just remembering how she let him finger her hot little cunt last time and he groaned, slumping down on the edge of the bed as his hand began to stroke his now rigid member, precum oozing out to slicken his movements. Toby’s breath grew ragged as his hand pumped in quick, fast strokes. Closing his eyes, he remembered how hot and tight her little hole was with his finger moving in and out of her. A deep groan filled the room as he shot his load up into the air, hoping maybe tonight he might finally feel a hot tight pussy around his spurting member for the first time.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as the thick cum oozed out onto the carpet at the foot of his bed. Hunched over, still quivering from his release, Toby scrambled for the bathroom for a wet washcloth to clean up the mess before it dried and hardened, a sure fire excuse for another lecture from his mom. A quick look around and he was content once again, his mind turning to his evening with Nichole and quickly began to get dressed … not that much thought into it, at least overly: blue jeans, pull over sports wind shirt with a small zipper, and lace-up Ropers. Running firm fingers through his unruly blonde hair and with one last look into the mirror, hastily pulling off the dried piece of toilet-paper from his shaving accident, wry grin telling him all he needed to know: STUD.

Sure strides took him from the house, a curfew yelled towards his mom in acknowledgement and Toby moved to his old beat-up 72′ Ford pick-up. His confidence grew with each movement closer to his ultimate goal, building up in his mind that this WOULD be the night. Once on the road, Toby’s nervous state began to grow a bit, but more from the fear that his hopes might be dashed by the lovely girl known as Nichole. She wasn’t the prettiest senior girl in school, by any means, was she was definitely hot enough to fuck. She had these huge tits that Toby had finally had the pleasure of fondling without the restriction of a bra and even now, got hard, thinking of her little squeaks and moans as he suckled on her nipples.

Adjusting in his seat as his foot grew heavy on the accelerator pedal, Toby’s truck hastened in its journey to Nichole’s. The crunch of gravel beneath huge tires and a few pings of loose rocks hitting the underside of his truck’s body indicated that he was finally there and Toby took a deep breath as he glanced up to Nichole’s house, eyebrows furrowing to find it strangely dark except for a lone light. Setting the truck into the park and extracting the keys, he eased out of the truck and slammed the door shut on the old creaky machine. He had almost reached Nichole’s front porch when the door opened and she emerged from the screen door loving as lovely and fresh as he imagined; dressed in a short skirt and halter top, Ataşehir Escort long legs ending in strappy sandals. Light brown hair with strands of golden blonde hung like a waterfall of smooth silk down her back, hazel eyes sparkled when she saw him taking the steps up to the porch in sets of two. “Hi,” he heard her say in that soft sexy drawl and he couldn’t help but get a kind of lopsided grin on his face.

“You ready?” he asked, ready to get this show on the road and possibly get that little skirt off.

“Actually,” she began, glancing to the bulge in his jeans and then back to his face, “my parents had to go to my aunt’s for the evening and I thought …” She faltered for a moment as Toby’s entire face lit up, a shit-eating grin taking place of the one before. “Well, if you want to, I thought … that we might, well, you know … stay here.” She glanced upwards to him and damn if she didn’t look nervous too. This might be easier than he originally thought!

“No,” he almost blurted out in his excitement, “No, that’s great … I don’t mind.” Toby could feel his cock get hard just thinking about having the whole house and Nichole to just himself. As she stepped aside, allowing him to come in, Toby had to reach down and adjust himself through his jeans, his eyes making a beeline for the stairs that he knew led upstairs to her bedroom but hell, the living room couch would do just as well. He grinned a bit to himself and then turned to look at her, obvious excitement and nervousness in his green eyes.

He could see Nichole’s shy smile and then she moved towards the kitchen, casing him a look as she said, “Want something to drink?”

“Sure,” Toby answered, following obediently behind her like a little dog even though he wasn’t really thirsty. But at this point, he would do whatever she asked, hoping in return, that she, in turn, would do whatever he asked. As they entered the kitchen, Toby couldn’t help but notice the natural motion of her ass as it moved on top of her legs. What he wouldn’t give to see it naked about right now. He almost ran into her and kind of laughed in time with her. “Sorry,” he mumbled and took a position in front of the counter, leaning back to watch her.

Nichole retrieved a can coke from the refrigerator, popped the top and handed it to Toby with a grin. He took it, a part of him wanting to draw her in close but took a swig as they stood there a moment looking at each other. “Want to see my room?” came the question in a soft voice and Toby blinked, almost choking on his coke as he sputtered in response.

“Sure,” he finally got out, wiping his mouth. He could feel the strain in his jeans just at the thought of getting Nichole up in her own room and set the coke on the counter before following her through the small hallway from the kitchen, past the dining room and then turned to head up the stairs. The natural sway in Nichole’s hips was fascination and Toby couldn’t help but lick his lips, his eyes drawn to them like a moth to a flame, wanting to scoop her up and bound up the steps two by two.

At the top of the stairs, they took a quick left and then, casting him a glance back over her shoulder, Nichole opened the door to her room and Toby followed her in. He couldn’t notice but how girly the room was … white furniture, canopy bed with pink and lace, walls plastered with memorabilia, her megaphone and pompoms in one corner. His gaze turned to hers as she sat on the edge of the bed with a soft of nervous smile and inched over, giving him room to sit beside her. As Toby sat down, his thigh brushed hers and he wanted so desperately to grab her and lay her down and finally go all the way but something held him back. It was as if he could see his mom scolding him about taking advantage Kadıköy Escort of a sweet girl.

But then Nichole made the first move, her head tilting up to his and her lips quivered and that’s all the invitation that Toby needed. His lips pressed to her, his eager tongue thrusting as his hand slid over her lap. Nichole’s lips parted beneath his and that was his green light. Toby could feel his cock aching inside of his jeans as his other hand slid up over her shirt to her breast and gave it a quick squeeze. He wanted to lick her nipples again and took the liberty of pushing down one of her straps on her halter top to expose one breast and he almost gasped aloud to see it bared to his gaze. She wasn’t wearing a bra!

Toby glanced up to Nichole, almost as if asking her for permission. All he saw was her eyes closed, lips slightly parted and leaning back a bit on the bed, her hands planted on the lacey bedspread behind her as if in offering to his mouth. Who was he to refuse? Bending down to catch a nipple in his mouth, he saw this as an opportune moment to slide his hand up Nichole’s thigh and underneath that short skirt that was hiked up. Suddenly he felt her hand push him away. “No,” she whispered through a moan.

Toby glanced up, shocked to be honest. “What?!” he asked, almost incredulous.

Nichole’s eyes opened as she looked at him, a blush rising in her young cheeks. “I’m not sure we should do this,” she said and sat up, pushing him away, her fingers drawing her halter top back up.

“What?!” Toby repeated, sitting straight up on the bed, his eyes wide. What the fuck was going on?? She practically invited him into her panties! “You’re kidding, right?!”

“Toby,” she pleaded, turning her eyes away. “I just don’t want you thinking I’m that kind of girl.”

Toby was flabbergasted. “I don’t think that,” he said, without even thinking.

Nichole looked at him again, her eyes wide and trusting. “You’re just saying that.”

“No I’m not,” he argued, desperation beginning to grow. This was crazy … this was his chance and all the sudden she was going prudish on him. They had done more in the front seat of his pick-up truck! “Nichole, come on. We’ve done a lot more than this and you invited me up here for a reason.” Toby was starting to get more than a bit angry. He had enough of this shit and angrily stood to his feet. “Just forget it,” he replied and started to leave but Nichole was suddenly beside him, her arms around his waist.

“Toby, no … I’m sorry. Don’t leave. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Toby felt her breasts pushing into his back and her fingers splayed out across his stomach and as much as he wanted to turn her around and kiss her, he couldn’t take any more of her games and teasing tonight.

“No,” he said, pulling away and started to leave her room. His cock was throbbing but yet he couldn’t take this tonight. Here she had invited him up to her room, no parents, and now this.

Nichole stumbled after him and he could hear the sharp intake of her breath as she reached for him. “Toby … don’t leave. We won’t stop! Please don’t go!” Toby stopped suddenly at her words, his belly suddenly flip flopping at he looked over a shoulder at her and slightly turned. If she was messing with him, he’d make sure the whole school knew she was a tease.

Nichole moved into his arms and he could feel her trembling as she pressed against him, her lips reaching up to seek his out. Toby was standing a bit stiffly, still not believing her but wanting to so badly. “Toby, please … I love you,” she whispered and he could tell she was close to crying. Maybe she meant it if she was saying that.

Toby allowed his hands to rest on her hips, his body still stiff and rigid as she tried to Ümraniye Escort convince him that she wanted him to stay. Maybe this would work to his advantage. When Nichole tried to kiss him on the lips, he turned his head and sighed. That seemed only to drive Nichole on to try harder and he felt her hands skim down his body and slide up beneath his shirt to the bare flesh of his belly. He felt a shudder go down his spine as her lips moved to his neck and he could hear her pleading with him against his flesh but he couldn’t make out the words. Hell, they didn’t really matter anyway. He tried hard to control himself but her lips were so sweet and her fingers were playing with the button on his jeans. Damn her … if she was toying with him again, she’d pay at school.

And then, when he could take no more, he pushed her against the wall and claimed her lips once more with his, his tongue thrusting into her mouth. He was harder than ever before and wouldn’t be satisfied until he had cum. She was too tempting to resist. He could hear her whimper beneath his lips but her fingers still fumbled with his jeans and Toby thought for a moment that he might cum right then and there with the intense building up. He was throbbing right through the thick material! Finally she broke through the barrier of his jeans and he felt her fingers on his hard member for the first time. He groaned and backed up from her, trying to control the urge to cum as distance was between them. He was stopped at the railing of the stairs and she came after him, her eyes wide as she stared at his long rigid cock. He couldn’t help but grin with pride, knowing his eight inch monster must have looked huge to her. The thing is though, she didn’t look scared … she looked hungry!

Toby almost came as she suddenly dropped to her knees and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Holy shit! He would have never expected this of Nichole. What the fuck … ohhhhh shit! Toby’s mind was reeling as her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, giving it a squeeze as her lips locked around his throbbing pole just beneath the head, forming a delicious seal and began to stroke the head with these passing little laps, purring around his flesh like a satisfied cat. The sensation of her hot mouth and the feel of her hand squeezing the base of his cock were too much for Toby and he grunted, shuddering uncontrollably as his balls began to swell. “God damn, Nichole …” he began, knowing he was about to shoot his load into her mouth.

He glanced down and saw the twinkle in her eye and suddenly he realized that she had done this before. His fingers curled into the rail of the stairs behind him as he leaned against it for support. His long legs were beginning to tremble as she began to stroke him with both her mouth and hands and Toby groaned low. The sight of her going down on him was delicious torture and he could feel it building quickly, his ball sac tightening and his back arched, causing his cock to push deeper. That was all it took … suddenly Nichole seemed to take his whole being into her mouth and it was so hot … so wet … so tight that Toby bucked against her mouth, crying out, his cum shooting into her mouth like an explosion. His mouth went slack as he watched her gobble him up, swallowing his load and lapping at him like a hungry little puppy. Holy shit! This was a whole new side to Nichole that he had never seen!

Thankful for the support around him, Toby gasped for breath as Nichole slowly pulled off him and looked up at him with a grin. He then saw her face change into concern as she slowly stood to wrap her arms around him and Toby tried to hold her back in return even as his body felt so limp, leaning against the rail for support. “Forgive me?” she whispered into his ear as she held him close.

Toby couldn’t help but grin. He might not have gotten in her panties yet but if this was how she apologized, it would do for now. “Yeah, I guess,” he replied, trying to catch his breath. No sense in wasting an opportunity to possibly get more…

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