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Nice Surpise Ch. 02

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A week after our get together at Tommy’s place, I could still feel the knot formed by my wrecked sphincter muscles, muscles that had been stretched, torn and ripped open, willingly, from my side, by Jim. The Hulk sized, black, muscles all over, slightly, huge cocked man who took me after I’d been used by Tommy and Mike. I smiled to myself, reached behind me to lightly graze my fingertips over the knot, causing a tingling in my nut sack as I did so.

I’d just walked in the door from work, as I walked toward the bedroom to change out of my work clothes, the phone rang.

Not recognizing the number, I groaned, I hope it wasn’t a fucking telemarketer, and answered. “Hello?”


Fuck. I started to take the phone from my ear, when I heard a low, hesitant “he… Hello?”

“Hello?” I answered back “Who’s this?”

“Um, I…this is… Jim.”

My pulse rate jumped as I heard the tentative voice. “Jim?”

“Yyyes. Jim from the other night. At Tommy’s…this was a bad idea, I’m sorry…”

“NO!” I practically shouted “Hi, what’s up?” I nervously replied.

“I um, well, I was wondering…” Silence.

Damn. “What’s up Jim.. What can I do for you?” Or you do to me, I was thinking to myself.

Jim started again. “I was wondering, if it was alright with you…if you’d like to get together again…just to talk…”

Talk, hell, I want to feel him inside of me again. “Sure, anytime you want.” My heart was racing, picturing myself, lying face down on the bed with Jim buried balls deep in my ass-pussy.

“Well, I have to confess, I’d not really thought this out too far in advance. To be honest, I can’t really get together for a week or so, pretty busy, but I really want to get with you…I mean talk with you. Would it be alright if I call you in a week or so?”

“Sure, absolutely. Whenever you get a chance.” I replied.

It was a nerve wracking week and a half before I heard from Jim again. I constantly found myself thinking about him. Or rather, to be more precise, his thick cock. And my ass. Being stretched open by him, again.

Finally, just as I was getting home again, my phone rang. I saw the number, recognizing it as Jim’s. “Hello” I had to control my excited, nervous voice.

“Hello” I heard back, “It’s Jim again, can you talk?”

I replied certainly.

“So, you still want to meet?” he asked

“Absolutely” I replied, “when and where?”

“Well, it’s kind of difficult, you know…daytime is usually better for me, but I know it might be more difficult for you…”

“No, no actually, that might be easier for me also, how about tomorrow, at noon?”

Hmmm. Noon? Like in lunch? I had hoped for something a bit different. “Okay” I replied.

He mentioned a place, and I agreed, noon, the next day.

At the appointed time, I showed up, all most at the same time Jim arrived, his huge muscled body encased in a nicely tailored, designed to show his muscular body off, suit.

Oh oh. Had I totally misunderstood his intentions? Wait. My hopes, wishes, were they different from what he intended? Was this something else? Fuck. I felt a warm blush move down my face, as we shook hands and went to sit down.

“Thanks for agreeing to meet” he said

“Not a problem” I replied “What can I do for you?”

He looked around nervously, leaned forward, and in a low voice said “I hope I am not wrong, but I was wondering…hoping…maybe we could …uhhh you know try some more of what we uhhh..” then he suddenly leaned back “But if I’m wrong, and you don’t, please…”

I interrupted him “Shhh. Yes, yes of course I’d like to…”

He smiled. “Oh damn. Great. I was so nervous. Worried, you know, I need to keep this quiet.”

“No WE need to keep this quiet. We’re both married, can’t let anyone know. Not even the other guys…”

“Oh definitely” he replied. “Look, you wanna get out of here?”

“Where?” I asked

“Hotel, next door? Is that okay” he asked cautiously

“Excellent” I said, feeling my cock starting to thicken “Let’s go”

We exited the restaurant, and entered the hotel. “Come on, I already have a room” Jim said.

We hit the elevators, and rose to the sixth floor in silence. Jim turned and walked a few doors down, stopping and fumbling nervously with the key card. “This is it” he said.


We entered, Jim turned to me, extracting some papers from his suit pocket. “Here. Tommy told me you’d want to see these, first”

I took the offered papers, seeing they were lab test results, his blood work, all negative. Excellent, no STDs. In my anxiety to be with him again, I’d completely forgotten my standing rule, no sex without proof of healthiness.

I handed Jim back his papers, stepped Kolej Escort forward, and lightly ran my fingers over the front of his pants. I could feel something hard. “Let’s get you more comfortable” I said, lowering myself to my knees in front of him.

Lightly tracing my fingertips down his thighs and legs, I reached and slowly slid his zipper down, the back of my hand grazing his thickening member as I did so.

His zipper fully down, I opened his fly, easing my fingers in to touch his thick, black cock. Mmmm. It felt wonderful. I tried to take him out, but he was already too big to get through his fly. I stood up, and helped him take off his jacket, then his tie.

Smoothing my hands down his hard muscled chest, I unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it back off his shoulders, my hands slipping under the shirt to caress his muscled chest. Oh god.

His shirt opened, I knelt once again, to undo his belt buckle. Opening the snap on his pants, I kept them up while Jim kicked off his shoes. I lowered his pants, my hands shaking as I passed his now bulging cock.

I lowered them to the floor, helping him out of them, turned and placed them on the chair, before I rose once more, to take his shirt off. I paused, looking at the most magnificent, muscled black body I had ever seen.

Taking a breath, I started to pull down his obscenely bulging underwear, coming to my knees as his dark, rock-hard cock sprang out at my face.

Gasping, I immediately pushed my open mouth over the head of his cock, going down on him until I gagged.

Pulling back slightly, I grasped him by his rock solid ass cheeks, pulling him gently toward me as I swallowed, not without some difficulty, his black cock deep into my throat.

God was he thick.

I could only keep him in for a few seconds until I began to retch and gag, but I returned to try again.

After a few tries, I had him covered with enough of my saliva that I could force his cock all the way in, and keep it there without gagging, until I needed air.

I became aware of Jim’s soft moaning from above me.

“Hmmm so good” he said. “No one’s been able to take me all”

I realized that he was nude, I still was dressed.

I stood up, ripping my clothes off and throwing them on the floor, standing before Jim, my partially erect cock, more of a clit, compared to Jim’s huge offering, ready for his use.

And my pleasure.

“What would you like to do first?” I asked, looking him in his eyes.

“Well, I’ve never really done this before. I usually only get sucked by Tommy and Mike. You are the first guy…the first person to ever let me fuck their ass. No woman would chance it, once they saw the thickness of my cock. What do you like to do?” he replied.

“Well, I am not that experienced. Tommy was the first guy to penetrate me, I only jerked off one other guy, took him in my mouth, but he didn’t want head, only liked to watch himself cum while other guys touched him. I consider myself straight, I so far love to suck cock, if they’re clean, and I DO like getting penetrated. I am not particularly interested in fucking any guy, I have done anal with a few women, my wife included, I enjoy it, but I am more interested in doing things that only guys can do to each other…pretty much open to whatever deviant, socially unacceptable things guys can do to each other, so long as it doesn’t produce bleeding, permanent injury, leave marks, or involve poop. Other than the occasional by-product of homosexual couplings, of course.

And, by the way, for your interest, I, if I know we will be doing stuff, will always be bathed, and my ass-pussy douched so we can do anything, and be clean. I hope you will be clean, also.”

Jim gave a little smile. “Anything?” Looking straight into my eyes.

I gulped. “Yes. At least once.”

“Oh. Well then, you’re going to be busy. I can think of lots of things…positions for us to try. Maybe you’d like start by sucking on mr?”

I dropped to my knees.

Looking up at him, I gently caressed his leathery ball sack, my tongue extending out to caress the head of his cock, easing the foreskin back, and uncovering the head as I played with his balls.

Pulling the head out of my mouth, I began to lick and suck on his balls. My intention was to do it gently, delicately, like feathers dragging across his nuts. His ball sack, which I just now noticed was smooth shaven, reacted to my licks and nibbles.

Jim was moaning and awing as I moved my head, attending to his package.

I pulled off the leathery black sack, and took his cock back into my mouth. I had to raise up a bit, as it had hardened and elongated upward, rigid, at almost a straight Rus Escort up angle, holding itself almost against his chiseled abdomen.

The foreskin had retracted completely by now, pulled back by the purple head sticking out at me.

Licking my lips, I took him in my mouth. Applying suction to the head, I inhaled the thick column into my mouth, then my throat.

The thick stalk stretched my throat, filling it in an agreeable, pleasurable manner. I hadn’t coated him with enough saliva to take him all the way in, so I bobbed my head and throat a few times to lubricate his cock, then plunged my head forward, forcing the huge, diamond hard black cock all the way in, until my lips pressed against the base of his cock, my nose buried into his belly.

I held him there as long as I could, which wasn’t as long as I wanted to. But I needed air.

I pulled back, ready to go again, when I tasted a drop of his pre-cum as I held the head between my lips.

Hmmmmm. It tasted very nice. I savored the flavor, before plunging his cock deep into my throat again.

After all, I felt I had to serve him, keep him happy, so we could do this often.

Bobbing my head on his cock, lightly touching his balls, once in a while running my fingers lightly on his rock hard buttocks, I ministered to his needs.

I could taste more and more of his delicious cum as I bobbed on him. The taste spurring me on to take more. I fully expected a mouthful of cum, when he took hold of my shoulders, effortlessly picking me up off the floor.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” I asked.

He smiled “Nothing. You’re too good maybe. I was almost ready to cum.”

“Okay” I said, starting to go back on my knees.

He stopped me. “No, there are other things for us to do first.”

He took my hand, leading me to the king sized bed. Pulling the covers down, he knelt on the edge, his knees on the bed, his ass pointing at me, and his hands in the middle of the bed. I was confused. I told him I didn’t want to fuck him.

He turned his head. “Eat my ass. Tongue my tight hole.”

I paused a second for the information to go from my ears to my brain for me to react.

This was a first for me. I’d eaten several girls asses, they enjoyed it, as did I, but I’d not given it a thought to do it for a guy. I hoped he was clean.

I leaned in behind him, caressing his ass, as I parted the cheeks a bit, and moved my face into his crack. A quick sniff, thank god he was clean. I extended my tongue, lightly touching his crinkled hole. Just barely touching it with my moistened tongue, brought a loud moan from Jim.

“Oh fuck that’s nice. Keep doing that. Eat my ass.” He ordered.

I worked my tongue lightly all over his tight hole. Nibbling on the smooth dark flesh all around the hole, I applied suction with my lips on the sphincter itself, as if trying to draw it into my mouth.

“Ummm. Yes. More. I love that.” Jim moaned, his face now buried into the bedding.

I worked on his hole enjoying playing with his hole with my tongue, as I moved my right hand down to lightly touch his balls. I moved my hand to stroke his cock, to find it pushed against his abdomen, parallel to the bed. It was so hard, I was afraid to pull it away from his body, but as soon as I stroked it, Jim began moaning more.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. More. Please. Just like that.” He kept on “Mmmmm. Yesssss.”

I stiffened my tongue, pointing it as much as I could, and tried pushing it into his hole.

Muffled mewing sounds can from Jim, as I ass fucked him with my tongue. At this point, I noticed that I was now fully erect, myself. Hmmm.

Holding his hips, I kept at it, alternating eating, licking, and tongue fucking his black ass.

Jim pulled away from me, turning over on his back, his rampant black rod throbbing against his stomach muscles. I could see a thick strand of cum from the end of hos cock, forming a thick white pool on his skin.

I shot up, capturing the end of his cock in my mouth, sucking gently to draw any more cum into my mouth. It tasted delicious. I removed my mouth to hover the cum on his stomach into my mouth.

“Damn you’re good. Any more and you’re gonna make me shoot.” Said Jim

“Okay” I said, moving to take him back in my mouth.

“No, please…” he said, pulling me off. “I’d like to try putting it in your ass, if that’s okay with you”

Okay? That was better than okay, as a throbbing started deep in my ass pussy. I WANTED to feel him inside of me. Ummm. Stretching, pulling, and tearing me. FILLING me with thick, black cock. Warm cum in my used hole. Damn.

“Okay” I said “How do you want me? Front, back, on my side, sitting on you?”

“Hold Yenimahalle Escort on” he said, laughing. “Don’t you think I need to get you ready first?”

I guess I looked at him somewhat puzzled.

“You want lube?” he said.

I came back down to earth. Yes, I better use lube, if I ever want to use my ass pussy again. A shiver of anticipation ran through me. I felt blood pumping into my cock.

“Yes. You’re right. Thanks.” I said. “Oh! I didn’t bring any…”

“I did” he responded. “Roll over.”

I rolled over, bringing my knees under me, as I presented my ass-pussy towards him. I felt decadent, my bare bottom facing him, knowing that I was about to be used for the pleasure of his thick black baby maker. I realized. I WAS GOING TO BE BRED! The thought sent another shiver through me. I was such a pig. I was going to bare bottom for a black guy, happily and knowingly going to take his cum, his seed into my body. I was about to be his bitch. I felt a drop of cum leak from the end of my cock, I looked, and saw a string of cum stretching from the head of my cock towards the sheets below.

This was what I wanted.

I started a bit at his touch. “Calm down” he said, misunderstanding my movement.

I felt his hands caressing my ass, his fingertip very lightly touching my opening. I felt a cold substance on my hole. The lube. Jim took his finger, gently rubbing it around my previously stretched sphincter.

Then a pressure, as the tip of his finger entered me. Pleasure rose up from that point, swelling like an ocean wave through my body, crashing into my brain. This was IT. I was about to get fucked like a girl. By a Big Black Cock. I shivered.

The finger withdrew. More cold lube. The finger returned, pushing the lube into me. The finger withdrew.

A pause, I felt what seemed to be a good sized glob hit my hole.

Then I was being stretched. Probably two fingers. Oof! At least three fingers now, in and out, reaming my hole. Getting my PUSSY ready for the invasion.

“You okay?” asked Jim.

“Oh yes, it feels nice. Ready anytime that you are.” I replied, hoping I was right.

I turned my head, to watch Jim apply more lube to the head and shaft, taking it in his hand, he approached my bottom.

“Here it comes” he said.

I relaxed my ass, feeling him touch my soon to be plundered hole with his cock.

He pushed. Slowly.

My ass opened for him. Spreading around the thick black invader seeking entrance to my most private opening.

Pleasure far exceeded any pain I was worried I might feel.

Clenching the sheets in my hands, I rocked my body back, my ass pussy taking in more of that beautiful black shaft.

His hands on my hips, Jim watched the shaft of his cock slide ever deeper into my body.

He stopped, pulled out slowly, eliciting a moan from me.

“You alright?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, push it in, please” I responded, shoving my ass back at him, my hole stretching

Tightly around his cock, until I felt his hanging balls slap against my now tightly retracted balls.

The in and out dance of the insemination ritual began.

Each time Jim’s shaft entered and exited my stretched hole, I could feel a slight tearing sensation on the outer edge, either through not enough lube, or sheer size of the invader, I knew my ass was getting wrecked further from the last time I’d been fucked by Jim. I was thinking, I hope Jim enjoys this as much as I do, because he might be ruining me for anyone else to use.

In fact, I thought as the head of his cock grazed my prostate, I don’t want anyone else. This guy feels wonderful, stretching my hole, rubbing my prostate.

I knew I was going to cum, untouched by my hand or Jim’s, just from having my prostate rubbed so nicely.

I heard moaning, realized it was me.

I could now hear Jim puffing behind me, as the exertions of fucking me began to appear.

Jim was speeding up. Noticeably. It wouldn’t be long now until I felt the warm bath of his cum inseminating me. Coating my insides.

All of a sudden, without any warning, I felt what seemed like a huge contraction forming in my groin area. Before I could respond, or think any further, I felt a rush as what must have been the entire load of semen in my prostate shot out my cock, so strong and so voluminous, that I swear I heard a splat as it hit the sheets below my body.

My ass pussy clenched in response to my orgasm, the throbbing apparently setting off Jim’s impending explosion, as I felt him bury himself deep into my ass.



Three times he slammed against my ass, driving his cock into me as hard as he could. Grabbing my hips, pulling me back against himself as he did so.

I felt his warmth spread throughout my now well used and wrecked channel.

It felt…well…sexy.

I lowered myself toward the bed, my cock coming to rest in the pool of cold cum, Jim still buried deep in my ass pussy.

I hoped that we would be able to do this again soon.

I needed it.

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