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We had been neighbors since I was 5 and she was 7. We played outside together and were never really great friends, but got a long quite well. We used to play outside with the other neighbor kids and see each other all the time. As time passed we grew apart and saw each other less and less. She was a junior in high school and I was a freshman. She usually gave me rides to school in the morning. I never thought much of her to be honest; she wasn’t bad looking but wasn’t great looking either. She was about 5’7 with dark hair and light milky skin. She had very small breast and a nice round ass. I was about 5’11 with a decent build; I wasn’t completely cut up or anything. We didn’t run in the same circles in high school but were always friendly towards each other.

The fall of my freshman year one night she called me and said that they didn’t have any hot water. Her parents like mine were out for the night. I told her I would be over in a few minutes to look at it. When I got there, she was still in a towel that barely covered her ass. I could tell her hair was wet and asked her why she didn’t check the water before she got in and she just smiled and said she didn’t know. I went downstairs to check the pilot light. As I was looking through the little window to see if the pilot light was still on she came down and asked me what I thought was wrong with it. I was on my knees at that time and when I turned around I could see right up her towel. She had full hairy bush, that remind me of Kay Parker or and untrimmed Christy Canyon. As I stared at her full thick dark hair around her pussy it was the very first time I had ever thought of her in a sexual way. We made eye contact and as she started to adjust her towel, she knew that I had gotten a peak. I got up awkwardly and told her I just needed to relight the pilot light and everything should be fine.

I escort kocaeli relight the hot water tank and told her that it would take some time for the water to heat up. I had my hand on the door when she asked me if I was going to tell anyone. I looked at her confused and said tell anyone what? That I don’t shave my pussy she said. I started laughing and told her no, I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I said why does it matter if you shave or not. She explained that boys don’t like pubic hair and that if anyone found out she didn’t shave she would get made fun of. I told her that not all boys are like that, but her secret was safe with me. I was just about to walk out the door when I told her from where I was looking; I thought it looked pretty good. She smiled and said thanks. She got me off guard when she asked me what I did with mine. I smiled and told her she would just have to wait until my hot water tank quit working.
I started for the door again, and was caught between staying and trying to see if this would take me anywhere or just going home and jerking it to what I just saw. I decided to offer to let her shower at our house, which to my surprised she accepted. We walked across the back yard and I couldn’t stop thinking about her hairy pussy. I couldn’t decide if I should try to make a move on her or not. I didn’t know much about her sexually, never heard anything from anyone at school, so I wasn’t sure if she was interested in sex or not. I had really done much with any girls before besides the occasional making out and titty grabs. I took her up to my bed room and told her she could use the bathroom between my brother’s room and mine. It was a tile shower that was custom built, so it was slightly larger than the standard shower. It had several shower heads and a large bench in the back. I got her everything she needed and told her I wouldn’t peak, kocaeli anal yapan escort to which she smiled and asked me why not. I knew at the point I was going to get something from her, just wasn’t sure how much.

She told me she wanted to see mine because I got to see hers, and without hesitation I dropped my shorts. My dick stood at attention and she looked me over up and down. She asked me if I could give her a hand in the shower to which I smiled and said sure. She dropped her pants and began to head towards the shower; her lower body reminded me of Kay Parker, with that light white skin and nice round shape. I couldn’t wait to touch it.

As we showered together I lathered up her back with soap and let it run into her ass crack. I slide one finger in and out of her pussy from the front and ran the edge of her asshole with the other. She was stroking by dick with both hands slowly and we made slight eye contact as she went down to her knees and began sucking my dick. In one swift motion she moved down and placed my dick in her mouth. I could feel her dragging her tongue across the bottom of my shaft. I could see her hand between her legs; no doubt she was rubbing that hairy clit. She had one hand stroking by dick between her sucks and was vigorously rubbing her clit with the other. Then she stood up slowly dragging me to the corner of the shower and placed her back up against the wall and placed her leg on the bench. I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. I got down on my knees and licked my lips I moved slowly towards her hairy entrance. I began licking her slit from bottom to top several times as she held my head tightly against her pussy. I stark sucking her clit and licking it with my tongue. I had my hands wrapped around her round ass checks. I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth her ass izmit yabancı escort was. I slowly started moving my fingers towards her asshole. I rubbed it slowly for a few seconds before I slid it in part of the way. I felt her sliding down against the wall pushing my finger deeper inside her ass. Her breath began to get heavy and her moans became louder and I felt a warm rush of water squirt out of her pussy, down my chin and all over my chest. I couldn’t believe I actually made her squirt.
She took a few seconds to catch her breath, as rolled back from knees to my butt. She looked at me and smiled and crawled over my knees and placed my dick right beneath her pussy. She told me not to worry because she was on the pill and slowly slid my dick in her. It was tight for a few seconds as she rocked up and down, but it finally went all the way inside of her. Our hips were right against each other’s and she moved her legs behind my back and wrapped her arms around my neck. She slowly started humping me as I moved my hands back to her ass checks again.

She moved to the back wall of the shower with her ass facing me and placed both of her hands on the bench. I got up and moved behind her and slide my dick right into her pussy. I placed both hands on her ass and begin pushing her ass back and forth on my dick. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and convulsing on my dick. She took one hand off the wall and slid it between her legs and began to massage my balls. It didn’t take me long after she looked over her shoulder and told me come inside her. I shot 5 solid ropes of cum deep inside her. I slid my now softening dick out of her and sat down on the bench in the shower. I watched her as she begin to wash her body and the suds slowly followed down her body and her pussy dripped out my cum. She smiled at me and said it was fun and made me promise not to tell anyone. I told her I wouldn’t as I got up and began to wash myself off. We made a little small talk as we finished our shower. As we began to dry off she told me it was her first time and I told her it was mine as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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