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New Roomie Pt. 08

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This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend’s friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes our roomie for six weeks.

This story contains blowjobs, butt plugs, anal play, ass fucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the series where Rachel and I have all sorts of dirty things going on.

If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave.

Note: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


I drove to work, thinking about all the nasty things that happened over the last few days.

I thought about Michelle’s perfectly shaped butt and how I was fucking it relentlessly, letting our her inner whore and orgasming like crazy from only my dick in her ass, while she was licking Rachel’s ass.

Then, I thought about my sexy bombshell neighbor who would join us at tonight’s neighborhood party.

She was a rather tall blonde, very athletic figure with firm B cup breasts and a killer ass, usually wearing black leggins that shaped it even more perfect.

I wondered whether she too was an anal slut like Rachel and Michelle, but had my doubts as she only ever used her finger on her ass the few times I’ve seen her through my windows.

Maybe she wanted to get more into butt stuff but didn’t have the chance until now.

Well, I’d happily help her out and I was sure my two anal sluts would gladly prepare her and share their ‘know-how’, I smirked to myself.

On my way back from home, I stopped in a sex shop to do some shopping.

I headed straight for the ‘anal pleasure’ compartment where I found a huge collection of plugs and dildos.

Assuming that my neighbor was new to that kind of thing, I bought a little pink princess plug made of stainless steel in pink color with a shiny diamond at the end.

Then, I saw the same plug but in different sizes. So I grabbed three more of them, all in large size.

I’m was sure the girls would love them and hoped that my neighbor would soon be able to handle the large one too.

Once home, I found Rachel and Michelle on the bed, Rachel fucking Michelle in her ass with the strap-on from behind, Michelle sucking the suction dildo deeply.

I went back to the living room, opened a beer and sat on the couch, listening to Michelle’s groans, putting two of the large plugs nicely on the couch beside me.

Once Michelle burst out into a hard orgasm, the girl’s wrapped up their stuff and came back to the living room, surprised that I was sitting there already.

“Oh hey Darren, didn’t hear you come in” Rachel greeted me.

“Hi there, yeah, I didn’t want to interrupt you girls” I sheepishly replied.

Rachel had a naughty look on her face while Michelle embarrassedly looked away.

Incredible, I thought, this anal slut needed it so much in her ass yet still was embarrassed about it.

I loved it.

I stood up, taking the two large pinky shining plugs in my hand.

The girls noticed them and both had an exciting look on their faces.

“Both of you, hop on the couch and stick out your sexy butts to me” I instructed them.

They hopped on the couch, arching their backs in my direction.

Wow, what a sight, I thought.

Both girls were wearing ultra-tight grey yoga pants which let the plugs peek out sitting in their asses at the sides.

Michelle was wearing a black turtle neck pullover and Rachel had her sporty bra and an open cut sports shirt on.

I pulled both their leggins down, exposing their asses.

To my surprise, they were both wearing the same pink Brazilian panties.

I pulled them down and started to pull on their plugs.

They popped out very easily and I noticed both were wearing a rather small size today.

I was going to change that, I thought.

Walking around the girls, having their faces now in front of me, I revealed my two new plugs to them and they immediately took them into their mouths.

Once I removed them, Michelle said:

“They are so pretty,”

“You girls will look even more pretty with them in your slutty asses!” I replied, walking back to where their asses were sticking out in the air.

Simultaneously, I pressed the plugs in Michelle’s and Rachel’s assholes putting on slight pressure.

Once it reached towards the broadest part, they both exhaled deeply, closing their eyes.

Pressing them even further, they were whimpering a little, trying to accommodate the large plugs in their holes.

It Başakşehir escort took me some time to stretch my two anal sluts wider and their panting and whimpering turned into lustful groans.

Finally, both the plugs popped in their asses securely, decorating their butts with the diamonds and the pink outline of the steele.

“Now you two look both very pretty in those, my little anal princesses,” I applauded the sight.

“I know you two are wearing the same panties, but I’d like you to swap them now anyway” I commanded.

The turned around, both blushing from the size of the plugs but smirking about what was to come.

Both, taking off their panties slowly, were looking into each other’s eyes lustfully.

Once off, Rachel took her panties and started lick the insides of it.

“You nasty whore!” Michelle pouted at Rachel, but followed her friend’s doings and licked her panties too.

Then, they exchanged the panties and both pulled them up high over the waist.

Then, the yoga pants found it’s way back around their asses, the panties still visible on top of their waists.

“Now girls, I think we’re ready for the party” I smiled at them.

We got ready and I snuck the small plug for my neighbor inside my pocket.

We left the building and I could see both of them having issues to walk properly because of the butt plugs inside their asses.

That was going to be a fun night.

We made our way to the garden, were more neighbors were having drinks and enjoying the party already.

We greeted everyone, got ourselves some drinks too and sat down at one of the tables.

We chatted for a while until I saw my neighbor coming across from her building.

Wow, I thought, she was looking very classy.

Her blond hair waving in the wind showing her beautiful face, nicely done with decent makeup on the eyes and lipstick covered lips, in a dark red tone.

She wore a white shirt which was laced above her bellybutton, the buttons opened quite far, exposing her cleavage.

Her beautiful legs were covered by some tight denim jeans going up quite high to her waist.

Finally, she was wearing black stilettos which completed the look perfectly.

She looked around shyly and I waved my hand to her to come and join us.

She smiled and made her way over to us.

“Hi, I’m Daren, nice to meet you!” I said, looking in her eyes.

“Hello, I’m Vanessa, nice to meet you too!” she replied.

The girls greeted her and I got Vanessa a drink too.

We had a great time from the beginning when I couldn’t bear with it anymore and asked Vanessa to come and help me get some more drinks.

She was happy to help and we left for the bar area.

Once there, I looked around if no one was watching and grabbed Vanessa’s ass with my hand.

She yelped out in surprise first, but then smiled at me and pushed back her ass in my hand.

Oh my, I thought. This butt was so firm!

“Vanessa, I saw you peeking at the nasty things going on in my apartment. I guess you’re a little anal slut yourself am I right?” I whispered into her ear.

She first looked staggered about me using the word anal slut out of nowhere, but then relaxed as I started to put my hand into her jeans where her pussy was.

“Well, ehm, no, but, uhh,” She released a moan as I touched her pussy.

“But what?” I asked.

“Well, ehm, I’m not very experienced and was watching you guy’s and,”

“And you got so wet as right now, so you were rubbing yourself off to the butt show in my apartment” I completed her sentence.

“Uhm, yes, kind of,” she replied embarrassed, her cheeks turning red.

“So are you an anal slut yourself, Vanessa?” I asked her with a deep look into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I’d like to, I guess, but I haven’t tried anything out yet,” She replied.

“Oh, and what was your finger doing in your ass the other night?” I asked again, teasing her.

“Well, that’s the only thing I did so far, I’ getting myself off regularly by fucking my ass with my finger, It just feels so good!” She said, now looking away ashamed.

“So you are a little anal slut,” I grinned, groping her ass and pussy at the same time, kissing her deeply.

She immediately started to kiss me back deeply, getting wetter and wetter in her pants.

“I have a little surprise for you, Vanessa” I whispered into her ear and revealed the little pink princess plug.

“You’re going to be my little anal princess today,” I smirked, targeting the plug to her lips.

Astonished, she opened Bayrampaşa escort bayan her lips and took the plug into her mouth.

“Let’s make you my little anal princess, Vanessa, turn around and pull down your pants for me” I instructed in a sexy voice.

She immediately started to look around if anyone could see us and proceeded to unbutton her jeans.

Then, a snow-white thong appeared, which exposed her perfect ass cheeks to me.

“You’ve got a lovely ass, Vanessa,” I complimented her.

“Soon, we’re gonna have a lot of fun with it” I whispered as I started to push the plug in her ass.

“Uhhh!” she panted at the intruder.

“Ssshhh, slowly Vanessa, relax and enjoy the stretch in your ass,” I whispered.

She relaxed, looked back at me and deep inside my eyes

“This is so naughty, I’m so horny,” She said.

“You’re are my naughty little anal slut” I replied, pushing the plug in completely now.

“It feels so, so good in my ass,” she shyly whispered.

“I know, and now, pull up your pants and let’s get back to our table.”

She first looked terrified, wearing the plug in public, but then felt naughty and complied.

We walked back and I looked at Vanessa.

She had trouble to walk straight with her stilettos and looked so embarrassed and horny at the same time.

Once we reached our table, I watched Vanessa sit down and let out a little moan as the plug was pressed deeper inside her ass.

“Is everything alright, Vanessa?” Rachel asked.

“Oh yeah, thanks, it’s just really hot out here isn’t it?” She tried to mask what was happening to her.

We chatted away a bit, enjoying the nice weather until I loudly asked

“So Vanessa, are you enjoying your first plug in your ass?”

She froze and looked away embarrassed.

The girls were also astonished first but then started to smile devilishly.

“Yes Vanessa, tell us, we’re very interested!” Rachel pouted.

“It, it feels great. I’m so horny!” Vanessa whispered quietly, her cheeks reddened now.

“I know right, it makes you feel like a nasty little butt slut and you constantly think about having a cock in your ass, don’t you?” Rachel encouraged her further.

“Yes, imagine tough,” Vanessa said in a sad voice.

Rachel understood that she’s never been assfucked before and took a sip of her drink, her face visibly starting to think about nasty things.

“Vanessa, why don’t you show the girls your little princess plug, I’m sure they’d like to see it” I added.

Vanessa now shocked, looked at me, then Rachel then Michelle.

The girls nodded eagerly.

“What, here?” Vanessa asked stunned.

“Yes, why not, just a quick glance, no one will see!” Michelle added.

Vanessa was clearly getting more aroused by those words and slowly started to unbutton her jeans, looking around if anyone could see.

Then, she leaned forward and reached to her ass and started to pull on the plug.

She was panting and having trouble to get it out, at the same time enjoying the sensations in her ass.

Finally, the plug popped out and Vanessa let out a quiet moan, embarrassedly looking around.

As the girls saw the plug, their jaws dropped when they noticed it was the same plug as their new ones, just smaller.

I indicated to Rachel and Michelle not to mention that, and Rachel just grabbed the plug from Vanessas’s hand.

Vanessa now super embarrassed, watched as Rachel was starring at the plug.

“What are you doing?” She yelled, embarrassed.

But Rachel didn’t answer.

Instead, she took the plug and put it straight into her mouth, looking at Vanessa with a horny look.

Vanessa looked horrified, looking around if anyone could see but then was overwhelmed by the naughtiness and her hand found its way into her pants, rubbing on her pussy.

Michelle watched as Rachel looked around the area, Vanessa’s shiny diamond plug decorating her mouth.

Then, Michelle got eager herself and pulled the plug out of Rachel’s mouth and put it straight in her mouth.

Vanessa now at the peak of her arousal, reached to my crotch area and started to massage my hard dick.

I then reached for Vanessa’s ass and stuck my index finger slowly in her butt.

She started to breathe quicker and closed her eyes in excitement.

Finally, Michelle popped the plug out, licked it a few times looking straight into Vanessa’s eyes with a devilish grin.

She placed the plug on the table beside Vanessa’s drink and just left it there, smirking at her.

Vanessa Escort Beşiktaş again embarrassed that her butt plug was openly lying on the table, quickly took it in her hand and slipped her ass off my finger and started to push the plug back into her tight hole.

“Girls, don’t you want to show Vanessa your plugs in exchange?” I smirked.

Vanessa looked surprised, probably not expecting the girls to wear plugs too, getting aroused even more.

Michelle and Rachel both pulled down their grey yoga pants carefully so no one would see, exposing their asses and panties and started to pull on their plugs.

Since they were so large, they both had trouble getting it out right away.

Once out, both the girls put their plugs directly inside their mouths, trying to swallow the whole thing.

As Vanessa realized their plugs were exactly the same as hers, she looked at me excitedly.

“I’ve bought four plugs today,” I explained.

“One small-sized,” looking at Vanessa’ss ass indicating her plug.

“And three similar-sized.” Looking at Michelle and Rachel and their plugs in their mouths.

The girls understood right away but Vanessa only slowly realized.

“Is this, you mean, I should,” she stuttered.

“Yes, the third one is for you,” I replied with a grin.

“But it’s so,” she started

“Big yes, you’re going to love it, Vanessa,” I whispered to her ear.

I put my hand on Vanessa’s ass inside her open jeans and started to pull the plug until it popped out.

Then I started to push back until again fully sucked in in Vanessa’s ass and continued this torture while speaking to Michelle and Rachel:

“Michelle, put your plug into Rachel’s ass” I demanded.

Michelle took out her plug, bent Rachel a bit over her seat and started to push her plug into Rachel’s ass.

“Uhhh… It feels so good!” Rachel moaned.

Once finished, Michelle automatically turned around and said:

“Come on, I need one too!” and Rachel started to push her plug inside Michelle.

Once back on their seats, we cheered with our drinks, me still fucking Vanessa’s ass with her plug, her having trouble concentrating on anything else then her plug in her ass.

Michelle, now truly aroused, looked around and quickly slid under the table.

No one could see her as they’ve put these party tablecloths over the tables which reached almost to the ground.

Then, I felt my shorts being opened and found to feel the amazing feeling of a women’s mouth impaled on my cock.

She started to suck my dick good down there and I quickly lifted the cloth and pushed Vanessa in her side for her to see what was happening.

“Vanessa, do you like to suck dick?” I asked, her looking at Michelle bobbing on my dick appreciatively.

“Yes,” she whispered and bent over into my crotch.

Michelle got it and released my dick, took Vanessa’s hair in her fist and guided her onto my shaft and started to bob her head up and down.

Vanessa soon had the full length in her throat and I was looking around that no one could see Vanessa on my crotch.

Finally, Vanessa came back up and gave me a deep kiss while Michelle continued the job.

Not long after I unloaded my jizz into Michelle’s mouth, who sucked it good and didn’t spill a bit.

Back on her seat, my cum still in her mouth, Michelle released the load onto her palm, her lips covered with a bit of cum.

She then looked at Vanessa and asked:

“Vanessa, would you give me your plug for a moment?”

Vanessa, surprised but now fully playing with us, started to pull on her plug herself and when it popped out, she handed it to Michelle.

Michelle first took it into her mouth, which visibly tensed Vanessa up a little, and then plunged it into her palm, filled with my cum and rolled it about until it was covered with my cum.

Then she gave it back to Vanessa and said:

“Thanks, you can put it back!”.

Vanessa looked at me in deep arousal and started to push her plug back inside her ass, not losing eye contact with me.

Once it was back in, Michelle stood up, went came over to Vanessa.

She gave her a deep kiss with her cum covered lips and put her palm inside Vanessa’s panties, rubbing my cum into her pussy and ass.

Vanessa couldn’t take it anymore and with the sensations in her ass and now Michelle’s hand on her clit, started to shake in her seat and had a hard orgasm.

Once Vanessa relaxed from her climax, Michelle helped her button up her jeans and suggested:

“We should probably move this party upstairs!” with a grin.

We all agreed and got up and walked towards my building and the elevators.

What a sight, three sexy perfect asses walking in front of me, two wearing the tightest grey yoga pants, one the sexiest jeans but all of them had a plug from me inside their tight little asses.

I was in heaven, and the party wasn’t over yet.

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