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New Horizons Ch. 15

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To my fans and readers, I thank you for your tolerance and patience. You asked for more sex and more action. Well, here it is. I hope you like it. There are two more chapters to this epic and they will both feature action, sex, stress and orgasms galore. Thanks again.


After spending the day with Camille, I had to force myself to face the world again, though not because I was worn out. Her gentle love making had made me once again realize that there were some women, some very special women, who were much more to me that just lovers.

For now, though, I had to focus my energies on the new programs and procedures manuals that I would take to Las Vegas with me. The other members of the team had to have time to review them and make their suggestions for changes if they had any before they were instituted and of course, Laurie and Wendy and their group had to give the final approval.

I worked my ass off for three days, reworking, rewording, revising and editing but in the end, I felt that I had everything pretty well spelled out and I had a good feeling about a fast approval from everyone involved. I drove over to the office the following morning to drop off the copies for everyone and see if there were any changes I should know about.

Karen, who I learned would be my new liaison at the office, told me that there was a message for me on my voice mail. She gave me the number to dial and told me that the office next to hers was being used by my team at least for the time being.

It was a nice place to work but nothing fancy. A nice computer, several chairs and a couch, a large desk with good lighting and a pair of two drawer lateral file cabinets. I dropped down into the comfortable chair and dialed the number, punching in my ID code that Karen had given me.

Wendy’s distinctive voice made me smile. “Hi, Samantha,” she said. “I just tried to call you at home but I guess you were out. Anyway, you said you were coming in today so I’ll try to catch you. Give me a call if you come in. I’ll be in all day although part of the time I’ll be in meetings. If I’m not at my desk, ask Karen to give me a page.”

When I called her, I thought I’d missed her but just as I was ready to give Karen the message, she picked it up. “I was just going to call you but then Karen told me you’d just come in. Do you have to be anywhere important?”

“Not really,” I replied. “I just brought in the drafts of the new programs and procedures so everyone can review them but I didn’t have any plans other than that. What’s up?”

“I thought perhaps that you might like to meet one of the women from Vegas. I have a meeting in Laurie’s office but If you hurry, you can get here before I leave.”

When I got to her office, she was standing by her desk, watching something on a small television. She put her finger to her lips and motioned for me to come over there. “She’s in the other room,” she whispered. “I told her she could use my shower.”

I looked down at the television and felt my body quiver. “Oh my god, Wendy, she is so precious. Look at that body.”

The woman on the screen was petite to the point of being almost tiny. Her breasts were small, perfectly round, with dark, berry brown nipples. She was clean shaven with a beautiful, thin slit that seemed to invite my tongue to play. When she turned away for a minute, I drooled at the sight of her perfectly shaped ass with cheeks so tight that her crease was open, revealing just a tiny bit of pink above her hidden anus.

“Her name is Jan Roper. She’s 22, even though she looks like she’s 18 or less.”

“Oh my god,” I repeated, “that would be like making love to a child. I don’t know that I could past that vision.”

“You’d find a way,” she replied. “Let’s step out into the hall a minute.”

I stepped into the hall, grateful that I had worn a skirt, because what was going through my mind had already soaked through my panties.

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone so desperately in my life,” I observed.

“She has done nothing but talk about you all day long, Samantha. I have never known anyone like this woman before. She almost vibrates at the very mention of your name.”

“I think you’re exaggerating,” I said.

“I wanted to tell you that I did something I shouldn’t have,” she replied. “I let her have access to your file. She spent hours looking at the orientation photos and the videos of our fist meeting.”

“Oh well, I guess it’s all right. Don’t get upset about it. I’m almost afraid to ask if she’s available or not.”

“Karen went for her like a bird dog in heat but she got nowhere. I asked the woman she’s traveling with and she told me that she doesn’t sleep around a lot but there doesn’t seem to be anyone special in her life. By the way, I think Karen hates you now.”

I laughed and promised to have a talk with her.

“One more thing,” she said. “I promised that I would introduce her to you. If I may, I would suggest that you go very slow kocaeli escort and gentle because of her size.”

“Well, there is no guarantee that we’ll wind up together but thanks for the suggestion.”

She grinned and almost laughed. “I’ll guarantee it,”she said, “and it won’t take long either. I’m not kidding, Samantha, she really has the hots for you.”

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” I replied, laughing.

“As a matter of fact, I’m late for the meeting in Laurie’s office.”

“Be careful, Wendy. Don’t scare away our Las Vegas team yet.”

“Oh hush,” she replied, as she headed down the hall.

I went back into the office to stare at this lovely creature who was now brushing her long auburn hair back over her shoulders to hang down to the top of her ass. When she reached back, it just pushed those hard nipples out more to tease my mind. The next thing I had to figure was how to explain that Wendy had left. She threw on a white robe and headed for the door so I quickly looked down, scanning some notes that Wendy had on her desk.

“Samantha?” she asked, standing in the middle of the office. “I thought Wendy..I mean…she.”

“She had to get to her meeting, Jan. Hi. I…” I never got the rest of my greeting out of my mouth before she was in my arms and I was stumbling backward from the force of her body against mine.

“I’ve been waiting all morning to meet you,” she squealed. “Oh my god, Samantha, I can’t believe I finally get to meet you.”

“I just thought I’d wait her for you,” I replied. “Wendy left the television on for me so I could watch you.”

“I know, I told her to,” she replied. “I’ve been in there masturbating to the idea that you would be watching me, seeing me naked.”

“Oh…I mean I didn’t realize.”

“I’m sorry I’m being so forward, Samantha. I’m not usually like this but I can’t wait to be with you. I’ve heard so much about you; about how you seduced those women into coming back to try again, and the way you seduced that girl during orientation. I’ve been asking everyone about you; how you tasted; how you make love; what you like; what turns you on; everything. I wanted to know you before I let you make love to me so I knew what to expect.”

“Oh my god,” I stammered. “I didn’t know I was so famous.”

“You’re almost a legend in our group,” she stated. All the time she was talking to me, her fingers were working on the button at the top of my skirt so it was no surprise when it fell to the floor. “I know you love anal, that you like using toys, especially double dildos, that you have a strong, hard tongue that works magic, that your fingers have a touch that finds all the special spots at just the right times, and I know you want me as bad as I want you because your panties are soaked.”

I chuckled and stood still as she stripped away the admittedly soaking wet panties. Before they even hit my ankles, her small hand had palmed my sex and the heel of her hand was pressed into my wet vulva. As short as she was, it was no problem at all for her to squat down and push her tongue into my slit. I whimpered at the shock of her aggression and the strength of her tongue.

As she licked at me, I kicked away the panties and stripped off my shirt. As usual, I wore no bra. Now naked, I spread my feet some to let her have more access but after a few more licks, she stood up.

She took my hand to lead me into the play room where she closed the door behind us. I don’t know if she realized then that everyone in the building might be watching us on closed circuit television from the hidden cameras all around the room. At the very least, I was hoping that Wendy had the foresight to turn them on and set the recorders.

When she turned around, she had her arms open for me. Her passion was so contagious that our lips became pools of fire with our tongues trying to put it out. Our bodies melted into each other so completely that I felt as if she had put a spell on me, turning my body into soft rubber to be manipulated at her touch.

This tiny little creature, whose tongue was buried in my throat while mine was probing into hers, had taken my mind away and all I could do was give back as much as I could. We were whimpering and mewling into each other’s mouths and then I felt her hand on my sex again. She was quick, focused and talented.

“Slow down,” I mumbled..

“Huh-uh,” she mumbled. “Later. Right now, I want you so bad I could scream.”

The next thing I knew, she had me backed up to a couch and just that quick, I was on my back, my hips on the arm of the couch with my legs hanging down. It was the perfect position for her next action. In the blink of an eye, she threw my legs up and over me while she was diving down on me, her head between my thighs, her tongue slashing at me, while her fingers spread me open. I pulled my knees to me and spread them as wide as I could but it was all I could do just to breathe between the gasp, cries, curses and groans. She darıca escort was like an animal.

I found myself being sucked, licked and chewed so hard that I was being driven back on the couch but she simply followed me until she had me up against the opposite arm, unable to move further. Her tongue was like a snake, hitting every spot in my sensitive tunnel. When her tongue tired, she simply began sucking and kissing every inch of flesh she could reach. Spreading me wide, she sucked on the walls hard enough that when she stopped, a strange tingling sensation seemed to move deeper into me, ending somewhere near my spine.

Her attack on my clit was almost beyond description. Instead of sucking it into her mouth and pulling it from me, she took little sucking nips at it, biting it and chewing on it until I was ready to scream. Then she would stop and flick her tongue over the swollen tip until it was nearly painful before once again sucking at it.

She took me higher and higher, and just as I was ready to tumble over the edge, she took me still higher until I could hardly stand it. My spine felt like it was in a tight spiral but each time I thought I couldn’t go any higher, she would do something like force her tongue into my anus or suck on the tender flesh around it, then bite it…anything to continue the climb.

I couldn’t stand it any more. I could feel the fire consuming me from the inside, and when I closed my eyes, I could almost see the flames that were dancing over me. I was actually crying from the stress on my body and when I finally hit the peak and flew skyward, I screamed as loud as I’ve ever screamed. I don’t often come so hard that it hurts but this one did. It hurt like hell for a few seconds as my body disintegrated into tiny pieces of flesh. I rolled away from her and fell to the floor, drawing myself into a knot that I couldn’t seem to tie tight enough. I had muscle spasms that were on top of muscle spasms, so convulsive that my legs were cramping. In short, it was absolutely the hardest orgasm I’d ever had. Fighting to survive, I desperately sucked air into my lungs, fighting the inclination to let the blackness take me. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t do anything.

She knelt beside me, slowly moving her fingers in and out to help ease me through the stress that had control of my body and my mind. Convulsive spasms moved over me for what seemed to be hours, but I know were only minutes. Even after I calmed, my body would shudder and my pussy would pulse. My thighs, my pussy, the cheeks of my ass, all were coated with my fluids which still seeped from within me.

After a few minutes of soft, tender strokes and reassuring words, I sat up and wobbled to my feet to go into the bathroom. I had to smile when I looked in the mirror. I’d seen that ‘just fucked out look’ on other women but never on me. I started to bathe my face with cool water, but my hands shook so hard I kept dropping the cloth. A minute or two later, the door opened and she stepped over to take the cloth in her hands.

“It’s easier if we just take a cool shower,” she stated.

She turned the water on and adjusted the temperature, then guided me in, stepping in behind me as she slid the door shut. Picking up a bath sponge, she squirted bath gel into it. She worked it in her hands until it foamed with fragrant suds which she started working over me, reaching as high as she could. I kind of squatted down so she could bathe my back and shoulders, then waited while she worked her way around me to start on my chest and breasts. There was no stopping her once she got started on them and by the time she was done, my nipples throbbed with a sensitivity that was nearly painful beyond tolerance.

She dropped the sponge and had me stand up while she took the telephone shower off the wall to rinse me off before locking her lips on one nipple to take me back up the slope again. I had to hold on to the wall to keep from falling as she started on the other one. My knees began to shake and my body began to hum that old familiar tune.

I nearly screamed when she picked up the sponge again and started working on my vulva. My clit was still so sensitive I tried to stop her but she just dropped the sponge and sucked my labia into her mouth to chew on them while her finger invaded my pussy again. I managed to get her to stop after my orgasm hit me because I was just too irritated to go on.

She turned me around and took the bath brush from the wall. It had a handle about six inches long that had a cone shaped end that flared out smoothly, then narrowed as it neared the actual brush. Without ceremony or preparation, she started working it into my anus. Her strokes were smooth and long but then she stopped and left it in me. She began to bathe me but every time she bumped it, I yelped until she finally pulled it out and while I was stilll bent over, she spread my cheeks and probed into my anus with her little tongue, jabbing at me like a finger gölcük escort until my legs began to quiver and I leaned against the wall until the spasms ended. .

I leaned there for a while with my eyes closed, letting my body calm. Slipping down to the floor of the shower, I let the water beat over my face and head until I was somewhat back to normal. I found the bath sponge where she had dropped it and loaded it with more bath gel. She moaned and fought it when I pulled her down to my lap to start on those tasty nipples. I rubbed and scrubbed until they were red and swollen and at that point, I decided that I wanted them in my mouth. They were so irritated and sensitive that just sucking and nipping at them, one after the other, brought her near her peak and with just a few deep strokes of my fingers, she sailed over the top. With a loud moan, her body shuddered over and over until she leaned back into me with her arms over my shoulders until she calmed again.

When she spread her legs, I bathed her vigorously for a few minutes to get her clit aroused and irritated. Without even toweling off, I pulled her, water streaming from her body, into the other room, dragging her down to the couch where I lifted her legs over my shoulders and lowered my head to suck on that sweet pussy. It was so small that I could surround it with my mouth and suck her tissue into my mouth while my tongue roamed freely over the tender flesh inside her pussy.

I was determined to give her the kind of orgasm she’s given me but she was just as determined that she was going to have her orgasm whenever she was ready. I had to hold her hands to keep her from digging into her pussy or rubbing her clit. I finally had to give up because she was just so damned active that I couldn’t hold her down. Still, when she came, her body was rolled up into itself, wrapped around my head, with her fingers ripping my hair out and her heels dug into my ass. We lay together, panting, wrapped in each other’s bodies until we could breathe again.

I led her over to the bed, with her body still moist, in order to slow her down enough to rest before we went on. Jan discovered the remote for the monitor and with just a little bit of exploration, found the way to turn it on. At first, there was nothing but a blank screen, but then I suggested that she try other channels. We found Laurie and Jill asleep with their bodies twisted together. For a few seconds, we thought that was the only thing we would get other than the corporate info channels but then we hit pay dirt.

Wendy and Karen were on a couch, in a hot sixty-nine and close to a fiery climax. Their screams and cries were obvious indicators that neither of them was going to stop until there was nothing left to give. Jan was the first to see that the monitor was on and changing from camera to camera in the room where we were. I knew that they had been watching us the whole time and most likely had been unable to just watch.

On one of the padded tables I know all too well, we could see a strap on and an assortment of toys. It appeared that they hadn’t been used so we left the monitor on so that we could watch them ream each other out of their minds.

“Neither of them will be able to walk by the time they’re done,” Jan remarked. I knew that was an absolute fact. I rolled her over to me and took her in my arms to kiss her and stroke her smooth body.

“Are you always that aggressive?” I asked.

She giggled before she replied. “Sometimes. Wendy has kept me so aroused with her stories of how you seduced Allysa and how you used your skills to seduce the other girls in to coming back. She told me that you were about the most beautiful and sexiest woman she’d ever been with and that’s saying a lot coming from Wendy. She left the pictures and videos of you during your orientation and when they seduced you into joining their team and she kept touching me every time she came past. A little stroke over my ass when I walked by, a finger under my clothes and probing into me, pinching my nipples, or kneading my breasts, things like that. She got me bent over this morning and before I could straighten up, her finger was buried in my ass. By the time she called me, I was ready to throw you to the floor and rape you into insanity.”

“You didn’t miss by far,” I replied. “That was the hardest, strongest and most stressful orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“So you like Wendy’s little surprise?” she asked.

“Maybe. I still have to think about it.” \ As we watched, they collapsed into each other’s arms, their bodies wrapped like vines around each other. Almost as soon as they dropped to the bed, they were asleep.

Now that I had the opportunity, I had her lie back and pull her legs up so I could really see tht tiny little pussy up close. I spread her open and caressed her clit and labia enough to make her quiver, then I rolled her over to explore her anus. There was a good reason for my curiosity. If I had used a dildo on her that was too large, I could have hurt her. She told me she had never had sex with a man because a man would never have the patience to open her up first. “Besides,” she declared, “women are more gentle and understanding of what it takes to give me great orgasms.”

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