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Neighborly Way Ch. 01

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John and his family (his wife Sarah and 4 year old daughter Rachel) recently moved into a new house on a little street we can call Neighborly Way. Many people brought them welcome packages and seemed like wonderful neighbors. It is a fairly affluent area and they were happy to be a part of it. A few of these neighbors — or at least the wives and daughters — will play a role in this series of stories. The names have been changed, but given full names to keep the stories straight.

First are Laura and Jeff Smith. The Smiths are the same age as John and Sarah – middle 30s — and have two little kids, 4 but a serious “I really want to be with you” request much like a high school girl might plead with a new boy she desperately wants to be around. John felt a bit flustered and his blood was heating up just a little from the shock and the intensity of this encounter.

Laura felt the same way. Her insides turned every time she saw John. Her eyes had never strayed too far from Jeff. She was a loyal girlfriend in high school and college. She was always a loyal fiancé and wife. But John was so different from Jeff. Jeff is built like a Ken doll. John is built like an olive-skinned Italian construction worker even though he works behind a desk all day.

Laura lingered for a just a moment with that same intense look, and grip on John’s arm. Then she let go and walked down the stairs. It was more of a swagger or strut than a walk. John noticed Laura’s perfectly shaped ass as she happily bounced down the stairs. When she was at the bottom, she gave a quick, coy glance up at John as she rounded the corner. She had a smile on her face, John was certain he saw it.

John tried to put things together. Laura was a very happy, bubbly woman. He had seen her act very friendly toward other people as well. This was probably just her typical personality. He shouldn’t read too much into it. Laura reminded John of the very nice cheerleader — the one that was the most beautiful on the squad. Not the mean spirited, but very hot and dirty cheerleader every team had. She was probably everyone’s friend in high school and college. Nevertheless, John was a bit worked up and decided to return to his work in the bathroom.

Laura had butterflies in her tummy after the encounter upstairs. She had to take a deep breath to compose herself before she went back outside to sit with John’s wife. She knew she probably crossed the line up stairs and was not at all subtle with her advances. She hadn’t felt tingly like this over a boy, or man, in a long time. She couldn’t remember if she ever felt like this before.

From the second story bathroom window, John could peer down at the girls talking on the deck below. He saw Laura return and strike up a new conversation with his wife. He couldn’t really hear from up here, but he could see. Actually, he could see quite well. Laura was wearing a halter top and the tops of her breasts were just barely exposed. From this angle he got a much better look at the cleavage between them. John noticed he was rubbing the large rock hard lump in his pants that had formed earlier from Laura’s touch.

“What the hell am I doing?” John thought to himself — or had he mouthed it out loud? “Screw it,” he thought again. “I’m going out there.”

John brought out a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. The two girls were very happy with this and giggled a little. John noticed they had already hit a bottle of wine hard, and were on their second. It was maybe the wine talking for Laura before. Either way, she greeted John as if she hadn’t seen him earlier and had a great big smile and hello for him. Laura took a chance and also gave John a hug.

John awkwardly returned the hug to Laura. He wasn’t quite sure how to react. Sarah didn’t really balk like John expected, so he was subtle and quick about it. Laura again repeated that she hasn’t seen him in a while, and was happy John joined them, all with a hand on his wrist. John felt that lump in his pants returning, so he quickly turned away to pour himself a glass of lemonade. “Scotch is more like what I need right about now,” he thought to himself.

Laura was feeling very sure her advances were welcomed. The wine helped greatly in easing her inhibitions. John’s body was like a rock. She couldn’t wait to get another hug from him no matter how wrong the purpose for it.

As the summer month dragged on, this cycle repeated — Laura visiting with the kids, John now joining the women, wine flowing freely, and always a big hug Sakarya Escort hello and goodbye from Laura. However on a recent occasion, Laura added a gentle peck on the cheek to the hug. John instantly felt the lump in his pants pop forward. He knew Laura could feel it too; she could, and it sent heat pulsing through her each time she felt it. This time it seemed like her hug lingered for just a few seconds too long. Laura mouthed “bye!” with a wide smile from her mouth and eyes. John was fairly certain at this point these actions weren’t just an overly friendly personality, but directed at John specifically.

It made sense though that Laura might be lonely. Jeff was away a lot with his friends or brothers. In the winter it was ice fishing and climbing; in the summer it was camping and hunting. He was very tight with his three brothers. Jeff opened up to John about their trips once inviting him along. Jeff was very drunk after a summer party and said much more than he should have.

Jeff did go away with his brothers. And they did do the things he said they were doing. However, their trips often involved other women. Women they knew, women they met while on the trip, or strippers/prostitutes they took along with them for just the weekend. This was a tradition going back to high school with the brothers and although three of the four were married, they couldn’t seem to stop themselves.

After hearing this information, John thought it possible Laura knew, or had an idea, about what was going on. At the very least, leaving your wife alone most weekends to go out with siblings must have disheartened Laura.

Of course Laura had an idea these trips weren’t always just about getting together with the guys. She imaged some shenanigans knowing how the brothers were. She had heard rumors of Jeff cheating in high school, but she never caught him. She heard whispers about Jeff’s bachelor party — or bachelor week — in Las Vegas, but no one would talk about it. Jeff was a good father though and Laura seemed blissfully happy in her ignorance. But now that she started having feelings toward John, the doubt crept into her mind and she used that as the excuse to relief the guilt she felt.


While Jeff was away one weekend, the bathroom sink began to overflow. Laura called John in a panic to come help. As John was gathering some tools to go over he asked Sarah if she wanted to bring their child. Rachel had just gone down for a nap though, so he was going alone.

The sink fix was pretty simple. John pulled a large hair ball from the drain trap and everything was working again. John and Laura cleaned up the water together and it didn’t take long for things to get a little more comfortable between them. A bit of playful water splashing and towel tossing had broken the ice. Laura reached back to toss a soaked rag at John, but he caught her arm before she could launch it. They both laughed for a second and stopped.

John wasn’t releasing Laura’s arm. Instead he slowly brought it down and pulled her a little closer. Laura took a step forward and leaned in closer to John. He removed the soaked rag with his other hand and tossed in the sink. He still held Laura’s arm though, but softly now.

Laura reached up slowly, almost unsure of herself, to touch John’s chest. Both could feel their hearts racing. Both were taking shorter, more intense breaths. They stared into each other’s eyes as they seemed to somehow, ever so slowly, inch closer to one another.

John reached up to Laura’s face with his free hand, gently brushing back her wet hair. His fingertips and thumb traced the outline of her cheekbone, jaw, and ear. Laura’s mouth parted open slightly as she felt her entire body start to burn inside. John ran his finger tips over her lips and Laura let out a quiet, sensual gasp at the touch.

John lowered Laura’s hand to his waist finally, freeing their hands now. John followed the same pattern on Laura’s face with both hands now, slowing stroking and tracing over her beautifully casted shape. His hands finally settled behind her head entwined into her thick, blond hair.

Laura’s hand followed John’s sculpted body from his stomach to his chest. She couldn’t look in his eyes anymore; she was feeling too many emotions. She was like a timid high schooler again, embarrassed and a little shy. Her mind, heart, and lungs were all racing trying to keep up with this new stimulation.

Laura’s hands finally made their way to the back of John’s neck and Sakarya Escort Bayan she felt John pulling her closer still. She knew where this was leading. Their lips would meet in just a few more seconds. The anticipation was killing them both, but neither of them could bring themselves to move any faster. And they both liked how slow and torturous and new this was.

“John,” was all Laura could quietly gasp out as he pulled her head to his and their lips gently met for the first time. Laura gasped again as he kissed her, and she drew in a deep breath while her knees weakened. They stood there in the bathroom ever so gently kissing. They seemed to be in perfect sync together. Their lips parted and moved without a break. Their tongues gently met at the entrances of their mouths. Each pulled the other closer as the passionate exchange escalated.

Their bodies came together tightly as they embraced, each one lurching forward to get closer. John instantly became rock hard from the heated exchange. His cock was bulging again beneath his pants. Laura felt this immediate response from John and groaned in her throat. She was as turned on by the pressure she felt pushing into her pelvis as she was knowing she was the reason for his instant arousal.

They were lost together as their tempo increased and the pressure from both of their holds pulled tighter together. Their lips were more wanton with each second as their lust mounted. Their tongues delved deeper into each other’s mouth with each breath. This would quickly spin out of control, but neither of them wanted to stop; not now, not ever.

“Mommy, can we go outside?” came a little voice from the doorway.

John and Laura gasped with freight at the sound. John quickly spun around putting his back to the child, while Laura did the opposite facing her and moving her hands over her lips and face to try and cover up what she had been doing. She was gasping for breath after being caught.

“Yes! Sure, we should go outside so John can finish up in here.” Laura said in a panic.

The child turned and walked out of the room and Laura let out deep, spastic gasps. John pulled his hands up to behind his neck and rubbed. They both were thinking “what did we just do?”

“I’m so sorry,” John finally broke in.

Laura continued to try and catch her breath. There were tears in her eyes and she couldn’t turn around to face him. Her eyes never left the spot where her child stood. John turned around finally and began to gather his things to leave. He turned to look at Laura but she hadn’t turned around yet. He stared at her back unsure if he should console her, apologize, or just get the hell out.

He decided to just get the hell out and started walking toward the door. Laura caught his hand just before he was out of reach. He slowly turned his head and she pulled him back to face her. She looked at up at him after a moment and collapsed into his arms, her face buried in his chest and let out a crying sigh. He held her there for a moment before he felt her kiss his chest and step back. She was staring at the ground and finally pulled her head up to smile weakly. She walked him out the door.

John walked back with his head spinning. “That was so fucking stupid of me.” He was beating himself up. It was dumb cheating on his wife. It was terrible cheating with a married woman. And it was so unsafe with her children right in the house. “That was a mistake,” he thought. But he couldn’t lie to himself that his heart and mind were still there in the bathroom locked in that kiss.

Laura was equally shaken. She was upset she had let things get that far, but the feelings in the moment were more special to her than any she could remember. Even her wedding day kiss. But how could she be so reckless to do this at home where her kids could find her? She was as upset over getting caught as she was by the feelings, and pure lust, she felt for John.


Two weeks past and John and Laura saw each other a little, but didn’t talk about what happened. Their contact had been in public social circumstances so there was no chance to relive the moment anyway. They were not awkward or shy around each other though. When Sarah invited them to an upcoming party, Laura said she would have to talk to Jeff because she was unsure what they had planned.

In the two weeks between the kiss and now, both John and Laura had a lot of time to think about what happened. John was remorseful, but was extremely attracted Escort Sakarya to Laura. She was beautiful, and after that kiss he lusted for her every day. If he had any free time to himself he would have masturbated to that moment they shared. Unfortunately he wasn’t afforded any time alone.

Laura also obsessed over that kiss. She felt a little guilty for cheating on her husband, but knew now that he wasn’t everything she had ever hoped for in a man. She started to accept the stories she had heard and the things she felt about his time away. She wasn’t in denial any more. When he was away, and the kids were in bed, she did think about that kiss she had with John. Her body burned and longed to be with him again. She would lay in bed alone, close her eyes, and dream about that kiss and more. As her fantasies built, so did her desire to be with John.

To satiate that need, she found herself running her own hands over her body imagining it was John. Her hands would run down her neck, over her breasts, down her flat tummy, to her shaved little mound between her legs. She imagined John pinching and rolling her nipples in his strong hands as her own hands acted this out. She imagined John gently rubbing her between her legs, as her hand was now doing. She imagined John entering her, first with his fingers, and then the giant bulge he hid in his pants. She imagined this as her fingers slowly entered her own moist, burning cavern.

Masturbating like this embarrassed Laura. She never needed to relieve herself like this. But the deep lust she felt for John gave her little choice. She felt she would explode if she didn’t have this outlet.

Laura brought herself to quick climaxes each time she ran through her various fantasies with John. Each time her hips would begin to buck up, her hands forcing her fingers deeper and more quickly into her hole. Each time her other hand would roughly rip and pull at her own nipples sending shockwaves through her body. She would lurch up as her body shock from the explosive force of her orgasms. Her teeth would clench holding in the force of her screams, only letting out harsh grunts. She repeated this every chance she had alone.


John and Sarah were planning for a large house warming party now that they were fully unpacked and moved in. Family, friends, and neighbors were invited on a beautiful summer day. The weather had been perfect for an outside party, so after the obligatory tour of the house, everyone was enjoying the yard.

Laura wasn’t sure if she would come. It was so difficult seeing John. She felt like everyone could see how much she wanted him. She focused on how she interacted with him thinking every action was being recorded. She also knew she couldn’t let an opportunity to see him slip past her.

She decided to go to the party and dress to impress John. Even if he didn’t respond to her, so wanted to be sure she gave him a wonderful view. She bought a new outfit just for the party: a light blue sundress; matching black panties and bra; and light blue, 4″ high-heeled sandals. She even manicured and painted her fingers and toes. While putting it all on, she decided the bra was too much given the dress. In fact, no bra would work so she abandoned it altogether. She decided that without a bra, maybe she would be a little dirty and forgo the panties altogether as well. No one would ever see. It made her feel sexy, very out of character.

John was a little shocked to see them all arrive. He didn’t think Laura would come after what happened between them. And Jeff usually avoided these events and did just about anything else. He certainly didn’t look very happy to be there. Jeff dropped in a patio chair next to the beer and relaxed alone. The kids all played together.

John spotted Laura and his heart sank to his stomach. He gulped hard as she turned and saw him. She was amazing, perfect. There wasn’t a more perfect looking creature at the party, or maybe on Earth. Her blond hair was up in a bun at the back of her head. The straps of her sun dress sat delicately on her waifish shoulders exposing her long, think neck. A couple of small beauty marks accentuated her neck even further. The dress clung tightly to her tall but lean frame. Her pert B cup breasts pushed gently out from the front as the dress closed in around her tight waist and flared out just a bit over her small perfect ass.

Then her legs — long, slender, and smooth ran down to ankles which led to her gorgeous feet. John found himself staring at her feet. Never really obsessed with feet, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Laura’s. Her toes were perfectly cut and painted. Her high-heeled sandals shaped her feet perfectly and lifted her legs and ass into an amazing position. John caught himself staring and with his mouth open to boot.

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