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Today has been a tough day. Several things have contributed to it, but this is how I reset. I tell Sir that I am having a bad day. He has told me in the past that belonging to him means that it is his job to take care of me. Not many people discuss this part of sub/dom relationship.

He told me to get dressed and come to him. I was told that my large breasts need to be supported yet available so I should wear my dark purple quarter cup bra. I need to be sexy yet accessible so I should wear the matching thong. He told me to wear my short black skirt–the one that flares out when I spin around–and the sheer white shirt–only button the bottom 3 buttons. He told me to wear my garter belt, thigh high fishnet stockings, and shiny black heels. My hair should be curled, worn down. He told me that I should take care with my make up and wear the dark red lipstick that turns him on. He told me I have an hour and a half to shower, shave, get ready and come to his office.

I arrive with 5 minutes to spare. I go in to the office and tell the receptionist that I have a meeting with him. She shows me to his office, even though I have been here before…after hours of course. He thanks her and steps toward me. She leaves the room, but there is no door for her to close. He puts his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me to him, kissing me deeply, sensually. He looks into my eyes and quietly says that if I follow his instructions, my day will be much better, that my emotional state will no longer matter to me. He stepped back and looked me up and down….beautiful….

He took me by the hand, led me to the closest bathroom, and locked the door behind us. He shoved me face first against the sink, tells me not to move. I hear his belt jingling and then the zipper. He flips my skirt up and pulls my thong aside and shoves his cock inside me. He strokes into me a few times and cums deep inside me. He pulls out and tells me to straighten myself up and meet him at his desk.

When I get to his desk, he is working on his computer. It is a pretty fancy set up, 2 screens, camera, microphone, all the stuff someone like him needs. I walk to him, but he doesn’t look up at me. He points to the ground next to his chair. I know what he wants, so I kneel next to him. I’m a bit nervous but so aroused that I don’t think how strange this will look to others. I lean my head against his thigh. He reaches down and pets me on the head, strokes my hair and face.

Suddenly, he nudges me away from him. cevizli escort I sit up and look around. He flicks me on the nipple reminding me that my eyes should be on the ground or on his cock. Since I can’t turn toward him at the moment, I look to the ground. I see a pair of men’s shoes walk up beside me. I hear questions being asked, but they seem “normal” questions for the job. Sir then looks at me and says that I am not being very friendly. I respond by turning to this man and kissing his cock through his pants. The man pats me on the head and reaches into my shirt to pinch my nipple. I moan quietly but Sir hushes me. The man leaves.

Sir turns to me and unbuttons my shirt so that it hangs open and my breasts are exposed above my quarter cup bra. He turns back to his desk to continue working. Several people came in for a variety of reasons. I would typically be ignored, but occasionally he would reach down and squeeze my breasts or tell me to lift my skirt or let his business associates touch me, some even sucked my nipples. But I would get in trouble if I made any noise.

As the day came to an end, I noticed that he was paying more attention to my breasts and started playing with my pussy with the ruler that he kept in his desk drawer. I also noticed that people started loitering in his office. He finally turned his chair so that he was facing me. Attention….he was finally giving me some attention. He reached out and put his hand on my cheek. He caressed my face, then stuck his thumb in my mouth. I started to suck on it when he used it to pull me toward him. I thought I was going to be kissed, but instead I ended up across his knee. I hear the conversations in the room go quiet. Feet shuffling as they turn toward Sir. He flips my skirt up to expose my ass and slaps it hard. I flinch and cry out because I wasnt expecting it. So, I steadied myself, preparing for the next swat. But it doesn’t come. He stands up and takes me to the conference table in his office. And leans me on it, exposing my ass to all in the room. Sir turns to his coworkers and friends and begins to explain about my day, Sir tells them that I need help getting out of my bad mood, that is why they were called to this meeting. He rubs my ass and asks who wants to be first.

“A” steps up and runs his hands down my back. He reaches my waist and opens button and zipper on my skirt and pulls it off and leaves it around my feet. He slaps my ass. He rubs it, then slaps it erenköy escort again. He does this multiple times, turning my ass a nice shade of pink. He slides his fingers inside me. I moan quietly, not sure if I have permission. Sir leans over and kisses the back of my neck and tells me what a good girl I am being–that is all the permission that I need.

Someone else stepped up to join in. I notice that these hands are softer than the others…female hands. Oh yes. So nice. She caresses my back and my ass. She and the man seem to figure out a good rhythm. He spanks then inserts his fingers into my pussy. She scratches and then caresses after the spanking. I find myself push back against the fingers wanting more. I hear her say that she has to leave soon and she wants to taste the pussy that Sir claims is so delicious. The pair stand me up. With the skirt around my ankles I only have a few pieces of clothing to remove. The man removes my shirt. Then the bra is removed even though it doesn’t really interfere with nipple stimulation. Next, the panties are removed from my body. This leaves me wearing only my garter, thigh highs, and shoes. The pair push me back onto the table top. She gets on her knees between my thighs and takes possession of my cunt, but not before she notices and kisses Sir’s initials which are tattooed to show his ownership.

At this point Sir’s pussy is being thoroughly worked over, my head is at the far edge if the table. My breasts and hands are free and available for anyone to use. Sir motions for the others to join in. The men all step up. I have men sucking on my nipples. I have a cock in each hand and one in my mouth. The one in my mouth is the one I focus on first, even though it is difficult due to my clit being sucked on. I open my mouth to allow him in. I suck and lick everything that I can reach. I chew on the cock in my mouth having forgotten that not all men like that. This results in a slap to my face. Sir steps in and grabs the man by his arm and throws him out of the office. Abuse is not allowed.

The woman who has been feasting on me is rewarded when I squeeze her head between my thighs cumming hard in her mouth. She stands up and thanks Sir by kissing him with my cum fresh in and on her mouth.

With Sir’s pussy and mouth now available, two men step up. Sir smiles when he sees his best friend step between my thighs. I make eye contact with him until Sir corrects me and reminds me of my place. The hard esenyurt escort black cock is buried in Sir’s pussy. It slides in easily with the wetness that Sir has helped to create today. I am having a difficult time focusing on the cocks in my hands due the ones using my other holes. Sir notices and flicks my nipples. This sends me over the edge into another orgasm. Sir’s pussy contracts around the dark cock and he shoves into me gasping, fuck, yes, cumming.

There has been a thick cock in my left hand that shoots cum across my large tits. Sir rubs it across my nipples. He loves way my breasts look with wet cum shining on them. The cock in my mouth is shoved deep into my throat as the cum shoots into me. I love tasting cum.

Sir stands me up from the table and kisses me and fingers my freshly fucked pussy. A man who I seem to recall is a foreman…perhaps the one who saw the picture of my breasts…steps toward us as Sir turns me around. This man takes my breasts in his hands and the nipple in his mouth. “Oh, yes, these look familiar” apparently he has a good memory. While Sir restrains my arms behind me another man kneels to lick my pussy. I cannot believe my Sir has arranged all of this for me. I cum. Hard. This time I don’t come down.

My senses are all on high. Sir tells me it is time. A blanket is laid out on the floor. The company president lays down. His cock sticking straight up, waiting for me to ride it. Oh. Yes. It’s time. Sir leads me to him. I take him in my mouth and suck him until he grabs my hair and pulls me up so that his cock is at the entrance to my pussy. He tells me to do it now. I plunge my pussy down. I ride him. Sensually, my pussy is humming from the intensity. Sir then steps up. I take his cock in my mouth. “Make it hard”. But it already is. Sir pushes me down so that I’m laying on top of the president. Sir gets between our legs. I’m so messy and wet that he uses the fluids to moisten my brown hole. His favorite of my holes. He loosens me up with one, then 2 fingers. Gawd, it feels good. Sir knows I’m ready, he places his cock head at my hole and slowly pushes in. He let’s me adjust, but it doesn’t take long. He and the president begin working together to fuck me. Gawd, my biggest fantasy. I am cumming and cumming while they fuck me. I lose track of time and feelings. I assume they got theirs. The next thing I realize is that everyone was still there shooting their cum all over me after watching it all.

As Sir pulls out of me, he gently lifts me into his arms. He doesn’t address anyone else in the room. Sir carries me to the shower in the men’s bathroom. He washes me, gently cleaning me. He dries me off and finds a shirt for me to put on and takes me home to rest.

“Tomorrow will be a better day, Baby.” Thank you, Sir.

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