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Natural Born Ch. 02

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Anal Dildo

I was out of work.

My boss had had the courtesy to phone my landlady and let her know, so I was without a place to stay. One last jerkoff show had bought me exactly two more days before I would be living in a refrigerator box on the street. I fingered the little business card with her name on it. Miriam Douglas. Maybe it was stupid, but in the two times she had seen me masturbating, she had been openly accepting of it. She thought I was a pervert, of that I am sure. But she didn’t seem upset about it, like a woman should be. What had she said? Something about it being typical boyish behavior or some such. Perhaps I could get her to help me. My eyes scanned lower on the business card. Beneath her name it read: Owner and proprietor of Miriam’s Shoes. If she really did own her own shoe store, maybe she might help me… or offer a reference? I know… it was ludicrous, but when you’re faced with living in cardboard home ludicrous can start to sound pretty good.

I punched her number out on the phone and waited, counting the rings. One. Two. Three. Four…


I didn’t know what to say at first so I just let it all out.

“Hello, Ms. Douglas?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“I…don’t know if you remember me or not. I used to work at Coleman’s shoe store.”

“Uh, huh.”

It didn’t sound like she remembered me… either that or she was enjoying a little mental torture at my expense. One way or another, she was going to make me say it.

“I…uh… was the boy who was caught… uh… playing with myself.”

There was a long pause followed by, so help me…laughter.

“Oh, yes. How can a lady forget such a spectacle as the one you made.”

My cheeks were flaming even though I couldn’t see her. It was her words alone and the tone of her voice.

“What do you want?”

“I, uh… I don’t have a place to stay after Friday and no job now… and… I was wondering if you could help me at all.”

“I see. And why would I do that?”

I didn’t know what to say. I felt like I was actually going to cry like a little kid. I was hoping to appeal to her maternal instincts, but I wasn’t sure she had any.

“I don’t know who else I can ask.”

She paused as if considering her options.

“Well… I suppose you could stay in the basement. There’s no shower down there, but there is a floor drain. And a hose. No bed, but you could sleep on newspapers or something. I would have to buy a space heater though… not much heat down there.”

“That would be fine, Ma’am.” I was elated. All of this sounded much better to me than sleeping outside. I was taken off guard by her next question.

“Do you play with yourself a lot?”

“Um… I guess so.”

“Well you can just do that all over the floor drain. I don’t want a disgusting mess down there.”

If this was the price to be paid, I felt I could do it. She knew that she was getting a masturbator, as a tenant… all that was needed was to discuss the price.

“How much would the rent be?”

“Ah yes. The rent. Well, you won’t have any income until you get back on your feet so how about you do things for me. Like my laundry. You DO know how to properly clean a dirty pair of panties don’t you?”

“Um… not really, I mean just in the washer right?”

She chuckled indulgently and spoke to me again like she was speaking to a little boy.

“No, no. My underwear is very precious and delicate. My panties need to be hand-washed very carefully and the same goes for my stockings. These items need to be handled with the utmost care. And Richard… I will be inspecting your work.”

“Alright. I understand.”

“Now honey. beşevler escort You know that I AM old enough to be your mother. There’s nothing wrong with you addressing me as Ma’am. As a term of respect, you understand.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Very good. Why don’t you pack your things and I will see you tomorrow morning at 7am sharp.”

She gave me instructions to find her home and then she hung up. I sat on my dirty mattress in the twilight shadows of my soon-to-be vacant apartment. I thought about her panties and soon my penis was in my hand. As I jacked a large load onto the mattress, I wondered what had I gotten myself into?

When I arrived at Ms. Douglas’ home, I wasn’t terribly surprised to see quite an expensive but beautiful red bricked house. It was a two story, complete with white picket fence and seemed fairly secluded from any other house. It seemed to fit her conservative, but mysterious personality. I rang the bell and she answered it herself, although I did catch sight of a pretty, young blonde maid in the background. I was ushered inside, but didn’t get to see much of the ground floor before we began descending the old wooden steps to my new home. The floor was concrete and looked a bit uncomfortable. It was a small space that looked as if it doubled for her laundry area. As if anticipating my thoughts, Ms. Douglas explained.

“This is were Erin does my laundry. She’s my maid, but she understands that you will be the one cleaning my intimates. There’s a place over there where you can sleep against the wall… and I got the space heater so it shouldn’t be freezing down here. Oh… and there’s the floor drain.”

I dropped my head and couldn’t meet her eyes when she made reference to the drain. That was where I would be masturbating with her full knowledge. I felt a stirring in my pants.

“Why don’t you get settle in down here, and I’ll be down later to check on you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She ascended the steps and my eyes stared longingly at the rolling of her hips as her big womanly ass swayed invitingly back and forth in her black skirt. I would be cleaning her panties. My cock uncoiled into a solid erection so suddenly that I nearly doubled over. My eyes wandered back over to the dirty little floor drain in the center of the room. My room.

As if in a trance, I began to undress. As I knelt down naked over the floor drain I felt a sense of shame wash over me that was ferocious in its intensity. I felt like an animal. Reduced to the fevered jacking in which I now engaged in with free reign. Though there was no one there to see me, I felt my cheeks redden with embarrassment. My balls felt heavy with their contents of thick, molten lust. I only knew I had to expel it all… down the drain. I felt the cool air tickle my bare ass as my hand slid up and down my cock like a mindless engine, mastering my body in a way that was both detached and very intimate. Sweat began to dribble down my face and I became aware that I was making little grunts and whimpers. I had never felt this degree of arousal before and it was almost frightening. Just a little more, I thought… just a little more… then… I’ll put it away before the lady of the house catches me… or her maid. The fact that there were two attractive women roaming around upstairs suddenly had me bucking my hips as I spurted hot ribbons of white goo. It landed with surprisingly loud splats onto the drain-grate. Oh god… I was cumming all over the drain… it was marvelous.

I spurted quite a lot that first time. I was flushed and breathing heavy as I stared down at the dirty mess I had made on the rusty drain-grate. Her words startled me.

“Quite büyükesat escort an appropriate place to dispose of that kind of slop, don’t you think?”

My head jerked around to see Ms. Douglas standing there with her hands on her hips and a casual smile on her face. She didn’t seem surprised.

“I…I’m sorry… I just couldn’t help…”.

“Ohhh… shush now. I told you I expected such behavior from a boy. That’s why you’re down here and not on the main floor. You just keep that stuff confined to your balls and the drain… and we’ll get along fine. Now, I have to run errands. You stay out of mischief and don’t bother Erin. In fact, I want you to stay down here while I’m gone. I’ll see you later on… Dickey.”

I grimaced inside a little at the version of my name she had chosen. No one had called me Dickey since high school a few years earlier. I had been calling myself Richard since I had gotten out of the house as a way of celebrating my new adulthood. In one fell swoop, she had taken that away from me. To make matters worse, there was an almost mocking quality to the way she said it. Again, as I sat there naked on my haunches I wondered… what had I gotten myself into?

I busied myself the rest of the day unpacking my meager belongings and making the place my own. However… it was a feeble attempt. When I was done, my things were strewn about, but it was really still just her laundry room… with a grate in the floor. That iron hole mocked me with its presence… waiting for another messy load that I knew I would have to offer it. The place had one bare bulb in the ceiling that cast little light. The concrete floor was always cold and the rough, bare walls were not inviting. This was the home of a slave or a prisoner, I thought… but still better than being on the street. I didn’t see Ms. Douglas for the rest of that day, so I eventually drifted off to sleep, wearing only my briefs and curled up on my little bundle of sheets.

I awoke the next day to an exquisitely painful sensation throughout my penis. My angry, morning erection had bullied its way out of the opening of my underpants and stood stiffly up at the ceiling. It was so hard it felt as if it was made of ivory. Ms. Douglas was standing over me with a thin wooden dowel rod in her hand and was rapping my bone-hard boner with it to awaken me.

“Rise and shine, Panty-cleaner. Time to get to work.”

I made a mental note that she wore sheer black stockings today before glancing over at the doorway to see Erin, the shorthaired blonde maid with one hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide at the sight of me. I stuffed my sore penis back into my underpants with some effort and looked for my pants. The two women made no move to leave and afford me with any privacy it seemed, so I dressed in front of them as quickly as I could.

Ms. Douglas directed my attention to the laundry line that hung above a small table used for folding clothes. It was completely covered with ladies panties and stockings. I felt my cheeks blush a bit as I eyed each item… extra aware that I was viewing these intimate garments in the presence of women. The panties were mostly full-cut nylon briefs designed to cover her large bottom. There were powder blues and sexy red… innocent yellows and mint colored panties… even several pairs in simple white. For some reason I found those especially sexy. Ms. Douglas selected a pair of panties that were pink like cotton candy and lifted them inside out to display the crotch.

“See here? Where there’s a stain? I want that spotless when they are returned to me. Erin will be inspecting your work, and I will be inspecting çankaya escort what she brings me. She will show you how to properly wash panties and then you can get to work on the stockings. I expect a good job, so pay proper attention.”

I nodded dumbly and looked to Erin as Ms. Douglas made her way back up the wooden steps that led to the better part of the house.

Erin was very cute in her maid’s uniform, and I found myself stealing peeks at her legs and the short hem every time I thought she wasn’t looking. She explained all the special details that I might need to know about cleaning dirty panties and hosiery. Her own legs were covered in cute, white tights that had a pattern woven into them. The loafers she wore were dressy, but reminded me of the college girl that she was. The black skirt of her uniform was scandalously short to the point of showing the bottom part of her ass when she bent for anything. She had a small chest, but a cute face and short blonde hair that was styled close to her face and adorned with pink barrettes. She was a cock-stiffener if I ever saw one. I was staring at the pert cheeks of her behind while she bent over to retrieve a whicker basked when she glanced back over her shoulder and caught me in my voyeuristic pleasure.

“Please don’t do that.”

“Hmm? What?”

“My bottom. Please don’t stare at it like that. It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“I have to dress like this because Ms. Douglas requires it. It’s not my choice to show off my behind in a short uniform. If you have to, just go over to the drain and make your mess. You still have to clean all of these dirty panties and then the stockings, too.”

Now my face returned to the familiar scarlet that my circumstances seemed to warrant all too often. I didn’t really want to masturbate in front of such a cute, innocent-seeming college student. I decided I could be a man about this and shrug it off.

“Not a problem. I can keep things in check.”

She cocked her head and looked at me skeptically.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

Erin seemed satisfied with my answer and went back to helping me with my chores. I took a while to catch on, but finally seemed to do okay with the panties. Just the stockings to do, and I would have the day to myself. Maybe I could look for a real job somewhere. Erin excused herself to travel upstairs for more supplies and I was left alone in my room again… with the dirty stockings. They were a variety of colors and textures. They all looked expensive. My eyes lingered over a pair of navy blue hose that hung directly in front of my face. They were extremely aromatic and upon closer inspection, I saw the toe reinforcement was actually stiff from the hot perspiration that had cooled in the uninviting temperatures of the basement. I slowly brought my face in line with those reinforced toes and my unmasturbated cock tented my pants with another huge erection. I breathed in deep breaths of savory unwashed stocking and was almost unaware of my hands working on my zipper. My lungs filled repeatedly with the odor of shoe leather and worn hosiery. I had to free the beast in my pants… the quicker the better. As I completely removed my pants and tossed them atop my bed sheets, a corner of my brain faintly registered footsteps from the upper floor. Erin would be back soon. I had to work fast to preserve my dignity.

I took the soiled stocking with me over to the drain and naked from the waist down I hunched down like the dog I had become. I slowly stroked the long tube of meat that angrily throbbed in my fingers. With my other hand, I ran the stained silky fabric across my upturned face and dangled the toes teasingly above my nostrils. Oh god oh god oh god… I panted and moved my hips back and forth, fucking my fist like the lowest sort of pervert. That was the sight that greeted pretty Erin as she came to the bottom of the steps to the laundry room.

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