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Naked Housecleaning

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This is an entry in the Literotica Nude Day contest. Its relationship to the subject of the contest is rather marginal, but I hope you will consider it as the stroke story it is intended to be.


Many years ago, Ronald Taylor was an 18 year old virgin, and he desperately wanted to lose that status, which he considered to be one of shame. He lied to his buddies, bragging to them of his extensive experience at bedding local girls and women, but none of them believed him. This was over half a century ago, when girls were constantly being urged to “save themselves for marriage,” and almost all of them rejected any and all sexual proposals. The few who were less repressed, and who did indulge in sex, were immensely popular with men and boys, and had no time for Ronald, who was tall and clumsy and shy and whose face was still covered with pimples.

Had he been rich, that would have made him more attractive, but he had just started his job on the assembly line in the automobile factory in a nearby city, and barely made enough money to cover his car payments, after turning part of his wages over to his parents to help them pay bills and make the mortgage payments on the house they shared. Like most young men who had lived all their lives in that small town, including his close buddies, Ronald’s actual carnal adventures were limited to getting himself off with his own right hand, frequently while scanning old National Geographic magazines.

Besides the NG in its yellow cover, there were other publications, most notably “Esquire” and a new magazine named “Playboy,” which was rumored to feature photos of scantily clad women, but the local drug store always kept that kind of magazine behind the counter and away from those the owner adjudged “too young for such things.” This included Ronald and his friends. There was one other source of erotic or sexual stimulation, but it was illegal, and was only occasionally whispered about by Ronald and others like him.

“Do you really mean that?” Ronald asked his best friend, Chuck, when the other youth told him of such a place. “Does she really run around the house naked?”

“Honest to God. Well, not really naked, but her tits were bare. At least they were when I saw her. She might have taken off more, but I got scared of being caught and left. Nice big tits, though.”

Chuck was speaking of Mrs. Hunter, who was in her thirties and divorced and living by herself in a small house on the edge of town. At that time, a divorced woman was looked on as possibly immoral, and definitely available, more so than a widow or a woman who had never married. A woman living with her husband was thought of as being completely off limits, partly because of the threat posed by the man in the house but mostly because she was considered too virtuous to be the subject of window peeping by adolescents.

Besides being eligible to be peeped at, Mrs. Hunter was a good looking woman, especially because of her big tits. She had long red hair too, which was believed to have been dyed, and this made her morals even more suspect at that time and that place. The possibility she would be walking around naked or even bare-breasted at home was enough to get Ronald’s cock hard, and he vowed to sneak into her back yard and watch her putting on a show as soon as possible. He was not familiar with the layout of her home, but he knew most kitchens and bedrooms looked out on the back yard, and that was the only place he would not be seen by people passing by, if there were any.

There was no moon that night, which made it a perfect time to do what Ronald wanted. Streetlights were few and far between in that rundown part of town, so he parked his car and walked a block to reach the home of his quarry. Before ducking beside the high hedge separating her driveway from the nearest neighbor’s property, he looked around to see if anybody might possible have seen him. The street seemed to be deserted, so he took the opportunity and hurried into her back yard.

The light was on in what he thought was probably the kitchen, and he carefully peeked through the window, to see a wondrous sight. Not ten feet away, wiping down a counter with her back to him, was a woman who was naked above the waist. Her long red hair was combed down her front, and he could see all of her shapely bare back. By standing on his tiptoes, Ronald could see she was barefoot, and was clad in nothing but a pair of tight pink panties, which were very nicely filled by her rather large ass. His cock became fully erect at the sight, and he patted it, but did not masturbate. He intended to do that later, at home in his own bed, but he continued watching in hopes of getting a view of something that would get him even more aroused than he already was.

His patience was splendidly rewarded. The lovely redhead finished the chore she was performing, turned her side to him and walked slowly across the room. Ronald feasted his eyes on her luscious breasts, even able to see how they were topped by perky pink nipples, as she strolled less than ten feet away from him. He held his breath at the Anadolu Yakası Escort sight, partly because he was afraid she might hear him and partly because he was so mesmerized he even forgot to breathe. Mrs. Hunter walked out of his field of vision and, seconds later, a light was visible through another window a few feet to his right. He hurried quietly over there, hoping to see even more of the beautiful woman.

Once again, he got his wish, even better than he could have hoped for. She was in her bedroom and, as he watched, the woman of his future fantasies pulled down those pink panties and stepped out of them, leaving her totally naked. She bent over and picked them up, giving him an even more exciting view of her ass, before turning around and walking directly forward him. Something in the back of his mind told him he should duck his head below the window sill, but he was too enraptured at the incredibly erotic sight before him.

As he watched, the vision of loveliness walked directly toward him, her large, beautiful breasts swaying from side to side. Ronald had never seen a pussy, not even a photo until that moment, because neither the National Geographic nor anything else he had ever read was daring enough to include them, and he was fascinated at the sight. The view really wasn’t all that good, but the lady’s bare pussy, with its tuft of reddish-blonde hair and its very fair skin, was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. The nude woman was only a few feet away from him, and he should have been aware his face in the window was almost as visible to her as she was to him, but his mind wasn’t thinking very clearly just then.

She began putting on a show for him, although he didn’t realize what she was doing until later. The sexy redhead moved about, only a few feet in front of his feverish gaze, as she did housework, or pretended to. Once, she bent over and seemed to reach back and spread her succulent ass cheeks, giving Ronald an even better view of her ass and pussy. Other times, she stood less than a yard away in the brightly lighted room and let her big breasts swing from side to side. His cock seemed to be trying to rip a hole through his jeans, and he knew he would have to leave for the privacy of his car where he could masturbate and relieve the pressure. He wouldn’t even be able to wait until he got home, he was thinking. Abruptly, Ronald became aware the woman who had gotten him into such a state had apparently left the room, and he wondered why and where she had gone.

He found out when a bright flood of light from the back porch hit him squarely in the face. A few times, he had seen deer in the headlights of his car and had swerved to avoid running into them. With the light from the glaring from the porch into his face, he felt something like what he imagined those deer must have felt. The feeling got worse when he heard Mrs. Hunter’s voice.

“I see you over there, Ronnie Taylor. You come here or I’ll tell your mother what you’ve been up to in my back yard.”

Caught! Ronald didn’t know what to do, but he knew he didn’t want his mother and father to learn of the perverted thing he had been doing that night. Not knowing what else he could do, he approached the kitchen porch, where Mrs. Hunter kept the powerful beam of her flashlight aimed squarely into his face. He walked slowly, because he couldn’t see where he was going, with the bright light in his eyes, but he knew where he was and stopped when his foot bumped the bottom stair of the porch. Mrs. Hunter still kept the light in his face while she spoke to him.

“Are you by yourself? Are there any more of you boys out there?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Very well. Come up here then.”

Ronald slowly climbed the stairs, and the light seemed to be receding and, when he reached the porch it was switched off. With the light no longer in his eyes, he blinked until could see again, and what he saw in front of him was something he could not believe. Mrs. Hunter was standing just inside the doorway, with her arms at her sides and her legs spread and just as naked as she had been in her bedroom. The lady hadn’t stopped to put on a bathrobe or anything else before coming to the kitchen door to confront him, and she was smiling at him.

“Do you like what you see, Ronnie?”

He was so flustered he couldn’t speak, but he nodded his head in response. It was the truth too, because what he was looking at was the most enticing thing he had ever seen.

“Good. Come in here, then. I hope you want to do more than look.”

He did, but Ronald was too petrified to even step into the kitchen, so the naked redhead reached out to grip the waistband of his pants and pull him forward. Once he was inside, she closed and locked the door and reached out to stroke the bulge in his crotch.

“Yeah, I see what you want to do. C’mon.”

Keeping her grip on the waist of his pants, she stopped to pull down the shade on the kitchen window before leading him into her bedroom. She pulled that shade down too, and turned to face him.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, Ronnie?”

He had partially found his voice by then. “N-n-no.”

“Good, because I’ve got a lot I want to show you. We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, if you’ll listen to me and do what I say. Do you like that? Do you want to have some fun with me?”

Ronald was slightly less nervous by then and had found his voice. “Yes. Yes, I do, Mrs. Hunter.”

“Good. The first thing we have to do is get you out of these clothes. And, don’t call me ‘Mrs. Hunter.’ My name is Mary, and we’re going to get to know each other really well, tonight and maybe a lot more times. Do you like that idea?”

“Yes, Mrs., er, Mary.”

She said nothing else, but reached out to begin to unbutton Ronald’s shirt. It was a warm summer night, and he wore no jacket or undershirt. When she had the buttons unfastened, he had enough sense to turn around she Mary could pull it off him and toss it onto the foot of the bed. He turned around and she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and started to pull them down.

“Sit on the bed, Ronnie. We have to get you naked too.”

He did as he was told, and Mary removed his sneakers and socks and pulled his jeans the rest of the way down and off around his feet. She looked up at the way his raging hard-on was creating a tent in his jockey shorts and carefully pulled that last garment down and off him, to be tossed on top of his other clothing. He was as naked as she, and the sexy redhead reached out to gently hold his throbbing cock in her fingers.

“I can see we’re going to have to do something about this.”

He thought he knew, but was amazed when Mary continued kneeling, but bent over him and took his cock into her mouth and began stroking it between her lips. He had heard women sometimes did that, but hadn’t believed it until it was happening to him. Tremendous waves of pleasure swept through his body; it was the greatest sensation he had ever experienced, and what was happening to him was an incredible treat for all his senses. Ronald could hear the soft lapping sound she made as her mouth caressed his cock, and the sight of his stiff organ sliding in and out of the beautiful woman’s face was the most erotic thing he had ever expected to see.

As marvelous as the sight and the sound were, by far the most pleasure was being received by his cock from the mouth of the amazing woman kneeling in front of him. Her lips were providing the perfect pressure and he felt something wet, which he thought might have been her tongue, caressing his shaft as she moved her face up and down. Ronald writhed in excruciating pleasure; he had never felt anything remotely like what was happening but, less than a minute after Mary started sucking him off, he felt a more familiar sensation.

He was going to cum. He was going to cum right into her mouth, and he hoped she wouldn’t get mad when he did. He had felt somewhat similar sensations many times, but they were nothing compared to what was about to happen. His climax was overwhelming him; seeming to come from all over his body, even his fingers and toes, and concentrating in his groin. He sighed aloud and groaned and raised his body slightly, as if to ram his cock even farther into the incredible cavern of pleasure that was making him cum.

Mary knew what was happening, and she easily moved her face when Ronald thrust his cock up into her mouth, with no change in her sucking. She felt and tasted it when a big gob of his juices spurted onto her tongue, and continued stroking with her lips. He shot two more wads of cum into her mouth before she knew he was done, but Mary kept his cock there until it started to soften.

She removed the spent organ and held it in front of her face, smiling around it. Her mouth was full of his cum, and she swirled it around, relishing the texture and meaty flavor, before letting the viscous fluid slip down her throat. With that gone, she licked everything off his cock, especially under the ridge, before letting it flop back onto his bare thigh.

“I hope you liked what I did. That’s just a preliminary, though. You were horny as a goat, and I had to take the edge off before we could get to the really good stuff. Do you have a rubber?” When Ronald nodded his head, she went on with his instructions. “Good. Go and get it, because we’ll need it for the next thing I want to do. We’re going to have a lot of fun, and I hope you’re not in any hurry to get home.”

He definitely wasn’t, if they were going to do more things like what they had just done. Like most young men then, Ronald always carried a condom in his wallet. He hadn’t expected to ever use it, but he liked to be able to show his buddies what a hot stud he was. They all carried condoms too, for the same reason and without ever expecting to use them. He picked up his pants, took the wallet from his pocket and removed the foil-wrapped package, which he handed to Mary when he returned to where she was waiting for him.

“Okay. Let me get the bed ready to use. We have to get you good and hard so we can put this to use.”

After removing all the bedding except the bottom sheet, Mary lay on her back with a pillow under head and the foil packet under a corner of the pillow. “Lie down beside me, and I’ll show you how to get a girl good and hot.”

When her student was next to her, Mary continued: “Take my titty in your hand. Not too hard; you’re not trying to milk me,” she told him. “Ah, yeah, like that.”

Ronald did as she directed, and immensely enjoyed what he was doing. Once in a while, he had been able to sneak up on a girl in the school they attended and “cop a feel,” grabbing one of her breasts without asking, but the luscious handful Mary was offering him was infinitely better. It was big and full and vibrant and there was no bra or other clothing to get between the palm of his hand and the succulent flesh. Without asking, he took the other lovely globe in his other hand and gazed raptly on the twin treasures.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Mary responded. “Now, lick my nipples.”

Avidly, Ronald bent over and his tongue started caressing the nearest of the adorable pink nubbins. He got another surprise; he had always thought they would be soft and rubbery, but the one his tongue was stroking was quite hard, and he could even feel the tiny ridges in the bud and the pebbly surface of the areola. He didn’t know what the latter was called, but he knew it felt great when he licked it.

“That feels good, really good. Now lick the other one,” Mary continued with her instructions. “Move your tongue back and forth between my titties and keep licking.”

For several minutes, Ronald kept doing what the redhead wanted, sometimes caressing her there with the flat of his tongue and sometimes dabbing with just the tip. Either way felt wonderful to him, and he could feel her precious nipples growing even harder and her body starting to squirm under him. He believed, correctly, the latter meant she was becoming aroused, and felt pride in his heart at bringing joy to such a sweet and beautiful woman as Mary.

His tongue was having another effect on her. When he turned his face toward the lower part of her body, which had started writhing, he noticed an aroma like nothing he had ever experienced before. The scent seemed to emanate from her pussy, and it had a profound effect, exciting him sexually and turning his cock hard. Ronald breathed in deeply of the delightful but unknown fragrance, and his tongue continued worshipping Mary’s lovely breasts.

The scent was not unknown to Mary, and she knew what effect it would have on a man. She was highly aroused by then from her previous lack of available partners and from sucking the young man off and, especially, from what his tongue was doing to her breasts. When she reached down and felt Ronald’s cock, she was elated to find it had become almost fully erect again, and would be ready to fuck after a few more strokes of her mouth and the application of the condom. She would have preferred not using one, but had no wish to get knocked up by the young man on her bed.

“You’re some great tit licker, Ronnie,” she praised him. “You’ve got me really hot to trot and ready for your big cock.” She started to sit up, and he raised his body from where his mouth had been pleasuring Mary and him.

Mary got to her knees, her fragrant juices trickling from her pussy. “As soon as I get your big, hard cock ready, we’ll be in for a really great time. I’ll get on top, so lie down here where I was.”

That was puzzling to Ronald because, from what he had always heard, the man would be on top during fucking, but he didn’t question Mary’s directions. He lay where she had been, with his read resting on the same pillow she had been using. After retrieving the condom from under the pillow, she opened the foil packet and removed the contents. Holding the latex disk in her hand, she knelt straddling his legs and leaned forward to take his cock in her mouth again.

She had no intention of sucking him off a second time. The strokes with her mouth were to make sure Ronald’s cock was fully erect and wet enough for her to apply the prophylactic. Ronald watched with interest. Even with as long as he had been carrying the condom in his wallet, he had never had one on his cock, and hadn’t been entirely sure how to apply it. He was glad to see the process was simple, and one he would be able to do the next time the chance arose, and he fervently hoped it would.

“Your dick is so big, I hope I can get it inside me,” Mary said to the young man, whom she had deduced was a virgin. “Hold it upright, and I’ll try.”

Ronald thought she might have been flattering, which she was, but his chest swelled with pride anyhow. He lay on his back and watched as the bosomy redhead raised her body above his, while supporting her weight on her hands. He held his cock upright and watched in silent delight as she slowly lowered her body until she made contact with the end of his cock. Juices were dripping from her pussy down her legs and onto the head and shaft, and Mary held her lips open with one hand while she used the other to hold his cock and rub it in her wetness. With everything ready, she lowered her body farther, and sighed happily as the head wedged into her pussy.

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