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Nadia’s Friend

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Our affair has been going on for three months.

We’ve had the ‘where’s it going/what’s it mean’ type conversation and agreed that if things ever got too serious, if either of us ever developed strong feelings for each other it would be time to call it to a close. That said, I did care about Nadia, I couldn’t have continued fucking her without feeling something and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. We respect each other, we don’t take advantage of each other and if it goes too far or starts to feel like it means more than it is, we’ve agreed it ends.

It has continued much as it started; dirty, creative, rude and erotic sex. We both have similar desires. I like the way she looks, smells, tastes and I love her confidence and open mind. Nadia loves to have me clean her pussy and I love how swollen, plump and hairy she is, her soft, round belly, firm legs and smooth skin. When she’s really excited and relaxed she squirts when she cums and I can’t get enough. We both love the way she smells, especially at the end of the day. There have been times when I’ve watched her just stroking herself through her knickers as we sit outside just drinking tea and seen her absent mindedly bringing her fingers to her nostrils and enjoying her scent. She smiles when she realises I’m watching and extends her hand for me to share and invariably I’ll kneel and devour her, slowly and softly as she reclines in the afternoon sun.

It has always been exciting and spontaneous. Last month she sent me a text message, “Pick me up, I want to play golf” was all it said. I fucking hate golf and was tempted to say no but it was also a lovely day and I was bored with sitting at my desk.

We drove to a club miles out of town, paranoid about being seen together and on the way we constructed a feasible story about our being together.

We had a laugh, I was hopeless at it, firing balls into the undergrowth, Nadia was fantastic and looked amazing. By the third hole I was bored with losing balls and happy to caddy and watch her. At the 14th hole, far away from anyone she announced she needed to go. We giggled as we trekked through the brush until out of sight. She pulled off her trousers and squat down. I got hard watching her and before she started peeing she stood back up, kicked off her shoes and scrabbled around for my cock. She wanked me as I stroked her through her knickers and felt the first trickle of burning hot pee on my fingers. I leaned back so I could watch and pull the gusset to one side, spreading her lips apart as she let go completely. It took me less than 10 seconds to cum and I covered her arm and hand, it was just such an erotic scene. Before she’d finished peeing I pushed a finger inside her and rubbed my thumb firmly over her large clit. She licked her hand clean of my cum and as her orgasm hit just a few moments later we kissed and shared the taste of my semen.

I don’t know why but it had never occurred to me that I wasn’t the only person in Nadia’s life (aside from her husband). I guess I naively believed that I was satisfying a need she had and that there were no other voids. She clearly wanted me to know this was not the case but I think she may have struggled with how to break the news.

As is the way with Nadia she chose to do so in as creative and exciting way she could think of. I got an email flash through in our agreed code.

Dear Pete,

Received your scope, all looks good.

Could we please meet to further discuss the implementation plan? I have time this Thursday PM but if my meeting over runs let yourself in to my office. I’ll leave a paper out I’d like you to read.

Let me know if you can’t make it.


Hopefully pretty innocent to anyone reading it but obvious to Nadia and I. She must have been taking her husband to the airport and if the traffic was going to be bad I was to let myself in and wait for her. The bit about reading a paper was not so clear, I had no idea what she meant.

Thursday afternoon came and I arrived at hers in the rain. Her house is on a corner plot and is a beautiful old building elevated above the surrounding houses and on a street that’s busy with shoppers for the small parade around the corner. This means the neighbours are sued to people walking about and I can access the yard from a side road that is completely secluded.

The house was quiet as I entered through the yard and I kicked off my shoes and began to make tea. On the counter I noticed a folded piece of paper with my name on.

“Ahhh, the paper,” I thought.

It said for me to go upstairs to the bedroom, a large room with an en suite, walk in robes and a dressing room bursa escort that joins another bedroom. A large TV is mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed and the remote for this and another piece of paper, addressed to me, was beside it. The handwritten note said;


Sit or stand, make yourself comfortable and we really hope you enjoy the show. Feel free to pleasure yourself,

Nadia & …

I loved the theatre of this, the mystery, I knew it would be exciting but the “…” was another puzzle.

I sat on the end of the bed and fiddled with the remote. The screen flashed into life and it was Nadia’s face that filled the screen. Her head was on the pillow behind me and the camera pointed straight at her as she lay on her side. It was so close to her I could see the texture of her skin and the tiny, soft hairs on her face. She was silent at first and kept closing and opening her eyes, drawing the occasional deep, sharp breath, in through her nose and then out slowly and more relaxed as a little smile appeared. She moved and the camera angle changed briefly and her bare shoulder and the way she was acting lead me to believe that she must have been playing with herself.

She stared into the camera lens.

“Pete, I’ve been wanting to tell you but didn’t know how.” she began. “I enjoy what we do, I love our dirty fucking.”

She closed her eyes again and a little murmur was stifled by her turning her lips together against her teeth.

She opened her mouth and drew a deep breath again.

“I love that I’ve found someone who enjoys the things I do but there’s something I’ve never told you, something else I need.”

By now I was beginning to feel a little worried about what was coming. Maybe there was some jealousy, disappointment that what she was telling me was that it was over.

She closed her eyes again and this time moaned a satisfied, pleasurable moan that I’d heard plenty of times when my head was between her legs.

Between moans and with her eyes closed she continued.

“Since before we met I’ve been fucking someone else.”

Shit, I thought, it’s all over.

“I don’t want to stop with either of you,” another long moan, “I made this in the hope that you’d consider joining us both, fuck, oh yes.”

She was talking to someone else as well as the camera and whatever they were doing she was enjoying very much. She shifted on the bed again and moved the camera lower so that it was positioned at her middle, pointing up towards her face again. She stared down at the camera, her free hand pinching her hard nipple.

“I hope you enjoy this, oh fuck yes, lick me, right there.” and she was gone in a long moan as she pulled hard on her nipple.

She looked amazing but I was feeling mixed emotions, trying to understands what she was saying. I thought about being with her with another man and realised it turned me on, a lot. I was hard and I started thinking about what he was doing to her and how I’d like to be there. I thought about being close to her pussy, smelling her as I watched a hard cock pushing in and out of her. I watched her writhing on the bed and wished I was with them.

I stood up and undid my jeans, kicked off my socks and shorts and held my cock. Standing in front of the screen I began to wank. Nadia rolled onto her back and the camera was knocked onto its side. I could still see her stomach, chest and face and watched as she moaned and swore and rolled her nipples in her fingertips. With her eyes closed she reached out, fumbling for the camera, grabbed it and held it up above her. She slowly turned it around and it was my turn to swear. Sat between her legs, kissing her thigh and fingering her pussy was a young, plump, goth looking girl. She had short red and blond hair and piercings in her bottom lip. Her white skin was broken up with tattoos on her collar bones and belly. She was very beautiful, around half our age at little more than 20 and she looked into the camera and said hi before scooting down and closing her mouth to Nadia’s pussy.

I’d stopped wanking, too stunned to do anything, my cock standing out harder than ever and I realised I was grinning like and idiot.

Nadia positioned the camera on the bedside table so I had a view of them both. She looked directly at me and started telling her lover what to do. As her orgasm approached the girl sat up again and just used her hand and Nadia asked her if she’d like to fuck us both.

The girl smiled at her “Yes.” she said

“Say it then.” Nadia demanded

“I want to fuck you both,” she said, “I want to watch Pete’s cock in your cunt, I want to lick escort bursa his cum off your body.”

Nadia raised her arse off the bed and came hard and long. The girl was kissing her thighs again and as Nadia screwed up the bed covers a huge squirt covered the girls chest and belly, then another and another as she pulled her fingers from Nadia and wrapped her arms around her leg in a warm hug.

I stood naked as the screen went blank. Fuck, it was amazing, I couldn’t wait to be with them. I picked up my trousers and grabbed my phone. I thought I’d send her a text to tell her I’d enjoyed the film and wanted them. I heard a noise in the next room and my heart stopped. I froze as the door opened and dressed only in their underwear Nadia and her other lover, Molly stepped in smiling and giggling.

Nadia walked to me smiling and kissed me.

“You like then?” she asked

I smiled “Fuck!” was all I could manage.

“We filmed that yesterday,” Nadia said, “and we’ve both been waiting patiently next door.”

I looked over to Molly and she stepped forward. She looked a little shy which was understandable considering what I’d just watched.

“I think we both like the same things.” she said as her skin brushed against my arm. She was beautiful and delicate, colourful illustrations covered various parts of her body, from her feet to her shoulders. She looked down at her frilly, girly, french knickers directing my gaze there. She parted her legs and stroked her fingers against the fabric. She held them up to my nose.

“We both agreed we’d make each other cum in these yesterday,” she said, “and neither of us has changed since.”

The smell made my mouth water, I was already bursting to cum but I wanted this to last all afternoon. I wrapped my arms around them both as they touched themselves and shared their fingers between us. I watched them kiss a soft, delicate kiss just millimetres

from my eyes before the three of us pressed our lips together and tasted each other.

We broke apart and Molly lifted her leg onto the bed. She pulled her knickers to one side and opened her lips. She doesn’t have the large labia that Nadia has and she keeps her pussy lips shaved but they are plump and smooth and her small clit hides behind them. She pushed two fingers inside herself to the knuckle and pulled them out, smearing juices over her lips and then pushed them back in again. This time when they came out they were covered with white, sticky fluid and she offered them to me. I sucked them hard into my mouth, swirling my tongue over them, licking them clean. The taste was so much stronger than Nadia, more metallic and sharp but incredibly sexy. She pushed them inside her again to get them covered but as she bought them to my mouth and I opened to swallow them she smeared the sticky juices over my cheeks and up into my hair. She did this three times, me playfully holding out my tongue and she wiping white, sticky fluid over me. Finally she pushed me back on the bed so my feet were on the floor still, stepped over me with the one leg, the other remaining by my side on the bed. Nadia stood and watched as Molly held her lips apart, squashing them against the fabric of her knickers. With her free hand she held the base of my cock and guided my hardness into her.

She lowered herself down slowly and Nadia climbed onto the bed, straddled my face and pressed her smelly, dirty knickers against my mouth and nose. Molly was so hot, the scene so wild and Nadia’s smell so lovely that I don’t think I made it all the way inside her before I began to cum. She was tight and as I felt her grind down hard against me I could feel my foreskin inside her pulling back painfully before my cum provided more lubrication and eased the discomfort. She wriggled on top of me and just sat there as I tried to breath against Nadia’s weight.

Nadia moved off of me and knelt to the side, lowering her face to mine. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, enjoying her own scent, then stared deep into my eyes and smiled.

“Did you cum already?” she whispered

I smiled

“She’s fucking good isn’t she? I thought you’d enjoy her.”

Nadia was talking as though Molly wasn’t even there, like she was a toy to play with. She looked down my body at her. Molly was still on my cock which had softened inside her and my cum was trickling out and down my balls. She looked so good, smooth, pale skin and a lovely plump belly. She had small tits inside a girly looking bra that looked like I could suck them whole into my mouth.

“Molly has a little fantasy she’s been looking forward to.” Nadia said without taking her bursa escort bayan eyes from her young lover, “Do you want to help Molly with her fantasy?”

I looked at Molly and as earnestly as I could I responded, “Anything.” I said

Nadia smiled at Molly and Molly placed her hands on the bed and shifted her weight forward. She pulled her pussy off me and I felt a trickle of hot cum run over my soft cock. She quickly placed her hands between her legs.

“Ooops.” she said and without moving her hand shuffled up the bed. I placed my arms by my sides and she continued moving up until her hand covering her fat pussy was a few centimetres from my face. Nadia must have moved because I felt her tongue lick over my balls. The warmth made my balls contract as she cleaned my and Molly’s juice from them and I gasped as the tip of her tongue flicked the smooth skin between my balls and arsehole.

Molly used her fingers to open her pussy and I could see white semen and clear fluid forming inside. Her slightly brown lips were smooth and swollen and the gusset of her knickers pulled tight to one side. I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue to taste her and she must have pushed inside because a stream of fluid ran out and into my mouth. The salty, nutty flavour of my cum was diluted by the cream from her pussy and as I swallowed she lowered herself onto me. I licked inside her, loving the flavour. Molly moaned and used her fingers to rub her clit firmly and slowly. Nadia sucked my cock into her mouth, licking our juices from me and making me hard again. She began to wank me into her mouth and Molly bent forward resting her weight on her hands and giving me better access so I could lick her clit. It was small and covered by her lips and I used the flat of my tongue against her, sucking and biting her smooth lips gently. Her pussy filled my mouth, it felt so big and full and I bought my hand up and pushed two fingers inside her. She was wet and slippery and I smeared the fluid over her cunt, massaging her and running my fingers up to her arse, covering it with lubricant.

I pushed my fingers back inside her and moved them in a slow fucking motion and I felt the bed move as Nadia lowered her pussy onto my cock. Molly moaned out loud and pushed back and down onto my mouth.

“Fuck yes, that’s good,” she said, “lick my clit harder.”

I did as I was asked and pulled my fingers from her pussy again, wanting to push them into her tight arse. Nadia had got there first and as she was grinding down on me she was slowly fucking Molly’s arse with a finger. I managed to get an arm free and fumbled to lift Molly’s breast over her bra. She helped and pulled her bra off and I cupped her beautiful, small breast and rolled her nipple in my fingers. I started fucking her harder and she rocked against my face.

Her orgasm was exquisite. She stopped moving for a second and pressed her clit hard to my mouth and painfully squashing my nose. I felt Nadia’s finger fucking her arse faster and I tried to match the pace and then Molly lifted away from us and groaned a deep, guttural moan. Nadia and I pulled our fingers from her and her legs began to shake. She put her hand back between her legs and began to rub her clit fast and lightly. She sat bolt upright, held her lips open and a powerful squirt of cum soaked my face. She cried out again and I opened my mouth. Another squirt filled my mouth, then another and as Nadia leant forward, wrapped her arms around her large belly and placed her head against her arse, her orgasm reduced to a trickle.

Molly rolled to the side and Nadia smiled when she saw my red, sweaty and cum covered face. I was soaked and realised Nadia had been rocking gently on me and I’d been so engrossed in Molly I’d not really noticed.

“Molly’s always wanted to have a man lick his own cum from her pussy.”

“I loved it,” I replied, “I’d like to do it again.”

Molly moved round to the side of my head and kissed my cheek.

“You can definitely do that again.”

Nadia fucked me and came on me as Molly sucked her nipples and kissed her mouth.

Before I left Molly asked if I’d meant it when I said I’d do anything. I had and she smiled and said she’d remember that for next time. She asked me if there was anything I’d like to do that day.

“Anything?” I asked

“Anything.” she said

I lead her into the bathroom and sat her on the vanity. Holding her legs up and open I told her to pull her lips apart and pee over my cock as I wanked. She smiled and did as I asked, directing the burning hot liquid over my hard cock. It felt wonderful and as she finished I pulled her onto me and pushed my cock into her arse. We fucked hard and fast as Nadia watched and it lasted just a few moments before we dug our fingers into each other, my toes curled and my hair stood on end in the most amazing orgasm as I jerked inside her tight hole.

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