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My Wife’s Hot Cousin Ch. 06

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“Yes Aaron, I want you to fuck me!”

Those were words I never expected to slip past my lips, but as soon as I said them I was glad I had. I don’t know how we could become any closer than we had already become except for this. Aaron was changing me as a man and I couldn’t think of another man I’d rather have it be.

I had always considered gay activities and mansex as something girlie, things that only sissies do, but at least in this case, nothing could be any farther from the truth! We were two masculine men. We are both guys who chased pussy in high school and college, both active in sports and manly activities. We were both married to hot women and had full sex lives, was this just another part of life, another facet of our being?

I didn’t have time to think anymore because when I gave Aaron the green light, things started happening fast. It was hot and it was intense and for the first time in my life, I felt what it was like to have someone make love to me. Someone who wanted me in the worst way, and I was in the submissive position I guess you would call it. It was almost overwhelming!

My mind was reeling with questions! I wondered if I had wanted this before and just didn’t realize it, or just hadn’t admitted it to myself. At the same time, I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to let another man try to fuck me, that surprised and scared me. However, the thought of being that close to Aaron and the object of this hot man’s desires made both my big and little heads swell.

Aaron told me that he wanted me as turned on as I could possibly be, and he did that by kissing me deep and sexily. His fingers stayed deep in my hole, but I let my hands roam freely over his hot large muscular body. I took in the feel of his broad thick hairy chest, his tight hairy abs, his full muscular chest, and arms. He continued kissing me and gently working his fingers in my hole. He slowly slid them in and out, now three, then two, then one, then two and finally three again, over and over.

Finally, he broke the kiss and told me he wanted me to get in position. He instructed me that I needed to be face down, with shoulders and chest against the bed and my butt up. He kept his fingers planted in me and it felt strange to move around with his fingers inside of me, but I did as he instructed.

He slowly removed his fingers from my hole and I felt relief and emptiness at the same time. It didn’t last long, as soon his face was against my butt. I moaned out loud when his lips and tongue connected with my crack and finally my butthole! It was awesome! I started to feel as if maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. Pictures of Aaron ran through my head quickly. When we first met, meeting again at the reunion and feeling threatened by him, then when he and Shelly arrived at the door. Seeing again, how hot and macho Demetevler Escort he is. Then on the softball field, then naked in the shower, and finally less than an hour ago, face down as I pounded his muscled butt.

Wow, I wonder, do I have a man-crush on him? If I was going to have one, he would be a great candidate.

I was pulled back to reality when I felt Aaron’s face leave me and be replaced by this thick hard cock! Oh my god, feeling that sliding up and down my crack thrilled and scared me. For a second I let myself think, that it was too big to penetrate me and as if he was reading my thoughts he soothed me, by rubbing my lower back, the backs of my thigh and finally my own muscled butt.

“You know Shelly didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to penetrate her the first time. We were both surprised when she loved that, so if you stay relaxed I think you will too stud, just breath deep and slowly and let it happen, you’ve given me some amazing pleasure and I want to return the favor!”

His cock went away and was replaced by his mouth again, it felt awesome. Then his cock was back and slowly pressed against my hole. I had to admit it felt pretty damn good and I had to control the urge to push back.

At that instant pictures of guys I had admired from sports I played and watching professional games flew through my head. Suddenly a thought from the past came into my head. I remember being in the showers in college. A guy that I knew and liked named Joe came walking into the showers. He always had his shirt off whenever he could. He was tall, with a dark complexion, hairy chest, and belly, and I remember how it affected me when I saw he had five or six inches of swinging meat and huge balls hanging between his hairy legs. I actually had to look away to keep from staring and maybe getting hard.

I was jolted back to the present as I felt Aaron’s thick cock press against my hole, but soon he relaxed the pressure and then came back again and begin to gain access to my virgin opening! It was an intense feeling, but pleasurable and only lasted a second, then he retreated again. Aaron did this over and over again until I was panting. Finally, I couldn’t help myself and pushed back when he pushed in! OMFG! It was amazing. For just a split second I saw stars. It hurt like holy fuck and I tried to jerk forward, but Aaron had a death grip on my hips.

“Whoa bro, you did that not me!”

I couldn’t speak, and couldn’t move so I just moaned. Aaron slipped back out and gave me about five seconds. I couldn’t help but flex my hole a few times and then his thick cockhead popped back in. It was intense but not painful. I wondered where the pleasure in this was, but for some reason, wanted to proceed. So I pushed back a little farther. Otele gelen escort It didn’t hurt anymore, but it didn’t hurt any less.

When I relaxed Aaron pulled out again, gave me a quick break and pushed in again. This time I felt the stretch, felt the movement inside of me, but it didn’t hurt. I can’t say it was the most pleasurable feeling I’ve ever had, but it didn’t hurt. I was turned on and curious about what was supposed to feel so great.

When Aaron slid in me farther it kind of scared me and at the same time turned me on. I was beginning to see what it felt to be penetrated. His movements were slow and gentle. He was running his hands up and down my back, over my butt and up and down my thighs. It was kind of soothing. As he slowly stroked in and out of me I could feel each time he went even a little deeper. It was kind of thrilling to have him exploring new territory.

I realized that I was just laying there, ass up, chest and shoulders pressed to the mattress taking deep breaths and gasps and moaning repeatedly. Suddenly I was surprised to feel Aaron’s thick bush and tight belly move against me!

“Fuck bro, that’s it, I’m all the way in now! You okay?”

All I could do is moan and kind of shake my head yes.

Aaron slowly moved his cock about halfway out and then back again. He was being easy and going slowly. Like I say, it didn’t hurt, but there wasn’t this huge pleasure that he seemed to experience, but it was pretty damn overwhelming. I did really like it when Aaron lowered his entire body on top of mine. It was an awesome feeling having our bodies connected from head to toe, with his huge cock buried deep inside of me.

Aaron cooed into my ear about what a stud I was for the way I took his cock. He started kissing the back of my neck and my ear. It was sending jolts of electricity through me and everything happening down below was feeling better. I hadn’t realized that I had lost my hard-on until I felt it growing and coming back to life. As he made me crazy with his tongue and lips on my neck and ear, he slowly started sliding his cock in and out.

Now I was finally realizing the pleasure! I also realized it wasn’t all physical. It was having this hot man, so hot for me and having his hot muscular body pressed to mine.

“Bro, this is much hotter than I expected it to be, I didn’t know it would feel like this!”

“Me neither Aaron!” I groaned.

His movements were becoming more intense! I had a hard time thinking or concentrating. I was feeling pleasure, but I was feeling something that wasn’t pleasure and I guess Aaron realized that or knew from experience.

He slowly pulled out of me and I was glad and disappointed at the same time. “Let’s change this up a bit, roll over.”

I Balgat Escort did as he said, and he slid up on top of me and kissed me deeply. I started to raise my legs and I figured he was going to fuck me in that position. But instead, he moved so that his butt was against my cock and he slowly pushed back and I since he was still slick and open, my cock slid right in.

Aaron moaned and we went back to making out, while he worked magic on my cock with his slick open hole. I loved the feeling but a part of me wanted him back inside of me. He broke our kiss and said, “I want back inside of you, but thought I’d give you a break, I hope you want some more!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” was all I could muster.

Aaron leaned back and sat up straight on my cock and started riding. It was a great feeling and hotter than hell to watch this big, hairy macho man pleasure himself on my cock. After a while, he even spun around, still impaled on my cock and rode with his back to me, so I could watch my cock slide in and out of his hairy hole!

After a while, I had to stop him or I was going to shoot, and I wanted his cock back inside of me before I shot my load. I just didn’t want to cum, I was worried that I wouldn’t want him back inside of me if I did. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me some more and that brought a big smile to his handsome face.

He leaned in and kissed me deeply and that made me want him inside of me even more! I couldn’t help myself to not give his sloppy hole a few more strokes and then he raised up off of me and we both laughed at the now familiar sloppy plop noise when my cock left his hole.

I got back into position with my chest pressed against the mattress and Aaron slurped my butt to make sure it was plenty wet and slick. I gasped for just a second as his thick cock penetrated me again, but now it was pure pleasure. I loved every second and every millimeter of his thick cock sliding into my tight hole.

Fuck I could not believe how great it felt to have his huge cock inside my almost virgin hole again. I was now moaning and pushing back against him for faster deeper strokes. Like before, he pushed me down flat on the bed again and laid on top of me. We were really going at it and again he was making love to my neck and ear. He was driving me crazy with pleasure. I was so turned on I couldn’t just lay there I was moving against him and we were like a machine.

Soon he rolled us to our sides and curled into the spoons position and I could feel his huge cock gain even deeper access to my no longer secret places. I wanted to see his face and turned my upper body to him as he raised my leg up high with his underneath of it propping it up and propping me wide open for him.

We met in a deep soulful kiss and he smiled and said, “This is what I pictured the first time we met, and I’d never done anything with another man before, Stud, you are amazing!”

Our kissing and fucking became even more passionate now. I felt as if I was hovering on the brink of an orgasm and wasn’t even touching my cock! “Aaron, I feel like I’m gonna cum!”

Our kissing again intensified and we clutched each other closer and fucked harder and faster!

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