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My Wife Made Me Do It Ch. 01

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First off let me start by telling everyone how much I have enjoyed their stories over the past 3 years.

This is a tale about how I got to enjoy my wife’s best friend.

My name is David my wife’s name is Lauren and my mistress name is Yolanda

Lauren was going through midlife crisis or something like that I don’t know the only thing I knew was that I wasn’t getting any and I was sick and tired of jacking off every fucking night. I mean I would jack off laying in the bed next to my wife and she would just tell me to hurry up so she could go back to sleep.

I couldn’t take it anymore here I am a 26 yr old Black male with 6 ½ of hard dick and all I could do was masturbate. There has to be a better way.

After numerous attempts at trying to work through this with Lauren nothing worked I still went to bed every night with blue balls.

Three months had passed since my last piece of pussy. Porno, magazines, stories on Literotica it just wasn’t enough I needed to feel my penis slip into some moist hot pussy. And DAMNIT I was dead set on getting it, from where I did not know (or care) at the time.

While I was at work contemplating on which one of my old girlfriends I would call up, my wife called. She informed me Yolanda had just bought a computer and asked could I help her set it up. Of course I said sure no problem give her my cell number tell her to call me so that we can set up a time.

Later that afternoon I got the phone call from Yolanda. I said hello, hey what’s up, Yolanda’s reply. Nothin much just chillin waiting to punch the clock, baby. Yeah I hear ya there, Yolanda said. So I hear you bought yourself a computer, I said, yeah I was wondering if you could help a sista out, Yolanda asked. And of course with the state of perpetual horniness I have been in I thought—sure would help ya out in more ways than one. But I remembered that this was my wife’s best friend and decided not to try my luck on her. We set up a time later in the week on Thursday.

I spent the next few days forcing myself not to jack off. I wanted to see how long I could go without the release.

Thursday came I wanted to work-out after helping Yolanda set up her computer so I decided to arrive a little early. I rang the doorbell as I was waited for her to answer the door I told myself three days is enough as soon as I get home I’m going blow this load. Finally the door opened, I immediately noticed that her neck and upper body were wet. She said you’re early I was just getting out of the shower. Now I had not moved I was staring at her nipples through her t-shirt, which were standing at attention due to their moistness and the cold air from outside. I think she caught me because she quickly turned her back and invited me in. My dick instantly went up to full mast. I entered her home and closed the door. Make yourself comfortable, Yolanda yelled as she quickly went upstairs. The next thing she said was I’ll be down in a minute let me finish drying off and put on some more suitable clothes. Take your time was all I could say, thankful for the opportunity to reposition my penis in my pants, man I hope she didn’t notice.

I had been sitting on her couch for ten minutes; I finally forced the image of her breasts out of my head. I saw trabzon escort the computer boxes sitting in the corner. I also observed the computer desk along the opposite wall. So I deduced that’s where she wanted it set up at. I got to work opening boxes and then I started hooking up the connections, I had been working for about 20 minutes when Yolanda came back downstairs. I didn’t mine the task that’s why it didn’t immediately register that she had taken nearly 30 minutes to get dressed.

I see you’re almost done, Yolanda said as she entered the room I was working in. Yep I’ll be done making the connections in about 15 minutes. Then it will take me another 45- 1hr to install all your software, I said. Yolanda then told me you don’t have to worry about the software its already on the hard drive. I said cool (thinking I’ll be able to get home earlier to jack off). I told Lauren it would take around 2 hours to get you all set up. The whole time this conversation was going on I was behind the computer desk and I had not seen her. After making the final connections and plugging everything into the surge protector I stood up and nearly shot my load right then and there.

This beautiful black goddess was sitting in a high back chair with a pair of skintight jeans and blue form fitting blouse. Now Yolanda is not a skinny girl I like my women THICK. She had not noticed that I was done with the computer and just staring at her, she coughed and that broke my trance. I moved out from behind the desk and was starting to push it back up to the wall she noticed this and got up to help me. While we were moving the desk the speaker on her side fell behind the desk and Yolanda bent over to pick it up I was already in motion to help her I ended up standing directly behind her when she bent over, and I was blessed with a beautiful scene of her nice round and wide booty. Lord would I love to park my Lincoln in that 2-½-car garage! Once she got the speaker and stood up I once again took notice of this 5’ 4” brickhouse. She has one huge set of knockers and damn she smells so good. I started thinking; I bet her pussy tastes likes a rare delicacy. Yolanda turned around with her eyes cast down. Damn, she caught me for sure this time cause my dick was so hard it hurt in the confines of my pants. Yolanda looked up at me with a knowing smile but did not say anything. I had to get the fuck out of this house, I said let’s finish pushing the desk up, she agreed and we did.

There now you’re all ready to go. Yolanda quickly thank me saying I would never have been able to do it without you. She walked into the living room as I was picking up all the packing and putting it back in their proper boxes. I yelled to Yolanda, you are going to need to keep these boxes in case you have to take in for service or something.

Yolanda walked back into the room digging in her purse asking how much she owed me. I immediately told her put your money away you have already paid me enough. She looked at me and said but I didn’t even help. I responded believe me you have helped me more than I can say. Yolanda’s replied ok if you say so.

With that I picked my coat up off the couch prepared to make my exit. She stopped me saying you told Lauren that it would take trabzon escort bayan you 2 hours to take care of me, (does this woman know what her choice of words are doing to me) now let me see you have only been here for 45 minutes so I have at least 1:15 minutes left. I decided to play along and see where this leads. I threw my coat back on the couch and said ok so what do we do in the time, smirking. Yolanda said well, let me think, tsk nope can’t do that we don’t have enough time. I perked up at that comment and said maybe we do, what is it? She looked at me and saw the goofy grin on my face and said definitely not what you were thinking, Deflated I said well what was it anyway. Awww nothing just needed a few things moved around in the basement. Thinking I could spend another day with her I said call Lauren and let her know you need some help with stuff. She said ok and she would be calling, if you can’t think of anything else I really ought to be going, she looked down at my crotch and understood why I wanted to get out of there.

I basically ran out of the house jumped into my truck and took off I pulled around the corner and proceeded to take my dick out and jack off right in my Jeep I couldn’t even make it home. I had been pulling on my meat for about 2 minutes when I felt my potent seed snaking its way up my shaft. Right before it exploded my stomach drew up into painful knots. The first spurt hit me in my chin followed by 4 equally powerful spurts it felt so good letting it out I had tears running down my face. It took me a full ten minutes to recover and I quickly looked around to make sure I had not been discovered, all was clear I hurriedly removed some napkins from the glove box and hastily cleaned myself off.

Needless to say I never made it to work out that day. I started thinking would it be possible to get with Yolanda.

A few days had passed since I had helped Yolanda with her computer. I had still not figured out how or if I would be able to bed this woman.

Monday evening after work I decided to get online to check my e-mail. There was a message from Yolanda to Lauren, telling my wife that she now online and to drop her a line when she got a chance. I quickly switched screen names to my private one and checked to see if Yolanda was on this evening, she was. I instant messaged her saying hi. She did not respond so I sent another one telling her who I was. She responded to that one saying hi I wasn’t going to write back because I didn’t know who you was. I told her I was sorry and asked her what’s up. Nothing just feeling this thing out was her reply. Yolanda asked me what did I do for fun, I said you don’t want to know. She said sure I do I asked didn’t I. I said ok since you want to know, mainly I go to this one web site that has a bunch of erotic stories. Then she asked why, I decided to tell her the truth (thinking “where is this leading”). Well sometimes your girl likes to keep her legs crossed so I use this site to help stimulate my release. WOW was what Yolanda typed next. I sat there thinking what do I say now. Then another message came across from Yolanda she said I didn’t expect that. And I typed well I don’t like to lie. If you ask me a question I will try to answer it honestly. Yolanda escort trabzon replied well if I had a man at home he would never have to worry about using a damn computer to get off. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

With that first conversation began our little flirting back and forth over the computer. It never got serious just playing around. But I was plotting to get her in the bed with me.

I bought a digital camera and on a whim I took a few pictures of myself cumming (you can check them out at harderstuff title for the ladies).

Well here’s what happened next….

Yolanda finally got me to help her move some things in her basement while I was over there. I told that a got a camera last week. She was like really, take any pictures yet? I thought about it for a few seconds and said yeah I took a few. She then said cool send them to me so I can see them. I was like whoa then I said I don’t think you want them. Yolanda asked why, I said well they aren’t exactly headshots. After a long pause Yolanda said well I did ask for them. I couldn’t believe my luck, I told her let me think about it.

I left that day contemplating the pluses and minuses of sending her those pictures. I finally said fuck it, if she wants to see them she will.

On Friday I had loaded the pictures and was ready to send them, still not 100% sure this was the right thing to do I decided to save them to be sent later. I then went to to read a couple of my favorite authors new stories.

While reading I received an instant message from Yolanda, I decided to let her know why I had not sent the pictures yet. Yolanda said well if I tell you something private would that ease your mind? I said maybe. She then said remember when you came over to the house to help me set up the computer? I said yes. She then told me well it didn’t take me 25 minutes to get dressed. I said ok well what were you doing. Yolanda was like do I have to spell it out for you? Of course, I said please do.

Ok if you must know I had to relieve myself, David after you were just staring at my breasts when I opened the door. It has been so long since a man has looked at me like he wanted to eat me whole that I just couldn’t wait to pet my little girl. The look you had in your eyes set my whole body on fire. I tried to just get dressed but my nipples were so hard and my pussy was gushing all on its on without being touched so I said fuck it, I reached over into my night stand and took out my silver bullet and turned it on put it on the tip of my clitty and pinched and pull on my nipples. I did that till I had a mind-blowing orgasm. As my second orgasm approached I grab my pillow and screamed your name into it.

WHAT!! Was all I could say as I read this.

Next Yolanda typed, I would not have cared if you had come upstairs, I was that fucking ready.

By now you probably could realize I was already choking my chicken, I also clicked send on my email to her.

After about 15 minutes of waiting (still stroking my meat mind you) Yolanda typed another message to me.

She said, I have to buy another chair for my computer because I’ll never get the smell of my pussy out of it. I have been fucking myself with my 10” dildo the entire time while looking at those wonderful pictures you sent. As a matter of fact it is still sticking out of me right now.

That was it I blew my load careful not to mess my keyboard up.

Well people that as all for now hopefully you will request more, because there is a lot more to tell. TRUST ME!!!!!!

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