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My Transition into Homosexuality Ch. 05

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Hello:) I hope you’ve all been well.

This part is not quite a continuation of my last party but rather about my days in Bangalore. It isn’t that significant of an experience but it is one that carries memories. You see, this was the start of something different for me and that makes this experience important, a game changer so to say. I hope you enjoy it:)

My butt felt wet. In fact, it felt as if it had been resting in a puddle. The thin cotton panties weren’t helping. They were soaked at the back all the way down till my balls.

Shanky was one of the guys I would meet on a regular basis. I met him for the first time in my usual cruising place, outside the pub. I took him to my hotel and he gave me some good loving. He was a regular at the pub and so we’d meet quite often and go do our thing.

He had a nice, good looking member that was thick like a Pepsi can and about 7 inches long. He had the ability to fuck hard and long. He also came in gallons. I know. The trifecta for a little slut like me. I was instantly attached to his bulging pants. In return, he loved my tight, panty wearing ass. I had the power to get him hard and dripping precum by just staring at it. My touch got his cock pulsing and when I got down on my knees and took his cock deep down my throat till the point where I could feel his thick bush on my lips, he would moan non stop in sheer pleasure.

He was addicted to my mouth till he discovered my ass. Then, he was addicted to my ass. He worshipped it. He would spread my ass cheeks and go to work on my hole with his tongue every single time. I was a little slut but he was my slave.

I called him up whenever I needed a fuck and he would make time for me: at his house behind closed doors while his parents watched TV in the living room, in his office with the door locked and me spread out like an eagle over his table, in his car with him driving with his pants around his ankle or even in his society garden in the middle of the night under the big Banyan tree where I’d be on my hands and knees, ass up high and he’d pound me from behind till he creamed.

That morning was one of those days. I was horny as hell waking up. I didn’t go to the pub the night before so that had twisted my little body up into a horny knot. I needed a release. I was invited to a party, a gay party, a sex party and I was to go there that afternoon. I was specifically asked not to have sex for a few days so as to keep my hunger high. As if having sex was going to bring my appetite down!

I caved to my cravings, and called him up. 30 minutes later I sauntered into his bedroom like I owned the place. 15 minutes later, I was over the kitchen slab with his cock buried deep inside me. I asked him to cum in my mouth to not have to explain to the party folks why my ass was leaving a trail of cum behind me. But the damned fool was so into it that he pulled out too late and splashed his seed all over my ass.

It took a second for me to get out of the heat and realise it and by then he had emptied half his balls over my butt. A few seconds later, he was done and my ass was dripping. I felt him rub the last few drops over my hole and he buried the buttplug up my ass. It was a thick and long silicone, curved and shaped like a beautiful cock. And it came in pink! I felt snug once it was all the way up. Without çankaya escort a word, he tugged at the crumpled pair of panties that was around my ankle and had it wrapped around my waist, not waiting to clean my butt.

I was mad. My ass felt warm and sticky. The panties were wet. And I got a phone call that the car was outside and that I needed to come out at once. I got up, gave him a death stare, pulled up my shorts and went out, swinging my wet ass from side to side without a word.

The car was a hatchback. The front seat and the boot were loaded with party stuff, booze, food, you name it, it was there. The back seat had three occupants who stared back at me when I opened the door. There was no place for me to sit. Nobody knew anybody else. It was supposed to be totally discreet. And so car oozed indifference and nervousness. I guess they weren’t out. One was a young kid, barely legal and another seemed like a respectable professional. The third and the man who’s cock I rode was an older gentleman with a balding head and soft features.

The driver asked me to adjust in the backseat as the place was only 20 kilometres away. I initially tried to adjust sitting down side by side with them but there was no place. One of them was a hefty man and no way I was going to squeeze in. A suggestion flew that asked one of us to sit on another person’s lap. My heart instantly sank, I thought I would be found out. My wetness was seeping through the fabric, my legs.

Not all of the members of the party came there for sex. It was supposed to be an LGBT gathering and some of us planned to have a gangbang later. I didn’t want anyone to find out how wet I was but I guess I had no way of hiding it anymore.

I squeezed back in behind the driver onto the balding guy who was the only one without a pot belly. I was sitting sideways and kept sliding up his leg everytime the car accelerated, and kept falling on him. I was well aware of his crotch only inches away and I tried very hard not to touch it.

But I had no choice. A sudden brake and my hand instinctively rested on his soft member. I could feel the bulge rising, his cock pulsing, the pants giving way to a mighty tent and I was scared. We were in a cab and it was overloaded. I guess he thought I was giving him a signal, the damn idiot. I needed something to hold on to it, and his cock turned out to be perfect for it! He was enjoying it, breathing deep everytime my hands grazed his bulge.

He took it further by firmly planting his hand over my butt. That was bold! Not the first time men had made passes at me but not like this. They usually start slow, an accidental touch followed by occasional taps before they got the boldness to start squeezing. I tried to wiggle myself off but he had grabbed it tight, unwilling to let go. I felt his fingers travel down my butt crack to my hole. The thin layer of fabric barely could keep the sensations away. I was horny. I was heaving, my chest rose up and down with his expert maneuver.

Then he went up and touched the exposed skin of my tailbone. I felt the fabric part as his fingers traced it to my naked butt crack underneath. One finger, two finger and moments later, his hand was inside the underwear, squeezing the life out of my ass. He felt the stickiness of my butt and I’m sure he had realised keçiören escort by then what it was. He was rubbing it all over my ass and my wet panty.

I was on fire. It took everything I had to not moan out loud. This was too much for me. I was biting down on my lips. I gently laid over his shoulder shielding myself away from the other folks in the car. That spread my butt even further giving him access to my hole. I could feel the surprise in his body when his fingers touched the plug buried deep inside me. It had slowly come off and a fair bit of it was exposed now. He wrapped his fingers around the plug and gently pushed it inside. My fingers bit down his back, my nails digged in around his exposed neck bone as it was too much for me to handle. God, he knew to tease!

Just then, the driver announced that the they were going to stop at a rest stop to get some water and chips. His hands shot out instinctively and landed on the door handle. My underwear and my shorts were still down, exposing my ass. I tried hard to pull it up, but to no avail.

As the vehicle came to a screeching halt in the deserted parking, the others got out without a word and headed for the shops. We sat there for a few minutes before he fling open the door and nudged me to get out. My legs felt numb and I wobbled to my feet feeling the afternoon sun hit my face with rage. It was hot and sweaty outside. God, I barely noticed it with what was going on inside. He got out of the car and pushed me towards the restrooms. He was rushing. His strides were quick and long. It was as if he needed to pee so bad. I struggled to keep up but he had his right hand firmly grasped at my forearm. I had no chance. I had to keep up.

The restroom was a set of open urinals and 4 cubicles. It stank of urine. It was empty and it needed demolition and rebuilding. He pushed me into the last cubicle and shut the door. The latch was broken and he lodged himself firmly behind the door to keep it closed. A second later, I felt my shorts and panties come down to my knees. He bent over and scooped them up before they fell to the dirty floor. The shorts were hoisted up on my shoulder and the panties were stuffed up in my mouth. My shirt got pulled up and a visible ‘ah’ escaped his mouth. He lapped his wet finger all over my hole and gripped the plug. He pulled it out gently and it came off with a ‘plop’. I felt a rush of fresh air hit the insides of my gaping hole as the plug ended up in his pocket. But it was short lived. It was replaced by his throbbing cock only moments later.

He had me bent over the toilet and his cock was pushed all the way up my hole. I felt his thick head settle down inside and moments later he began pushing it with a slow, long to and fro motion. I was already moaning by then. The panty stuffed in my mouth could barely do a thing to keep me down. His every thrust after that was making my knees weak. His cock kept going deeper and deeper inside me. His balls were slapping my ass with every push.

The movements got short and hasty. He was fucking me now. His ass was vibrating with every thrust. His cock was ramming me down. My voice was a shrill moan with every push. His balls were dangling side to side hitting my ass every time. Just then, we heard footsteps outside and the sound of pee gushing down the etimesgut escort urinals. He began to go harder. It was as if he was motivated by the present danger. I let out a loud ‘ahh’ as he pushed his cock all the way in. If i had a womb, it would’ve filled it at that point. The toilet in front of me could barely stand my weight. I was leaning into it too much. Everytime he pulled back to push himself in, his butt hit the door, almost causing the cubicle to shake. Everytime he pushed back in, I felt myself squeezed against the toilet, my useless cock taking the brunt of it.

It lasted a good 5-10 minutes. He buried himself deep inside me and began breathing down my neck as his cock began shooting. I felt wave after wave of thick gooey cum up my ass and finally he stopped. His limp cock slipped out eventually and as soon as it did, he pushed the plug in, trapping his cum inside me. He rubbed the rest of the sticky mess on his cock over my ass. He gave the plug one final push lodging it all the way and with his other hand squeezed the life out of my limp cock. He whispered ‘What a good fuck you are!’ and got out of the cubicle without another word.

I stood there for a minute and began wearing my clothes back on before getting out. As I walked back to the car I could feel his cum trickle out of my ass and slowly make its way down my legs, drop by drop.

I got into the car and shut the door behind me. Minutes later, we were cruising to our destination. I was once again on my lap and his hands were buried under my fabric, squeezing my ass. He felt the wetness on my hole and when no one was looking, gave me a pecker on my lips. By the time we reached the resort, my ass was red and he was hard again.

This was my transition. From a sex loving bottom to a cock hungry slut to pure, maddening addiction to cocks and men. I was degrading. I was going under. I was opening my legs to men of all stature. If they had a cock dangling between their legs, they had me convinced.

Until this point, I chose my prey. I chose the men I wanted to sleep with, the cocks I wanted to fuck. This was the beginning of me losing control. I became a trick turning whore after this. The LGBT party was no different. Drunk out of my mind, I had no idea who or how many times I got fucked. All I felt were warmth all over my face and butt, and men mounting me. A dull pain shot up every time to remind me of the new cock that had entered me.

In my opinion sex is about power. Men like to be in control. The way I get fucked usually would seem like I surrendered control to my men to use me as they pleased. But you see, sluts like me have a power too: the power of sexuality. We can expertly rope in men easily. One word, one look and one quick touch would do the trick for us. But you see, I was losing that power slowly. I was giving into my temptations, was slowly becoming a free for all faggot without realising it.

It was to take me years to gain back control, to build discipline and restraint. To get to where I’m now, I had to endure years of sexual heat and exploitation, weakness and men taking advantage of it. It took my whole youth to gain back control once more.

But it was worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for your valuable comments. I cherish them and keep them close to my heart. In the forthcoming parts I’ll describe what happened at the party and the next chapter, my Pondicherry days. But not before I talk about how I descended into my pub hookup scene. I believe I had left that part blank, not intentionally of course!

Take care. Love you and your cock:)

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