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My Time with Tom

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It’s 9:10 am and I’m at a fast food breakfast place, waiting to meet him. It’s ironic because I don’t eat fast food. But, I will have coffee, provided that I get it for myself. Also, this place is like a zoo. I don’t think either of us realized it was a bus pitstop. There’s more people in line for the bathroom then there was at the counter. It’s crowded and a bit sceevey but, public, and safe. We chose it because of the proximity to the hotel he’s staying in. I’m glad I made myself a smoothie for breakfast, it was easy and calming to sip on the drive here and I was glad to have something in my stomach. I was so nervous, I couldn’t chew anything, anyway.

I told him I’d be there around 9:30 and he said he’d come at 9:15. I’m glad I got there before him. It gave me time and space to leave if I had to. I purchase a coffee and sit in the opposite corner of the room, facing the door, trying not to appear anxious.

I’ve seen Tom before, the man I’m meeting. We had also been emailing each other for a while. But my biggest fear is that he won’t be the person he seems to be. I repeat the list of questions I have for him in my head, and hope it’s not awkward to ask them. Still, I have to ask before we do anything else. It’s the only way I can proceed to fuck a near stranger. They’re tough questions but if he showed annoyance about answering, in any way, it would have been my red flag and I could leave. We agreed in advance it wouldn’t be a problem to chicken out.

Even through a heap of travelers lined up around my table, I still have a good view of the front door and I recognized him immediately when he walked in. He was wearing a grey, short sleeve shirt and dark jeans and really nice, leather shoes. It’s a relief to see he’s as well groomed as I thought. I’m wearing a sundress and rain boots. I realize, it’s not the most practical outfit but the dress is pretty and I really wanted to wear it for him, rain or shine. The boots have wedge heels so it gives some added height to my petite frame.

I see him come in and I’m sure he doesn’t realize I’d be there first because he quickly gets in line and then, glances around the room and notices me smiling at him. He comes right over and he’s smiling back excitedly. This is a good sign that I didn’t disappoint his expectations of my appearance. He definitely did not disappoint me. Thinking back, maybe I should have stood up to shake his hand or kiss him on the cheek but I was so nervous, had I tried, I might have tripped and fallen over. I cautiously stayed seated and he sat down across from me and said “hi”.

He acknowledged the havoc of the setting and apologized for it but he was so engaging and mesmerizing, I stopped noticing everyone around and they seemed to vanish, as if it was just us two in the room. He excused himself to get a cup of coffee and asked if I wanted anything. I said “a bottle of water, please.”. Whenever I’m horny, all the fluid in my body seems to drain from my mouth. Being thirsty is a good sign that I’m turned on.

He came over and untwisted the bottle cap in front of me and handed it to me. “What a nice gesture” I thought. He sat down, took the lid off his coffee and raised it to toast with my cup of coffee. I thought it odd but funny and I went along with it. “Now for the hard part, the questions…” I said and he compliantly replied “Okay, what would you like to know?” with a smile.

“First of all” I say, “Have you ever been arrested for anything?”

“No, definitely not.” He mused.

“Good.” I say. And add trabzon escort “do you have anything going on down there that I should know about?”

He politely answered “No, I don’t but I did bring condoms, in case you decide that’s what you want to do. I will do what ever you are comfortable with.”

He went on to tell me a few personal things about his private life but was completely respectful when I did not divulge much about mine. He complimented me on my smile and I noted he had nice, kind eyes. Things were going really well, despite the atmosphere. Around 9:30, I suggested we get out of there and go back to his hotel room. Without hesitation, he got up with me and helped me out of the now slightly less crowded joint. He confessed he was also nervous but very excited for me. I believe him because he arranged business meetings in the area in order to stay overnight so he could see me in the little time I had. I felt that he was really accommodating, considerate and hot.

Upon leaving, Tom reached his muscular arm from behind me and held the door open for me. “Lovely.” I said.

He walks out next to me and asks if I prefer to meet him in the lobby of the hotel or if I want his room key. I said I’d meet him at the front and he agreed, we’d walk in together. He points out his car, a pickup truck, in the lot, which I find so sexy and rugged. He tells me I can follow him if I want to. Again, a nice gesture.

I drive behind and follow him in my car till we are at the hotel a few minutes later. During the short drive, I touched the outside of my panties under my dress and noticed they were already moist from my excitement. If nothing else, it’s safe to say, the sexual chemistry is intense. I know it’s mutual because he’s seen my body and has told me how hot he thinks I am. He loves my full breasts, especially my rosy nipples. He loves my fleshy pussy lips and my inviting ass. He’s told me, he really would like to play with my pussy and my ass. I told him I would love that!

He parks his truck first at the hotel and I park a little ways away from him. We walk through the front doors of the hotel and he directs me where to go as the hallway is narrowed by cleaning carts. I ask him if he has gum, to get the coffee taste out of my mouth and he says “No, but I have mouthwash in my bathroom. You are welcome to use it.” I can’t even wait for that, because as we get into the elevator and the doors close, I go to kiss him and he puts his mouth on mine. He tastes so good and his kiss is so gentle. We disengage and the elevator doors open up.

Again, he directs me to his room and I feel a little silly because my rain boots are making noises as I walk with him on the carpeted hallway. He smiles and says “I’m not worried about making any noises”. This makes me blush. He’d also told me he’d like me to cum so hard that it’d leave the cleaning crew a big mess. I can tell, this is someone who will let me be as inhibited as I need to be. In my sexually active years, I’ve had a lot of fun but I haven’t had a lot of partners who I could feel this particular way with. There’s been a lot of times where I’ve held back.

We get into his room and he offers me his bathroom and tells me he’ll go after I’m done. I go in the bathroom, take off my rain boots, turn the sink on, so he won’t hear me pee and wash up gently. I use his mouthwash and come out, place my bag and boots near the door and then see him laying on the bed with his shirt off. His chest, shoulders, abs are perfection. (He’s trabzon escort bayan a bit older than me but in sexy as hell shape! I could swear, he’s out of a movie.)

“That looks comfy.” I say, as he looks at me. He tells me “Please, come on it, I’ll be back in a minute”. And he goes into the bathroom. The TV is on, some silly HBO movie, but I’m glad for the diversion. He comes out of the bathroom to find me watching a sex scene in the movie and I’m masturbating, a little. He likes this.

“What do we have going on here?” he asks as he spreads my legs a little wider to see my fingers rubbing above my panties. “Let’s take those off” he adds and I let him. They land on the floor, next to the bed.

He tells me to take off my dress and I comply. I lift it off over my head, slowly and he takes it from me, and carefully lays it over the back of the chair in his room, so it won’t wrinkle. “So thoughtful” I remark. He then kneels down in front of me and checks me out, opening my legs further, to observe my flushed anatomy. While he does, I gently rub my foot on his cock, through his jeans. Then, he slowly kisses up my thigh and he does this thing, that drives me absolutely wild. He flicks his tongue between my thigh and my sex. It makes my clit swell. He then lightly touches my pussy with his nose, tongue and lips. I ask him to unbutton his pants and he does and takes them off. I see he has pre-cum on his boxer briefs. He takes those off, to reveal a smooth, yummy, stiff organ. He unhooks my bra, takes it off, and then he gets back down between my legs to worship my body even more!

He sucks on and plays with my breasts, he lightly takes my nipples in his fingers and tells me to lick them with him. His tongue encircles my left nipple and hits my own tongue while he cups my chest. He then tells me he’d be so turned on to watch me squirt, and then, he inserts a finger in my cunt. He works it for a couple of minutes, then I ask him to stick another finger in me, and he does so with his middle two. He rhythmically massages me like his hand was a vibrator, but better. He makes my womb flood with wet cum, all over the bed. “Good thing he’s checking out today!” I think to myself as my body quivers. I may have sprayed, but I don’t know how far.

He gets up and grabs a towel to wipe up a little, and he absolutely loves this. He loves how wet he’s made me. I tell him I don’t think I’ve ever let myself go that far before. I don’t know if he believes me, but I don’t even realize at this point how much more there is to come!

After one orgasm, I could have easily been satisfied but I was so enthralled and I wanted to return the favor. We’d been talking about 69’ing. I honestly hadn’t enjoyed it with others, but his smooth, shaved jewels made me reconsider. I’m glad I did because he absolutely ravished my pussy and ass in his face. I took his balls in my mouth and gently massaged them with my lips and tongue. I took his thick shaft in my mouth and trailed it down my throat and back. He probed me again with his fingers and I warned him I might cum. He begged me to please cum and my body shook as I released on him. I turned around and asked if I could lay on top of him. He told me: of course, and I mounted his muscular thigh and rode it while I jerked him off.

He told me he was going to cum and then he did, as I waited with my mouth open, tongue teasing, trailing the warm spunk from his prick to my lips. He pretended to frame a picture with his hands, conveying how much he loves escort trabzon this sight.

He pulls me next to his warm, taut body and we lay together and talk a few minutes. I know he needs to rest because, we’re not done yet. He’s told me he’s able to cum more than once at a time and making that happen would be a dream come true! I offer him a massage and he says no, thank you, but tells me he’ll give me one. I really just enjoy laying with him, naked, curled up next to him while his hand lightly rubs my back.

I’m thinking, I can not believe what a generous lover he is, and then he gets up to massage my back. He’s so good at it, but what I really love is his sex organs brushing up against my ass as he kneads my back and arms.

He’s ready to go again. He places a towel under me and then he picks up my hips and starts licking me everywhere. He sticks his fingers in my pussy and ass and makes me gyrate and squirt. I look over my shoulder and see it splatter him. I can hear the splashing through my moans. He rubs my juices all over my pussy with his hand.

He turns me over and he’s rock hard. He puts his face back in my pussy so I can watch him lick around my clit and kiss my pussy lips, while I spread it open with my fingers. He then kisses my mouth so I can taste my juices. I tell him to fuck my mouth so he straddles my neck with his groin and I suck him off while he moves in and out of my mouth. I am so impressed with his work ethic! Now, I want to be fucked!

I beg, “please, fuck me!” and he gets up, rips a packet open and rolls the condom down his shaft. He gets his crotch between my legs and inserts himself, a little unsurely at first. I tell him I want to pick up my legs and he lets me rest my ankles over his shoulders. “Ahhhh” I moan as he goes in deep. “Damn, it feels so fucking good” I cry out.

“Oh yeah, baby” he responds and starts pounding me harder. Then he adds “I want to turn you around and watch you from behind”.

I get on my knees and he teases my cunt by slapping it with his dick before he slides it into my hot, wet slit. He fucks me hard, doggie style. I spread my ass cheeks as I reach back and touch my asshole for him to see. It feels so good on me but drives him crazy. His hips buck, as do mine, wiggling uncontrollably I feel myself bear down and squirt again. He loves it and tells me to fuck up on him while he stays still and watches. I happily oblige and let him see me bury his cock deep in me, under my control.

“Oh, you’re so fucking hot!” He says, and asks, “Where do you wand me to cum on you?”

I turn around, let him lay down and when he takes off the rubber, I start to fuck him with my tits and answer “here.”. The look on his face is marvelous and his cum squirts out hard between my tits. Some hits my face but I don’t mind. I lick it up from my lips and suck the last of it out of him. I’m so amazed at the volume, I look down at my breasts and there’s a thick blanket of semen covering my chest. Again, he gets up to clean me with a fresh towel.

He lays down next to me again, and it feels so good to have our naked bodies in contact. He kisses me as I look up to take in his handsome sight. “That was really nice” he said. I can barely say anything, I just smile and think, I don’t want to move!

Then, I look over at the clock. It’s past 11:40 and I have to go now if I want to run that errand I needed to run. I think, those were the best two hours I’ve had with someone, in a long time. And I’m so thankful for everything he’s done to make this happen!

I slowly dress and tell him I’ll walk myself out. I’m sure he wants to shower and finish his work stuff before check out. He’s got a big drive ahead and I don’t want to be greedy. Besides, I’m confident I’ll hear from him again. I really can’t wait.

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