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My Teasing Hotwife Ch. 05

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Part five – watching the fun

I had just finished getting everything ready when I heard a car pull up outside and I quickly rushed back to the living room to wait for the new lovers to arrive. I just made it back into the room as the front door opened and they walked in holding hands. I saw my wife was a little tipsy and had a big smile on her face and I could see her excitement thinking about what was about to happen.

I was frozen to the spot in the middle of the room, I couldn’t believe that my wife had actually been out on a date with another man and was about to have sex with him while my cock was locked away in chastity and I was dressed like their little sissy maid. They quickly made their way to the couch and sat down with the drinks I had laid out for them. Only after they were comfortable did they address me. My wife told me all about the delicious meal they’d had and how much she enjoyed being Brian’s date.

I knew she was teasing me, gauging my reaction to see how far she could push this to get maximum excitement for both of us. She made me kneel in front of them both and told me to watch what happens to guys who take her out on nice dates. She then proceeded to fish Brian’s cock out of his pants and start to suck it. It was big, almost twice the size of mine and her little hand moving up and down the shaft made it look even bigger as she sucked on the bulbous head.

After a few minutes she pulled away from his cock and sat back against his chest, her hand was still absent-mindedly stroking his cock but she wanted to talk to me.

“So baby, I hope you’ve enjoyed your evening so far, but it’s about to get even more wild. You know what’s about to happen don’t you?” We all knew but she wanted me to say it anyway and the look on her face when I nodded told me I needed to say it out loud.

“Yes, you and Brian are going to have sex.”

“That’s right my sweet little slave boy. But Brian is a decent guy and isn’t into making wives cheat on their husbands or steal them away, so he needs you to let him know that you really want this to happen and that he has your approval.”

I couldn’t believe she was making me do this but it did make some sort of logical sense, making sure that I was not just ok with it but wanted it as well made it less like cheating. I spent the next couple of minutes trying to convince this man that I wanted to see him have sex with my beautiful wife. He didn’t make it easy and even though he knew full well, he asked me why I couldn’t do it myself.

After I had begged enough he said “Ok then, you’ve convinced me that this hot little lady here is in desperate need of some big dick and a nice long hard fucking, why don’t you come and unwrap that pussy.” I was completely humiliated but the sight of my wife standing up and lifting her dress once again had me in a dream world.

“Come on baby, stay on your knees and get over here. Brian thought it would be a good Ataşehir Escort idea for me to put my panties back on when we left the restaurant so you could take them off me. I’m so glad he did too, I got so wet in the back of the taxi and I didn’t want my juices staining my nice dress. Now I’ll hold my dress up while you take them off…SLOWLY.” I crawled over to my wife and my face was just inches away from her sweet pussy as I took hold of her panties at her hips. I began to move my hands down, being careful not to disturb the straps of her garter belt and I could see the wetness already which had soaked her panties. Her arousal reached my nostrils and a fresh bout of pain hit my groin as my cock once again tried to get hard.

The feeling of her silky stockings had me in a daze as I stroked my way slowly down her beautiful legs bringing her panties down with them. She lifted one foot up and stepped out of the panties but didn’t lift up the second, instead she swiveled round on it and bent over, presenting her beautiful ass to my face as she began once again sucking Brian’s cock. I felt stupid just kneeling there waiting for her to lift up her foot but there was nothing else I could do without forcing her leg up.

In between kissing Brian’s cock my wife asked me what the hell I was hanging around for and why I hadn’t gone back to my place in the middle of the room. I tried to explain that I needed to finish removing her panties but she teased me even more, playing dumb and asking why her panties needed to come off. She was struggling to keep a straight face and eventually relented with a giggle and lifted her foot. She then insisted that her panties needed to go over my head and she adjusted it so that the moist crotch was in the front over my nose, forcing me to inhale her arousal constantly.

If I thought that was the worst, I was very much mistaken. Before I could retreat, my wife announced that she needed my help once again. She needed one hand to hold her dress up and one hand to steady herself as she sat down on Brian’s cock. She explained that Brian had a rule when fucking a new wife that he wouldn’t do anything to help, he was basically just a living flesh dildo to start with and it was for the wife to do the work to pleasure him. Only after she had worked hard enough to please him, would he relent and give her the fucking that she desperately needed. The upshot of this was that with her hands busy, someone needed to hold Brian’s cock upright for her to sit on it.

“Don’t you think that’s great sweetie, that means you a literally putting Brian’s cock inside me, what better way for you to show your willingness and approval for this to happen. Oh and don’t forget the condom babe.”

Reluctantly I took hold of Brian’s hard cock at the base, and rolled a condom down his shaft, I could hear the impatience in my wife’s breathing as she hovered above waiting for me to finish. His thing was huge and Kadıköy Escort even with me holding a fistful at the base, there was still more cock for my wife to take than she had ever got from me before. So there I was on my knees between the legs of this big-cocked stranger, holding his meat while my wife slowly rubbed her moist pussy around the head and began to sit down, taking his bulbous head between her lips and then slowly working herself down his shaft. Given his size and girth it took her a while but soon she had worked up a rhythm and was taking gradually more and more. She would raise up and just have the tip of his cock inside her and then slowly move down taking another inch until her pussy was resting against my hand.

I was lost in a daze seeing her pussy stretching to accommodate this monster and I didn’t hear my wife telling me to let go so she could have the rest. She slapped my face and said “Look sissy boy, I know you must like holding onto a real cock for a change but I really need to feel what it’s like to be completely full of this delicious cock so you’re going to have to let go.” I did so and she sunk down the final few inches with a guttural moan as he bottomed out, filling her completely.

She began to ride him, slowly at first but then picking up the pace as she got more used to his size and soon she was slamming her body down onto his massive meat stick with all her might and making noises I had never heard her make before, telling him to give her everything he had, begging him to fuck her and treat her like a slut as she came on his big cock.

He announced his impending orgasm and my wife quickly jumped off and removed the condom, taking his head into her mouth, using one hand to massage his balls and the other to quickly jack his shaft. He filled her mouth and she swallowed every drop before falling back to her knees in front of him. She then got back up onto the couch and they both had a drink and chatted for a few minutes while he recovered.

It wasn’t long before he was ready to go again and my wife was asking him to fuck her properly this time. He teased her by appearing not to be sure that she had earned a good fucking yet and he explained that when he fucks a woman properly, he uses her like a real slut. He thought she was a lady who didn’t want that kind of treatment. She began to explain that if she wanted to be treated like a lady then she had her husband to do that for her, tonight was not about that, she wanted to be consumed by his big cock and she was willing to be his little slut to make that happen.

He seemed impressed with what he heard and agreed she had earned herself that treatment. He pulled her to her feet and made her strip him completely and place another condom on his hard cock. He then pulled her round to the edge of the couch, he took his belt and placed it around her neck like a collar before turning her around to face the couch and pushed Ümraniye Escort her over the arm so she bent at the waist. He lifted up her dress so it was bunched around her waist and we both saw her beautiful ass framed by the stockings and garter belt. He took up position behind her and said he didn’t want to see her head come up from the cushions or he would punish her severely.

She began to say something to agree with his request but the words got lost in her throat as he plunged his entire length inside her pussy in one brutal thrust causing a shriek half way between pain and pleasure. It wasn’t long before there was nothing but 100% pleasure as he pounded my wife’s pussy with his big dick. He spanked her ass, pulled on her hair and the collar-belt and she went wild, begging him for more, to give it to her harder and not to stop.

His legs began to tire after a while and he maneuvered her body into kneeling on the couch as he slid in behind her, once again forcing her head down into the cushions as he fucked her from behind. This time he didn’t stop when he was ready to cum but instead pulled hard on the collar-belt as he unloaded into the condom that was deep inside my wife. This also triggered her orgasm and they both collapsed in a heap on the couch for a few minutes as they tried to recover.

After about 10 minutes or so they seemed to have recovered some strength and Brian stood up, pulling my wife to her feet and telling her to lose the dress. She quickly complied and it was in a heap at her feet in seconds. She pointed at it and clicked her fingers as he dragged her off towards the master bedroom with her new collar-belt. I collected the dress and scampered after them.

When we got to the bedroom Brian told my wife to kneel on the bed and wait for him while he popped to the bathroom. My wife quickly told me that she had intended to tie me to the bed in the spare room and let me out of my chastity cage, but it looked like she didn’t have time to do that so I was just going to have to stay in it for the night. She gave me a quick kiss and told me to hang her dress and go to sleep in the spare room, not to worry about her and she would see me in the morning.

I had been through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with the whole evening and especially seeing my wife treated like a cheap slut, being dragged around like a piece of meat and fucked hard by this man we barely knew. But when she looked into my eyes, told me she loved me, said thank you for playing along tonight and that I shouldn’t worry I melted once again. I knew deep down this was very exciting for both of us and that we’d done enough things in the past that were pretty intense but always worth it in the end.

I heard Brian washing his hands and left the room quickly, closing the door behind me and taking my place in the spare room. The closed doors did nothing to drown out the sounds and despite being tired, I had trouble sleeping with the sounds of sex and spanking, begging and cries of pleasure coming from the next room. They must have gone another two rounds before the sounds stopped and I finally drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep wondering about what the next day would bring.

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