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My Teasing Hotwife Ch. 04

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Part four — the evening out

I look down and see a small dainty gold chain with a little item hanging off it. I wince as I see that it’s not the key to my chastity cage but a symbol, the ace of spades, which signifies her status as a hot wife who enjoys the company of black men while her husband is caged in chastity.

She can barely hide the giggle from her voice when she says “awww sorry about that slaveboy, it looks like someone won’t be having any fun tonight doesn’t it?” as she taps her foot against my caged manhood. “Now, before you put my heels on, I want to watch you get dressed while I let Brian know the good news.”

I had to hold back the tears in my eyes as I stood up and began to get dressed, starting with the black fishnet stockings, suspender belt, bra and panties, which were bright pink and very lacy. My wife was sat on the chair in the corner with her legs crossed working furiously on her phone and telling me how excited Brian was about tonight and that I should hurry up because he’ll be here any minute to pick her up.

When I was finally ready and the uniform was straightened to her satisfaction, she attached small luggage locks to the ankle straps of my high heels to make sure I didn’t remove them. She had me kneel in front of her and she also attached a bright pink collar around my neck, securing that with another lock. I was then allowed to play her sexy black Louboutin stiletto heels onto her gorgeous stocking clad feet.

I started by kissing each toe individually and then gently slipping the heel into place and finishing off with a kiss to the toe of the shoe. I repeated the process with the other foot and then my beautiful wife was ready to go. She stood up and told me to join her in the living room where I could continue to worship her feet and high heels until her date arrived.

I had barely got started lavishing kisses on her feet when a car pulled up outside, my wife pulled me to my knees and held my face in her hands gently. She told me that she love me more than anything and although she was about to go out and have a great time with another man, if I wanted to stop this, now was the time. She saw the tears again in my eyes and kissed me deeply.

“I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful husband, you are the best baby and I will always love you. So if you don’t want to go through with this, tell me now and I’ll stop.” I knew that she meant it, I also knew that she really wanted Escort Bayan tonight to go as planned and that she was fulfilling my fantasy as much as her own. I bowed my head and mumbled that she should enjoy her evening.

She lit up with her biggest grin of the night so far and kissed me again, on the cheek this time. She pulled back as the doorbell rang and her face turned into that devilishly naughty grin again as she delivered a stinging slap to the side of my face and snapped “go and get the door sissy, let us see what kind of real man a woman gets for her anniversary.”

I got up and tentatively opened the door to find a large black man in a very smart suit coming into my house, he glanced in my direction and gave a courteous nod as a greeting and I led him into the living room where my wife was waiting, sat on the sofa with her legs crossed showing a good portion of her shapely thigh and just a hint of stocking top.

He was over there in an instant and giving him a big kiss hello. The kiss got more heated as their hands explored each other’s bodies and she broke long enough to ask him if he wanted a drink. He said no and that they better get going soon but he wanted to check something first.

“Are you wearing the sexy lingerie I bought for you?” That bitch had been planning this all along and must have been working with him to get it all organized. Damn she was devious and flashed a grin in my direction as she told him yes and opened up the leg split on her skirt and raised it up to show him her panties. He nodded his approval and his hand moved between her legs to the lacy fabric, feeling her wetness already seeping through he knickers.

He wondered out loud whether he should make her take them off and spend the evening with her pussy bare to the elements. She bit her bottom lip with excitement and said it was up to him. After a second he decided against it, telling her that he liked the way they looked and he wanted her to keep them on… for now. With that she dropped her dress and they headed to the door, she blew me a kiss over her shoulder and told me not to forget to put my suit away and that she’d see me later.

I just stood in the living room for a few minutes after they left, trying to comprehend what had happened, it felt like we had gone from 0-60 really fast and it left my head spinning. But there was one thing I couldn’t deny, and that was how tight my cock cage was and how much Bayan Escort it ached after witnessing the scene that was before me.

I made my way back upstairs to put away my suit and found a note underneath my jacket, it was from my wife. It said she was so happy I’d decided to go along with this, she was going to have a great time tonight and she promised that I would enjoy it almost as much. She then said it would be a shame to waste the time I would have been out for dinner and given that I was dressed up as a maid there were a few chores that needed to be done. She couldn’t think of a more appropriate way for a sissy cuckold to spend their time while his wife was out to dinner with another man. She had really put some planning into this and even when she was out she was still teasing me.

The list of chores were things designed to torment me further, I had to hand wash a bunch of her delicate lingerie and hang it to dry, I had to change the sheets on our bed and make it look all romantic ready for her return. Then I had to clean and organize her collection of high heels. Once I had done all of that, I could do what I liked until she returned.

I was just getting started when my phone buzzed, it was my wife of course, telling me how nice the restaurant was and that when she walked in, all eyes were on her as she strode to her table. I continued to get updates from her over the next couple of hours, telling me how turned on she was about the whole situation and that her knickers were soaking wet. She told me that straight after starters, Brian had made her go to the bathroom and finger herself to the edge of orgasm but to stop and then return to the table all flushed and even more horny. She even sent me a couple of photos of her sat at the table, exposing her stocking tops, and a shot of her dangling her sexy high heel.

Then came the killer message exchange…

“So don’t get mad baby, but I have a little confession to make. You know I gave you a choice tonight, and there was a 1 in 3 chance that you would be here with me and get to have all the fun that a man and his wife should on their anniversary.”

“Yes, I had a 1 in 3 chance and picked wrong.”

“Well that’s the thing sweetie, yes you did pick wrong, but you didn’t have a 1 in 3 chance.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh my goodness, I was really naughty, and… well I rigged the game.”

“You did what?!?!?!”

“Oh Escort please baby don’t be mad, but your key was here in my purse the whole time (she sent me a picture) and all of the heels had a little anklet in them. You can go and check if you like.”

I practically ran, tottering on my heels, to the spare room and upended my wife’s heels on the bed to find two anklets as she said. “Why would you do that to me?”

“Well I know it’s mean to dangle that carrot and give you hope, but you would never have agreed to this if I’d suggested it outright would you?”

“No, I guess not”

“And I would bet you anything in the world that you really enjoyed playing our little game earlier and that your little cock is straining against it’s little cage right now thinking about how I tricked you so that I could go on a date with Brian and get to enjoy his nice big juicy cock later. Isn’t it?”

She was right again “yes, but you could have just told me the truth.”

“Ohhhh baby, this is so much more fun, for both of us. This way, I get to tease & torment you all night, and get to experience the nice big cock we’ve both been fantasizing about for months. And you get to tell yourself that you didn’t actually agree to letting another man fuck your wife, you were tricked into it by your horny state.”

She had a point. “Yes I guess you’re right.” I admitted.

“Of course I am. Now, you get on with the rest of your chores and I’ll get back to having some naughty fun myself. Xxx”

That was it for the next 30 minutes and the next time my phone beeped, I was finished with my chores and was sitting in the living room trying to find something worth watching on TV. I got a few pictures through at the same time showing various bits through the evening. A shot of my wife’s sexy high heel on the floor with her leg extended working it’s way up Brian’s trouser leg. One showing Brian’s forearm across my wife’s stocking clad thigh as he clearly had his hand up her skirt, and finally one where they were obviously in the taxi on the way home and my wife’s hand was reaching inside Brian’s open fly into his pants.

I moaned with frustration as a fresh bout of aching ran through my crotch and I had a mind full of images about what they were up to. Was she playing with his cock in the taxi? Could the driver see what she was doing? Was she going to give him a blowjob as they drove back?

The last message told me that they would be back in about 10 minutes and I should have some drinks ready to greet them when they returned and should light some candles in the bedroom to set the mood. I set about my tasks with a growing nervousness and excitement. This was actually going to happen.

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