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My Sweet “Daughter”

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Just last month, I had to travel to a business meeting in a city where I used to live. I was looking forward to seeing some old friends, especially two who had kids who were the same age as mine. I hadn’t seen the friends for about four years, and I hadn’t seen their kids for over ten years because they had moved away from home and now ranged from 28 to 36.

I got an invitation to my best friend’s house for dinner the first night I was there. We chatted about old times and traded stories about each other’s kids. I asked about my favorite daughter, Lynn, and they told me all about her and her new business, registered massage therapist.

They said,

“You will have to call her because she still talks about you after all these years. She just adores you. You probably won’t recognize her because she is so different from the last time you saw her. When was that? 15 years ago?”

I tried to remember when it was, and she was almost right. I hadn’t seen Lynn since she was 14 and she’s 28 now. Lynn always introduced me to people as her second father.

During a break in our meeting next morning, I called Lynn’s office, but she was out so I left her a voice message telling her where I was staying and what my room number was and asked her to call me on my cell so we could go out for dinner. Around noon, my phone rang and it was Lynn. We chit-chatted about how nice it was to hear from each other.

She said,

“Why don’t I pick you up at the hotel, and you can come back to my place and visit. We either can order in or go out later. I can be there between 6:00 and 6:15”

I agreed that she could pick me up, but I really wanted to take her out.

After a long meeting day, getting back to my room was great. My back hurt me so badly from sitting around all day. I had falled off the roof of my storage barn and I have a sore back 24/7. So, the bed felt pretty good. I sure could use a good back massage right then.

Just around 6:30, my room phone rang.

“Hi. It’s me. I’m out in front of the hotel. I can’t find a parking spot without paying a fortune. Are you almost ready?”

I told her I was completely ready and I’d be right down. When I got downstairs, she was standing beside her car waiting for me. If she had not come running towards me with her arms held out, I don’t think I would have recognized her. She was absolutely stunning. We threw our arms around each other, and she kissed me–not on the cheeks, but on the lips. I didn’t know what to do, so I just kissed her quickly, then gave her a couple of pecks on the cheek. In about 20 minutes we were there.

She told me that we were going back to her apartment and that we could rest for a bit. She called it an apartment, but it really was an upscale condo. It looked fantastic from the outside and I thought that it must have rented for a pretty penny. We parked the car in the underground; she got out and took an oversized backpack from her trunk, took me by the hand and we walked to the elevator to go up to her ninth-floor home.

We got inside, she wrapped her arms around me again and said,

“I’m so glad you’re here. I think of you all the time because I miss you so much. I wish you hadn’t moved away.”

I told her how I felt, too, and I stepped away from her becasue I thought it was the right thing to do.

“Help me with my coat, Bruce, please. I want to get rid of these work clothes and feel a little more refreshed.”

I watched her as she unzipped her knee-length fall coat and opened it up. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her body. She had on a red casual sweater that was almost v-neck except it had a zipper that was about 10 inches long. The zipper was zipped down about four inches–just enough to give a glimpse of her pretty tits being pushed up by a red bra. She had on a mini-skirt which came about two inches above her knee and showed off her pretty legs.

“These are your work clothes??” I asked. You look hot, Lynn. Not exactly how I remember you.”

“Thanks, Daddy Bruce. It’s nice to hear you say that about me. I always wanted to try to please you.”

and with that, she reached up and kissed me on the lips–a little longer and a little more passionately. She had a knack for kissing, that’s for sure. I just stood there holding her and could feel her little tits pressing against me. That felt good, too.

“There’s some beer in the fridge if you want one. I’m going to change from my work clothes.” she said. I decided to get a little brave and said,

“Don’t change from those clothes for me, Lynn. I love what you got on. Like I said, ‘You look hot.”

She said, “OK, have it your way.” pendik escort and she went to the kitchen.”

“Beer or wine, Daddy Bruce?” I chose beer and she chose wine.

By this time, I was sitting on the couch, and she came over and sat beside me. Close enough that I could reach her, but I wasn’t about to make a good thing disappear by trying to cop a feel. We chatted a long time about things past, present, and future. I asked her about her love-life and she told me about her boyfriend which disappointed me because in my fantasy life I wanted to be her boyfriend, but I think the 40-year difference would have prevented that.

She asked me if I minded if she stretched out; and before I could answer, she shifted her body around so that her head was resting on my lap. I could see more of her pretty little tits in the red bra, and when she stretched out, her skirt slid up quite a bit so that I could see the top of her nylons held up by a garter belt. I wondered why she was dressed like this, but I didn’t want to ask, nor did I want her to change positions or clothes.

I had put my bottle of beer on the table next to me and she had put her glass of wine down. With her stretched out across the couch, there was no where I could put my hands and arms, so I just put them across her tummy. With her red shirt riding up a bit, I could see quite a bit of her tight, bare tummy, and it looked so inviting. I was hoping that she would not feel my hard-on that was just coming to life because her head was resting on my crotch.

“Do you always dress like this for work, Lynn?” I asked her.

She said, “No, except when I have a special client who dresses like this, too. But, today I wore something special for you. Do you recognize it?”

I looked her over and discovered that there was very little I recognized after this long period of time.

“No, I don’t know what it is. Am I supposed to?”

Then she begins her story.

“Remember when we were all in Florida at Mum and Dad’s winter house and we had gone to an outlet mall shopping? I went to the Victoria’s Secret outlet and bought four bras.”

I did remember that because it was really odd for a 14-year-old girl to come to someone like me and show me her purchases. I told her that I vaguely remember her buying clothes.

“Yeah, I bought clothes, but they were bras and panties from Vicky’s. (apparently today’s nickname for Victoria’s Sectret.) I showed them to you when we were alone in my room; and when I showed you the red push-up, you whispered, ‘You’re going to look good in that. Wish I were your age to see you in it.’ Well, when I was getting dressed today, I dug out a red bra just for you. Do you like it?”

Before I could answer her, Lynn pulled the zipper down the rest of the way and said,

“See what it does for small boobs?”

I said,

“They look great to me, Lynn. I can’t believe you remembered that, and I can’t believe you would dress like this for me.”

She said,

“Well, it’s not all for you, but you can have it all if you want it.”

I just kept staring down at her tits, but I couldn’t resist it and I leaned way down and kissed her. She responded very nicely to me and we shared tongues for a second and third kiss.

“Do I get a feeling that I am turning you on?” she asked me and with that she moved her head back and forth across my cock to make it grow.

I said

“What do you mean it’s not all for me?”

She told me that her last client of the day was a rich-bitch who would only let her do a massage and it always had to be at the client’s home. The rich-bitch was someone I knew from way back and was the wife of a hockey buddy of mine. She says that when she goes to her house to do a massage, the lady is usually in very flimsy clothes and loves to show off her well-toned body and loves to be nude for the massage. When I asked about that part, she said,

“I don’t care. She tips me very, very well. As a matter of fact, I have four other clients like her. That’s how I can afford to own this condo.”

“You own this? It must have cost a fortune to buy it.”

She told me that she has it nearly all paid for now but she has a roommate that pays her enough to look after the utilities.

“You’ll get to meet Karen. She’ll be home before we go out.”

I was disappointed because I thought there would be just the two of us, and we were getting to be comfortable with each other.

As we were lying there talking, I traced her tittie with my two fingers and felt the nice, soft, round swell.

“Do you mind that, Lynn?” I asked rus escort her.

“No, what took you so long to find them. They’re not that small.”

Since she didn’t mind this much, I put my hand inside her bra and held her whole tit. It felt so good, and her nipple was beginning to harden. She started to squirm a bit; and when she did, her skirt rose up even further so I could see not only the garter belt and her nicely tanned thighs, but I could also see the red panties she was wearing.

I took my hand from her shirt and dropped it down to her thighs and ran my hand up and down a bit.

“That feels good, Daddy Bruce.”

and with that, she dropped one leg off the couch so that her legs were spread open. I knew that was an invitation, so I moved my hand up to her crotch and slid it under her panties to feel a wet cunt. I slid my fingers in and found her clit and slid a finger in while I played with her clit with my thumb.

“That feels so fucking good. I love having something in my pussy.”

She turned over a bit so she was now able to reach up and grasp my hard cock. I finger-fucked her while she played with by cock outside my dress pants. I’m so glad they were black because it would hide the pre-cum dripping out.

I asked her, “What time is Karen coming home?”

She told me it wouldn’t be for about another hour so we will be okay.

“Don’t worry about it. She’ll be cool.”

I reached down and kissed her again and being very brave I said,

“Lynn, do you like to be eaten out?”

She said,

“Fuck, yes. It’s my favorite thing to do. Do you want to go down on me?”

I eagerly expressed that I did; and before I knew it, she was standing up, taking off her skirt and top, but I asked her to leave her bra on because she looked so hot in it. She put one foot up on the couch and leaned into me, holding open the rim of her panties beside her pussy.

“Want a taste?”

she asked me, and I dove right into it. I could taste her cum-juices already and licked as much as I could, and tried to kiss as much of her inner thighs as I could.

She stepped back a bit and said,

“Let’s do this right. Let’s get rid of some clothes.”

She undid the snaps on her garters, took of the garter belt and slid her nylons down her legs in a very sensuous way; and as she did, I could see those two beautiful tits forming a little cleavage. I had taken off my shirt and pants and shoes and was standing in front of her with my hard cock sticking out of the top.

“M-m-m, that looks good.”

and she leaned down and licked the top of my dick. She put her hands around the back and held my ass for about twenty seconds then pulled my shorts down and took my whole cock in her mouth and sucked me for only a minute.

She got back up off her knees and pushed me down on the couch and swung my legs up on the couch so that I was lying flat on my back with my dick standing up in the air.

“Fuck, you got a nice cock.”

and with that, she leaned down again and started to suck me. Her body was too far away for me to play with her, so I grabbed her head and forced her to get upright. I then grabbed her outer thigh and spun her around and told her to get ready for my favorite number. She didn’t even have to ask. She laid on my body with her legs spread on either side of my head. Here was this beautiful shaven pussy right at my lips for me to suck–and suck I did. We didn’t last long before both of us had cum. I said,

“We’d better get dressed before Karen comes home.” and she agreed.

We were lying on the couch again with Lynn’s head in my lap and my arm around her tummy when I heard a key turn in the lock. My heart just took a big leap and I didn’t even have time to push Lynn off my lap. Karen walked in, closed the door and walked over to Lynn and leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

“Hi, Honey. Have a good day? And who do we have here?” Lynn responded and filled her in.

“This is Daddy Bruce. You’ve heard me talking about him.”

Karen replied,

“Well, it’s about time I met you. All I’ve ever heard since I met her was “Daddy Bruce, Daddy Bruce. Now I can finally finish this Daddy Bruce puzzle.”

and with that having been said, she dropped down to her knees and kissed me and moved over to kiss Lynn full on the lips again. I know I saw some tongue action because their heads were so close to me, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t realize it, but my hand was still on Lynn’s tummy when Karen took it and put it up Lynn’s sweater.

“If you’re going to do this at all, at least do it right. sancaktepe escort By the way, she likes to have her nipples played with, right Lynn?”

Lynn said,

“You oughta know, Honey. You do it best.”

That was not only somewhat surprising to me, but it also gave me some fantastic mental pictures of the two of them getting it on.

“What’s happening for dinner, Lynn?”

she asked; and before Lynn could commit to anything I said

“We were just waiting for you so we all could go to dinner together.”

“That’s fuckin’ fine with me,” she chimed. “First of all, I’m going to take a shower.” but Lynn pushed up on me and said,

“Oh no, you’re not. I’m first.” and she ran off.

Karen said,

“Well I may as well take my coat off and stay a while. Besides, I can’t shower with it on, right?”

She stood there before me and took off her coat. What a magnificent body! She had big beautiful tits; and when she turned around, her black slacks accented her lovely ass so that her two cheeks were highlighted individually by what looked like a thong.

“Are you okay here by yourself, or are you showering with us, Daddy Bruce? I hope you don’t mind me calling you that but I feel that I have known you for ages.”

Showering with Lynn and Karen would have been a dream come true, but I wasn’t about to take that step.

I said,

“Oh no, Karen. I’ll foolishly pass this time.” and we both laughed.

Karen left the room and I could hear the water running in Lynn’s shower.

“Daddy Bruce, can you help me with something?”

Karen called out. I went into the bedroom and she was standing there in just her panties and bra and yes, they were thongs she had on.

“What’s the problem, Love?”

I asked her. She said that her hair was caught in her chain around her neck and wanted me to untangle it. With shaking hands, I did, and she turned to face me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“Thanks. You’re a sweetie. Don’t go away. I might need more help.”

and she reached behind to unfasten her bra. I thought she might need help with it, but think about it: I’m a man who would only fumble with bra clasps anyway. She undid it herself, took off her bra and faced the mirror with me standing behind her. She had gorgeous tits–nice and firm and tight nipples.

“Still look good for an old dame, don’t you think?”

I said

“Old dame? You can’t be over 30 so you’re not old.”

“Hah! I’m 34, but thanks for the compliment”

and with that, she reached behind her and felt for my cock. When she found it, she pulled me closer to her so that my cock was sticking in the crack of her ass.

“I don’t think I should do this, Karen. After all, Lynn…”

and before I could finish she said,

“Lynn and I share everything. We both fuck the same guys, we both fuck the same clients sometimes at the same time. As a matter of fact, we fuck each other, so unzip and give me that cock.”

I said,

“OK, but not in the ass. Lean forward a bit.” When she did, I slid my cock between her legs and right into her pussy.

Louder than I would want her to talk, she said,

“Fuck me, Daddy Bruce. Fuck me hard. Shove your load in there.”

With her talking like that I was so horny again and I just closed my eyes and fucked away so hard that I didn’t know that Lynn had opened the shower curtain and was standing there watching us. When I opened my eyes, I just jumped back because I had just been surprised.

“Don’t stop. Daddy Bruce,” Karen said.

“No, don’t stop. I love watching her fuck, and I like to listen to her trash-talk. Bang that slut because I want to hear her cum, not just watch her cum.”

said Lynn; and when it went back to fucking Karen, Lynn sat on the edge of the tub and started to finger-fuck herself. She put in two, three, then four fingers in and just kept chanting.

“Fuck that cunt. Fuck that cunt. Fuck that cunt.”

and when I looked again, she had turned sideways to straddle to edge of the tum with one leg while the other was on the floor. Believe it or not, this little girl had her fist in her cunt and was awkwardly fucking herself so hard.

It was there that I lost it and told Karen that I was going to cum.

“Don’t waste it. Give it to Lynn.”

and when I turned around, Lynn had not lost a stroke, but she stuck out her tongue and I moved over so she could suck the cum off my cock. After about only 15 seconds, Karen moved over, too and the two of them took turns sucking my cock and licking my cum.

“Okay, Guys. Back to the shower.”

and we all got in and showered. We got dressed again. Me with the same clothes on and the two girls with their sexy clothes on.

I have to stop now because it is too hard to type and enjoy my own company. I’ll finish this one in another segment. The best is yet to cum–I mean come.

Let me know what you think so far.

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