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My Stepmom’s Best Friend, Emma – Ch. 01

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My Stepmom’s Best Friend, Emma,

Sexually attracted to my stepmother’s best friend, Emma, I’m hoping to date her.

# # #

This true story was written for Joe. He asked me to write this story about what sexually happened between his stepmother’s best friend, Emma, and him. Love at first sight and the love of his life, even though she’s fifteen-years-older than him, he fell in love with a much older woman.

# # #

Today, when I went to watch the women’s softball league play, something fun to do while hoping to get lucky with one of the women, I noticed someone new, a substitute player. Difficult not to notice her, with her a little older than the rest of the players, she had huge breasts that bounced up and down whenever she ran to catch a fly ball. A beautiful woman, she was even sexier in her tight fitting, softball uniform and sexy, softball cap. Seemingly, the team didn’t have a softball uniform to fit her huge tits and her round, shapely ass.

Literally attracting a crowd, for obvious reasons, not that she was a great softball player but she had a small crowd of horny and admiring men watching her play. Who wouldn’t watch her? I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Unless it’s a benefit game put on by strippers to bring more business to their strip club, it’s not every day that I see someone with huge breasts playing softball. Indeed, instead of having an out of shape body, she had a beautiful body and a fabulous figure. For a woman her age, she was in better physical condition than her teammates who were a dozen years younger than her.

Every time she bent at the waist to field a ground ball, every man sitting in the stands, including myself, stared at her shapely ass. Every time she ran to field a fly ball, something that was so mesmerizing to watch and hypnotizing to see, I stared at her bouncing boobs. Unable to help myself from wondering, I wondered what size breasts she had. Especially when forced to fit that tight uniform, she had the biggest tits that I ever saw.

Difficult not to imagine her without her clothes, I wondered what she looked like in her bra and panties. I wondered what she looked like topless. I wondered what she looked like naked. I couldn’t help myself from imagining her naked and having sex with me. As if applauding her fielding, my cock throbbed and pulsated with every erotic, movement of her while she played softball.

Every time she fielded a ball, she tugged at her tight baseball shirt. Clearly, they had trouble finding a shirt to fit her big breasts. Tugging at her softball pants, her shapely ass completely filled the back of her uniform. With her born with a hot body of a stripper or a porn star, she wasn’t meant to wear a softball uniform but a low-cut, sexy gown. For sure, I didn’t have to see her naked ass or her big, naked breasts to know that she had a very, shapely and sexy body.

Keeping to herself when on the bench while the rest of the women joked around and laughed, she sat away from everyone else while quietly spitting out sunflower seeds. Her hair was natural blonde and, able to see them even from across the softball field, her eyes were a bright blue. She was plenty attractive enough for me to want to know more about her, at least her name. Forsaking her high heels for baseball cleats, she seemed tall. With the cleats making her an inch or two taller, I estimated her height without the cleats to be 5’10” tall.

Difficult not to notice, the most notable thing about her that I immediately noticed, other than her long, blonde hair and bright, blue eyes was her gigantic breasts. Who has breasts like that? No one has breasts like that unless they’re the vision of a plastic surgeon and fake.

With nothing average about her or her big breasts, they were as massive as they were magnificent. Her huge breasts were reminiscent of Christina Hendricks’ breasts in Mad Men and Sofia Vergara’s breasts in Modern Family. Both women have F cups that are equal to triple D cups. If she didn’t have triple D cups, easily had 34, double D cup breasts. With them all having D cup breasts, she had bigger breasts that Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Selma Hayek, Jennifer Connelly, Heidi Klum, and Halle Berry.

After measuring them with my trained, breast sizer eyes, it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had F cups. A sucker for a woman with big tits, giving women another dimension to touch, feel, fondle, and suck, I love big tits, the bigger the better. I loved her big tits. I’ve never dated a woman with smaller breasts that a C cup. If I was fortunate enough to date this woman, she’d have the biggest breasts of any woman that I dated.

# # #

Curious about her, wanting to at least to know her name, so that when masturbating myself over her while imagining her naked and having sex with me, I’d know what to call her. When I left the softball field shortly after 3:30 pm, I asked a friend of my stepmother’s sitting beside me with her two kids, if she knew who that woman was. She looked at me oddly as if I should know who yalova escort the woman was.

“That’s Emma,” she laughed. “She’s your stepmother’s best friend. Perhaps you didn’t recognize her in her sexy, tight-fitting uniform,” she said laughing again.

‘My stepmother’s best friend,’ I thought? ‘Seriously? I’m surprised I never met her.’

With her looking a little bit younger than my stepmother’s age, easily, she was fifteen-years older than me. Yet, no matter. I didn’t care how old she was. My kind of woman, she was beautiful. She was sexy. She was shapely, and she had huge breasts.

Then, a sensation of dread took hold of me. I wondered if she was married. I wondered if she had children. I wondered if she was already in a serious relationship with a man more her age. If she was single and unattached, I wondered if she’d be willing to date a much younger man.

# # #

Eager to know more about her, I asked my stepmother about her best friend.

“I saw Emma playing softball today,” I said. My stepmother looked at me that I not only saw Emma but also that I knew who her name. “Just wondering. Is she in a serious relationship with anyone? Is she married? How old is she? What size breasts does she have?”

My stepmother laughed.

“Hold your horses. Calm down. No, she’s not married nor is she in a serious relationship with anyone. She’s divorced,” she said. “She’s sworn off men after her last relationship soured. “She just turned 39-years-old. You’ll be happy to know that she has really big tits,” said my stepmother with a dirty laugh. “She has 34 F cup breasts.”

Wanting to know more about Emma, I asked another question.

“Does she have children?”

While wondering about my inquisition, my stepmother looked at me with curiosity.

“She doesn’t have children. She can’t conceive. They talked about adopting but divorced before they did,” she said.

With Emma my stepmother’s best friend, I was surprised she never told me about her.

“I’m surprised you never brought her to the house. I’m surprised I never met her,” I said.

“Well, with me always working and not having any free time, rushing home to cook for you, we’d meet for lunch or, once in a while, for a drink after work. Usually, I go to her place,” she said with a pause, “um, to talk.”

Suspicious of my stepmother’s secretive relationship with her best friend, I wondered what that pause was about. I sensed that something wasn’t right about my stepmother’s relationship with her best friend. With nothing surprising me, I wondered if they were bi-sexual. I wondered if they were having a lesbian affair.

“Now, that you mention it, it is interesting that I never invited her home,” she said with a nervous, little laugh. “It’s interesting that she’s never met you,” she said while looking at me with a curious eye.

She looked at me again while clearly wondering what my intentions were.

“You’re not interested in her, are you,” she asked?

I looked at my stepmother while making a face.

“Duh? Who wouldn’t be interested in her? She’s a beautiful woman,” I said while imagining her naked and having sex with me. “I’d love to meet her.”

My stepmother laughed.

“Would you really like to meet her,” asked my stepmother?”

I couldn’t believe my stepmother was going to arrange for me to meet Emma.

“Meet her? I’d love to not just meet her but I’d love to date her,” I said with a nervous laugh.

My stepmother looked at me as if she didn’t believe that I was serious.

“I didn’t know that you were into older woman,” she said. “She’s old enough to be your mother, Joey,” she said with a laugh.

She made a disapproving face.

“So,” I said? “She’s very pretty and sexy. I’d like to meet her. I’d love ask her out. What do you think? Do you think she’d go out with me? Does she date younger men?”

My stepmother shrugged, made a face, and nodded her head.

“I’ll invite her over for you to meet her. Yet, don’t be surprised if she turns you down. I’ve never known her to date a younger man,” she said.

# # #

My stepmother gave me a curious look.

“What is it that you like about her,” she asked with a dirty laugh as if she didn’t know what my attraction was to Emma.

I put my cupped hands in front of my chest.

“Well, you know me. I love big breasted women,” I said while staring at my stepmother’s D cup breasts.

She looked down at where I was staring.

“I figured as much,” she said with a dirty laugh. “You’re a horny bugger when it comes to big breasted women. You’re always staring at my breasts while undressing me with your horny eyes,” she said with another laugh.

I laughed, too.

‘I am a horny bugger when it comes to big, breasted women.’ I thought. ‘I can’t help myself. I love women with big tits, especially beautiful, sexy, and shapely women.’

“Sorry, I can’t help myself. You have big tits, too, Mom,” I said taking that as my opportunity to stare at her bra and blouse clad breasts longer and harder. yalova escort bayan “Yet, her breasts are enormous,” I said with the imagined image of her naked breasts filling my horny imagination.

I paused while thinking of Emma’s naked breasts.

“Who has breasts like that? No one has breasts that big. They’re not implants, are they? Do you think they’re real?”

My stepmother rolled her eyes while giving me a jealous look.

“Oh, trust me, I’ve seen her naked in the women’s shower at the gym. Her breasts aren’t fake. They’re all natural,” said my stepmother. “I’ve never seen a woman with bigger, natural breasts than Emma’s big tits.”

# # #

‘Whoa! Wait. What am I thinking? A sexual relationship with Emma? I should be so lucky. With her super-hot, and much younger than me, she was way out of my league. Yet, who could ask for a better response from my stepmother than her asking Emma about me on my behalf,’ I thought? ‘Wanting to believe that she was, hopefully, Emma was as sexually interested in me as I was sexually interested in her.’

My stepmother gave me the eye before giving me her words of warning.

“Be careful what you say to Emma, because if you come on to her too strong, she’ll likely take you home and screw your brains out,” said my stepmother with a dirty laugh. “An understatement, she has the sexual libido of a horny man. She loves sex. She loves sucking and fucking.”

‘What? She’ll take me home and screw my brains out? Wow! What a way to die,’ I thought.

I couldn’t believe what my stepmother confessed about her best friend.

‘Clearly, she’s my kind of woman. She loves sex. She loves sucking and fucking,’ I thought.

“With her always horny, Emma truly loves sex, especially sucking cock. She loves sucking cock. A compliment to her for a blowjob well done, she loves it when a man cums in her mouth and all over her face,” said my stepmother. “She loves it when a man cums all over her face and across her naked breasts. She loves receiving cum baths.”

‘My stepmother was making me hot and horny. Finally, I found my perfect woman. Finally, I found my love match. I found a woman who not only has big tits but also, a woman who loves sucking cock. She loves it when a man not only cums in her mouth but also all over her face, too,’ I thought. “I’d definitely would love to give Emma a cum bath.”

I don’t know if I looked more stunned or happy, but however I looked, it caused my stepmother to chuckle and reiterate that she wasn’t joking with me about Emma’s overactive libido. Now, when thinking of Emma, instead of only thinking of her giant breasts, I thought or her blowing me. I thought of cumming in her mouth and all over her face.

“Seriously, Joey, you may not be able to handle Emma. She may be too much woman for you. She’s quite the handful when it comes to sex,” said my stepmother with a dirty laugh. “Her last boyfriend left her because she wanted more sex than he was able to give her. With her wanting him to make love to her and fuck her every night, before he left for work, she wanted to suck his cock every morning.”

‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘What man would turn her down for sex? With me working from home, I’d fuck her every night and allow her to blow me every morning, then, I’d fondle her big tits and finger her erect nipples in between’ I thought. ‘I’d love to cum in Emma’s beautiful mouth and all over her face while fondling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples. Making her my woman, as if a dog leaving his scent, I’d love to give her a cum bath.’

# # #

Alas and unfortunately, Emma was in a different class all her own. Not only did she have, huge triple D breasts, but she was a world class beauty. Falling in love with her, love at first sight, she was someone that I’d want to have a long-term sexual relationship with. She was beautiful, sexy, and shapely.

I couldn’t wait to formally meet her. I couldn’t wait to talk to her. I couldn’t wait to get her alone. Actually, forget about the sex, with her not too old to have children, she was someone who I could marry and have children with. With her having the total package, she was a rare beauty. I’d love to have a woman like her in my life.

With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, setting my self-confidence on high, I decided to approach Emma after my stepmother’s introduction. I decided to let her know the interest that I had in her, whether sexual or otherwise. With this my only chance to bed her, while hoping that she wasn’t out of my league, swinging for the fences, I hoped she’d agree to date me. With her presently not having anyone else in her life, hoping beyond hope, I hoped she’d agree to have sex with me.

A total understatement, I’d love to have sex with her. I’d love to see her topless. I’d love to touch, feel, fondle, and suck her huge, naked breasts.

I’d love to see her naked. I’d love to see her round, naked ass. I’d love to touch, feel, and squeeze her naked ass.

I’d love to see her blonde, trimmed pussy. escort yalova I’d love to finger her naked cunt while licking her naked cunt. I’d love to give her multiple orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock.

I’d love to make slow and sweet love to her before fucking her hard and fast enough for her to cum. I’d love for her to suck my cock. I’d love to cum in her mouth and all over her face while fondling her big breasts and fingering her erect nipples.

# # #

That very night, my stepmother called Emma on the phone.

“I told Emma about you,” said my stepmother. “I told her that you’re interested in dating her,” she said. “I told her how young you are,” she said with a laugh.

While hoping that she’d say yes to not only meeting me but also to dating me, I looked at my stepmother with sexual excitement.

“And…what did she say? What did she say? Tell me. What did she say?”

My stepmother laughed. Then, she gave me a sexy look and a naughty smile.

“Calm down. Give me a minute to think. She said that she’ll meet with you at the house under one condition,” she said.

I looked at my stepmother shocked.

‘Emma agreed to meet with me. She agreed to come to my house. Oh, my God. Oh, my God,’ I thought. ‘Condition? What condition,’ I wondered.

“Anything. I’ll agree to any condition that she has to meet her,” I said.

My stepmother laughed.

“Don’t you want to know her condition?”

I nodded my head.

“What’s her condition?”

My stepmother gave me another sexy smile and another naughty look.

“Her condition is…” she said pausing. “Before she can date you and before she can have sex with you, if it comes to that, she needs to know what you’re like in bed.

I made a face while looking at my stepmother.

“What I’m like in bed?” I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m great,” I said with a dirty laugh. “I’m the best. Tell her that there’s no one better in bed than me.”

My stepmother laughed.

“Not so fast lover,” she said with another pause. “Emma agreed that you must have sex with me first.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My stepmother wanted me to have sex with her first before having sex with Emma. A condition that I can easily fulfill, I’ve always been sexually attracted to my stepmother. I’ve always wanted to have sex with her. I wondered if she sucked cock.

“What? Seriously? Emma wants me to have sex with you first? Why?”

My stepmother nodded her head.

“She wanted me to make sure for her that you’re a worthy, sexual partner.”

I shrugged again while making a face. That didn’t make any sense.

“And you’re willing to go along with that? You’re willing to have sex with me, your stepson as your condition before Emma has sex with me?”

My stepmother beamed me a big smile.

“Clearly, you’ve been unaware of my sexual attraction to you. I’ve been wanting to have sex with you ever since you turned 18-years-old,” she said. “After catching you masturbating and cumming, I’ve been wanting to blow you. I’ve been dying to suck your cock. I can’t wait for you to cum in my mouth before cumming in my pussy.”

Stunned that my stepmother wanted to have sex with me, I was shocked. My stepmother wanted to have sex with me in the way that I wanted to have sex with Emma. I had no idea that she wanted to blow me. I had no idea that she wanted to not only suck my cock but also that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Who knew that my stepmother was sexually attracted to me in the same way that I was sexually attracted to Emma?

# # #

“Okay. Let’s do this,” I said unbuttoning my shirt.

My stepmother laughed at my sexual eagerness to have sex with her.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, shall we?”

As soon as I entered her bedroom, as if she was a Dominatrix that I hired to sexually punish me, she pushed me back on her bed. As if I was a child unable to undress himself, she started undressing me. Stripping me naked, she removed my sneakers, my pants, my shirt, my t-shirt, and then my underwear. Then, as if she was an artist and I was her nude model, she took a step back while staring at my naked, erect cock.

“Nice cock,” she said. “Emma will like that. She loves men with big pricks and you have a very big dick.”

Then, slowly removing her clothes. I couldn’t believe my horny eyes. As if she was a stripper on stage, my MILF of a stepmother gave me a slow striptease.

Not wanting to miss her striptease show, when she started undressing, I watched her remove her clothes as if I was watching a porn movie. Sexually teasing me, as if she was a stripper ready to dance around a pole, I watched her slowly and seductively unbutton her blouse. She unbuttoned one button and looked down to see what that unbutton revealed before unbuttoning the next button.

She looked up at me to see my reaction to seeing her long, line of sexy cleavage and what I could see of her big, white brassiere. With me having a thing for breasts, especially big breasts, and my stepmother having big, D cup breasts, I stared at her long, line of sexy cleavage. I couldn’t wait for her to remove her bra. I’d love to stick my prick between my stepmother’s tits and fuck her big breasts. I’d love to cum all over her breasts.

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