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My Sissy Addiction

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The title says it all. I’m addicted to sissies.

My fetish isn’t for everyone. I understand and accept that. But hey, before you judge me too harshly, walk a few paragraphs in my shoes.

To me, there’s something so sexy, so powerful when a first time a sissy places his moist soft lips around my cock. Knowing I have turned him out, convinced him that his desire to suck a man’s cock is more than okay, fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I so love feeling the feather-like touch of his tongue exploring my balls, licking the head of my cock, tasting my pre-cum for his first time all the while knowing I’ve put him on the path to the rest of his life.

Don’t misunderstand me or get me wrong. I love women. I adore women. I date them, spend time and money with them, and fuck them. Yes, I have had women blow me, watched as they lost themselves, growling, snarling, and drooling on my cock. And while I do enjoy it, there’s something different, something missing when a woman swallows my nut.

It’s satisfying but not gratifying.

Turning a twenty or thirty something man into my personal hoover, my submissive cock worshipping, panty wearing, crossdressing, cum dump is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. Putting in the time training him, encouraging his feminine side, nurturing his love for cock, guiding him to his knees and into his first panties fills me with pride that I have created something, have molded and crafted someone to be very special.

I can’t express enough how intense are the orgasms I have when a newbie graduates from cock curious to cock sucker.

(just writing this gives me a hard-on that could cut diamonds)

It is that feeling I find missing when I have my cock buried in a woman; for the most part that is. I say for the most part because there are times when I find fucking a woman extremely gratifying. Showing the married sissy’s wife what a cock hungry faggot she’s wedded to has its own rewards. More on that later.

My fetish began when I noticed a slender male eyeing my naked form when I was drying off after a shower at the gym where I work out..

Day after day, time and again I’d catch him stealing glances at my cock. My cock isn’t unusually large or anything. It’s just tad over 7″ hard but this guy had an unnatural interest in it.

At first I was turned off by his longing glances. I didn’t yet realize what an asset having my own sissy could be.

All that changed the day I was sitting on the bench after my shower. The curious guy was close enough that I could hear him breathing. He looked at my cock, then made eye contact. Then he looked back to my cock.

Feeling mean, I couldn’t help myself. I stroked it until it was rigid. When I let go so he could see it in all its glory, I heard him make a funny sound; a half croaking whimper. I saw both lust and fear in his eyes.

I too became curious and was wondering how I could take his curious desire and use it to my advantage, to make his fantasy of sucking a cock, his reality.

I asked him to join me for a drink. It was there, in the dark confines of a local bar that he opened up about his curiosity about cocks and his fear of doing something he’d later regret.

I was empathetic. I listened, I learned. He wasn’t necessarily a small guy. He was just searching for his future, his true calling. I wanted to help him and get a blow job at the same time.

I smoothed talked him into coming home with me. It was there in total privacy that I conquered his fears. Guiding him to his knees, he first looked like a deer in headlights. Asking me to please not make him do this, he himself reached out and took my cock in his hand. When he stroked me hard, he made that funny noise again. I watched him rub my erection all over his face. I didn’t exist for him at that moment. He was euphoric when his tongue first made contact.

I enjoyed a wonderful blow job as the sissy wept with joy.

After I got off, he explained with great embarrassment that I was his first. I studied this 24 year old, his form, his walk, his reluctance to be what he wanted to be.

After several more on-call sessions, I decided that after I broke his cherry with that initial blow job, the succeeding blow jobs left something to be desired.

And what I desired was that feeling I got breaking him in. Introducing that closet sissy to my cock was the biggest rush I’d ever experienced and I wanted that feeling again. So, I went searching for a new sissy.

My fetish had been born.

First, there’s the thrill of the hunt, identifying a young man in his 20’s or early 30’s who has no idea how wonderful his life is going to be. I look for certain tendencies. The way he walks, for instance. His physical features tell me a lot. I look for a particular body type. Narrow shoulders that make his ass and hips appear wider than a man’s should. Delicate facial features, arching eye brows, full soft lips, the look of innocence. They’re out there if you look hard enough.

Once I have identified my target, I make some pretense to meet bahis siteleri him. Befriending him is easy. The potential sissy knows he’s different. He doesn’t understand why or how, he just knows. And knowing that confuses him. Most of the time, he is socially inept. He likes women but is afraid to introduce himself for fear of rejection. He is attracted to real men with whom he feels an unnatural attraction which he doesn’t understand. Therein lies his confusion and loneliness.

Once our acquaintance is made, I start by befriending him. Long talks over lunches, chats in the park. I want to learn everything about him; his favorite food, favorite colors, his taste in music. Having him comfortable in my company is of foremost importance. I want him to open up to me, take me into his confidence, share his inner-most secrets with me, confess his desires, his fantasies, his fears. To accomplish all that, I must first build trust.

Putting him into situations where he becomes dependent on my opinions, my advice, and my guidance is a slow process. I try to portray myself as a father figure to him, one whom he can talk to about his problems, his hopes, his dreams. I serve as his protector, wanting him to find comfort and security at my side.

I don’t want to hear some crap about how my scheming is bad. You all have done it yourselves, the seduction techniques either with men or women.

When I’m sure he considers me more than a good friend, I begin to push the envelope a little at a time.

I make up some excuse to touch him in places where it’s a bit out of the norm. A bro-hug for starters. He reaction will tell me a lot. If he doesn’t resist, I know it didn’t really make him uncomfortable. The handshake is another way. While shaking hands, I’ll grasp his tightly at first, then relax my grip until we’re holding hands as we talk. The occasional butt slap that will become a grab, then a caress. I ease him into becoming familiar with the feel of my hands on his body.

Compliments work very well. I like to make my potential sissy feel good about himself, his appearance, his hair. The true sissy has innate feminine qualities. His feminine-self will appreciate compliments. Yes, at first, he might try to act coy, blow them off, tell me I’m exaggerating. He begs me to stop because I’m embarrassing him. It’s all an act. He loves hearing me compliment him. It’s positive re-enforcement.

Then, after pouring it on for a period of time, my compliments stop.

No longer receiving my compliments can make the young soon-to-be cock sucker feel insecure. He will wonder if I have lost interest in him, if he’s displeased me. He’ll begin to seek my opinions, my compliments. He will want reassurance from me. Then he becomes dependent on my opinions, he seeks my praise. He curries my favor.

If he’s married, I have him introduce me to his wife. I need to see what his home life is about. If his wife wears the pants in the family, my job is nearly finished. She has already whittled down his masculinity and will power. If they’re equal partners, my job then becomes seducing them both.

Again, more on that later. For now, let’s consider my prey unmarried. I say unmarried rather than single because he may have a girlfriend or some female companion with whom he feels could develop into something more. He may even have another sissy-in-waiting as his bestie which could became a double bang for me. More often than not, he has neither. I am prepared for any actuality.

Some sissies I have trained were confused when I found them. They had the urges to be with women but found themselves drawn to men more masculine than they. Men whom they could look up to. Men in whose company they felt more than comfort. Men who made them feel safe and at the same time, vulnerable. Those conflicting emotions confuse him.

Some had thoughts about not wanting to be gay and tried to push away the attraction they felt for their “real man” friends. They were confused by the sexual vibe they experienced when in the company of real men. The confused male could not understand why it was that he was curious about them, their bodies, their cocks.

When I have succeeded in them taking me into their confidence, they will share that info with me in moments of alcohol induced weakness.

I will have taken him out for drinks making sure to treat him like his inner-woman wants to be treated. I’ll open doors for him, help him seat himself and above all, compliment him.

After a couple drinks and his defenses are down, I’ll have him pour out his heart to me. Since he looks to me for reassurance, he will slowly tell me about the thoughts that he finds disturbing.

At first he won’t notice me touching his hand when I’ve laid mine on top of his. I’ll listen without saying a word because all women like a man who listens. He’ll look into my eyes for answers to the questions that bother him.

I’ll tell him it’s okay for him to feel like he does. I ease his fears, let him know I understand. Then, I’ll go for drinks or to the head, anything canlı bahis siteleri to leave him alone with his thoughts. I want him to stew for a few minutes. To think about what he has revealed to me and how receptive I was.

When I return, I’ll come up behind him and place my hands on his shoulders. I have experienced the near complete surrender when he leans his head down to the side, pressing his cheek on my hand. If he just sits and allows me to massage the tenseness out of him, I’ll lower my face and whisper in his ear that I share his attraction, that I’m attracted to him.

You need to understand that by then, I have come to know him well. I understand his emotions and play on them, use them against him.

When I have told him that I am attracted to him, most of my targets gasp and shiver. Some have turned to me and asked, “Really?” I could feel their relief at that moment.

I take a seat right beside him. Taking his hand in mine, I assure him his secret is safe with me if mine is with him. If he has a tear in his eyes, I use a napkin to dry them. I hold his face in my hands and turn him to face me. My voice is deep and low when I whisper to him that whatever he feels is God’s gift to him. “It’s time we open that gift, baby,” I suggest.

My free hand moves under the table to his thigh. I feel him jerk a little in surprise but he doesn’t remove my hand. I begin to slowly caress his inner thigh as we talk about his attraction to men and how he should act on it.

The back of my hand “accidently” brushes against his dick. If he’s erect, I’ll press my palm against him there. I have had some virgin sissies try to resist it. It’s all for show. If he moans in appreciation, I immediately usher his fat ass out of there and take him home. He’s ripe for the taking.

Most do not give it up that quickly so I patiently continue my seduction.

I take the hand of his that I’m holding and place it on my thigh as I talk to him. I’ll tell him to see what he’s doing to me when I place his hand on my cock. He can’t help himself. His eyes will open wide in wonder as he clutches my erection.

I tell him it’s his fault that I’m hard. I really don’t need to guilt trip him into following me out to my car so he can see my cock up close and personal. He wants to see it. He wants to hold it, feel the heat emanating from the thick shaft. He needs to feel a real man’s cock. It’s instinctual for him. And now he wants to satisfy those craving he once thought were nasty.

He wants to rub his thumb across the head, spreading my leakage. I love the look of awe on his face, the expression of lust that comes over him.

I resist the temptation to push his head down on my cock. Instead, I tell him we have plenty to discuss and my place would be more private.

He holds my cock all the way to my place and is sad when I put it back in my trousers. It’s then that I start using feminine names for him. “Later for that baby,” I’ll tell him. “Let’s go inside now, sweet girl.”

He may notice or he may not notice that I’ve re-gendered him. I take his hand and lead him to my door. Patting his round bottom, I allow him to enter, Ladies first,” I whisper in his ear.

Most sissies shiver and giggle, hearing themselves referred to a lady the first time. They all like it though. Deep inside, his inner female is trying her best to escape her prison of denial.

I show him around my place, guiding him by holding his elbow and occasionally caressing his bottom. I show him to the guest bathroom and tell him to leave his clothes in there.

He will look at me in surprise. I answer the question that I see in his eyes. “A good cocksucker is always naked, baby girl.”

Without waiting for him to respond, I close the door tell him to hurry.

He’s timid and shy. I sit where I can see him peeking around the corner of the hall into where I’m waiting.

He tells me he’s embarrassed, scared, that he has never done anything like this.

I feign losing patience with him. Ordering him to get his pretty bottom in here now, I point to the space between my feet where he can kneel.

He is unable to meet my eyes, keeping his face turned down. He acts as though he is uncomfortable but his little stiff dick gives him away.

“Look at me baby.”

When he finally takes that deep breath and looks up, he sees me smiling. I tell him I understand that is his first time. I promise him that I’ll guide him through it.

A sigh of relief. He feels he has a partner in his pursuit of cock.

I explain that he’s on the verge of an awakening. That once he has had my cock between those pretty plump lips, he becomes my property. I’ll own him. I’ll train him, I’ll give him the proper guidance a girl such as he requires. I’ll punish any insolence, any misbehavior which I consider less than lady-like.

From my chair, I can hear his heart beating, I can hear his breathing becoming labored, heavy.

All this pomp and circumstance is really unnecessary. I owned him the minute he came out of the bathroom canlı bahis undressed. Still, it’s theater. The play must have an ending. This is where he learns his immediate future.

It is here, naked and on his knees where he is educated on the demands that are placed on a sissy: never, ever correct his man, to always comport himself as a lady, regardless of who his man may have with him, ever, never masturbate without permission and/or supervision. He understands that his orgasms are no longer his to control. They become mine, as does he.

I teach him to ask politely if he can suck my cock. This must be done regardless of how many times I’ve emptied my balls in his gullet, how long he may have been playing with my cock, and whether or not I have told him to suck it. And he must still ask politely even if he blew me an hour ago. “Bad manners in a sissy beget punishment.”

He learns that he is always to be naked in my presence, once again, regardless of who else may be with me. “When you are in my house young lady, you will only wear what I have allowed to wear.”

I see his nipples get hard hearing my expectations, my demands. His excitement is palpable. I have become everything he didn’t know he wanted.

At this point, even I’m excited. My cock aches to feel his soft moist lips engulf it. I can hardly control myself. Weeks have gone by since I began this journey with him. I have entered his consciousness. His waking thoughts revolve around what I might think, how I might feel. More importantly, he wonders what my cock tastes like.

I have assured and reassure him over and over that his attraction to men is natural for one such as he. That he was created by nature to be exactly where he is at this minute, naked, on his knees, wanting to become my cocksucker.

By now, I have him believing that he’s special. That he’s somehow better than others who will never know the joy, the fulfillment that comes when he’s pleased his man and been rewarded with the fruits of his labor, a tummy full of cum.

I have him promise me that the next time we meet, he will have removed all his body hair. I tell him that if he’s a good girl and obeys that order, I will have a pretty present for her.

He’s asked my permission and my permission has been granted. I am delighted to see his hands tremble as he opens my trousers and fishes out my cock. My sissy is very excited to reveal himself.

Once again, his rapt attention is focused on my cock. Nothing else matters to him at this moment. I feel his warm breath as he nears it. I feel the first hesitant touch of his tongue. Then another and another as he familiarizes himself with my manhood.

A strange mewling noise escapes him as he lowers his face and takes a cock in his mouth for the first time. He moans around it as I guide him, train him to suck my cock the way I like it, not the way he wants to suck it. If you leave it to your sissy to decide how he wants to suck your cock, you are going to lose control of him.

A real man always controls his sissy, from the food they eat, what they drink, the clothes they wear, every detail is not above a real man’s attention. And believe me, your sissy will be grateful that you care so much about her. For you, it’s all a power trip. For her, your attention to detail is proof to her that you approve of what she is.

Likewise, when she misbehaves, and she will, when you warm her fanny up with a bare bottom spanking, she may cry, or she may not. But what she will do is secretly appreciate you for taking your valuable time to correct her. She may even climax as your hand repeatedly drives home the need for her to improve on whatever you found in her to be lacking.

But now that my new sissy has had her first taste of cock, the real test is the test of time. I choose to show her the door immediately after I get off. That lets her know that her importance to you is dependent only on her ability to service your cock. She feels used and that’s exactly what you want her to feel.

She’ll go home. If she lives alone, she’ll cry, she’ll stomp her feet, and thrash about her place cursing you for the way you treated her after the satisfying blow job she gave you. To you, she’s nothing. Just a place to empty your balls

She’ll repeat that mantra to herself until she actually believes it. When she does come to that realization, it’s then that you’ll know whether you’ve truly turned her out or not.

She’ll call or email you an apology for whatever it was that caused you to push her out the door so soon after feeding her your sperm. If she does call, do not answer the phone. Have her leave her message.

When I get that email or phone message, I almost high five myself. I wait a couple days then make arrangements for her to come to my place at a specific time. I warn her about tardiness.

When my pretty little sissy appears at my door, she’s afraid to come inside because she remembers she must be naked. If it’s dark, I let her undress on the front porch, I leave the light on of course. If it’s day light, I send her around to my back yard. There’s no real privacy there and that is part of her training. I strip away her pride, her shame, and her dignity. I remove any vestiges of masculinity she may have secreted inside her.

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