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My Secretary

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What do you do when you are sitting at your desk, in walks one of your regional sales staff, and at the exact same time, your dick is in the hands of your secretary, who is hiding under your desk between your legs?

I’ll tell you what I did. I slid my chair closer and stayed seated. I could just make out Sarah’s face, hidden under my large thick mahogany wood desk. I was still fully dressed in my charcoal suit, the one my secretary has complimented me on often. Oh yeah, one slight difference than how I’m normally clothed in the office. My zipper is fully unzipped, my cock completely exposed save for the parts of it my secretary had her fingers around.?

Just as I went to shake John’s hand, one of my senior salesmen, still seated, Sarah began sucking on the head of my cock. I coughed to cover up the sudden jump I did as John sat, beginning to go through the week’s sales reports. I couldn’t focus on that, as much as I tried. Instead, every sound from John’s mouth was drowned out by the sensation of Sarah’s hot, wet mouth, closed around the tip of my engorged cock. Her tongue was sliding around in circles, causing my dick to jerk within her grasp. Her eyes, her teasing, taunting eyes were staring up at me as she performed her fellatio talents during one of the most inappropriate times.?

I looked up to John, realizing I’d been weirdly staring down at my crotch. He seemed unfazed, droning on about projections and commission percentages and a bunch of other shit that wasn’t anywhere close to as important as Sarah starting to slide her mouth down my thick shaft. Half way down she began bobbing her head, the tip of my cock rubbing against the roof of her mouth a little as she began to hum slightly, just loud enough for my ears to pick up the sound, the vibrations sending shivers up my spine, making my toes curl within my shoes.?

Fuck, John was asking for me to approve time off for him. I began to stammer a response, my initial attempts at speech thwarted with Sarah engulfing the remaining half of my cock into her throat, gagging just barely loud enough for John to have heard if I hadn’t coughed even louder, several times as she decided to rapidly bob her head at the full depth of my cock down her throat, her gagging sound brief, but just loud enough requiring me to cover up our illicit activity.

I somehow recovered, John and I going back to scheduling discussions, and where we could make some changes to get him his time off he wanted. Sarah sensed my cognizant conversation with him. She tapped my thigh, making me look down for just a moment. I watched, her mouth still firmly sheathing my rock solid cock inside her mouth as she began to slip out of her dress. It was a very flowing halter top dress, easily removed, and instantly her breasts, nipples firm, came into view. I was barely able to see that she was indeed wearing panties as she wiggled a bit, letting the dress pool around her legs, letting it rest there before returning back to her task, coaxing glorious sensations through the nerves surrounding my turgid flesh.?

I somehow managed to turn my attention back to John, having missed everything he said. Thankfully he was going on and on about his plans for his time off. I managed to pay attention to about five words before Sarah once again drew my mind and body to once again zone in on her. She moved her mouth up to the very tip of my cock, her mouth sucking hard around it, tongue dancing magically over my skin. Her hands though, fingers interlocking and wrapping around my shaft, began to stroke, strong and firm, slow strokes. It was then that I noticed how wet she had made my cock. The sound from under my desk was noticeable to me, causing a wave of panic to trabzon escort hit me. I jerked my head up at John, terrified that he would hear and understand what was going on immediately.?

Relief washed over me as John took my head jerk as a reaction to something he had said, continuing his tirade about something that I not only didn’t give a fuck about, but also had no fucking clue what it was about. I glanced back down to Sarah, and she was smirking. She knew, from John talking even louder and faster, that she was safe. She started stroking faster, harder, her hands slick from her spit all over my dick. The sound got just a little louder, and yet John continued on, oblivious. After a minute, she scowled, and I soon realized why. She was upset that her saliva that had been all over my cock had started to dry up. She rectified the issue by swallowing every inch of my cock, then releasing my dick and spitting all over it as quietly as she could, covering every inch in her drool. Pleased with herself, since it literally dripped off my balls, she went back to stroking my cock, even more vigorously.?My mind was starting to go partially numb as my body focused its entire attention on what my dick was experiencing. After a couple more minutes of this, she began to hum, causing my balls to twitch, starting to bring me into the realm of an impending orgasm. The added sensation felt mind numbingly wonderful. I began to worry a little, if she kept this up, I’d be coming, in front of John, an idea that I wasn’t very fond of.?

Much to my relief again, John settled the issue for me, thanking me for listening to what he had to say, as if I even heard or remembered one word. He made his way out of my office, leaving the door slightly open. I looked back down to see Sarah finally releasing me from her hands and mouth, wiping off a large amount of her own spit from her chin. I glared down at her, and she had the decency to blush and shyly smile up at me.?

“I’m sorry sir, was I out of line?” She had the audacity to chuckle. All I could do was just try to maintain breathing correctly. I wasn’t in a position to admonish her in any way just yet, not until my brain had a few moments to recover. But she apparently had another plan for us. She turned around, her panty covered pussy aimed towards me, then turned her head to look at me. “I wanted your tasty cock here instead the whole time, sir.” So innocent sounding, yet her words were definitely not innocent at all. I watched, mutely, as she reached back and peeled her panties down to her knees, leaving them there. She then brought herself backwards towards me, towards my cock which was still hard and dripping wet from her mouth. She stopped once she felt my tip gently tap against her pussy.?

“Oh sir, I’m sorry, this is so inappropriate at work. I shouldn’t be doing anything like this.” She sweetly spoke as she began to rub her pussy up and down over the tip of my cock. I watched as her pussy juices and her spit mixed together over my flesh. I wanted nothing more than to shove my chair forward and sink myself into her, but there was no way I was going to risk that at work, not after the seriously close call that happened just a few seconds ago.?

Sarah didn’t seem to be having that thought though, as she began to slide her pussy faster over me, making sure the tip grazed over her hard little clit, her moans escaping her lips every time she did so. “I’m pretty sure everyone at work would frown upon this behavior, so unprofessional.” She taunted as she reached back, grabbing me at the base of my cock, and aimed me right at her dripping wet little hole. She pushed down onto me just an inch, enough to have about half of the trabzon escort bayan tip of my cock inside her, just enough to keep it in place. Then she spread her middle fingers on either side of my shaft from underneath and began to stroke my cock again. The feeling was so intense, with her under my desk, hidden from view, feeling the heat and moisture emanating from her body onto mine, that small amount of physical connection, yet my body was hyper focused on that one singular point so intensely that I couldn’t even feel anything else at all. Her pussy and her fingers, such a delicious pair of sensations at the same time.?

She began to rock her body, barely covering the entire tip of my cock. I watched as I would see the head disappear inside her, then show back into view, over and over, her fingers sliding fast along my exposed shaft. I watched as her juices slid from the head down my shaft, coating her fingers continuously. Then the most terrifying thing happened, I heard John calling my name from just outside my office, he was coming back in!?

We both froze, looking at each other. There was no way I could pull out now, I wouldn’t be able to get my cock back into my pants before drying it off. And I couldn’t stay where I was, chair slid back from my desk. John would be able to see what was happening. I did the only thing I could do. I watched Sarah’s mouth open wide in a silent scream as I scooted forward, embedding myself within her slick, hot, tight walls. Her hands shot out behind her, grabbing my legs as I bottomed out, hiding both of us from view. I felt her hands beating against my legs, unable to look down as John began another conversation with me as he fully entered my office.?

As soon as I began to talk back, Sarah started her revenge. I felt her quickly move away from me until she had just the tip of my drenched cock within her, then slowly slid herself back down my shaft. She squeezed rhythmically as she sheathed me back inside herself. She followed this pattern as I attempted to stumble my way through what John was so fucking desperate to talk about, wanting instead to watch her motions as she fucked herself along my cock.?

Then I felt her legs grab my pants, tight, using that as leverage to change tempo and tactics. She started to slam herself back against me, then slowly move to the very tip of my cock. She was driving me crazy, fucking me in my office, while trying to carry on a semi important conversation with one of my salesmen about a new client, at least I think that’s what he was talking about. Deciding that wasn’t enough of a distraction, she began to bounce her pussy around the head of my cock, fast motions, centered on just the end of my dick. She was teasing me, and it felt amazing.

John went into the discussion, and I reached my hand down to Sarah’s naked ass. She hesitated for just a moment, then she felt me pulling her by her ass, and resumed long strokes of her pussy all the way up and down my cock, more fluid, continuous, constant speed all the way up and down. It felt amazing, sensations overpowering my thoughts. I flexed my cock inside of her, and she took that as a sign to increase her tempo. John’s stupid voice drowned out any chance of himself hearing her soaked pussy fuck me. I could hear it though, faint squishing sounds as she repeatedly fucked the entire length into her hot, tight little hole. At this point I wouldn’t have been able to respond to John at all, my brain completely and fully engaged on the motions of my hot secretary fucking me.?

She stopped with me balls deep inside her, and then I felt her hands on my legs, pushing against me. It took several pushes from her until I realized escort trabzon what she was intending. My heart pounded in my chest as I did what I think she wanted. I slid my chair back, just enough so I could see her ass, my cock buried to the hilt. I brought my eyes up to John’s to gauge his reaction, but he gave no indication at all of Sarah, almost fully naked except for her panties still around her legs and her heels on her feet, fucking her boss in front of him. She started again, holding onto my legs, fucking me faster than before. Harder, she pounded her pussy back along my shaft. I could hear her, and I had no idea how John couldn’t. Maybe I was so hyper focused on Sarah that it seemed louder to me than it really was.?

She was unrelenting, constantly squeezing me with her pussy, fucking me in that same rhythm, like a machine almost. John started another topic with me, apparently perfectly happy with not having me say anything in response. My hand held onto her hip as she gave my cock a serious working over. But then I realized, with my balls beginning to jerk, that I was getting close to coming. Mentally I panicked, because I knew my secretary was not on the pill, and I was not wearing a condom. She was fucking me raw, and I was getting closer and closer to the edge.?

Sarah must have sensed it, or maybe she didn’t, but she somehow fucked me harder. I started to tap her hip, hoping to get her attention. She kept at it instead. I got very nervous, and tried to back away from her. Damnit, the woman just moved with me. I couldn’t move back any further, I was dangerously close to exposing us to John. As I glanced down now, I could see her entire tight ass moving along my cock, watching about half of my dick appear and then get swallowed up by her body again. I tried to push her away from me, but she remained firm in her position, looking back at me and shaking her head no.

I had to get John out of there. I felt my balls begin to boil, my orgasm rapidly approaching. I tried to think of a way out of this, but nothing was coming to mind that didn’t include us being seen. That hot wet pussy was unrelenting, unyielding in its quest to destroy my mind with its actions on my body. I tried again to push Sarah off me, and this only made her fuck me even harder. I had to brace my chair to keep it from moving as she now fucked me for all she was worth. John getting more and more animated about whatever the fuck he was talking about was just enough noise to keep himself from hearing my secretary fuck the living hell out of me from under my desk. Her face turned back to look at me, I stared at her, trying to tell her with my eyes ‘You have to stop!’. She just shook her head no, and kept right on, taking me ever closer to my orgasm.?

Suddenly an idea popped into my head, and I wondered why I didn’t think of this before. I frantically told John I had a phone meeting to be on, and for him to close my door as he left. He politely excused himself and walked out, closing the door to my office.

I pulled the chair back hard, freeing myself from impregnating my secretary, I pulled her out also, frantically stroking my cock, ready to come all over. She knelt in front of me, between my legs, her hands stroking my legs through my pants as I furiously jacked myself off, cock aimed at her mouth. I moaned my impending orgasm, and she dove her head onto me, swallowing rapidly as I fired shot after shot of come into her. Once I was spent, I collapsed back into my chair, cock soaked, hanging limply against my chair cushion. I watched as Sarah smiled, licked her lips, and did one final swallow, opening her mouth to show me that nothing remained.

“Thank you for my snack sir, it was very filling. I think our morning meetings are going to be much much better from now on.” She winked at me, getting herself dressed again. She dropped her panties into my lap, then blew me a kiss as she walked out of my office, closing the door as she smiled back at me.

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