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My Secret Service Ch. 04

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Jim and Jen and I settled into something of a rhythm as the weeks passed. They would call or stop by my house when they needed my services and I would take care of them the best I could.

Naturally, I serviced Jim more than I did his wife, but that was to be expected.

On more than one occasion, Jen and I would be talking and she would let it drop that we’d missed a chance for me to get a creamy treat from between her thighs.

“I tried to get you a creampie,” she said one day while we were drinking coffee in her kitchen.

I nearly did a spit take, but I held it in, coughing and sputtering.

“What?” I replied, thinking how quick our conversation had diverted from local homeowner’s association politics to my licking the ejaculate her husband leaves behind in her pussy.

“I tried to get you a creampie,” she repeated. “Jim wanted came to bed horny last night. I tried to put him off until this morning, but he was insistent.”

“You can’t set your sex life around whether we can play afterward,” I said. “That’s not realistic. And, by the way, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anybody actually use the word ‘creampie’ in a sentence before. Except maybe in a porn movie, or something.”

“Well, that’s what it’s called, right?

I nodded, conceding the point.

Just as quickly as the conversation had veered to sex, it veered away again, as we finished a pot between us.

As I made my farewells, Jen stopped me at the door.

“I wiped up with the panties I wore to bed. Do you want to borrow them?”

My cock twitched in my pants. I merely nodded, at a loss for words.

Jen disappeared and came back with something pink and lacy folded in her hands.

“Bring them back when you are done, please,” she said.

I gripped them in my hand as I made my across the yard to my house. Inside, I discovered she’d given me a thong, with a wide pink lace band and white polka-dotted cotton front. The crotch and inside of the panty was sticky from where Jen had wiped the remnants of their sex.

I held the panties to my face and inhaled deeply. My cock was hard as I dropped my pants and started stroking myself. I licked the panties as I masturbated, the subtle flavors of their secretions filling my mouth.

This wasn’t a leisurely wank. I wanted to cum. Badly.

Just before I felt my load start to break loose, I took the panties from my face and held them over my erection. As I came, my cum landed on what was left of my neighbor’s sex from the night before. I used them to clean myself up and tossed them on the dirty clothes pile to wash.

* * * * *

Little did I know how important those panties would become. I did wash them not long after Jen gave them to me, but I didn’t return them right away. In fact, I used them for my self-pleasure more than once.

I was discovering that I was more and more interested in wearing panties, especially when I jerked off. There was something about slipping them on that made me hot.

But they almost gave me a heart attack, too.

I was in my laundry room when I heard a knock at the back door. Since Jim was the only person who had bahçelievler escort ever come in that way, I assumed (correctly) it was him.

I was taking clean clothes out of the dryer as we chatted, when I came out with his wife’s panties. I wasn’t paying attention, but he was.

“Who’s are those?” he asked.

Oh, shit.

I could feel my face turning red. I didn’t know what to say. If Jim recognized them as his wife’s, my whole world, along with theirs, might just come crashing down.

But Jim apparently didn’t recognize them. A look not unlike the one he gave me in the hot tub that night came over his face.

“Are they yours? Do you wear them?”

I nodded, still unable to make words come out of my mouth.

“How often do you wear them?”

“Just… sometimes,” I managed to croak.

A grin broke across his face.

“That’s kinda hot,” he said. “I assume you jerk off while you wear them?”

I nodded.

“Tell you what. I’m going in the living room. Why don’t you put them on and join me?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, turning to leave.

I stood there for a moment, letting my heart stop pounding in my chest. Then I did as he asked, stripping bare before sliding the lace band of the panties up over my knees until the crotch was snug against my balls.

I walked into the living room to find Jim naked from the waist down, his semi-erect cock laying on his thigh.

He gave me a little whistle.

“I like your panties,” he said, grinning. “Turn around, let’s see the back.”

I walked over to the couch and complied, turning to show my bare ass cheeks. Jim smacked me on the butt, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to remind me who was in charge.

I turned around and my obvious excitement was evident as my cock pushed against the front of the panties that I’d borrowed from his wife.

Jim looked me in the eye. He didn’t say a word.

I dropped to my knees between his legs, leaning in to run my tongue up over his balls and along his shaft. When I reached the head of his cock, I pulled off and repeated the move as his dick lifted itself off his leg and stood at attention.

As the precum bubbled from his cock, I gently kissed it, getting his stickiness on my lips.

Then, in one motion, I opened my mouth and took as much of his dick into my mouth as I could before clamping my lips around his shaft. I knew it was one of Jim’s favorite moves and he groaned with pleasure as I massaged the underside of his shaft with my tongue.

I worked his cock in and out of my wet mouth, my eyes closed, concentrating on the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I had come to love the feeling of his manhood in my willing mouth, and I worked hard to earn my cummy reward.

It didn’t take him very long, and that was largely my doing. I didn’t slow my pace, or back off and let him cool down. I wanted his load in my belly and the panic/thrill/eroticism of our little panty episode only fueled my desire.

Jim wanted it too. His hand found the back of my head and he begin to lift his hips to push his cock deeper into my mouth. balgat escort

“Oh, yeah. Suck it. Suck that dick. Show me you want it,” he said.

I let his drive his shaft over my tongue and into the back of my throat. I moaned as he did. My dick, hard in Jen’s panties, was leaving a wet spot on the front.

Fucking my face was exactly what Jim needed. He pushed in one last time and unleashed a torrent of cum into my mouth. I swallowed, out of self-preservation as much as anything, as he bellowed through his orgasm.

“Fuck,” he said, panting to catch his breath. “That was awesome.”

I didn’t answer. My mouth was still wrapped around his now-shrinking dick, savoring the feeling of his rather violent ejaculation.

When he finally pushed me away, I sprawled on the floor, Jen’s panties now soaked with my precum.

As he dressed, Jim turned to where I was still laying on the floor.

“I think wearing panties suits you,” he said.

I murmured my agreement.

“From now on, when I call you to come over, I want you to wear them,” he said. “And not just this pair over and over. Get some more. Sexy ones.”

I nodded.

“I want you to wear panties that excite you when you put them on,” he said. “I want you to wear panties that make you want my dick. Got it?”

If my UPS man wondered why I was getting so many packages from women’s underwear companies in the next few weeks, he never mentioned it, even as I signed for box after box.

* * * * *

But that wasn’t the only close call. For as much as the panty incident scared me, it was nothing compared to what happened about a week later.

It was a Monday morning and I was still lazing in bed, when a text from Jen invited me over.

I jumped up, brushed my teeth and threw on a pair of running pants and a T-shirt.

I let myself in the back door and made the familiar trek to the bedroom she shared with her husband. She was laying on her back, wearing only a pair of light blue satin panties, that gripped her ass cheeks like they had been painted on.

I didn’t speak. I settled between her legs and began kissing her bottom and thighs as I burrowed my face toward her freshly fucked pussy.

Jen cooed as I touched sensitive areas as I pushed against the fabric with my tongue.

She pushed back, lifting her bottom into the air, and I flipped over on my back.

She dropped her still-covered snatch onto my waiting face. She was gently rubbing herself on my face, when Jim’s voice boomed from the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey, Jen, have you seen my papers for the Jefferson proposal?”

Jen froze for a second, but I did not. I tried to push her off me.

She dropped her full weight onto my face, sitting up over me.

My eyes were as wide as silver dollars as she met my gaze. She put a finger to her lips.

“Look in the den, sweetie. Weren’t you looking at them when you watched the game last night?”

“I think you are right,” he yelled back. We could hear his footsteps walk away from the landing below, only to return in a few seconds.

“Got ’em. Thanks, babe. I love batıkent escort you.

“I love you. Have a good day.”

The door slammed behind him as he left.

I don’t know if it was the pounding in my chest that she was sitting on, or the look in my eyes, but Jen knew I was petrified.

“Relax,” she said, looking at me between her thighs. “He’s gone.”

She raised up slightly, reached between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. A thick stream of cum dropped onto my face. Jen scooped it with her finger and pushed it into my mouth.

“My cum-filled pussy needs your attention. You aren’t going to abandon me, are you?”

She pushed her sex into my face and I got busy licking and sucking the sex from her wet, open hole.

Jen pulled on her nipples with one hand as the other found her clit.

I was concentrating on her pussy, but Jen had other ideas. As she continued to rub herself, she shifted forward.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue,” she said. “I’m not going to last long.”

I pushed against her sphincter with the tip of my tongue. Unlike her well-fucked pussy, it didn’t allow me in easily. Jen moaned and rubbed her clit with vigor.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as her legs locked around my ears. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Soon, the sensation became too much and she fell forward on the bed. I jumped up, the nervous energy of her husband being less than 30 feet from where we laid not 10 minutes before, coursing through my body.

“Fuck me, that was close,” I said. “I thought we were busted.”

Jen rolled over to look at me. She giggled.

“Really? I thought it was hot. And so what if he’d caught us?”

“So what?” I said, perhaps louder than I should have.

Jen looked a little hurt. And then a little mad.

“I can take care of my husband,” she said. “You worry about taking care of me.”

* * * * *

If Jen was mad about my outburst, it didn’t last long. The Jefferson proposal turned out to be for Dean Henry Jefferson, the president of the local liberal arts college. They needed a new financial planner to oversee their billon-dollar endowment, and Jim’s proposal won.

For as much money, it wasn’t that much extra work, Jim explained after I stopped by his office for a congratulatory blow job later that week. But it would mean a lot more money coming in.

To celebrate, Jen rented a lovely entertainment space for a party and Jim invited all the clients, including myself, who had believed in him as he built his firm.

Jen looked stunning, as usual, in a beautiful form fitting red dress. But I was stunned by the dress that Jim’s assistant Missy showed up in.

It was black, with a sequined top that sparkled in the light. How her enormous breasts stayed inside the fabric was a miracle of modern dressmaking. And the bottom half of the dress cupped and shaped her bottom in a way that made me ache with desire.

I said hello to her, of course, and complimented her dress. But she was nearly as overwhelmed with well-wishers as Jim and Jen. I drifted away, making conversation with the few others I knew at the party, enjoying the food and the wine that Jen had selected for the event.

I was filling a plate of fresh fruit to pair with a delicate white wine, when I felt somebody, obviously female, come up beside me.

It was Missy.

“So,” she said. “How long have you been sucking my boss’ dick?”

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