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My Reputation Precedes Me Ch. 03

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I went in and called Judy Watson as soon as Lenny and Shirley left. The phone rang several times before she finally answered, sounding somewhat out of breath. Her ‘caller ID’ told her it was me calling and she answered, saying, “Recovered from last night, Lover? I have and it’s been so much fun, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t know what that means, you’ll have to clue me in.” I heard her giggle.

“Why, lover, I’ve had last night on the brain all day and I’ve just had to…you know…take care of business a couple of times. My poor kitty has been so wet I’ve had to change my panties several times. I finally just left them off. Now, are you calling to say you’ll be over tonight?”

“Dear one,” I said in my most serious voice, “it has come to my attention that you have blabbed to several peoplr about our liason of last night, especially to Mrs. Shirley Head, who, at this very moment is servicing my good friend, Lenny Huddleston. Of course, she did put a stipulation on her services, which Lenny, in his haste to gain satisfaction from her, readily accepted.”

“Oh Carl, I’m sorry about that, but, I did have to brag a little, she was being so obnoxious and…well…it didn’t hurt, did it?”

“No, it didn’t and Lenny was going after her full blast then she had to blab that you gave me a blow job last night and made me cum.” I paused. “Now, as to whether I’ll be over tonight, well old Doc Griffin gave me a prescription for Cialis and I found my old cock ring. The Cialis is supposed to be good for thirty-six hours. Think you can handle that?”

“Oh my god, Carl,” she answered, “thirty-six hours? That’s a day and a half. Do you think you can fuck that long?”

I laughed. “Baby, it sure would be fun trying, but, istanbul escort no, my balls can’t produce that much cream if I was to cum every time we fucked. You just be ready, buck naked, in bed, at eight o’clock tonight. You’re gonna get it missionaty style, doggy style, like a cowgirl, and what ever comes to mind. If you’re really good, I might let you play on my skin flute again. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Jeezus, Carl, I’m so wet already, it’s running down my legs. I don’t know how I’m gonna hold off till eight. “I’ll be ready, just don’t be late, please,” with heavy emphasis on that last word.

I hung up and went to the kitchen, taking a TV dinner out of the freezer. It looked to be high in protein.

At seven-thirty, I called Lenny to see how he’d made out with Shirley. He sounded kind of groggy when he answered his phone, “Hullo?”

Sounding as chipper as I could, I said, “Hey, buddy, how’d you make out with ol Shirl?”

I heard a soft groan, then, “You’ve heard that old saying; ‘She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch’. Well, there ain’t no chrome left on my hitch. My god, that woman’s got the most talented mouth.

“And, I’ll tell you something else, her pussy is just as sweet as honey. I don’t know how many times she came, all I know is, she’s sound asleep in my bed right now and as soon as she wakes up we’re gonna fuck our heads off. Now, get off the phone so’s I can recover a little more…bye,” and he was gone.

I swallowed one of my pills and put the cock ring on at the base of my prick, leaving room for expansion.

At eight o’clock, I let myself into Judy’s house. She had left the door unlocked as she had before. And, as kadıköy escort it was before, the only light came from her bedroom doorway. I stripped my tee shirt off and left it with my moccasins in the living room before going to her room.

She was just as I’d told her to be, laying there bare ass, one hand busy at her pussy, the other on a tit, pulling on the nipple, stretching it almost an inch and a half. I slipped out of my shorts, revealing my now fully turgid prick, the cock ring tight around the base.

Judy pulled up her knees, spreading them wide. “Come on, lover, fill me up, I’ve waited long enough.” On my knees, I shuffled between hers, my cock leading the way. She grabbed hold of it, guiding it to her slot, as I lowered myself. When I started to penetrate slowly, Judy thrust her hips upwards to completely engulf my cock. “Come on, man,fuck me. Don’t hold back, hard and fast, come on!”

At first it was difficult, what with her thrusting up and me trying to time my thrusts with hers, but, it wasn’t long before we were in sync. In no time, Judy was panting like a puppy, “uh…uh…uh,” driving herself to an orgasm. Where at first she had both hands on my shoulders, she moved one between us, to rub her clit.

When she did finally, go over, it was with a prolonged “Ooooouuuuhhhh.” It lasted only seconds and then we were off and running again.

After her third orgasm, she fell back, exhausted, breathing hard through her open mouth. “Oh god, Carl,” when she finally calmed down enough to speak, “that was wonderful. I can’t remember when I’ve been fucked so good.” She pulled my face down to hers and we kissed, actually, for the first time.

When we broke the kiss, kağıthane escort she was looking up at me with a quizzical expression on her face. “What,” I asked.

“Well, I know what ‘doggy style’ is, but, what do you meand “Cowgirl?”

I grinned back at her. “That’s the best. You get to ride my cock just like a cowgirl rides a horse. That way I can play with your tits and stuff.”

“My god, Carl, I should have known that. Can we do that next? Maybe you can cum then.”

“No, I’d rather get another blow job. That’s the best for me, now that you’ve cum. How about it?”

“Okay, but, first take off that thing around your pecker. That’d kinda cramp my style. It’d be in the way when I try to really deep throat you.”

“No problem,” I replied, unlatching the leather cock ring. “How’s that, babe?” I rolled onto my back, my unfettered cock pointing straight up

Judy quickly got on her knees and in seconds, my cock was in her mouth and she was licking the entire length, with paying special attention to the sensitive under side of the deep purple cock head.

In no time I felt that wonderful clutching feeling as my cum began to boil in my balls, “I’m gonna cum, babe,” I managed to whisper, as my hips began their involuntary thrusting.

Her answer to that was to take my pecker full depth, her swallowing muscles pulling me over the edge, as my cream erupted directly down her throat. There was a momentary gag reflex, then, my repeated spurts went directly to her stomach.

When she felt that my balls had been completely emptied, Judy eased off my cock, leaving it still standing erect, probably the result of the magic pill I had taken earlier.

She took a couple of licks at the head, as though it was an all day sucker, then grinned at me. “How was that, lover? Make you happy?” I could only nod my head in the affirmative. Right now I felt like getting some sleep, just like every time I would cum.

Judy stretched out beside me, her head resting on my chest. “Get some rest, lover, then I’m gonna ride that rod, hard.”

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