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My Older Neighbour Gertie Ch. 01

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This story is inspired by actual events and some sexual activity that did take place. It contains so little of those events it would not be true to say it is based on them. Details have also been changed so, any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

It also depicts marital infidelity. If this is a subject you do not like to read then please take note.

The year is 1985 near Loughborough in England. I was 28 and had been married to my wife Jane for seven years. We had a two-year-old daughter called Emily.

We lived in a cul-de-sac, it was built in the early 1900s populated with pairs of Victorian semi-detached villas. At one time the occupants would have been English middle-class professionals but by the 1980s the occupants were like me, working class.

There was one exception, a house across the road from us. It was occupied by Frederick and Gertrude. Once we got to know them they insisted we called them Fred and Gertie. They were both in their late seventies.

Fred was a retired civil servant, Gertie had never worked, she came from a wealthy family in the northwest of England. Her parents bought their house for them in the 1920s.

They had a daughter, Julie, who lived about two and a half hours away near Preston. Gertie said she gave birth to her when she was twenty, so Julie would be in her late fifties. Julie was a divorcee, into her horses and the outdoor life.

Gertie said she doubted Julie would remarry as she had a sizeable maintenance order (alimony) from her ex. It would cease if she remarried or if she cohabited with a partner. Julie was a good-looking, jovial woman who took after her mother in looks. She was just a younger version of Gertie.

Fred was of medium height, balding with a slim build. When going out he always wore a tweed jacket, white shirt, tie, grey flannel trousers, black brogue shoes and a trilby hat. If it was raining, he would carry an umbrella.

Gertie was about 5’7 (1.7 m). She wasn’t fat, but she carried some extra weight, she had large D cup breasts. She had predominantly grey hair with some natural brown remaining. Her eyes were a watery blue, she had a nice smile. Her skin was wrinkled and slightly tanned from their usual summer holidays abroad and most years they also had a winter sun holiday in the Canary Islands. The skin on her face seemed to droop a little, not dramatically like a bloodhound, but just ever so slightly. Sometimes you could see a little of the pink tissue behind her lower eyelids; I think that was when she felt tired.

They were creatures of habit, they had joined a social club. They would go as a couple on most Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Fred would go on his own most Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes for some beer with his pals.

If going to the club she would wear tweed skirts or summer frocks, depending on the time of year. Her everyday attire was a pair of slacks, generally baggy ones with an elasticated waistband. A blouse or top and a cardigan or jumper. If she was doing housework she would wear a blue, nylon housecoat. Beneath the housecoat she often just wore her underwear, she used to say she got too hot otherwise.

Gertie’s house was not that well maintained. Because of that, Gertie was a relatively frequent visitor to our house. I’m quite handy around the house and can sort out most maintenance tasks myself. Gertie knew this which, is why she crossed the road and knocked on our door whenever there was a problem that was beyond Fred’s ability. For example, a sash window was stuck, the pilot light had gone out on their boiler or a tap was dripping.

Gertie always offered to pay me for my trouble, but I never accepted any money. She always made it right by coming over with homemade jars of jam, pickle, marmalade, or an apple pie or a bottle of wine.

I didn’t mind helping them. Jane didn’t mind the time I spent there either, I guess it eased her social conscience that we were looking out for our elderly neighbours.

I also had an ulterior motive, I had a thing for old ladies, I still do. It started when I was eighteen, I had an affair with my grandma’s elderly next-door neighbour that lasted for three years. Gertie stirred my memories and my loins.

Gertie could be quite flirtatious when Fred wasn’t around. Come to think of it, things mostly tended to need fixing when Fred wasn’t around. Gertie would often stand very close to me so that one of her breasts was pushing against my arm. She would make complimentary references to my physique. “It requires a strong young man with big muscles to do this doesn’t it?”, she’d say when I was unjamming a sash window, her hand squeezing my bicep then stroking it.

There was a time when one of her friends was with her when a fuse had blown. I was called over to fix that for her. I was introduced to her friend who was called Mabel.

Mabel said, “Ooh! Is this the tall, dark, handsome neighbour you were telling me about Gertie? The one who makes you come over all unnecessary?”

“Shut istanbul escort up! That’s not what I said.”

From her bright red face, I think it was, either that or something similar.

After hearing Mabel say that, I thought Gertie might be up for a little more than just flirting. However, I had to be careful because if I was reading her wrong it could spoil our friendship. That would be awkward with her living across the road. If she stopped asking me for help then Jane would wonder why.

I had been contenting myself with ogling her boobs, peeking down her top, blouse, or her housecoat whenever I could. When she was sitting down wearing her housecoat, I’d try to peek between her legs. It would make me hard, and I’d try to hide it from her by putting a hand in my pocket or, holding something to hide it. It gave me a thrill to get hard in her presence.

Up to when I heard what Mabel said, all of that peeking had been done surreptitiously. After I’d heard that, I started to be blatant. I would let her catch me looking, I stopped peeking, I just directly looked. I only looked away when she caught me looking. I wanted her to catch me, I wanted her to know I was interested.

“Naughty!”, she would say with a smile when she caught me. She would close her legs or hide my down-blouse view with her hand. I stopped hiding my erection, I wanted her to see I was hard.

The result of not hiding my erection was that I started to catch her looking at it. I’m 6’4 (1.93 m), I’m reasonably muscular, my cock when erect is seven and a half inches, and very thick. So in tight jeans, she couldn’t miss it. Instead of looking away when caught, she would let her eyes linger, so that I caught her looking. She would just smile or shrug as if to say, “What?”

When she was standing next to me with her breast pressing against me, I started to say things like, “That feels nice.”, “Very nice.” or, “Mmm, yes.” whilst looking at the breast pushed against me. The first time I said that she looked embarrassed and moved away. Subsequent times she let it stay there, sometimes even increasing the pressure, her big, soft tit squashing against my arm.

Then she stopped hiding my down-blouse views when she caught me looking, she stopped closing her legs, she would just smile. Then she upped the ante. If I was ogling her boobs she would pull her top away from her chest to give me a better view. If she was wearing a blouse or a housecoat she’d often unfasten a button.

“It is a bit warm isn’t it?” she’d say whilst doing so.

When she caught me looking under her housecoat she started to open her legs a little wider for me. The times when we were sitting down were when she’d made me a cup of tea when whatever task was finished. That’s when she would sit opposite me with her legs slightly apart.

All of this took place gradually, developing over many months. The visits were roughly every two or three weeks. The atmosphere was very sexually charged and erotic, I could feel myself getting hard just crossing the road. I was certain she wanted some sexual activity to happen. A pivotal moment was when Gertie asked if I could change a light fitting for her. I agreed.

The job wasn’t as straightforward as I first thought. The replacement was much heavier than the existing fitting and three screws into a lath and plaster ceiling wouldn’t be strong enough to hold it. It needed screwing into a solid wooden joist and the old location patched, but it would have been off-centre, she didn’t want that. I needed to install a backing board between two of the joists. That meant lifting floorboards in the room above.

The room above was the main bedroom. I had to move the bed and other furniture, the noise of which prompted Gertie to come up to see what I was doing. Fred had just gone to the club before Gertie asked me to come over, he’d be there for a few hours more.

The thought that I was with Gertie in her bedroom make my cock start to thicken.

Gertie said, “I’ll put my housecoat on and help you.”

She took off her jumper and top and stood there in front of me in just her bra and slacks. Her breasts were heavy and swaying, there was a lot of cleavage. I stared, I didn’t look away. She saw me looking and smiled.

“You like looking at them don’t you?”


“Even though I’m an old lady?”

“Yes, they’re gorgeous.”

She smiled and got her housecoat from her wardrobe, put it on and buttoned it up. Then she shimmied out of her slacks. Because she was wearing the housecoat, I only got a glimpse of her knickers.

She couldn’t do any heavy lifting. I suggested that we removed the drawers from a chest of drawers and the drawers from her dressing table to make it easier to lift them across the carpet.

She faced the chest of drawers with her back to me and bent at the waist to remove the bottom drawer. Her housecoat moved to the top of her thighs. I moved closer, sat on the bed and, peered up under istanbul escort bayan her housecoat to get a good, close look between her legs. Her panties and gusset were clearly displayed to me.

The top of her thighs had some cellulite, it wasn’t a turn-off. Some grey pubes were escaping under the elastic of her panties. There was a significant bulge in her panties made by her pussy. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had turned her head to one side and could see me in her dressing table mirror. She was watching me get my head down close to her rear in order to get a good look up her housecoat.

We each took the drawers into the hall to stack them on the floor. Gertie was again flashing her knickers at me as she bent over to put them down.

With the next flash in the bedroom, I saw the gusset of her knickers had been pulled to the side of her slit. She had to have done that on purpose. Her pussy lips were now exposed to me, a light covering of pubic hair on their slightly wrinkled surface. She stayed bent over for what seemed like ages, she let me have a long look between her legs.

She removed the last drawer from her dressing table and carried it out onto the landing. We then managed to move the furniture out of the way enough to be able to pull back the carpet.

I was very aroused, Gertie looked at the bulge my erect cock was making in my jeans. She was silent for a moment. “I’ll go and put the kettle on.” she said, “I just need a pee first.”

She went to the bathroom, she didn’t close the door. I could hear her stream tinkling into the bowl. I tiptoed over and peered through the crack in the door. She was sat with her legs apart, the bottom of her housecoat was around her waist. She finished and reached for some paper to dab herself. Then she opened her legs even wider, giving me a full view of her pussy, I could just make out her slit. She dabbed herself and bent to pull up her knickers. I took that as my cue to tiptoe back to the bedroom.

I heard her going downstairs. My raging cock demanded release, I unzipped and gave it a few quick strokes. A few more strokes and I knew I would have been spurting cum on her carpet. I didn’t want to do that, so I zipped myself back up as comfortably as I could. Then I set to work raising a couple of floorboards.

I attached the backing board to the joists, drilled the central hole, and threaded the power flex through to the room below. I was about to replace the floorboards when I heard Gertie coming back upstairs.

Standing up I took my mug of coffee from her. When she stepped over the gap in the floor I held her arm. My hand was brushing the side of her heavy breast. She sat on the bed, her legs were slightly parted.

I sat on the floor near the hole, but only so I could see between her legs. I wanted her to see me looking. She did, she didn’t say anything, she just opened her legs a little bit wider for me. I could see the front of her knickers and the bulge her pussy and pubes was making in the material.

I was confident that she wanted me to take the next step so, I took a sip of coffee, put my mug down and knelt in front of her. I rested my hands on her knees. She was looking at my hands, she was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. She gave me her unfinished mug, I put it on the floor next to mine. I gently moved her legs further apart, she didn’t resist.

I moved my hands slowly along the top of her thighs, my thumbs moving up her inner thigh. When I reached her knickers I pulled the front of her old lady knickers down, exposing her pussy.

She just watched what I was doing, no protest at all. I moved my fingers to her sides to take her knickers off, as I started to pull them off she raised her hips and moved her legs together to help me. When they were around her ankles, she lifted her feet out of them and then re-opened her legs for me. It felt so surreal, after all these months Gertie’s bare cunt was now in front of me. She was showing it to me, letting me look at it.

All the memories of May, my previous older lover came flooding back. Gertie’s pussy had a light covering of grey pubic hair. I couldn’t see her clitoral hood but as I followed her slit between her legs I could see her inner labia peeking out.

I cupped her pussy with my hand, she inhaled sharply. My hand could feel her warmth. I pressed my middle finger to her. It felt soft where I pressed, I was over her vaginal opening. She was starting to get slightly wet, I slid my finger up her slit.

My finger was stimulating her clitoris. She started whimpering, now and again her legs trembled. I moved my finger back to her opening, there was some secretion there. It allowed my finger to enter her, her vagina was gripping me gently.

I moved my thumb over her clit as I finger-fucked her ageing pussy. She released more secretions, making her pussy wetter than I thought a woman her age could ever become. She started to gently escort istanbul thrust her hips towards my hand then, she stopped. She let out a low moan, she came on my finger. Her legs trembled, making the flesh of her thighs wobble. Her vagina was pulsing and spasming on my finger.

“Oh…, oh my, I never…”

“Never what?”

“I never had one like that before, oh look at the mess I’m in.”

Her pubic hair was matted, my hand was wet with her secretions. I withdrew my finger and sucked it clean. She just stared, wide-eyed, I could tell what she was thinking.

I lifted and spread her legs and placed my mouth over her fanny. My tongue probing between her lips and up to her clit, I started flicking it, “Ooh, yes!” she gasped.

I lapped up her tangy secretions and with my free hand released my rock hard cock. I started stroking it. My intention was to bring her to another orgasm but I felt my scrotum tighten and that familiar tingle start. I knelt upright and pointed my cock at her pussy. Gertie started frigging herself whilst staring at my cock. I didn’t need to stroke, my cum spurted over her pussy, belly and fingers. Gertie started cumming too, my legs went weak.

Gertie sat up. “I want to feel it.” she said, reaching out for me.

She curled her fingers around my shaft, squeezing it gently as I started to deflate.

“It’s lovely.” she whispered, “So big.”

I kissed her on the lips. “I’d better finish this job and get back before I’m missed.” I said.

“Yes you had.” said Gertie, standing to pull up her knickers, her pussy right in front of my face before it disappeared from view.

I stood up, tucked my cock away and zipped myself up.

“That was lovely David, thank you. I’ve imagined doing something like that with you for so long. Do you still want to keep coming round to see me?”

“To fix things you mean?”

“Well that as well, although I have a confession to make.” she said with a mischievous smile, “Sometimes I’d break things on purpose, just so you would come round. I would turn the gas off at the mains, so the pilot light would go out, and then I would turn it back on so I could ask you to relight it.”

“Yes, I do want to see you again. But instead of creating actual tasks just come over and say this or that isn’t working, there’s no need to create a job. Then we’ll have more time.”

“It was Mabel’s idea.”


“You met her once, she was the one who said I’d told her you were tall dark and handsome, and you made me feel…, you know.”


“She’d said to sort of break things and ask you to fix them. She also suggested I push my breasts into you and flash you my knickers.

She showed me how to put a piece of wood under one side of a sash window and push the window down on the other side to jam it. Then pull the wood out and say it was too stiff for me to open, even if it wasn’t.

She showed me how to change a fuse and gave me a blown one to put in, so I could ask you to change it.

She’d done all this herself once to seduce a neighbour, he was more her age though.

I’m sorry for deceiving you, but I wanted you so much.”

“Bloody hell Gertie, I never had any idea. Are you going to tell her that her ideas worked?”

“Yes, there’s no point in me lying to her, she’ll know. She knows me as well as I know myself. We met in the Land Army during the war and have been friends ever since.

Don’t worry, she won’t spread it about.”

I replaced the floorboards and carpet, Gertie helped me put the furniture back. Now there was something solid for the screws the new light fitting was up and working in minutes.

“Well I’d better be going now that’s done; but there’s something I want to do first.”

I pulled Gertie into my arms and kissed her passionately. I slipped my hand into her housecoat and felt the weight of her breast, “Mmm..” she moaned into my mouth.

I lifted her bra cup releasing a big, soft tit and ran my thumb over her hardening nipple. “I’ve thought about doing that for ages as well.”

Gertie smiled, “Be off with you!” she said, whilst trying to get her tit back into the confines of her bra.

I left her house and went home feeling both elated and guilty.

“That took a while?” said Jane.

“She’d bought a new light fitting that was too heavy for the ceiling. I had to reinforce the ceiling and that meant moving furniture and lifting carpet and some floorboards in the room above.”

“Oh well, she’ll be thinking of ways to repay you because we won’t accept money.”

“I’m sure she’ll think of something,” I replied (not mentioning she had already repaid me!)

A month went past without Gertie making contact, she was OK, as I saw her across the street from time to time. I thought perhaps she’d regretted what we’d done and had decided to put a stop to it.

Then one Saturday morning I was outside cleaning the car. I saw Fred leave, he was headed for the club. About five minutes later Gertie crossed the road and gave me the all-clear. I called to Jane, “Gertie’s washing machine won’t empty. It’ll probably just be the filter, I’ll go and have a look.”


I went over to Gertie’s, the front door had been left ajar. I walked in and closed the door.

“I’m in the kitchen,” she called.

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