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My New Neighbor Ch. 01

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It has been over thirty years since I have added any stories here, so I thought it was time to add a few updates.

First, with the exception of names, my stories are true. My First Man was my first story, so if you haven’t read it, you should, because it explains how I came to realize that I am bi.

I am not going to lie and say that this is only my second bi-experience because it’s not, but it is my most recent experience.

I am now in my mid 60’s and my wife Tina, is in her late 50’s, although she looks much younger. My wife is not included in this particular story however, she will be in the next couple of stories.

A few months ago, Bill, our next-door neighbor moved in. He is in his early 40’s, over six feet tall, and probably about 180 lbs. He has blue eyes with an athletic build. I met him as he was unloading his moving van. I introduce myself and offered to help him unload some of his heavier pieces of furniture, which he accepted.

Bill is a funny guy, so he kelp me laughing the entire time we unloaded his moving van. As soon as we were done, he offered me a cold beer that he had in a cooler, so we set out back by his pool and had a few drinks and got to know one another.

I learned that he was recently divorced and had no kids, and I told him that I was married to a beautiful woman and we have three grown kids.

Bill had my wife and I over for a backyard BBQ a couple of times in the next few weeks.

I notice that he and my wife had pretty good chemistry, so the next time I talked to him alone, I told him that if he ever had the opportunity to hook up with her, that he had my blessing. Bill seemed a little confused by what I had told him, so I explained that I had a fantasy of watching her have sex with another man. He was more confused now than he was before.

I explained to him that I love Tina very much, but for the past couple of years I had had problems maintaining an erection and I felt like she should have a satisfying sexual relationship, that I honestly, could no longer provide for her. Then I dropped a bombshell on him, and I told him that I was bisexual. I took it one step further and told him I have wanted to eat another man’s cum from her pussy for many years.

I thought Bill was going to trip over his bottom lip, as I told him this. He said, “wait, wait, wait, you’re bi and your wife is OK with it, and she has sex with other men?” I laughed and said, “yes, no, and no.” “I am bi, she has no idea that I am bi, and so far she has not had sex with other men, but I want her too.”

I güvenilir bahis could see the wheels turning in his head and I could also see a bulge in his pants. I couldn’t tell if he was excited to know that I was bi, or that it was OK with me if he fucked my wife, or perhaps a little of both.

The next day he invited me over for a swim and a few beers. This was the first time I had the opportunity to check out his body with only his swimsuit on. Damn, he was hot. He wore a tight swimsuit that didn’t do much to hide his cock. It looked to be pretty long and very thick.

After we had a couple of beers, Bill told me that since I was so open with him the day before, he felt like he should explain a few things to me, about himself. He told me that the reason he and his wife got a divorce was that she caught him fucking another man. I think my eyes almost popped out of my head. I asked him if he was bi, or gay, or what. He said he was bisexual and had been all of his life. He said he is mostly turned on by women but, a man with a tight ass could get him just excited.

It was about this time, I noticed his cock getting really hard. I asked him if Tina turned him on and he said with a smile, “I will not pass an opportunity to fuck her if it ever presents itself.” He also said that “I will not pass the opportunity to fuck your tight ass either.” I have to admit that that caught me off guard.

Since he had a nice privacy fence up, I took off my swim trunks and jumped in the pool, and said “You have to catch me first.” He didn’t waste any time dropping his trunks and jumped in with me.

He swam up next to me and put his arms around me and kissed me long and hard. He said, “I wanted to do that the first day we met.” I said, “I wished he had.” I asked him to set on the edge of the pool for me, which he did. I got my first good look at his beautiful cut cock. It was nice and hard and sticking inches from my mouth. He is about eight inches long and very thick, my hand barely fits around it.

I hadn’t had a cock that close to my lips in many years, and I wasn’t about to let it go without me sucking it dry. I licked the huge head, and sucked it gently in my mouth for a few minutes, then licked my way down the fat shaft to his balls, and licked and sucked on them for a little while. As I ran my hand up and down his shaft, precum started oozing out of his cock. I licked it off, and he tasted so sweet. I love precum more than almost anything. I stood up and kissed him to share his sweet seed with him, and he held me so tight, I didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri think he was going to let me go so I could suck his massive cock, but he finally did.

It had been so long since I had gone down on another man, I didn’t think I could take him down my throat, but it wasn’t long before I felt his balls on my chin. He was moaning so loud when I would swallow his cock down my throat, I thought my wife might hear him from next door. It didn’t take more than about ten minutes before I felt his cock get even harder, and I knew he was about to explode. I wanted to taste his cum, so I pulled back to where only the head of his cock was still in my mouth. I used one hand to massage his balls, and the other one to stroke his cock, as I sucked and licked the head, and then I was rewarded, first a huge blast of cum, followed by many smaller squirts. I had to swallow once so I wouldn’t lose any, but I had quite a bit still in my mouth when he finally went limp. I quickly move up to kiss him and share what was left of his cum with him. He eagerly kissed me back.

As we got out of the pool, Bill said that he hadn’t ever seen anyone enjoy giving a blowjob as much as I did, man or woman. I told him that I would rather suck cock than eat pussy, and I love eating pussy. Bill added that he was definitely going to do his best to fill Tina’s pussy with his cum, so he could watch me eat every last drop from her. I said that would be a fantasy come true.

We sat down and had another beer, neither one of us bothered to put our swim trunks back on. I could see Bill’s cock coming back to life, so I sat in his lap, and rubbed my ass over his cock, and started kissing him. He asked if I thought we should take it in the house, so I got up and let him lead the way to his bed.

Once we were in his bedroom, we laid next to each other, and kissed, hugged, and completely made out for a good half hour or so. Once again I went down on him simply because I love sucking cock. Bill asked me if I was ready to be his lady for the day, I’m sure I turned red but said, “hell yes.”

Bill turned me over with my ass up in the air and placed a couple of pillows under my stomach. He started playing with my ass with his finger, then before I knew it, he was giving me my first rim job. That felt amazing even though I thought it was a little gross, but like I said it was amazing. I was really getting into it when he pulled out some lube from his nightstand and started rubbing some in my ass, first one finger, then he added two, which hurt a little iddaa siteleri but not for long, then more lube and a third finger, and I started pushing my ass higher in the air he said, “I think you are ready.”

Bill added a bunch of lube to his cock and pressed it against my boi pussy. I felt a lot of pressure and he pushed for several minutes, just as I thought he was going to give up, I felt it, OMG it hurt. The huge head of his cock slipped inside me. I squealed in such a high pitch tone, I didn’t even recognize my voice. He asked me if I wanted him to stop and, “I said yes, but don’t pull out.” I am not sure how long he stayed right there, but before long I noticed my grunting sounded more like a man again, and the pain was still there but not like before. I felt him push a little more, and then more, and more. He went really slow, but eventually, I felt his balls resting on mine.

I remember thinking I have a monster cock inside me, and even though I have had a longer cock buried in my ass, this was by far the thickest I had ever had. If he hadn’t been so gentle and caring, I don’t think I could have taken the monster, but as he would pull out almost all the way, he would then slowly push it back in. Before I realized it, I was pushing up and back to meet his gentle thrust so he started moving faster and harder. Every time the head of his cock slid over my prostate I thought I was going to cum, in fact, there was so much precum under my belly. I thought I may have already. I was in heaven right then.

Bill said, “Are you ready to turn over Princes,” and said, “You can take me in any position that you want.” I felt so empty when he withdrew his cock from my ass, but I turned over and pulled my knees up to my chest, and he slid his beautiful cock back inside me in one quick thrust. After Bill had been fucking me in this position for about fifteen minutes or so, I felt a new sensation in my stomach. I hadn’t felt this before, but then all of a sudden, I was shooting streams of cum all over my chest and stomach. As soon as I had cum, Bill blasted his cum deep inside me. I could feel each blast, and I knew just how lucky I was to have him as a neighbor.

When his orgasm subsided, he kissed me again, then started kissing my body, and licking my cum off my chest, and stomach as he slowly slid down my body. Before long he was sucking my cock, and cleaning me up completely.

Bill grabbed a butt plug from his nightstand and shoved it in me. I asked him what that was for, and he told me that it would keep him horny all day, thinking about me walking around the house in front of Tina, with his cum inside of me.

For the record, I didn’t do much walking anywhere that day, my butt was too sore.

If you enjoy this story, I will write about adventures with Bill.

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