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My New Assistant

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All characters in this story are above the age of consent (18). The story and its characters are all fictional (even though I wish they were not). I love hearing your comments so please leave one. I love to get messages from my readers.


Behind schedule, over budget, and never good enough for the client, status quo for a creative director; that was my situation when Sandra popped unexpected and uninvited into my office.

“Somebody has a crush on you.” She chirped.

Looking up with an annoyed glare I said, “What are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you noticed that our newest team member, Bradley, stand’s up straight, smiles, and is such a brown-noser whenever you are around.”

I should fire Sandra I thought, but she is a brilliant copywriter. She is always stirring the pot of office politics. I just shook my head and went back to work. Ignoring her is usually the best response. If you don’t take the bait she’ll move on…and yes there she goes.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She said as she smiled and continued on her way.

Bradley, or Brad as he prefers to be called, is a production assistant we just hired. I say “we” because he was hired by one of the firm’s partners. He came from a small Christian college. I would not have hired someone with that background for our department, but I wasn’t asked. Brad is that partner’s nephew, so that’s the way it goes. Fortunately he turned out to be a good worker and having an extra person helps.

Difficult as it is to admit, Sandra was right. I had noticed that Brad was doing his best to get-in-good with me. As the boss I appreciate that, at 48 and in a fast paced, high stakes job, the last thing I want is to babysit an employee. For someone right out of college Brad is more mature than you’d expect. I took him to the mandatory “lunch-with-the-boss” at the end of his first week and I actually enjoyed it. He is interesting and quick. We shared many of the same interests including a love of bikes and cycling. I also noticed he had deep blue eyes and kind of a feminine appeal to him. At one point I noticed that he held my gaze a little too long but I just shrugged it off.

The next week I was at a photo shoot in our photographer’s studio. My wife and kids left that morning for a trip to visit family. Because it was a photo shoot we all dressed casually. That day I noticed Brad in a different way. I don’t know if was because of Sandra’s comment or something else but he caught my eye. He was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt and a pair of expensive blue jeans with fancy stitching on the back pockets. For the first time in over twenty years I had a strange feeling that I had not had since my college days. The feeling in my loins and the sight of Brad made me think back to a time I honestly had mostly forgotten.

The summer between my junior and senior year, I spent the break at an artist colony on an island off the coast of Maine. I was honored and excited because the application process for the colonies summer program was highly selective. I was an aspiring painter and this was an amazing opportunity. I became a little less excited after my arrival to discover that most of the artists were men over 50. The few younger women there were unattractive, and that was being charitable at best. At the age of 21 I was perpetually horny and the thought of going all summer without some tail was a bit depressing.

My roommate that summer was another college student named Todd. He was a nice guy and fun to hang around with. Like me he was disappointed in the lack of female prospects. We would complain about our situation and our blue balls. Todd would kid me that at any moment he was going to jump Dorothy, the 70 year old program director.

After the first week, I awoke early in the morning to the unmistakable sound of Todd stroking his tool. This became my regular alarm and it didn’t help me to ignore my own morning wood. After a couple of weeks of abstinence and pretending I decided to join Todd in his daily jerk off session.

After the third day of mutual morning “pud pulling,” Todd looked over at me and smiled.

We started to talk to each other as we masturbated. At first it was just, “Who are you thinking about, and what does she look like?”

I would joke, “I am thinking of Dorothy and she looks sexy when she picks her boobs up off the floor.”

It then progressed to, “How does your cock feel? Are you stroking hard? Are you going to cum?”

After a couple of weeks we were both stroking with our cocks in the open. This was Todd’s idea. He said it was to “keep the sheets clean.” We would stare at each other’s hard dicks as we pumped away. Our beds were only about 20″ apart in that tiny cabin. One morning Todd reached over and helped me stoke my cock with his hand over mine. I came gallons all over my stomach, chest and even hit my face. Then, still sticky with jizz, I leaned over and took Todd’s cock in my hand. It felt hard and the skin was velvety smooth. Todd had a nice thick cock. He didn’t last long and I loved the way his cock pulsed in my hand as he came. That’s küçükçekmece escort when it started; the taboo of man-to-man sex was gone.

That evening Todd pulled the covers off me and sucked my cock until I filled his mouth with cum. He gulped it down with a big smile. Not to be outdone I promptly took my turn going down on Todd. I loved his cock in my mouth. He shot his load without warning and it filled my mouth. The taste was at first odd but I grew to love it. I think for the next month I sucked Todd off at least once a day. We would grind on each other, I think the fancy term is frottage, and 69 whenever we had any down time. I often would look over at Todd in a painting session and lust after his cock. I wanted to feel his member in my mouth, pulsing and exploding. The last week we both took turns performing anal on each other. It was a purely animal experience.

After that summer I never heard from Todd again. Perhaps he was embarrassed? Perhaps I was embarrassed? The experience was confusing, to say the least, and I think that is why I quickly pushed it out of mind. I met my future wife shortly afterward. Truthfully until now I never really thought much about that summer or Todd.

“Which one of these products should we shoot next?” said Brad waking me from my daydream of a long ago summer.

“Go with the black one.” I replied after a second pause and my return to reality.

At lunch Brad and I left the studio with the stylist and the photographer. We walked a couple of blocks to a sandwich shop where we had lunch. Brad was telling me excitedly about his new bike frame and how he had all the components on it, and that it was a dream to ride. He lamented that he didn’t know anyone, being new in town, and that tomorrow, Saturday, he would go for another ride alone. He said that he preferred to ride with a friend if possible.

“Well why don’t you come over to my place and we can go for a ride together. I live close to a 50 mile loop that is a great ride.” I said perhaps a little too quickly.

“That would be terrific!” said Brad and we decided to meet at my home the next day at 9:00 am.

I was in the garage working on my bike at 8:45 when a beater Honda pulled up. Brad jumped out and waved at me from down the drive. When I saw him get out of the car I literally dropped my wrench. He is 5’10” tall, probably 150 pounds. He has sandy blonde hair cut very short on the sides and back with long bangs and a thick mop on top. He has fine features and blue eyes. His skin is pale and he was wearing a one-piece, baby blue and white spandex cycling suit. He has a small waist and a nice round ass that sits on top of smooth fit thighs. In that suit, every curve and angle was accentuated he had an amazing androgynous body.

He pulled his bike out of the back of the car and grabbed a small bag and started walking up the drive. He was wearing flip-flops and sporty Oakley sunglasses. His bike was a Felt Carbon fiber, a real beauty, both of them. He beamed in that youthful way as he walked up the drive.

“Hey! Welcome…wow nice bike!” I said.

Standing behind the bike Brad pivoted from foot to foot like a model posing. This little move made his legs look curvy and brought my attention to the prominent bulge his package made in the front of his skintight cycling jumper. He may have been slender but it was obvious that he had a formidable weapon tucked into that spandex.

“You like it?” He said.

“I like it very much…,” I said afraid I might have been staring a bit too intently, “that is one fancy ride. I hope I don’t hold you back.”

Brad smiled, “well with legs like yours I am sure that I’m going to have trouble keeping up with you.”

For my old age of 48, I’m in pretty good shape: 6′ tall and still 180lbs. I have always worked out and for the past 6 or 7 years I have been putting a lot of mileage on my road bike. My wife says my dark salt and pepper hair and olive skin give me a kind of “George Clooney thing.” I do think that she is exaggerating, just a bit.

“Just let me finish up and we can get going while it’s still cool. Have a seat. Do you need anything? Water, the bathroom?” I asked out of instinct and good manners.

“No I’m fine. Thanks.”

Brad pulled up a lawn chair next to where I was working and crossed his legs. As he took his socks and cycling shoes out of his bag, I noticed that his toe nails where painted with electric blue polish. He looked up at me and saw my gaze.

Wiggling his toes, he said, “Do you like my toe nail polish? It matches my cycling shorts.”

“Yes, that is some color…” I stammered.

“Yeah, it’s wild! After 4 years at that college and living at home, it feels great to be on my own. Now I can be wild whenever I want!” Brad caught himself. “I mean not at work… but it’s like… it’s hard to be who I am at home. Now I can be like myself. Nothing bad, just myself without having to pretend I am something I am not.”

Brad looked up at me as if he wanted approval. I smiled and said, “I know exactly küçükyalı escort what you are saying. We all have to spread our wings and fly when the time is right. I think now is your time to fly. You are doing a great job at work and we all like you very much.”

I could see a sparkle in his eyes. I took my bike off the stand and Brad followed me down the drive as we left for the ride.

The day was close to perfect. Clear skies, fresh morning air, little traffic. We didn’t push too hard so on many stretches we were able to chat. Brad hinted that he was gay but had not come out to his family. At one point he said that he hoped that we were talking as friends and that I would not share this conversation with his uncle, the partner at the firm. I thought to myself, don’t worry your uncle is a prick and I try not to talk to him at all. I guaranteed him that outside of work we were friends, not boss and employee. I was also beginning to fantasize that I’d like to be more than just a “friend.” The sight of Brad in that tight fitting cycling one-piece was also contributing to my desires.

At about mile 30 the day got a little warmer and the wind picked up. We had to ride harder and we took turns riding single file. I admit I liked being behind Brad best; not because he was blocking the wind, but because I could stare at his perfect ass. He looked so good pedaling away I just wanted to bite him. All those feelings I had forgotten about had been awaken. I knew now that I wanted Brad.

We arrived back at my house, both of us hot, sweaty, and feeling good. Brad’s suit clung to his skin and his cock and balls looked even more impressive now that every outline was visible. I suggested that we go inside to get out of the sun and get something cold to drink. We removed our cycling shoes and headed inside. I let Brad go first so I could take in the sight of his hot round ass shaking slightly under the form fitting lycra.

I had some ice tea and I filled two large glasses with ice, tea and a lemon wedge. Brad rubbed the cold glass of tea on his neck and face. I had to think this display was meant as a little bit of a show. I didn’t complain.

“Oh, that feels so good. I am so hot.” He said.

“Would you like to use the shower? We only have 4 of them in the house.” I said jokingly.

I got Brad a towel and showed him to the guest bath. I used the opportunity to go upstairs and jump in the shower myself. After the fastest shower of all time, I quickly pulled on some shorts and a tank top and started making lunch for two. My plan was to keep Brad around for as long as I could to see if I could seduce him.

Brad came down stairs wearing a pair of pink plaid boxers and a white wife-beater tank top.

“I hope you don’t mind but I forgot to bring a pair of pants to change into. I figure it’s just us two guys so no big deal, right?” Brad said this in a cute and provocative kind of way with his hands on his hips.

“That’s fine” I said. “In fact I really like those boxers. They look great with your toe nail polish.” I gave Brad a flirty sarcastic look, he smirked back playfully.

We brought our lunch out to the backyard patio and I opened a bottle of cold white wine. We ate lunch and flirted. It was obvious what was going on between us. We quickly finished one bottle and I went to get another finding only chilled champagne. As I returned taking the cage off the bottle the cork popped free.

“Brad look! You made me pop my cork!”

He grinned and quipped, “That’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

We sipped our cold champagne. Brad rotated his head in that “I’m stiff” way. I placed a hand on his shoulder and massaged the muscle.

“Mmmmm that feels good,”

“You know what would feel even better is a soak in the hot tub.” I took my glass and the bottle and gestured for Brad to follow me.

He stumbled on the path and I caught him around the waist. He placed his arm around my back and we continued on. The warmth between our bodies felt good, the intimacy was undeniable. The champagne buzz didn’t hurt either.

The hot tub was strategically situated behind a hedge of cedars. It was very private. I had already left some towels close by, anticipating my own ritual soak after a ride. I loved this hot tub; it used a special filtration system and salt water making it chlorine free. I had it sunk into the slope of the backyard so it was like a small in ground pool. I bragged a little bit about it to Brad then suggested, “Shall we get in?”

We set down our glasses and then both facing each other began to slowly strip. We mirrored each other’s actions. Brad pulled his tank top off; he had a perfectly smooth chest, his nipples were large and rose colored, his abs defined but not what you would call a six-pack. He gave me a knowing smile as he slid his fingers into the waistband of his boxers. I could see that they were tenting slightly as he slid them down. A well trimmed tuft of blonde pubic hair appeared first then his cock came into sight. He slid the boxers slowly down revealing maltepe escort more of his member. He let the boxers fall. His cock was semi rigid and already 6″ long. He was uncircumcised and the tip of his large cock head was visible. He had smooth large balls and the sight of his naked body had my blood flowing.

By the look on his face I could tell that Brad was taking in my well-defined chest and arms. I have body hair on my chest and legs but my back and abs are smooth. My shaved, thick 8″ cock was swelling as it lifted away from my muscular thigh. I knew I had to stop staring at Brad’s body and get in the tub before I had a full-on erection.

“Shall we do this? I mean…get into the hot tub…ummm yeah…” I mumbled, chuckling at my awkward choice of words.

“Yeah let’s ‘do this’…” said Brad as he slid into the warm water next to me, his body touching my side.

I reached my arm over Brad’s shoulder to turn on the jets. Brad used the opportunity to snuggle under my arm and rest his head on my chest. I could feel his hand move up my thigh. I let my arm rest around his shoulder and pulled him against me. He looked up at me. His blue eyes and full lips were irresistible I leaned forward and our lips gently touched. First, it was just tentative contact. Then we pressed together; our mouths opened and the warm wetness of our tongues met. My hand found Brad’s waist and I caressed his body moving my touch up over his stomach and to his chest.

Our kissing became more passionate and Brad was feeling my body. A soft moan escaped him as my fingers rubbed his nipple. My tongue was deep in his mouth and he was sucking on it like a cock. Brad’s hand made its way to my now hard dick and he took it in his hand and slowly stroked me as we kissed.

We stopped kissing and Brad floated in front of me straddling my legs. We didn’t say a word but we never broke eye contact. He put his hands behind my neck and I could feel our cocks touch under the water. Brad gasped at the touch as I placed my hands on his firm full ass. He lowered himself onto me; my cock rubbing him between his ass cheeks. It became a sexy lap dance as we alternated between cock on cock and cock on ass.

“This is the way a horny office boy should treat his sexy boss.” He said in a breathy voice as he held our cocks together and stroked them simultaneously.

We were both getting hot and our faces were flush. Brad looked incredibly cute, his pale cheeks red and his bangs clinging to his damp face. I slid up and sat on the side of the hot tub my legs still in the water. Brad placed his hands on my thighs and slid up in between, my hard cock pressing against him. I held his face as we kissed passionately. Brad then slid down with his hands on my inner thighs and began to run his tongue around my cock head; his big sexy blue eyes looking up at me.

The feeling was divine as Brad worked his oral magic on my cock. His head bobbed as he made nasty sucking sounds coating my dick with his saliva. He expertly alternated his pace then stopped to lick the underside from base to tip with agonizingly exquisite thoroughness. His tongue slowly journeyed to my cock head where he would then squeeze the shaft and lick the pearl of pre-cum that appeared on the tip of my rock hard dick.

I did not want to cum so I slid back into the tub. Wrapping my arms around his waist I stared into his eyes as we ground our hard cocks together. I lifted him up and placed him where I had been on the edge of the hot tub. He smiled as I now placed my hands on his thighs just as he had done. His cock was magnificent. It was 7″ hard, thick, and had a slight upward curve. I moved my hand to the shaft and gently stroked, feeling the wonderfully smooth skin. I could see he was leaking pre-cum and I bent down smearing the salty fluid on my lips. I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his large helmet-shaped cock head. I licked it all around intoxicated by the feeling and the taste. I slid the foreskin back and slid the tip of my tongue between it and his cock head.

A “fuck” escaped from Brad as I toke his cock into my mouth and began to apply pressure as I sucked. I then squeezed the shaft and sucked hard on the head, pulling off with an audible “pop.” I remember how glorious sucking cock was and I moved down to his smooth balls; sucking in one then the other always stroking, never letting go of his throbbing tool.

Brad lay back on the cement apron surrounding the hot tub. I moved my arm under his thigh and lifted so that his ass was now exposed. My tongue worked down toward his hole, stopping to bite his plump cheeks playfully. I teased him by circling several times until my tongue found its mark around the sensitive rim. He let out a gasp as I licked and prodded, my nose buried in his balls.

“Stop baby, stop… you have me so hot and bothered…can we take this inside?” asked Brad.

I got out of the tub, and we quickly toweled off and dashed into the house. I took him by the hand and led him upstairs, stopping intermittently to kiss and fondle. We finally arrived at my bedroom and I stepped in the doorway as I watched Brad climb on the bed like a cat. He stopped on all fours, his cock and balls tucked between his legs. It was an amazing picture, below his tiny waist and apple shaped ass his uncut cock and smooth balls tightly squeezed between his thighs. He looked over his shoulder and asked in a slutty way “see anything you like?”

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