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My Lover, My Stranger in the Night

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Part 1

My story begins by coming home after a long, but thoroughly boring day at work. I wandered around my place, absentmindedly taking off the more restricting articles of clothing…shoes first, taking some time to rub the instep of my feet. All day in these shoes have wrecked me, I have a high instep, and these new shoes might have made this outfit, my new grey powersuit with the almost-too-short-for-business skirt, but they were hell on my feet.

I made my way to the bedroom, taking off the jacket and causally tossing it onto the bed, taking down the buttons on the silk white top, and pausing to admire the reflection the mirror offers me.

Not too short at 5′ 5″, I have strawberry blonde hair down past my shoulders and vivid blue eyes. My favorite features are my girls, the D-cups that everyone was pretending not to look at during the meeting today. I bask in myself for a brief, but pleasant moment, give my hair a quick toss and move to the bathroom, a quick face wash later I emerge, feeling another bit better after a dull day, and then my skirt falls to my ankles, and I reach down and roll off my pantyhose, and another notch of comfort is achieved.

I walk back to the front room, and laze about for a few minutes, and the whole while, I still don’t know that I have been watched from the moment I put the key in the lock.

During a commercial break, I get up to get a quick snack, but as soon as my back is turned, I feel strong hands on my shoulders, and a deep voice whispers, “Don’t turn around Lindsey, tonight you are going to do much more than stare at the television.”

I try to sneak a quick backwards glance, but the hands are too quick, moving from my shoulders to my face, keeping my eyes forward.

The deep voice starts again: “Tsk, tsk, that was a naughty move. I told you to keep your eyes forward…

Now you will lose them….”

A shiver of dread ran up my spine as my insides suddenly turned to ice, while at the same time, I felt my nipples harden and my muscles freeze. One hand stayed firmly on my neck while the other traveled down my spine, and then I can’t feel it anymore. I feel my unknown assailant reach behind him and retrieve something. My mind races as to all sorts of sharp, gleaming, steel objects; instruments of torture fill my rushing brain, but I can’t even concentrate enough to scream. But even now, I experience the simultaneous feeling of dread and excitement as a tingling starts to spread inside my lacy purple panties.

The hand on me neck pulls my head back sharply by the hair, and hot words are whispered directly into my ear again, “If you can’t follow the rules, you lose things….”

My entire body shudders as I feel the contact on my spine as not a cold instrument of pain makes contact, but a silken handkerchief is drawn over my shoulder and wrapped around my eyes. The voice starts again: “As I was saying, you have to follow the rules tonight, and I will make all your fantasies come true. I have been watching you for a long time…I’ve seen what you look at on the internet…I know what dark fantasies stir under your creamy white breasts…”

His hands are moving again…

One lets go of my hair and slowly moves down to caress my left breast through my bra

teasing at the nipples that still remained hard while the other traces small circles around my right cheek. The voice whispers again: “You know I have seen you, and I already know exactly what you want, but I want you to tell me what you want. That is the second rule. So tell me the first thing you want…and I will decide if you are ready for it yet…”

The hands move again, gently but forcibly running over my stomach, tracing lines from my ribs around to my arms, tickling and making me squirm in his vice like grasp.

My mind is racing.

Do I dare give in to his demands?

Do I dare refuse him?

How can I fight in this darkness?

And the hands move again.

The right hand is tracing along the edge of the lace along the front of my panties,

the left has burrowed into my right bra cup and is caressing my breast.

What do I tell my mystery man?

Then a voice that I later realized was mine whimpered that I wanted him to explore more of my body…

And I can almost hear him smile as he whispers: “Your wish is my command.”

Fingers Sakarya Escort start to probe into my panties, deftly finding my clitoris and he starts to rub it slowly. The left hand reaches behind my back and bends me over at the waist. I put my hands on the back of the couch, grateful I still remembered it was there in the darkness, as the hands remove my bra, and slide my panties down to my knees; they hang there, damp, for moments before I manage to kick them to the side. I am pulled back roughly and I finally make full contact with my mystery man.

I feel a full body, his stomach pressing against my back, and a hard cock pressing its way between my ass cheeks. The fingers continue their exploration of my now throbbing clitoris as I feel a sharp slap to my ass. In the darkness I could not anticipate the blow, and even under normal circumstances, a sharp smack on the ass is enough to put me into high gear, but with the added stimulation from being blind, I go into a fit. My body starts to writhe in pleasure, knees starting to bend, the hands intently rubbing my left breast and feverishly stroking my clit as my head arches back again, this time of my own free will, and a low moan escapes my lips.

The voice returns: “Yes, I want you to come for me you little slut…you feel that cock that is poking your ass right now? You are gonna feel it a lot harder in a few seconds.”

He pinches my left nipple hard, and rubs my clit even harder, and then I feel his lips sucking my neck. I know that is going to leave a mark, but how can I care at this point?

The lips and the voice send me over the top…

I shudder as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over my body. My limbs shake with the force of my orgasm. And when the last pangs subside, I collapse into the arms behind me, still not feeling entirely safe…

But the arms help me back up, and I steady

myself, finding balance can be difficult in the darkness, but the hands continue their work, now gently stroking my pussylips.

And the voice returns: “What is your second request?”

Now my voice is as far away from a whimper as possible, deep and husky, but still not entirely mine as I reply that I want the inside of my body to be explored.

Again the voice whispers: “Your wish is my command.”

I press my ass against the hard cock I can feel pulsing between my asscheeks, then I feel disappointed when he takes his cock back, pulling away and taking me by the hand, and then the voice returns: “Follow where I lead you.”

The hands slide down my bare arms and take ahold of my wrists. Slowly I am lead around to what I think is the back of my place, but my mind has been spinning so fast, it is hard to tell…the floor changes from carpet to tile, then a door opens and the warm Texas summer breeze washes across my naked body, and I realize I am being led outside…stark naked. I am not entirely sure of my whereabouts if this is the front or back door, but a feeling of exposure passes over me, and I realize I could be in a very akward position right now. The back has a privacy fence, but the front is wide open to my neighbors, and I don’t know where this mystery man is taking me…to his car? Am I being kidnapped naked and wet?

My feeling of unease continues as I feel concrete below my feet, and I am told to take a step upward…then another. The hands move from my wrists and I feel my mystery lover behind me once again. He slides strong hands up my arms, to my neck, and to the back of my head, where I feel the knot on my blindfold start to loosen…

The voice says: “Remember rule number one, and your eyes are yours again…”

With that the blindfold is drawn down, and the sensation of sight fills me, causing another shiver to run down my body. I slowly open my eyes to see that I have been lead onto the diving board of my swimming pool, and hundreds of candles have been lit making my back yard into a twinkling paradise, some along the edges, and some floating candles in the pool. The crescent moon hangs in the clear sky, and the crickets chirp their moonlight serenade. I drink in the sight before me, making sure to keep my eyes forward.

The hands are resting on my hips, the silken cloth gently lapping against my thigh in the breeze, the flickering of the candles, all this done by a man Sakarya Escort Bayan I do not even know…or do I?

My mind races again…if this were a person I did not know, why the need for such secrecy? I think of a dozen co-workers and friends of friends that I always seem to catch looking when I am bent over, married men, most of them, who chat and flirt and I imagine going home and fucking their wives while thinking of me…

The voice is back…but not as strong this time: “Do you want to see who I am?”

I take a moment to think about it, but I knew all along what my answer would be. This time, my voice is my own as I say, “That would break rule number one, now wouldn’t it?

I can definitely feel the smile this time as I moved my hand down to his, pulling the silken cloth up over my breast and to my neck, where the hands envelop me in the darkness once again.

I am standing naked on my diving board, when the cork of the champagne pops and I start at the sudden sound. The voice is strong again, confident and powerful: “I wanted to show you this…but I have something else for you…”

I feel a cool splash as champagne is flung onto my body, and a hot tongue starts to explore me, starting on my stomach, and curling upwards to my cleavage.

More champagne is splashed as he drinks from the channel between my breasts.

The wind picks up for a brief moment, enough to make my nipples erect again,

and his mouth responds, tongue and teeth meet the soft flesh and I feel myself getting more and more aroused…then I notice his movements start to head downward…he is slow, deliberate, making sure no area is left unexplored by his lovelick.

Then I feel his hands turn me around to face away from him again…his kisses move to the small of my back…down the side of my right hip…and I feel his tongue curve up under my ass as another soft moan escapes my lips. The hands spread my ass and I feel the cool splash again as he greedily licks champagne from between my asscheeks…tongue flicking over my rosebud quickly as the bubbles tingle…and I grind my ass into his face as I bend over, grateful I know my precarious position, to offer a better profile as the tonguing of my ass continues.

The fingers have been patient for a while, but now they work back around to my wet vagina and start to explore the soft folds. I bend over further, placing both hands on the diving board, as the tongue moves from my ass to my honeypot, licking up its sweetness. My breasts hang and sway in the warm Texas night as my knees start to grow weak again. When I think I can’t handle it any more…I feel the hands turning me again. Gently, they pull me around and then down to my knees, and my mouth waters in anticipation.

I hear the voice again, “Remember rule number two…if you want something, you have to ask me for it.”

Without hesitation I ask for him to plunge into me. “Your wish is my command”, was his only reply again as almost before the words escape my lips, I feel it…a hard, thick throbbing cock forcing its way into my mouth. It goes far in…farther…till I start to wonder if I can take it all…

Then the cock eases back, and goes in deep again…this time a little deeper than before…and again…and this time I choke just a little bit, but I know there is still more to go…since I can’t yet feel my mystery mans balls resting on my chin. I adjust my position and relax my throat, determined to take every last bit of this cock into my mouth…I start to bob my head, and for the first time, I place my hands on the mystery man…I feel powerful legs, and I reach up to feel the girth of his cock as I suck and lick it, drool mingling with the champagne still drying on my tits as I work on getting it all in. I finally achieve my goal, feeling what must be 8 or 9 inches fully inside my throat, his balls resting on my chin, dripping with my drool.

I reach up and give his balls a squeeze, eliciting a moan from my mystery lover. I feel them tighten…but I don’t want him to spend his load yet, so I slow down, and his enormous member pops out of my mouth as I slide back to lay down on the towels placed on the diving board. I feel the hands as they spread my thighs, and my pussy practically squirts as I prepare for that same long thick cock to plunge inside me…but my mystery Escort Sakarya lover teases me.

Rubbing my clit with his cockhead.

Rubbing his hands across my breasts and calling me dirty names.

I start to writhe again, as the cockhead presses against my waiting walls, and as the head slips in, another moan escapes, but this time it is as lovers in unison.

He doesn’t even wait for my moan to finish before plunging his cock inside me hard. I feel all 9 inches slam inside me, and a mini-orgasm instantly escapes me as I am completely filled by his hard cock. It plunges in and out, again and again, hard and furious, to the point where we almost go into the pool a few times.

The pumping slows, and I hear a small splash in the darkness. The fucking gets slower still, what were once hard strokes are slow and deliberate, making sure I feel every inch of his cock, filling me again and again.

The hands have left my body…

Something is changing…

And what was that splash?

My mind starts racing again as I want to call out in the darkness, but the slow long strokes of cock keep me silent…then, suddenly, in-between pumps of his cock, I feel a flash of intense heat, then another flash of cool as my mystery lover drips hot wax from one of the candles across my glistening body then flashed it with the cool champagne, and again, the intensity of the feeling, combined with the unexpectedness of the pain caused me to whimper and beg for more…

A second time I feel the hot burning followed by the cool relief as a second splash goes across my stomach and the lower part of my right breast. I feel the tongue back at work lapping up champagne and working around the hardened wax, all the while, stroke after stroke of his hard, swollen cock fills me, I lean back and spread my legs a little wider, and I feel even more of his hard cock penetrate me and I moan again.

I know it’s not going to be long for both of us now, as my head falls back again, the tips of my hair getting wet as they dangle in the pool, our bodies fucking in rhythm with the board, giving his strokes more power, as he starts to speed up again, his body collides into me again and again, I feel his stomach press against mine and his cock start to throb as his breathing start to grow shallow and rapid. Then with strength I cannot fathom he suddenly rears back and pulls my body into his and pulls me on top of him.

I start to buck and writhe, hands on his chest and one of my feet finds the edge of the pool to give me some leverage. His hands reach up and cup my large breasts as they bounce up and down with the rhythm of the board. He starts to fuck back, literally knocking me into the air with each powerful thrust, balance getting precarious as we rushed headlong into the fevered pitch of our orgasm.

The hands are pinching my nipples, the voice is talking dirty again, and my pussy is aching for release yet again, and I don’t care where I am or who could be watching as I scream out the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, before or since. His hard cock is still crashing into me, and my body starts quaking with the intensity of my orgasm, and I tell my mystery lover my final request: “I want you to come inside me!” I screamed as I twitched and shook.

He managed to moan “Your wish is my command” as he made his last effort, pushing me backwards so he could be on top again, but his muscles couldn’t hold the balance this time and we fall off the board into the pool, still united, still together, his strong hands holding onto me, legs wrapped up together, tongues intermingled in a kiss as we hit the cold water and start to sink to the bottom, when I feel his thick body tense, then release, as I feel spurt after spurt of hot cum fill my pussy as I am surrounded by the water, and the darkness. I let the air out of my lungs and bask in the moment on the bottom of the pool for a while with my mystery lover before some long forgotten area of my brain reminds me that I need oxygen to survive. We break the surface of the water as we went in, his rigid cock still inside me, and we draw deep breaths and instantly start a passion-filled kiss, still mingled with sweat and the musk of love that the pool couldn’t completely wash away.

I realize that I still haven’t seen my lover’s face…and with one final kiss, another final embrace, I turned and swam away…taking off the blindfold, pushing floating candles out of my way, those that were still lit, and I got out of the pool, and walked back into my house, never looking back…and waiting for the next time my mystery lover will come out from the shadows…

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