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My Journey with Dana Ch. 02

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The Second Party with Dana


After my horrific party experience with Dana, I tried to avoid her at work and didn’t really speak to her for a couple of weeks.

I guess when you’re upset, it’s always difficult to imagine not feeling like that but eventually the pain I was feeling began to seem less raw.

Weirdly, I think it helped me to completely reevaluate things and I began to realise that I didn’t have a romantic future with Dana. We were good friends but she’d never be interested in me like that and, to be honest, I think it was for the best.

She wasn’t good for me, she was too out going, too flaky, and too hyperactive. She’d never settle down, not with someone like me, and if we ever dated, it would drive me mad trying to force her to.

I started to feel better with every day and quickly resolved that I wasn’t in love with her, I just lusted after her. My feelings of jealousy and anger gave way and what I was left with were the memories of everything I had seen and heard that night.

I masturbated furiously as I relived the image of Dana appearing in front of the sofa, disheveled and freshly fucked, too satisfied to care about her torn clothing and too slutty to even put her panties back on properly. I thought back to how she openly flirted with that new guy knowing full well she had a pussy full of at least one other guys spunk. Then how she just willingly complied as he bent her over the nearest surface and fucked her from behind. Then finally how she moaned as he sprayed another fresh load of cum all over her and then she casually wiped it up with her own stocking like it was no big deal. That was it, I didn’t want to date this sexy slut, I just wanted to fuck her.

When I next ran into Dana at work, I discovered that this new outlook seemed to affect my whole attitude. She asked me where I’d been the last couple of weeks and I casually made out that I had been seeing some new girl. It was nothing serious, I assured her, just physical. She flashed me a naughty smile that indicated she approved, and said I would have to give her more details sometime. From that moment, flirting with Dana was completely different. It was amazing, I instantly understood why insincere dickheads always get laid, because they don’t care.

That week, Dana and I both got a text about another party (evidently, some of my fiends had hit it off with her) and we made plans for that weekend.

This party was going much better, even I was amazed at how much more relaxed I was. It was no surprise that she wasn’t interested before, I probably seemed like such a drag. There were actually loads of hot girls at this party and I was feeling so confident I was getting a lot of attention. Dana was paying much more attention to me now I wasn’t so needy and the drink was flowing.

A few hours, and many many vodkas in, Dana ran up to me and whispered in my ear that a few people were going to another room to play a game. Okay, I thought, I’m not hugely into party games but she seemed to be excited so, why not. She dragged me into another room, sat me in a chair and I looked around to see six other guys in a circle with some of the girls milling around them. This seemed a bit suspect but I wanted to be where Dana was so I decided to go with it.

So Jane (the dirty blonde I watched getting pounded doggy style at the last party) seemed to be in charge of this game so she stood up and started to explain how it worked. She pointed to her laptop and told us we would be using a website that gives instructions based on the number of people there are. Jane and Tom are ‘host’, and Katherine and Paul are girl 1 and guy 1. It seemed simple enough, I had a quick look at the circle of guys and identified myself as guy 2. Dana jumped on my lap and turned to face the room, inadvertently pressing her firm arse against me as she announced that she was girl 2.

Jane turned the music back up to a background level and read out the first computer generated instruction “girls, each remove one item of clothing.”

Ah right! I get it now, a little slow (probably because of the booze) but I understand what kind of game this is. Awesome!

As the girls, now sitting in their partners laps, all began unfastening their shoes, I took a closer look at the players.

Jane, the host, was sitting on her husband’s lap wearing a loose fitting black skirt and thick tights. As she was leaning down to unbuckle one of her knee high boots, her dirty blonde hair hung down around her huge breasts, which were jiggling in her low cut top.

Girl 1, Katherine, was a bit of a Barbie with bleach blonde hair, big tits and short shorts. Dana was wearing tight dark jeans this time and a purple top and with her dark brown hair hanging around her shoulders. Girl 3 was Gemma, a very attractive ‘girl next door’ type that I had actually hooked up with loads of times a few months ago. She had wide hips and looked amazing in a thong.

Girl 4 was Jo, a slim girl with dark hair and pale skin. She had small breasts and a wide smile, gebze escort and her tight skirt showed off her toned figure. Girl 5 was Shara, a hot redhead in a very short dark dress. Her dark tights made it just the right side of slutty as the loose hem draped out over her pert backside.

Finally, Girl 6 was Cara, a girl I knew from way back and had always understood to be an innocent ‘good girl’. It seemed strange to me that she was playing as she and her boyfriend both looked a little nervous. She had a tight fitting black shirt on and tight, grey checked trousers. She was certainly a good looking girl but gave the impression of being a bit inexperienced.

Jane announced the second instruction “guys remove an item of clothing”, the girls all stood up as the guys reached down to remove their shoes. It occurred to me at that point that not all the couples were ‘couples’, I know Jane was married and Cara was with her anxious looking boyfriend but I think the others just paired up for the game. Shoes were a slow start but I was looking forward to seeing how far this would take Dana (and the others).

At that point Jane announced a rule from her screen, “no touching your partner until further notice.” It hadn’t occurred to me until now that I could be touching Dana but that made sense to introduce a bit of teasing into the game.

Before I could finish that thought, Jane announced “girl 2, stand in the centre and remove your top.” Damn that was bad timing. I watched Dana stand up and, while twisting to the music, slowly pull her top over her head. As I watched those perfect breasts come into view encased in a black bra I cursed the fact that I couldn’t touch them when she sat back down.

The next announcement came, “any girl wearing a skirt, pick a guy other than your partner and let them work out, by touch, what kind of underwear you have on.” To my delight, Jo immediately moved across and stood next to me, smiling that wide grin, her legs a few inches apart. Confidently, I reached up under her skirt and grabbed her firm arse, pulling her towards me, and Dana who showed no sign of moving from my lap.

It was obvious she was wearing a thong under a pair of tights but I took my time groping around the tight round cheeks of her arse. We maintained eye contact as she bit her bottom lip, clearly not objecting to my actions. As the others seemed to be settling back down, I brought my hand around, slid a finger between her legs, and squeezed. This caused her to gasp slightly then she winked as she moved back to her seat.

The next instruction was for girl 3 to stand in the centre and remove a ‘significant’ clothing item. Gemma happily moved to the centre and swayed to the music as she unfastened her jeans. She slowly twirled her hips as she pulled the waistband over her sexy arse to reveal the tiniest thong I’ve ever seen. I thought back to all the times I had enjoyed pulling clothes off her curves, damn she was filthy. I remember once after she left my place in the morning, she texted me to say that she was stood in a shopping centre and she could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy. She said it was a good job she was wearing dark jeans otherwise everyone would see it. My dick jumped at the memory and began to strain against my jeans.

The game progressed as more and more clothes came off. Some players were more keen than others and eventually Dana was sat on my lap in nothing but her thong while Katherine was totally naked. Gemma and Jo had chosen to keep their bras on but were naked from the waist down and Shara was down to a matching red underwear set. Cara, on the other hand had chickened out a little by removing things like jewellery, and still had her trousers on. She was down to her bra but had one arm awkwardly pulled across her chest. The guys were mostly just topless, I think the software was a little biased.

The instructions had got a bit more hardcore too, Jane called out the latest one “girl 1, without any more clothes being removed from either party, allow each guy to do anything they want for 15 seconds.”

Katherine leapt up and immediately moved to me as the partner touching ban was still in place. Dana moved off my lap as I forcefully grabbed Katherine by the hips and pulled her towards me. I didn’t waste any time and shoved my hand straight between her legs and cupped her pussy which was dripping wet. I found her sweet hole and pushed a finger in while I squeezed one of her perfect tits. She let out a groan and quickly announced that my time was up.

I watched as she moved around all the other guys to be groped and licked. I’m sure the guys would have done more had they been wearing less.

As she sat back down, we eagerly awaited the next instruction until Jane called out “all girls move three seats to the right and find your new partner.”

What? What the fuck was this? I didn’t want a new partner, my rock hard cock was aching for Dana’s sweet pussy and they wanted to mix up the pairs?

As the girls all moved around, göztepe escort Dana took up her new place opposite. Before I could react, Cara meekly approached me and smiled, still trying to hide her bra clad breasts and naked stomach. Including the hosts, I was three places to her left.

As we settled down to hear what was next, Jane called out “girls, undo an item of your partners clothing.” All the girls reached straight for their guys jeans, Cara, only after checking that I wasn’t wearing anything else she could undo. I gently whispered to her “are you okay with this?” To which she replied “yeah it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting this, Dom and I were probably a bit drunk when we agreed to play.” I glanced over at Dom to see Gemma sitting across his lap, eagerly trying to get his fly open.

Before any of the girls could finish their task Jane’s husband Tom, who was now controlling the laptop announced “touching ban is over, knock yourselves out.”

Oh come on, this is ridiculous. I’ve spent the whole fucking game sitting here like an idiot with an increasingly naked Dana on my lap, then as soon as she moves on it all ramps up. I looked up as Dana’s new guy was already firmly kneading her tits (that I had still never got my hands on). I totally forgot about Cara as I watched him run his hands over every inch of her exposed flesh as she tried to fish his cock out of his, now open, fly.

With a smile Tom read “all girls with breasts exposed, move to the centre. Partners of those girls, pick any of them and have fun with those titties for 2 mins.” In a flash, Jane had moved to the centre along with Dana and Katherine. The first guy practically attacked Jane and began licking and sucking her huge tits. The other two whispered to each other for a second then, ushered Dana and Katherine to theirs knees, yanked their trousers down below their waists and started rubbing their dicks in between their mounds of soft flesh. The girls quickly got the idea, pushed their boobs together and proceeded to get titty fucked to the cheers of the whole group.

When the time was up, Tom didn’t hesitate with further instructions and announced “Girl 3 and girl 4, put on a show.” Gemma and Jo moved excitedly to the centre of the room and embraced each other with a soft kiss. I looked over at Dana to see that she now had her hand jammed down her guys pants. By the time I looked back at Gemma and Jo, they were still stood up but with their legs slightly apart, frantically fingering each other. My jaw dropped as I watched them caressing each other’s bodies while gasping and lightly biting each other. Eventually, Jo let out a loud grunt and her legs buckled.

They had barely returned to their respective guy’s laps when the instruction came “guys with odd numbers get to take something off your girl” I looked around and identified guy 1, who had Shara on his lap, he chose to leave her bra on while pulling at her knickers. Next was guy 3 who now had Jane, and guy 5 who was busy groping Dana. I watched with despair as she stood up to let this stranger grab the waistband of her panties and slowly roll them down her legs, playfully biting her outer thigh as he went. Shit, this was never going to happen for me.

As the three girls sat their naked pussies back down on their guy’s laps, Tom announced that it was now time for a three minute show from the host girl and girl 5. Jane and Shara both squealed with delight and moved toward each other, Jane now completely naked, and Shara in just a bra. They dropped to the floor as they kissed, and then moved to sit opposite each other. Locking their legs together, they leant back on their hands and thrust their dripping pussies together, making intense eye contact as they ground their hips and nearly screamed with pleasure.

At this point my dick was bursting to get free from my boxers with everything going on in front of me, and I hoped the next instruction would include me.

I then heard Tom call “all girls who still have clothes on ‘entertain’ their guy for 1 minute.” Okay at least this would include me but I wasn’t too hopeful about how Cara would interpret ‘entertain’. I realised I was right when she gingerly reached into my open fly and started to stroke my dick through my boxers. I looked to either side and saw that Shara had immediately turned and jammed her guy’s dick in her hot, wet mouth. Meanwhile, Jo had knelt in front of her man and was furiously wanking his dick while staring straight into his eyes.

I was distracted as I noticed that Dana and her partner where now openly masturbating each other, still facing out towards the group. I was aware that Cara had stopped stroking me and appeared to be gesturing at her boyfriend across the room. I looked over to see Gemma kneeling between his legs apparently trying to choke herself on his cock. Before I could say anything, I heard a groan from my left and turned just in time to see the guy next to me pull his cock out of Shara’s mouth. He grabbed her head and held her face still halkalı escort as his dick erupted a stream of spunk on to her forehead and then continued to spray all over her face as everyone cheered again.

As the cheering died down, Tom shouted “okay guys, to end the game, turn to face your partner and make your own rules.” Ignoring this, Cara strolled back to her boyfriend with an angry look on her face, apparently she didn’t like him getting a blowjob from Gemma. I turned to see Dana straddle her man and kiss him deeply. My stomach got that familiar sinking feeling as she reached down between them, lined his dick up between her legs and impaled herself on him. They both groaned as she grabbed the back of the chair and began to ride him vigorously.

The game was well and truly over by this point and I looked around to see Katherine on the chair next to Dana doing exactly the same thing. Jane had laid her new man on the ground and was sucking his dick in a 69 position while he stuffed his face into her pussy. To my left, Shara was trying to revive her guys cock with her mouth while fingering her own pussy. At the front, Jo was on her hands and knees, bra now hanging around her midsection while Jane’s husband slammed his dick into her from behind.

Gemma was casually stroking her own pussy and taking in the scene while she waited for Cara and Dom to finish their hushed argument.

With a final word that I couldn’t hear, Cara marched back over to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my chair towards the door. We entered the unoccupied room next door and Cara directed me towards the armchair in the corner. When I asked if everything was okay, she angrily replied. “He said it was all part of the game, he’s not even sorry. He’ll wish he’d never touched that slut.”

I was thinking about trying to argue until she jumped on my lap and tried to shove her tongue down my throat. At the same time, she thrust her hand back into my jeans, found the fly of my boxers, and pulled out my, still hard, dick. What the hell, I thought, everyone else is getting fucked, Dana’s probably getting her pussy filled up with cum right now, at least I should get something.

Twenty minutes later, Cara still hadn’t let me take her bra off but I’d pulled her trousers and sexy orange panties down a few inches to reveal the cutest, tightest pussy I had ever seen. She clearly wasn’t into shaving and had a nice triangle of hair leading down to her soaking wet lips. I had two fingers buried as deep as I could inside her and she was screaming into my neck as she came for the second time. As she returned her attention to the head of my dick, I whispered that I was close. Cara sped up her stroking and moaned back “yes I want it everywhere. I want to show him how much fun we’ve had, make a mess all over me.” I found this weirdly erotic and couldn’t hold back any longer. She kept stroking as my dick erupted a huge load of cum that had been building all evening. The first spurt shot up as far as her chest and splashed over one of her small, bra clad, tits. Her continued stroking caused the rest of my load to coat her stomach, trail through her dark pubic hair, and spray all over the front of her grey trousers.

After a couple of minutes of kissing and heavy breathing, Cara stood up, pulled her panties back into place and pulled her trousers up without bothering to fasten them. Announcing that she would ‘be right back’, she headed for the door. I waited a couple of minutes before deciding to follow her, now wearing just my boxers. When I re entered the ‘game room’, it was darker now and it seemed that things had calmed down a bit since I left, I wondered if everyone had realised how out of control the game had gotten.

All I could see now was Katherine, bent over the armchair in the corner, her guy stood behind her fucking her as hard as he could. She grunted through gritted teeth as he repeatedly slammed his cock into her while pulling on her shoulders for leverage. My cock started to get hard again watching her get drilled but I was distracted by a loud scream of pleasure that sounded like it came from the mezzanine floor above us. I climbed the stairs as I heard more and more groaning and, as I reached the alcove, what I saw made my dick go so hard I thought it would rip through my shorts.

Dana was lying on her back on the sofa with Jane’s husband Tom between her legs. Her ankles were up over his shoulders and he was holding on to her thighs as he slammed his cock into her pussy. There were four other guys, all naked, stood around watching and, as I looked over her sexy naked body, I could see the white, wet patches of cum coating her stomach and tits. As I watched, Tom groaned loudly and pulled his dick from her sopping wet pussy. He furiously stroked himself and continued to groan as a fresh load of cum spurted from his cock, reaching all the way up to Dana’s neck and splashing all over her soft, tanned skin.

As he stepped aside, a guy I knew, Pete, immediately took his place and plunged his cock into Dana’s loose wet hole. She didn’t even seem surprised, she just smiled up at him before throwing her head back and exhaling deeply. Taking advantage of what looked like an invitation, a guy I didn’t recognise stepped up to her head and offered his cock to her mouth. Without hesitating, she parted her lips and he slid his cock between them.

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