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My Job as a Tester Ch. 05

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I apologize for it taking so long in writing this chapter. Family matters prevented me from working on it, I just hope you find it worth the wait. I’m working on Chapter 6 even as you read this one.

Thank you.


“This should be fun! We have two babies that we need to be take care of.” Debbie says grinning.

“I’ll take my little man and you take little sister.” Sarah says, “Then this afternoon we’ll switch! Is that okay with you?”

“That sounds good to me.” Debbie says.

“Okay since everyone is good with the arrangement. I’ll need to go get a couple of products to test while we do this!” Denise says as she stands and heads for the door. “Don’t go anywhere until I get back.”

“Yes mommy.” We all say.

When she is out of the room for a couple of seconds I say, “I wonder what products she wants to test?” Just the thought of what it might be was turning me on a little.

“I think whatever it is it will be fun for somebody!” Debbie states. “Or at least really interesting!”

“I for one can hardly wait to get little man in the training room.” Sarah says as she and Debbie sit down beside us and slide their hands under our bathrobes.

“Well, my little girl is a little stiff.” Debbie says with a smile. Then she stands up and places Carla’s hair into a pair of pigtails that you’d see a little girl wear. As she sits back down and replaces her hand under the bathrobe she says, “Now she looks like a little girl who may need her diaper changed.”

“That is cute.” I say with a smile. I look over at Sarah who is rubbing me through my diaper and I can she has a top on that will be easy to open and a lacey nursing bra on underneath it.

Sarah notices me looking down her blouse and asks, “Little man do you see something you like?” as she turns and leans over slightly so I can get a better view down her blouse.

“Yes I do and I almost can’t wait to get one of those lovely dark nipples in my mouth and start suckling.” I reply as I place my hand on her leg and start rubbing her back. I can feel the tops of her stockings and start tracing the pattern.

“I can see you are.” Sarah says. “I can tell you like my stockings especially the lacey tops. I think they are a turn on for you since we placed you in them! I can’t tell you how much it was a turn on for us also, seeing you dressed like that.”

“I know Rachael was extremely turned on by that scene and then when you were describing your costume she was having problems taking notes. Then when you and Denise were in the changing room and we started to hear you two it was too much for her she went to her sewing room practically pulling Carol behind her and they took care of their problems!” Debbie states.

“Yeah it was kind of funny seeing her like that but what was really hot was the video I got yesterday. Every time I see it I wish I’d put my pussy up there for you to eat little man.” Sarah states. “Hell I’m envious of Rosa, Cindy and even you little sister! I know each of you enjoyed yourselves even if little man was on autopilot. He did a really good job!”

“You have no idea!” Carla says, “That was the first time I ever had a man deep throat me and God did it feel good with me in his mouth, Rosa playing with my pussy and backdoor. Then add to that the fact I had his cock was in my mouth. When I came it about drove me crazy!”

Debbie smiles, “Little sister, Rosa was playing with your pussy and Cindy was working on your backdoor only because she beat me to it!” she says. “Sooner or later we are going to have both of you then we’ll work on getting David and Lisa! Yeah we are a bunch of horny women!” she states looking at both Carla and I.

“Carla, just so you know that was a first for me.” I say. Then I look at Sarah and see her smiling also. “Well to be honest I kind of figured that out already. Before you say anything I’m not complaining in the least! This is the greatest place to work especially with the Benefits!” I state.

“Yes, I know you enjoy working here Mac.” Denise says as she steps back into the break room. “Okay Mommies if you’re ready to get started? I’ve got the products we are going to test in the training room. I’m sorry to say but you’re going to have to share the futon! But it will also help out with one product we may be going to test later!”

“Come along little man.” Sarah says as she slides her fingers inside my diaper and on the topside of my erection, her thumb is pressing against the tip of it from the outside.

We all stand up and head for the training room. Once inside the training room Carla and I remove our bathrobes and are naked except for our diapers. Sarah sits on the end of the futon so she can use her right hand and Debbie sits down just a little ways away and she says it’s okay she can use her left as easily as her right.

Sarah calls me over in front of her and checks my diaper to see if I’m wet. “Little man, I’m going to remove your diaper and check your temperature so if you give me any problems I’ll spank you. Do you understand?”

“Yes momma Sarah but I don’t like that nasty Maltepe Escort thing sticking in my butt.” I say knowing that she is going to insist and if I step back she’ll spank me.

“Little sister comes over here.” Debbie says. “You heard what momma Sarah told little man?”

“Yes momma.” Carla answers acting like a little girl.

“Well I am going to have to take two temperatures because you have more openings.” Debbie says. “If you give me any problems you’ll also get a spanking.”

She looks at me and we both take a step back.

“So that’s the way it’s going to be!” Sarah says with a slight smile as she grabs hold of the front of my diaper and pulls me towards her. She starts removing my diaper.

“I thought you were smarter than this little sister but, you just had to do what little man did. Now you will get the same punishment as him.” Debbie states as she also pulls Carla towards her and removes her diaper.

As Sarah is positioning me across her lap she says, “Momma Debbie, when little man acts up I place his cock between the lacey tops of my stockings. That way he can’t move around and I have complete control over him.”

I look back over my shoulder and see Carla being placed in the same position. I have a clear view of her cock being placed between Debbie’s legs and then of her pussy and ass. I get a little harder between Sarah’s legs. I realize she notices when she clears her throat.

Sarah turns my head to the front. “Little man you’re only making it worse on yourself.” She says just before she lands a good one on my ass which stings. She lands several more. “Little man, when I get done your little ass will be a lovely bright red.”

As she delivers several more my ass feels like it is on fire and I can tell it is very likely the bright red she said it would be. While this is happening to me I can hear Carla getting the same thing. My ass is really sensitive as her hand slides across it. Then I feel her move her legs pushing me backwards. Suddenly Carla’s and my bottoms touch and we both let out a small moan as we feel the heat from each other. I feel the wetness from her pussy start to coat my sack. Then just as quickly as it happened we are pulled apart.

Sarah puts on a pair of latex gloves and applies some KY Jelly on my puckered hole. As she pushes her finger against my rosebud it slides in easily up to the second knuckle. She pulls it back and adds a second finger. As she is pumping them in and out of my greedy backdoor she says, “Well it feels like someone loosened you up pretty good little man! I don’t think I’ll need to do very much to get you ready for the thermometer.”

She starts to remove her fingers and I say, “Not yet Momma please, just a little longer.” I push back as far as I can.

“Alright, little man but you have to tell momma why your little hole is so relaxed.” Sarah says.

“It’s relaxed because of what little sister did when she was diapering me this morning.” I reply.

“Is that true little sister?” Debbie asks.

“Yes, I did it.” Carla replies.

“That’s not how you answer momma. I want to know what you did to your little brother and why you did it!” Debbie says as she swats her on the ass cheek. Then places her fingers back into both Carla’s holes, and then she continues pumping them in and out.

“Mmmmm…Yes mommy I did it to him. While I was getting him ready to be diapered I started fingering little brother’s tight boy pussy and playing with his clit. After I got my second finger inside when I’d pull back I’d spread my fingers. When he was really horny I gave him a choice either a third finger or my cock.” Carla answers. “I was getting him ready so I could replace my fingers with my cock if I had had a little longer I would have filled his little pussy but we had to stop and go to the break room.”

“Would you have tricked him into letting you use your cock instead of your fingers?” Denise asks.

“I tried to momma Denise.” Carla says.

“Well little sister I’ll just have to find some way to control that oversized clit of yours!” Denise replies with a grin while we get our temperatures taken. “When you ladies finish taking their temperatures you’ll need to relax them a little bit more for the products we are going to test while they nurse.”

While everyone was talking Sarah has been sliding the thermometer in and out of my bottom. Also she is moving her legs up and down rubbing my penis with the Lacey tops of her stockings. When it beeps she pulls it out and says, “Well little man’s temperature is up a little but that is normal with everything considered.”

Debbie says about the same thing about Carla’s temperature. She hands Denise the thermometers and looks at Sarah. “You know my baby’s pussy is pretty wet and leaking. Maybe we should put them together again and spread some of her slick juice on your baby’s bottom.”

Denise says, “That’s a good idea and then we can make sure they are relaxed for the products. I’ll even help out!” She places the thermometers on the counter and puts on a pair of gloves. Then Anadolu Yakası Escort she crouches down between Carla and me.

“My goodness little sister is very wet. Look at how her juices are flowing out of her little pussy!” Sarah states as she lowers her right leg so only her left leg is pushing me towards Carla.

“We’ll just have to find something to put in her pussy to slow her leaking juices down.” Denise says as she starts rubbing my sack against Carla’s pussy. “I wonder if they’ll fit.” Then Denise starts to gently push one of my balls into Carla’s pussy.

I moan slightly whereas Carla quietly states, “Oh god the feels good!” I think to myself that I agree with her. I can feel her pulling me in deeper. As my second balls slides easily into her pussy a moan escapes my lips. Carla’s muscles in her pussy feel like they are trying to pull them in as far as she could get them. All I know it that it felt like a really good massage.

“They are both in and by the looks on their faces they are both enjoying it very much!” Denise says as she places both of our cocks together and rubs them. “It’s a shame we don’t have a double headed dildo right now than they could have their backdoors filled.”

“That would be fantastic to see!” Debbie says. “But this is really hot! I would have never thought about putting little man’s balls in little sister. If we could tie them up like this with a double headed dildo connecting their back doors that would be amazing. Than we would have to figure out a way to tie their cocks together and their legs so they can’t move!” she adds.

“I agree it is very hot the way they are now. What Debbie described would be extremely hot to see and I won’t have thought of it or what you did just now.” Sarah says. “I’m starting to wonder what it would look like having him stuffed into me like that.”

“Well you should have a look down here and see the amount of precum they are both producing in their current position!” Denise states as she holds up one of her latex covered hands with the palm full of precum and pours it between our touching ass cracks. “Now we know how to get them both so turned on they are about to go crazy. We better separate them so they can start nursing and be careful they are both pretty close right now!”

When they start to pull us apart I feel my sack being stretched because Carla is tightening her muscles around my balls not wanting to let them go. I moan because of the feeling. When they do come out I feel her juices wash down covering my balls even more and coating our cocks.

“Look how shiny my little man’s sack and cute cock are.” Sarah says as she slides her latex covered hand down past my rosebud and gets a combination of precum and Carla’s juices. “Oh it’s very slick too. Would little man like mommy to use it on his little hole?” she asks.

“Yes mommy will you use it please.” I reply as she moves me back where I was before we started.

She replaces her leg trapping my penis between the lacey tops of her stockings. I can feel her lean over and then I hear her go, “Mmmm tastes good.” I also hear Debbie agree. Then I feel something being poured just above my rosebud and Sarah reinserts her fingers.

“Do you feel how slick that is little man? Mommy is using yours and little sister’s juices to lube up your bottom.” Sarah says very seductively in my ear. She slides two fingers inside with ease and starts the steady in and out action. Spreading her fingers as she backs out stretching my little hole.

“It feels good mommy.” I reply as I try to rock back to meet her fingers and add some stimulation to my trapped penis.

“Little man if you cum Momma is really going to be mad and the spanking you already have gotten will be nothing compared to what you’re going to get! Do you understand me?” Sarah asks.

When I don’t answer her right away she not only pushes her fingers inside me but causes me to get back on her lap like I should have been. Then she lands a hard slap on each of my butt cheeks. “Answer me little man!” She states in a voice that instantly makes me understand she is serious.

“I understand Momma Sarah.” I answer in a voice that pretty much confesses what I was trying to do. Now I have to concentrate really hard not to cum. She can see that I’m trying to calm down slowly she stops moving her fingers.

“Little man, I’ll hold my fingers very still so you can calm down some.” Sarah tells me. She smiles at Debbie who has also stopped moving her fingers in and out of Carla so she can calm down also.

“It looks like both of our babies need a break for a couple of minutes! I think that they were very turn on and real close to popping!” Debbie states.

“That will give me some time to get the products ready.” Denise says with a smile. She steps over to the rolling table and rolls it over to sit between the mommies. She removes the towel covering the items on the table and I can see she picks up a tube of surgical lube. Opening the top she places some of the surgical lube on the top of one of the products and hands it İstanbul Escort to Sarah.

“Okay little man, Mommy needs to have her fingers back so she can get the product that Mommy Denise has gotten ready for her.” Sarah says a little before she slowly removes her fingers. “Little man, I need you to reach back and spread your naughty little bottom for me.”

“Okay Mommy”. I replied as I reach back and spread my ass cheeks for her. I feel her place something hard against my rosebud. I feel some pressure as she pushes in and out of my bottom. My bottom is starting to relax even more and it is being stretched much more than it was being earlier. “Mommy it’s too big!” I tell her.

“Just take a couple of deep breaths and relax your bottom for me little man it’s almost all the way in, it is going to feel real nice once it’s in.” Sarah states while taking a minute to rub my back and hold the product very still in my bottom. “When you feel ready you just need to push back like you do on my fingers little man. It’s almost inside.”

After a few moments I say “Okay Momma Sarah, I’m ready to try it.” Then I take a couple of deep breaths and try to relax a little more. I slowly start to push back and Sarah releases my cock. As I feel myself open up some more my cock glides across the top of her stocking giving me some added pleasure.

“You’re doing fine Little Man, it’s almost there.” Sarah says encouragingly. “I can tell that you are enjoying the feeling of it sliding in. Just a little further. You can do it!”

Just about the time she says that I get past the widest point and it seats it’s self into my bottom. I breathe a sigh of relief as I do I notice that my hole is still being stretched and my cock was as hard as a rock.

“That was Hot!” Debbie says. “And the red heart shape at the end is perfect!”

“Can I see Mommy?” Carla asked trying to look over her shoulder.

“Not right now, we have to finish with getting you ready!” Debbie says as she inserts a dildo into Carla’s pussy and gives a bulb connected to it a couple of squeezes.

We all hear her reaction to the dildo being inflated inside her. “Mommy I feel so full right now.” she moaned.

“Mommy’s not done yet” Debbie says as she takes an identical lubricated anal dilator from Denise and starts to slowly insert it into her empty bottom. “We have just to put this in place and then Mommy can give you some nice sweet milk from her titties. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mommy but, I feel so full right now I don’t know if I can take anymore.” Carla replies.

Just a few seconds later I hear her gasp and I feel her legs starting to shake a little as the anal dilator seated it’s self-inside her.

“You’re such a good little sister!” Debbie says as she rubs Carla’s bottom and her lower back. “Just stay there a moment or two so you can grow accustom to feeling so full. I need you to begin to relax and calm down a little.”

“Okay Mommies I think you can put their diapers back on now” Denise stated after a few moments pause. “I’ll be back when you’re almost done.” she adds as she heads for the door.

Sarah replaces my diaper, unbuttons her top and undoes her nursing bra. “Alright little man let’s get you feed.” she says as she extends her arms and helps me get into position so I can suckle on her breast.

I look at her dark breast with it’s even darker nipple sticking out nice and stiff just waiting to be suckled. As I take her nipple in my mouth I lightly brush it with my tongue. I hear a slight moan escape her lips and I received a few drops of her sweet milk on my tongue. Sarah moves her hand down to my diapered covered penis and she gently slides her hand up and down. Her other hand cradles my head holding it to her breast.

I can smell her arousal. I slide my hand down between her legs and under her diaper as I’m nursing. As I start teasing the outer lips of her soaked and leaking pussy, I look up and see her close her eyes slightly. When they are fully opened moments later, she looks at me and smiles as she presses her nipple a little harder into my mouth.

“Little man, you know you are making Mommy have a few problems?” Sarah asks as her hand glides down between my legs and starts to tap on end of the dilator lodged in my bottom. She smiles as I moan slightly around her nipple. “Well it would appear that my little man is really enjoying having his tight little bottom filled and opened up by the nice dilator he has stuffed into his naughty little bottom!” She states.

“Is little man playing with you?” Debbie asks. “Because Little sister is causing me a few problems also. She has managed to get her hand into my Diaper and is playing with me as well.” she states.

“It seems that they are trying to cause us to be in the same condition their in.” Sarah says. “Not that we are complaining I’m sure.” she adds.

As I lay there nursing on Sarah’s breast with my rear end stuffed fuller than it has ever been. I can feel my dick is harder and throbbing with every beat of my heart then it has ever been. I start wondering what it would have been like if I had let Carla actually stick her cock inside me. I pause for a second, what am I thinking! Granted I sucked Carla’s cock but that was different. I didn’t know I was doing it until I swallowed her cum. How could I be fantasying about her putting her cock in my ass.

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