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My Hot Neighbor

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My name is John Anders and I work at the firm of Gross and Lender, Architects, here in Chicago. At 25, I was a junior member of the firm. And, at 25 I had a strong sex drive, which, luckily, coincided with the sex drive of Bunny Alwen, another member of the firm.

Since she still lived at home with her parents, all of our meetings were at my apartment. She had convinced her parents that the four or five nights we got together, she was working overtime. From her vocalizations when she would cum, it did sound like work, especially when I ‘went down’ on her.

I had been lucky to find this small apartment in a building just off the loop. We used it for our trysts instead of getting a hotel room. That is, until about a month ago when Bunny was suddenly transferred to the company’s Los Angeles office, together with a promotion. Since then I had become married to my right hand, while hoping to make another connection.

Things changed for the better on Saturday. As I was leaving my apartment to go out to do some grocery shopping, I bumped into my next door neighbor, Mrs. Swenson. She was just returning from picking up her mail from the boxes in the lobby.

Mrs. Swenson is a widow, her husband having died of a heart attack just about the time I had moved in. I judged her to be about fifty years old, although about the only thing that indicated her age is her graying hair, which she wears fairly close cropped. She is tall, about five foot seven or eight, slender but with a nice figure from what I could see; Mrs. Swenson always seems to be dressed in quite baggy clothing.

“Good morning, Mr. Anders, how are you,” she greeted me, with a smile. “Where are you off to?”

“Good morning to you,”I replied. “Just going to do a little food shopping.” Then added, “Is there any thing you need from the store while I’m out?”

“Oh, how nice. Yes, I need a quart of regular milk if you’ll be so kind. It’ll save me a trip.”

“No problem, if you don’t need it right away. I plan on stopping for lunch first, then do the shopping. I should be back about two if you can wait that long.”

“That’ll be fine. I really don’t need it till tonight. I really appreciate this.”

After a leisurely lunch, I went to the grocery store and spent almost an hour going up and down the aisles, filling my cart from the list I had made out the night before, almost forgetting, till the last minute, the milk she had requested.

Arriving back at the apartment house, I stopped outside Mrs. Swenson’s door, knocking loudly. When she opened the door, I said, playfully, “Delivery man, madam, I have your milk as ordered.”

She laughed as she took the carton from me. “Thank you so much, Mr. delivery man. Would you care to step inside for a cup of coffee?”

“Gee, thanks, but no, I’ve got a lot of stuff to put away,” I said, indicating the plastic bags I had toted up from my car.

“Why don’t you go put your food away, then come back. I haven’t had any company for quite a while and I’d love to chat with someone.”

I really couldn’t refuse her plea, for that’s what it sounded like. “Okay, I’d love to have a cup of coffee. Just let me put this stuff away, then I’ll come back. Shouldn’t take too long.”

“Good! I’ll leave the door unlocked. Just knock and come in.”

I spent about twenty minutes, storing all the things I had purchased, then about five minutes jacking off. I had to relieve the pressure that had built up in my balls; not unusual for me. Then, after washing the cum off my hand, went next door.

I knocked and opened the door and walked in. The layout of her apartment was a mirror image of my own but there the similarity ended. Mrs. Swenson’s wall displayed several large paintings hung against bright wallpaper. My walls were just painted with only a few small pictures hung randomly. Her livingroom was furnished with a couple of overstuffed chairs and a matching love seat and an oriental rug gracing the floor. The front window had nice lace curtains and drapes that matched the wallpaper. Mine had only a bare tiled floor, a couch, a beanbag chair and a TV, and my front window had only a roll-up shade.

Her dining area had a nice wood dining table, four chairs and a glass cabinet, displaying chinaware. In mine was a Formica topped table and two chairs, period. It was all I needed, but, compared to her apartment, was a very cold place. After all, most of my activities had always been centered in the bedroom.

“Oh, I’m so glad you came back,” she said as I closed the door behind me. “Just give me a minute to pour our coffee. We can sit there at the table.” I had noticed that she had put placemats at opposite sides of the table, to protect the polished wood surface.

When she brought the two cups to the table, I held out her chair for her. “Oh, thank you,” she muttered as she sat down. “You’re quite the gentleman.” I went around the table to sit across from her. The coffee was good and hot and strong, just the way I liked it.

We gebze escort chatted for several minutes about mundane things, other residents, the weather and just stuff in general, then fell silent for a while. Mrs. Swenson got up to refill our cups and then, sitting back down, said, “I haven’t heard your girl friend for a while. Have you two broken up?”

“Uh, no., Mrs. Swenson, Bunny got transferred to the West coast. I haven’t heard anything from her but I guess she’s doing okay. She’s a smart gal.” Then, suddenly realized that Mrs. Swenson’s bedroom backed right up against mine and she had probably heard Bunny’s squeals and cries when we fucked. I could feel my face turn red.

Mrs. Swenson began to laugh at my embarrassment. “Don’t be so embarrassed, young man. And please don’t call me ‘Mrs. Swenson’. My name is Antoinette, Toni for short. You must have made your Bunny very happy, from what I could hear, Mr. Anders. And quite often, too.”

I looked at her and said, “Of course, Bunny made me very happy too. But I tend to be quiet about it. And, you can call me John.”

Okay, John it is, though I might slip once in a while and call you Johnny, if you don’t mind.”

We were quiet for a while as we continued to sip our coffee, I figured the subject of Bunny and me had died. Then, out of the blue, Toni asked, “Have you ever heard that old saying about older women, you know, the one that goes, ‘they don’t yell, they don’t swell and, they’re grateful as hell’?”

My mouth fell open as I gazed at her. My god, she was practically asking for me to fuck her! After a few seconds I regained some composure. This time it was she who averted her eyes as I asked, “Do you want to fuck, Mrs. uh…Toni?” She muttered something I couldn’t quite hear. “What did you say?”

With her eyes still fixed on the cup in front of her, her face turning as red as mine had been, answered louder, “Yes, but only if you want to.”

My cock, which had begun twitching during our previous conversation, leapt to full erection. I reached under the table to unzip my jeans and as I stood up, pulled it out into the open. “Does that answer your question?”

“Oh my god,” she said softly. “You’re much bigger than my Steve was.” I had always been proud of my fat, seven inches, Bunny had measured it the first time we fucked. “Did I do that to you? Oh god, I hope so.” “I don’t see anyone else to blame for it, do you? Now, do you really want to fuck or do I have to take care of it myself?”

“Let’s go to bed, right now!” she exclaimed, getting up from her chair. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Just let me pee first, then we’ll do the dirty deed,” We both headed into her bedroom, where I went to her bathroom and stripped off my clothes before raising the toilet seat to pee. With my hard-on, it was difficult but, after a couple of minutes, I finally managed to get a good stream going to empty my bladder. When I shook the last drops into the bowl, I flushed and headed, bare-ass naked, into her bedroom.

Toni had not even paused long enough to pull the shade on her window and I could see her baggy clothing had been thrown in a chair. She had pulled the bed spread off and was laying, naked, on her belly, on the bed sheets. I got a very pleasant surprise; she had been hiding a nice figure, with a nice firm rump, under that baggy clothing.

I was on the bed quickly and she rolled onto her side, allowing me to get my arms around her to and begin to make love to her as I had always done with Bunny, running one hand over her warm body. As I kissed and nuzzled her neck, I cupped one tit to find an already erect nipple, then, deserting her breast, lightly ran my hand down over her belly to cup her mons. Surprise! It was bare of any hair.

“Johnny,” she moaned softly, parting her thighs and thrusting against my hand. “Just fuck me, fuck me now.”

I had every intention of doing just that but that bare pussy told me that what I really wanted was to taste her, to get her off with my mouth and tongue first. It took me only seconds to move between her legs. She was expecting to find my cock at her pussy but found my face burying at her pussy.

Toni gasped loudly as my tongue parted the lips of her count, probing and finding juices already flowing. “Oh god, Johnny, Johnny, oh god, god!” she moaned as I licked and sucked, then moved my tongue to her clit. Her whole body jerked madly and she gripped my head fiercely, thrusting hard against me. “Oh god, oh god,” she repeated over and over as she fucked my face.

In only minutes she climaxed, her whole body straining, holding her breath as she tried to stay on her high as long as possible. Then, with an explosive release of air, her body relaxed and she pushed my head away.

Rising up, I shuffled forward on my knees to bring my iron hard cock to her cunt. Apparently she was as eager as me to get my cock into her hot, wet tunnel for she grabbed hold of it to guide it. göztepe escort As I slowly began to enter her, she suddenly thrust her hips upward, taking my entire length inside. “Now, fuck me Johnny, fuck me hard and fast.”

Thank god I had jacked off just before coming back to her apartment or I surely would had shot my load immediately. We fucked furiously for about five minutes, then she came again, grabbing my hips to hold me deep inside her convulsing count. That did it for me and while she was holding her breath, I, too, came, pumping my creamy jizz right at the entrance of her womb.

Our mutual moment of rapture ended simultaneously and when she relaxed, falling back on her bed, my cock slipped about half way out of her. We were both breathing hard from our exertions and I withdrew my cock and rolled to her side, my still pulsing rod pointing straight up. Slowly, as I regained my breath, it began to lose its stiffness and wilted.

“That’s just what I needed, John,” she murmured. “I haven’t felt so fulfilled in such a long time. I really feel wonderful now.”

“Me too,” I replied. “That was a damned good fuck.”

“As good as your friend, Bunny?”

“Yeah, and without all the screaming and yelling, too.” That had always bothered me when Bunny came. Toni was much quieter when she came, but I knew when she did. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

She laughed. “My god, I hope so. Maybe tomorrow?”

I grinned at her. ” Why not, ‘maybe’ tonight? I think we’ve both got a lot of missed fucking to make up for.”

She glanced at me, a look of amazement on her face. “Are you trying to make up all that fucking in one day? I don’t think my kitty could take all that.”

“No, no,” I replied. “Just to get a head start. Course, if you want to wait until tomorrow, I guess we could.”

“Well, I think if we wait a little while, say after dinner, that would be okay.” Then, suddenly, she rolled to her side of the bed. “Oh chriis,” she exclaimed. “I’m leaking all over the sheets! Everything’s running out of me!” She clapped a hand over her pussy and quickly got off the bed and, bent over, raced for the bathroom.

When she emerged from the bathroom several minutes later, laying there on the bed, I got my really first good look at this woman I had just fucked. There wasn’t a wrinkle or sag on her body. Bluntly, I asked, “Just how old are you, Toni?”

She looked back at me, a look of amazement on her face. “Why would you ask that? Are you disappointed?”

“Far from it,” I answered. “You look spectacular.”

“Well,” she grinned. “I’m forty-eight and, thank you for your very kind compliment.”

“Damn, woman, if not for your…uh…gray hair, I’d swear you were in your thirties, early thirties.” I wasn’t lying either. While her tits didn’t stand out firm, they were nicely formed, not overly large, with brownish aureoles the size of silver dollars, topped with prominent nipples. Her body showed no sign of a thickened waist line or the fullness in the hips that comes with age in women.

“Jeezus,” I thought to myself, “Right next door to me and I could have been fucking her all along.” Then, as Toni sat down on the edge of the bed, aloud, I said, “I only wish we’d made our connection a long time ago. It had to be you, reaching out like you did. God, but I’m stupid as hell!”

Toni began laughing. “John, you don’t know how much I wanted to be in that bed of yours everytime I heard your girl friend screaming with the pleasure you were giving her. I’d lay there in my bed, playing with myself until I could cum but it wasn’t anything like when she did.”

I got up to sit beside her on the bed. “Toni, you want to make this a regular thing? I mean, should we move in together, or something like that?” She giggled at that and leaned against me.

“John, I’m almost twice as old as you. What would people say if we moved in together?”

“Why, I guess most of them would be jealous… I mean… well… you know what I mean. The old biddies around here would probably be jealous of you having a young lover, assuming they knew we were lovers. The men would all be jealous of me, especially when we go out together and you’re all dolled up, sexy looking.”

I let that sink in for a minute or so, then, “We can start on all the men by going out to dinner tonight. You must have something other than all those baggy clothes you usually wear, you know, something that shows off your beautiful figure.”

Toni giggled excitedly. “My god, John, I haven’t dressed…sexy…in years. But, yes, I’ve got some nicer clothing that I used to wear for Steve. You know, you’re a lot like him; he always wanted to show me off too.”

“Okay then. I’m goin’ back to my place to shower and get dressed to go out. I’m gonna wear slacks, a sport shirt and drss shoes. Then, we’re goin’ out to dinner and we’re goin’ to leave in broad daylight so everybody in this building can see us.”

Toni halkalı escort had been laughing all the time that I told her what we were going to do. “John, when you come back to get me, you’re going to get the surprise of your young life. Now, get out of here so it WILL still be daylight when we leave.”

It took me almost an hour to get ready, only because I took the time in the shower to jack off again. If everything went according to the plan I had in my head, we’d be fucking all night when we got back from dinner.

Since it was only four o’clock, I decided to give Toni a little more time so I sat down on my couch for a while. I had just gotten comfortable when my phone rang. It was Toni, saying she was ready to go. It hadn’t taken her as long as I thought it would.

She was waiting just inside her open door and my jaw dropped, I had to take a second look. Standing there was the sexiest woman I had seen in a long time. From the very subdued make-up that made her face more beautiful, to the almost sheer blouse, revealing faintly, her nipples, to the short, above the knee, black skirt, to the stocking clad, long legs, to the spike heel black, open toed shoes, Toni exuded pure sex.

She grinned at me. “Is this sexy enough, Johnny?”

“My god, woman, I’m almost afraid to go out in public with you,” I replied, somewhat breathlessly.

“These are some things Steve had me wear when he wanted to show me off. Of course, I’d wear a bra then but I decided to go without for you. Can you see my nipples through this blouse?”

“Yeah, faintly,” I replied. “Looks good, though, especially those little nubs pushin’ out.” I took a deep breath. “Come on, woman, let’s go before I throw you down and fuck you right here.”

“Johnny, I feel almost like a teenager…no…make that, a slutty, horny whore. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I haven’t got any panties on either and I know I’m getting wet already. Yeah, let’s go before I lose my courage.”

We went down stairs, with me making a lot of noise, trying to alert the other residents so that they’d look out their windows when we went to my car. Sure enough, after I had gotten Toni in the passenger side, I glance up to see one curtain pulled back and an elderly lady looking down at us.

As I got into my seat, I grinned at Toni and said, “Mission accomplished. We had one woman watching and I bet she’ll spread the word.”

I drove several blocks to a Greek owned restaurant, where I knew some of the residents often had their Saturday night dinners. Again, part of my plan to get the word out.

We again were lucky. Seated side by side in a booth, we watched as two separate groups from the apartment house came in. We could see many glances directed at us while we ate a leisurely supper. I made sure they could see my hand on her thigh, groping her. Then, as we left, I felt all the eyes from those two groups on us. I chuckled to myself and Toni giggled all the way to the car.

In the car, Toni leaned over to me for a kiss. “Johnny, that was fun. I thought sure that I’d feel embarrassed, but it was fun watching those people looking at us. It’s made me so damned horny, I’m ready to fuck right now.”

“I know what you mean, except it’s you that’s making me so horny. Let’s get home and fuck!”

Apparently the word had gotten out already, cause as we ran towards the stair well, laughing loudly, I could see several window curtains rapidly pulled back, with other women, mouths open in amazement, looking out at us. When we got to her doorway, I saw another door open down the hall and an old geezer poke his head out to look at us. With a broad grin on my face, I waved at him and he quickly ducked back inside.

“No, Johnny,” she suddenly said. “Let’s go to your place. I want to experience what Bunny got in your bed. Okay?”

“Hey, if that’s what you want; sure. Let’s do it.” We back pedaled to my door and I unlocked it. Just as we went inside, I heard voices of people coming up the stair way.

“I tell you, Flo, he had his hand under her dress. I swear he was feeling her, you know what.”

“Honestly, Arnold, I can’t see how you could have seen that, but you’re probably right. I’ve never seen her so trashy looking before.”

They were nearly up to our floor when I eased the door almost tight, leaving it open just a hair so we could hear more of their conversation as they walked by.

“Do you suppose they’re…you know…doing ‘it’, I heard Flo say.

“Jeezu christ, I know I would…”

“Arnold!”, Flo interrupted. You mean you’d….uh….service her?”

“Hell, Flo, I would if I were him. I never realized what she was hidin’ under all those clothes she always wears. Did you see those legs?”

They were right outside my door when we heard Flo, “Shish…his door is open and they can hear us.”

“Bull shit. They’re probably rollin’ around on his bed. They wouldn’t hear a train if it was comin’ down the hall.” With that, Toni and I burst out laughing, hysterically, loud enough for Arnold and Flo to hear us. All we heard then was their running footsteps as they rushed to get to their apartment. I closed the door and locked it.

“Oh god, Johnny, I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Poor Arnold, she’s either going to give him hell or she’s goin’ to get a good fuckin’ now.”

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