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My Godlike Dream-Girl

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Hello my name is Tom. I am from Germany and I have to say I am just 20 years old and so my English is not so good. Unfortunately I’m still a virgin, but I’m so horny that I can’t keep I have to talk about it.So this story is just an imagination how I would like too loose my virginity (including some fetish).

I have got a very sexy girl in my class and she is 20 years old too. She just looks perfect. I have never seen such a beautiful girl before. I love till the first day at school when I saw her. She has got a perfect ass everybody in school looks at it. She is very slim but not too slim either athletic.She has got a little scar at her stomach. Her breast are rather small but if they would be bigger it wouldn’t look better. Her nipples are wonderful totally round and they have got a very nice colour: dark brown.(I just saw her nipples thruogh her top when haven’worn a bra) She is 165cm tall has wonderful long blond hair, deep blue eyes and her smile charms everybody. She has got a very nice shaved bald pussy, I saw when she sit down and wore a skirt then I saw her very sexy panty->red and you could see through it! That was a year ago and today she wears even a string! 🙂 So I hope that you can understand me why I wanna fuck, especially her! I masturbate even 14 times a day but it is no more enough. I would fuck every body even older woman thats why I like incest storys with mom and son because they subscribe very well how the young sons lose their virginity.

A week ago we went on a 3 day trip with the class to the mountains. The hold way up the mountain to our cottage i walked behind her to see her Trabzon Escort perfect as moving from left to the right and back again. On our trip she fell on her knee, of course I helped her up. She said thanks and blow a kiss.That was the fist time I thought she is noticing me too But wasn’t allowed to go walking the next days. My chance! The second day our class went on a 6 hour trip up the mountain and I pretended to be ill ;-)! I was allowed to aty there just me AND Patti. The class left and I went up to her room immediatly. I knocked at the door and she said: The door is open! I sit next to her and she lay in her bed. I asked what we should do the next hours untill the class will arrive. She raised and said we can do what u want. She putt her blanket away and I could see that she is only wearing a T-Shirt and unerwear. Of course I just wanted to fuck her in her tight pussy but as a gentleman I just said that we do what u want. We can play poker or something else. I said Ok. I will fetch the cards. She said just a moment I have to go on the toilet. This was my cue because I’m a pee fetish. I couldn’t hold it back and i said just do it here in your pantys, right here right now! I couldn’t believe what I said I get up and wanted to leave because I knowed she would be angry with me. But wait! WOW! I couldn’t believe my ears she said ok why not.

She stood in front of me and started to pee. Very slowly the golden shower started to trickle down at the ground.I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I asked her if I may touch her her panty. She said just if I am allowed to put down my Escort Trabzon T-Shirt. I said of course but just when I’m allowed to put down my clothes. In just 30s I stod there only with my boxer and she in her underwear. My cock was rock hard, harder then ever before, the perfect girl I ever dreamed about is standing in front of me just covered in underwear which she is going to put down next time I hope. I think she was very errected too. She looked at my dick which got bigger and bigger. Her nipples stood hardly errected, I even could it see through her bra. So touched her wet panty and it was warm. I rubbed up and down her panty and she liked it I even could feel her hard clit. I didn’t what was wet her juice or the pee.

Then she said Ok sorry I think it is enough now I think it’s wrong. I said please but she just turned away. I get off my boxer and put my hand on my dick and jerked off. She looked at me and said that I should stop it. I didn’t listen I just went on. She got down on her knees put my hand away and did me a handjob. It was great her hands are so soft and she did it really good even better than I thought and I thought that that would be the best feeling I ever will have. I asked her if she would do me a blowjob. She said no even that was too much. I shouted softly at her please suck it! She did! she moved her beautiful mouth to my dick opened it and sucked fist just the head and down to the rest. It felt great, the best feeling I ever had. I think she liked it too she did it quite long. Then I couldn’t hold it back I grabbed at her tits. Oh they felt so good: soft, Trabzon Escort Bayan firm and her nipples were so hard, nearly hard as my cock. I opened her bra and throw it away. Her breasts looked as I ever could imagine. Then suddenly without asking I shot all my cum in her mouth. It doesn’t stop gallons after gallons and she sucked she sucked and sucked until my dick was nearly dry.She aked my if it was good. I just could answer that it was perfect.

Now I will do the same for you I said I leaned her back and pulled down her panty. Her pussy was tighter than I thouht! It was shaved and her clit was rock hard. I put my tongue as deep as I could, she moanded very loud. She shouted more more deeper deeper and i put my finger in her pussy. First one, then the second and she didn’t notice that my hold hand was in her vagina. It was very wet in her cunt. I could feel her juice trickle down my hand. Now she also had her orgasm.But I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more I wanted Fuck her.

My cock was rock hard and asked her to fuck me now. She said absolutly no it’s not right! I said please just a little bit. After a minute she said Ok But just a little bit so I put my prick in her cunt just the head of my cock but it was great! I said please just a little bit more. She said OH JEAHH PLEASE! Then I fucked her very hard, as deep as I could. It felt great! She was also very satisfied! More more she wanted more and deeper. She and I fucked godlike. We got 4 or 5 orgasm one after other.

She said that I was great and I could only reply that she was GODLIKE! It was the best day ever. Then I looked out of the window and it was dark I know that the class will soon be here so we got on our clothes and couldn’t fuck again this day. But the third day we did it again again and again!

Thank you for reading my story. I would be fortunate if you would send me an E-Mail and say how you liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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