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My Freshman Year Ch. 06

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I love Saturdays: you can sleep late, and spend the day doing whatever you want. It’s a good thing. I usually wake up earlier than Nat and cook breakfast. She comes in, and gives me a kiss on the cheek and a smack on the ass. It usually turns into something more. My favorite time was when I put her on the table and had her for breakfast. It’s a ritual that we repeat every week, and I love it.

But one week, I didn’t wake up early like I usually do. I felt Natalya stir next to me and sensed that she was surprised to feel me next to her. She snuggled in closer to me and nuzzled my neck. I kissed her forehead and drifted back to sleep, but not for long, because I could feel her lips on my neck, making sleep a little less of an option. She gave a little frustrated sigh.

“Baby, I’m hungry.” She said, pouting. But, I knew she wasn’t worried about food, not if the way she was squeezing my ass was any indication. I decided to play with her.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m just tired. I’ll fix you a big lunch, though.” With that, I pulled her into me, as if I just wanted to go to sleep. She sat still for another moment, then she started up again.

“Baby, get up with me, I’ll be bored all by myself.” I just murmured incoherently and continued to ‘sleep.’ Then, she seemed resolved that she would wake me up, and she knew how. She sat straddling my waist, and began to kiss my face and neck, my collarbone, my eyes. I couldn’t help but respond to her, I never can. Try as I might to keep up my game, my hips betrayed me, and pressed up into her. She ground back into me, and I moaned lightly. That was all she needed. Suddenly, there was electricity şişli escort in my breast, or was that her hands. Either way, it felt delicious, and I was fully awake now.

We spent what felt like forever kissing, which is fine with me. I can’t tell you how soft that woman’s lips are. They are like little pillows. She has a way of kissing me but barely kissing me, almost not touching me. It always makes me want more, makes me seek after her lips when she pulls away, but she knows just how to tease me, just how much to give me to make me beg her for more. Oh, and did I mention that she always seems to taste like strawberries? I know it sounds weird, but she does.

Anyway, I’m completely at her mercy now. I put my hands on her ass, massaging and squeezing it, but she pushed them off, waving a finger in my face.

“Ah ah ah! No touching.” She put my hands on the headboard and told me not to move them. I absolutely love when she gets all ‘take charge’ on me, telling what I can and can’t have, making me beg for it. The suspense makes actually getting her that much better. This morning, when I looked into her eyes, I saw pools of lust, and I was hypnotized. I wanted to do anything and everything she had for me, I was hers, and I told her so.

“Really? All mine?” she said, running her nails up the sides of my body.

“Yessssss, Baby” I hissed, she was driving me wild.

“So I can do anything I want to you?” she looked like a cat toying with a canary, and I was so happy to be her little birdy that day.

“Anything, anything.anything.” I was saying it over and over. She was nibbling my neck now, any resistance çapa escort I had (and I know it wasn’t much) had gone out of the window.

She nibbled my ear and whispered “Good, cause I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’ll be wobbly for days.” I could hear the smile in her voice, and all I could do was moan. “Keep those eyes closed, sweetie.” She got off of me, and I missed her presence, but wasn’t sad for long, because she returned shortly, crawling up to me.

Though I couldn’t see it, I knew she there was a dildo sitting between her legs, waiting to fill me up; the thought made me shudder. I felt the heat coming off of her as she leaned in and simply said, “Touch yourself.”

I slid my hand down my body and found the slick wetness that I knew would be there. I tentatively rubbed my outer lips, loving the feeling. I pulled and pinched my nipples, imagining it was her doing it. The fact that she was sitting next to me, watching, only heightened my pleasure. I slipped a finger, then two into my opening, the feeling was tremendous. I pressed into my clit with my thumb, and soon I was moaning and groaning.

I had all but forgotten Nat’s presence. She moaned lightly, and I was filled with a need for her. I opened my eyes to see her, stroking our favorite dildo, looking straight into my eyes. All I could say was, “Please.”

She settled herself between my legs and positioned the head at my entrance. She playfully rubbed the tip against my clit. I had to have it inside me, I absolutely had to. I looked up at her and said, “Give it to me now, I need it now, baby.”

But I don’t think she was ready just yet to let me have anything.

“You fındıkzade escort sure baby? I mean, you think you can handle this? It’s awfully big.” She said, still barely touching me.

“Mmmmm” was all I could muster, a half grunt while nodding my head.

“Hmmm…you do seem wet enough.” She put a finger in and swirled it around, I screamed at the sensation rippling through me.

“Did that feel good?”

“Yes. Mmmm. Yes, baby, so good.”

“You want more?”


“Well since you asked so nicely…” she slowly placed pressure, pushing it in inch my agonizingly slow inch. When I felt her bottom out, I wrapped my legs around her, wanting to relish the feeling of fullness.

She began slow, steady strokes, each one like lightning. She leaned in and was nibbling on neck while she squeezed and pinched my nipples. It’s a wonder I didn’t cum immediately. Her strokes started to pick up speed and force, and she grabbed my hips to steady me. I was in ecstasy: lip biting, eye rolling, sheet grabbing, head spinning ecstasy.

“Look at me, baby.” She said tenderly. I forced my eyes open to see the beautiful creature that had all my affections. She was so beautiful like that, all sweaty and breathing hard. Even after all the time we had been together, I was still so amazed that I got such a wonderful woman.

She was pounding into me, I pulled her closer to me, holding on as my climax took over me. I think I must have blacked out, because, when I woke up, Natalya was looking down at me, pushing my hair out of my face. “I love you so much.” She said, a tear in her eye.

“I love you too, baby.” I said, kissing away her tears.

Breakfast was abandoned. I don’t think we ate at all that day, unless you can count each other.


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