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My First Work Party

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It was our first year in Canada and I had joined a great new company that was breaking barriers in the world of finance. As a young immigrant couple from Egypt, we felt so lucky, full of hope and excitement. We were embarking on an amazing new journey and we knew we were destined for great things. Driving to the party that night, we didn’t know what to expect. The only thing we were concerned with was the drinking, since we were both practising Muslims and we took our faith seriously. It was because we respected God that we were so successful.

We’d been married for about five years when Salma’s uncle called us from Toronto to tell us the great news that our immigration was approved. We were both young and qualified, and that was exactly what Canada needed. We rented a nice condo in the suburbs, and both got excellent jobs within three months of arriving. We were already talking about starting a family.

I drove my little Civic dressed in a nice suit I bought specifically for this event, white shirt, reddish tie. Salma was dressed conservatively in a cream shirt and loose fitting but stylish black pants. She had high heels on and wrapped her head in a small but elegant scarf. She usually covered her neck with a hijab but today was an exception, she wanted to look beautiful and accepted. She didn’t want to cause me any trouble at work. It would be the first time my work colleagues met her.

The party was amazing! We sat at a table with two other couples from other departments that I barely knew. The dinner was classy. The wine kept flowing but we stuck to Diet Coke. Salma sat to my right and a woman from Accounting sat to my left, her boyfriend on her left. Stacy from Accounting chatted with us all night while her boyfriend seemed to be more interested in the little pretty Customer Service girl to his left. Stacy was great and lots of fun. Her blonde hair matched her skin tone and the tiny black dress she wore. She would lean over me to talk to Salma and in doing so accentuate the cleavage that my eyes were glued to. When they brought the bread rolls, Stacy put her bun on my side plate to which I said “I don’t really like buns.” Stacy laughed so hard and it took me a minute to get what she was laughing about. Salma grabbed it off my plate and said innocently “I’ll have it. I love buns.” Stacy stopped laughing and just looked at Salma in a strange way with a really big smile. “Yes you do,” she said nodding slightly.

After we ate Bostancı Escort the dancing started and Stacy forced the both of us to dance with her. She was clearly affected by the wine as her dancing was starting to get really provocative. Her and Salma started dancing closer and casually bumping into each other. After a few songs, the DJ played one of my favourite songs, so I cried out and got really into the dancing. Salma on the other hand said that she was going to sit down because her feet ached. So they both went back to the table and left me dancing to my favourite song. I saw Stacy whisper to Salma and walked away towards the bar. I noticed Salma staring at her as she walked away in that skimpy black dress and her ass swaying in the dimly lit room but didn’t think too much about it. When the song changed I walked back to the table but Stacy beat me to it and was back from the bar with two drinks in her hands, what looked like Diet Cokes. Stacy sat at my chair next to Salma and gave her one of the drinks. I had to sit between Stacy and her boyfriend who started some small chat with me as Stacy and Salma were whispering and giggling together.

At some point Stacy turned towards me and whispered in my ear “Your wife is super sexy, man! She couldn’t keep her eyes off of my ass when I went to the bar.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked in shock.

“Yeah, yeah. She wants me, I tell you.” Stacy went back to Salma and continued chatting with her hands getting more touchy feely as they were getting more and more friendly. I couldn’t make out what they were saying from the music but Salma gave out a huge laugh and threw her head back. I started to notice that her scarf was slowly getting out of place and Salma had given up fixing it. Salma had finished that drink and it made me wonder if Stacy had slipped her a shot of something with the Diet Coke. Salma was not exactly herself.

Stacy once again turned to me and whispered “Check this out.”

Stacy stood up gently and told Salma she was going to the washroom. Salma sat there and watched Stacy walk away, her sexy ass jiggling as she turned around with a smile and a knowing look at me.

“Maybe we should get back home,” I said.

“Hold on,” Salma said as she grabbed her clutch, stood up and walked towards the washrooms without a word.

I sat there waiting for Salma for quite a while and when she didn’t come back after about twenty minutes Anadolu Yakası Escort I started to worry. My boss came by to check on me and asked about Salma and if we were enjoying the party. He was a little drunk I could tell but then he told me we should chat next week at the office because there’s some great things coming up and people around the office really liked me. I was very happy with what he was saying that it took my mind off Salma’s situation. As we were finishing off the little chat Stacy came back and sat down next to me. Under the table I felt her handing me something. “Here you go,” she said. I looked down and found what looked like Salma’s blue panties that I saw her put on back home earlier that night.

“What the f..” I said.

“Hey,” Stacy said. “I guess you guys are going home now,” she said as she pointed towards Salma. Salma was standing at the door trying to get my attention and wave me towards the way out. I put the panties in my coat pocket discreetly and got up and left.

Salma was quiet in the car ride home. She slumped back in her seat and quietly moaned she was tired from all that dancing and noise and just wanted to get home.

“Are you alright? What happened back there?”

“Just drive please. I just want to go to bed.”

Salma didn’t say another word until we were back in the apartment. As soon as we stepped into the bedroom she simply said “Hey” and grabbed me as she took off her scarf and threw it on the floor. Our mouths locked and she started kissing me so intensely like never before. She opened her wet mouth and shot her tongue into mine. Her kissing was aggressive and lasted much longer than I was used to. Our tongues attacked each other, twisting and licking, exploring the inner reaches of our beings. She pulled my jacket off and pushed it down to the floor. I took my tie off and unbuttoned my shirt quickly. She wanted me in a crazy way and I was not going to let her down. She sucked on my tongue as she unbuttoned her shirt. I reached around to undo her bra wondering for a second if she really wasn’t wearing any panties. She kneeled down in front of me, dropped my pants and underwear and grabbed my hard cock in her hand. She looked up at me for a moment with the head of my penis almost touching her lips. Her lips parted as she stared at me and then closed down on my manhood. Our eyes transfixed, she drew me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt her tongue Pendik Escort rub against the underside of my dick as she pulled her head back allowing my dick to breath. Looking at me she opened up again and never let it out again until it was rock hard and I was moaning.

She pushed me onto the bed and went to turn the bedroom lights off, walking slowly, hips swinging, topless in her tight pants and high heels. She must’ve taken her pants off in the pitch dark before she climbed on top of me and placed her wet pussy on my face. We had never done this 69 position before but we had spoken about it and she was reluctant. Now here we were in the dark, sideways on our bed with my feet still on the floor. Her juices covered my face as I struggled to breath as well as handle the rhythmic pulsating of her hips down on my mouth, grinding hard on my tongue. Her mouth swallowed my whole shaft again and again taking me to levels of pleasure I had not known before. Licking the tip of my cock she pushed harder and harder down on my mouth and the juices gushed down my throat. She cried out loud, arched her back and her body shook.

She got off me and stood up next to the bed. She bent over and laid face down next to me on the bed. “Take me from behind,” she whispered.

I got up behind her. In the pale moonlight I saw the outlines of her amazing body, ass perched up, moving slightly in anticipation. I grabbed her hips, positioned the tip of my dick at her wet opening. She moaned invitingly. I pushed deep inside her. She yells YESSSSS. I pull out. Then back in deep. YES! Again. And again. And again. Now both of us are in perfect sync. She pushes her ass back at me and push myself deep inside her. She is very loud now, I wonder about the neighbours but keep on giving it to her. Just as I’m about to come her body shivers and she lets out a scream! I explode inside her harder than ever before. My body is shaking now too as I fall on top of her. Two spent naked pieces of flesh twisting and writhing between the bed and the floor. She manages to get up from underneath me and walk naked to the bathroom, turns the light on and closes the door behind her.

I wake up in the morning alone in the bed. I can hear her in the living room clearing thing up. I get out of bed and notice that all of our clothes from last night have been picked up. Including my suit. I remember the panties in my suit pocket. I rush to the closet, find the coat but the panties aren’t there. Salma walks into the room with a cup of coffee wearing one of my white undershirt and those blue panties.

“Coffee is ready,” she says.

“I’m going to shower,” I reply.

She turns around and walks out of the room saying “Your work friends are really fun!”

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