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My First Time with Another Male

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I was 21 years old, my sex life to that time had been miserable, I hadn’t begun puberty until I was almost 16, by then of course, it was all I could think of, but getting any, was a different story.

It was the 1960’s and the world hadn’t yet reached the free love stage. The pill wasn’t something everyone could get hold of and condoms took a lot of courage to purchase, with the result, girls weren’t all that keen to take any risks. Well that’s how it was in my part of the world anyway.

I recall dreaming about naked women, obsessing about being with a girl, but despite all attempts, it simply wasn’t happening for me. I’d managed the odd grope, even one attempt at the ripe old age of 19, which was over before it started. You can imagine how frustrated I was.

One evening I’d driven into the City to pick up my girlfriend who’d been working late. I’d arrived early and was sitting in my car listening to the radio whilst I waited, when an older, very well dressed man, approached me. He asked directions and I tried to explain how to get to where he wanted to go, but it was a bit too complex, so as I was early and it wasn’t that far, I offered to take him there.

He got into the car, he asked me what I was doing, I explained and he then started to acıbadem escort ask me very personal questions about my girlfriend and myself. I looked at him, but being young and very naïve, I decided he was way too old for sex and thought he was just trying to be cool with the way the conversation was going, so I decided to humour him. I’ve reflected on that decision a lot, I guess when you’re 21, anyone over 30 looks 60 and I suppose that was my first mistake.

The conversation went to lesbians, he told me a story about two lesbians licking each others butts, but to a young innocent person, with absolutely no real sexual experience, other than wanking, and dreaming, that story to me, at the time, was gross.

He then asked me if I went off. Thinking he wanted to know if I could fight and now becoming suspicious of him and where he’d asked me to take him, I answered yes, believing it would make him reconsider, if he was actually planning any kind of assault.

The next thing I knew, he’d put his hand on my crutch. I got a shock, but at the same time, my whole body became excited. My heart began to race, my mind started to become very worried, as I began to realise what was happening, but my sex starved akbatı escort cock betrayed any hope I had of convincing him I wasn’t enjoying it. I feared being caught, being called a homo, yet I wanted him to continue.


I couldn’t believe an old man would want to do this, yet I’d already reached a stage of excitement where I simply couldn’t, and didn’t, want him to stop, I wanted what he was doing so much. I searched for somewhere to stop, somewhere we couldn’t be caught, but somewhere he could finish what he’d started with me.

I saw a dark alley, swung the car into it and stopped. The old man was loving my inability to do anything other than submit, he was saying things like “he’s going to cum, he loves it” My mind was still racing, I was so confused, so excited, so ashamed, I didn’t really know what to think, but I knew I wanted him to keep going.

I undid my jeans, pushed them to my knees, releasing my hard, throbbing, cock into his eager fist and thrilled to the feel of his soft skin on my now fully exposed hard on. This was to be my first time with anyone doing such a thing to me and I loved it.

He began to ask me if he could suck me, but fearing disease, I said no. He kept working aksaray escort my cock with his experienced fist so that I was absolutely, hopelessly his.

I knew it wasn’t acceptable at the time, but there was no way I could stop him, I simply didn’t want to. My heart was almost thumping itself out of my chest, I’d never been so aroused, I thrust my virgin cock into his fist, I thrilled to his touch, whilst at the same time, terrified someone would see us. What a dilemma. Ecstasy and the fear of hell, all at the same time.

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself beginning to cum, he was desperate to put me in his mouth, but I was way too scared. What we were doing was bad enough, how could I explain a venereal disease, let alone getting it from a male. Remember, I was very naïve. Times were different then.

He wasn’t pushy, he accepted my wishes and continued to almost melt me with his delicious attention to my bursting cock, and soon I began to explode. Oh my God! I came so very hard, he loved that I came, he was so excited, I was feeling thrilled, violated, fearful, shamed, excited all at the same time.

He began to say he was sorry, but, by then I’d become so afraid, so confused, by what I’d just done, I panicked and in my very confused state, pushed him from my car, before quickly driving away.

I’m 57 now and I’ve never had a bigger thrill since. I often recall it and always get hard when I do. I wish I’d had the wisdom I have today, back then. I’d have gone back to the same place the following night and willingly let him thrill me, again and again.

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