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My First Sexual Experience Ch. 03

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As a preface, I thought I’d write about this affair I had with a married woman when I was younger. Let’s call her Gemma. I was 20 and she was about 10 years older and married to a guy she didn’t love. We snuck around a lot while her husband was at work or out of town. We had many sexual encounters and she was the first woman I had sex with. I’ll write about many of these escapades as it was an interesting time in my life. The sneaking around was sexy but not the smartest choices I’ve made in my life. I think writing about them would be fun to relive some of these moments. Also know, it’s every boy’s fantasy to be with an older woman with sexual experience.

This story is about my 4th sexual experience, the first time I ever had sex. My 3rd sexual encounter was more or less similar to my 2nd which took place at my home. I was living at home but my parents lived 2 hours away so I was essentially living alone during the week. I’ve written about my 2nd experience and you can find that story if you search my writings.

As we continued our chats on ICQ, we talked about our previous meetings and how much fun they were. I was attending uni at this time so I had a lot of spare time. We decided to meet at her place in the morning of a weekday. Again, I went with the intention of not having sex with her however knowing that we would be messing around in bed. I guess I felt bad on some level that she was married and didn’t want to cross that line. Again I parked on a little further down on the opposite side of her street. I knocked on the door and she let me in. She had a shy look on her face this time we met and she gave me a little smile as she turned and lead me into the house. We sat around her kitchen and had a quick chat before she took my hand and lead me into her bedroom. This is the second time I’ve been in her room but the first time during the day. I started getting undressed in anticipation of we’d be getting up to.

Remember, in my mind we were just going to do the same as before. Licking her pussy, her sucking my dick, a lot of kissing and stuff like that. She got under the blankets in her bed and started undressing. I figured she was a little self conscious being overweight, a lot older than me, and me being young and fit etc etc. I’ve told her many times I like her the way she is in our ICQ chats, but I guess she felt how she felt. As she got undressed, she said she had a surprise for me. I was naked now and I walked over to her bed. I got in bed with her and touched her naked body, and I put my hand straight down to her pussy, cause I’ve been aching to touch and lick it again. My hand got to her pussy and I looked at her. Her pussy was smooth and hairless. She smiled at me and moved the blankets out of the way. For the first time, I saw a clean shaved bald pussy, and it was the best thing I have ever seen in my life. To Ataşehir Escort this day, I love seeing a cleaned shaved pussy.

She spread her legs and I saw her pussy opened up. I touched her clit and slid a finger inside her. She was very very wet and the sight of seeing my finger disappearing inside her made my cock stand up hard. She reached over and started stroking my hard cock with her soft hands. Her dry hands slid up and down my dick so smoothly, I needed her to work on my dick. I asked her

‘can you suck my dick?’

‘of course. can you lick my pussy at the same time?’

this would be my first time doing 69. She positioned me on top of her, and she took my dick in her mouth under me. I guess I’ll just start licking then? I thought.

Licking a smooth pussy is so different to licking an unshaved one. Even with my limited experience, I thought it’s much better not having my nose tickled constantly. Tasting her juices was a little familiar now having licked her pussy a few times before but seeing it clean shaven was sexier. She was still sucking my dick with me on top of her. It was certainly sexy fucking her mouth from on top, but I was careful not to do it too hard. Eventually I stopped her. With her still on her back, I got between her legs and put my very hard and wet dick on her pussy. She opened her legs further apart wanting my dick. I rubbed her clit with the head of my dick and she opened her mouth in pleasure and took a breath in.

I then put my dick at the entrance of her wet pussy. Gemma was looking down at my dick on her bald pussy, with her mouth open wishing for my dick to go in. I pushed my dick inside her. She breathed in and moaned loudly. At that moment, I was no longer a virgin. I probably should’ve put a condom on before hand. My dick slid in easily and was now buried deep inside her. I held it there trying to process these new feelings my hard cock was experiencing. It was wet but not like a mouth, it was slicker and the contact was all around my dick, not just where her lips and tongue made contact. It felt tight, wet, slippery and warm. The thing that I never anticipated, was that I felt very close to her physically, as though we were one body. I guess this is the emotional connection that I’ve read about that people haven when they have sex.

I started to thurst in and out of her. I was surprised at how wet her pussy felt on my dick. It felt wetter and slicker than what my fingers felt. It’s an addictive feeling. It was surreal to actually be having sex after all those years fantasising as a teenager. All those dreams and imagining what a pussy feels like, and now it was actually happening. I said

‘What am I doing?’

‘You’re fucking me’ she said back. ‘OOooooh oh oh oh oh’ in time with my thrusting. ‘Fuck, your dick is so hard. Oh, oh oh oh’

Hearing Anadolu Yakası Escort those moans was the sexiest thing I’ve heard yet. The first time hearing a woman moan while actually having sex with her. I thought I’d need to cum really fast because of how good it felt but I didn’t. I started to explore different angles at which I can fuck her. I opened her legs more and put my arms under her knees so that her knees were up around her shoulders. This opened her pussy up a lot more and I had a clear view of my dick going in and out of her hairless pussy. I straightened my arms out like doing a push-up, and thrust long strokes into her with her legs wide open. This felt different again. I started to fuck her with long but hard thrusts and her whole body shook our pelvic regions slammed into each other. Her moans still timed with my thrusting. I still didn’t feel the need to cum. Similar to when she gave me my first blowjob, it felt so good but these new feelings were unfamiliar and weren’t associated with cuming in my mind. I wanted to experience other positions and I asked her to go on top.

I slid out of her pussy reluctantly and she put her leg over me and we did it cowgirl. Again, this angle felt different and now I was experiencing her pussy at her rhythm. She lent forward and fucked my dick and her panting was sexy. She lent forward and only moved her hips up and down my dick, gyrating and humping, I really liked this. I think she was rubbing her clit on my dick. ‘Fuck your dick feels good. Mmmm mmm oh oh’ as she kept fucking me. I don’t how long we were fucking for but I felt my orgasm building. I think there was too much for me to process to think about cumming till now.

‘I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.’ I warned her not wanting to cum in her pussy without protection. She got off me and used her hand on me. She stroked and moaned my dick still wet with her cum. As you know, this would dry out pretty fast without lube and my feeling of needing to cum was fading. ‘Can you suck my dick?’ I asked. Without hesitating she started sucking my dick again and I felt the orgasm come back. I told her I’m going to cum again and she stopped sucking and wanked me. This time I did cum and I came hard. Her delightful hands were stroking my dick up and down and I my whole body tenses as I came all over her hands. It was a big orgasm. She licked the tip of my dick and moaned.

‘Mmm that’s a nice cock. That was nice. I liked seeing you cum.’

‘That was big’ I said. ‘We just had sex.’

‘Yes we did.’

She laid down next to me as I again had a lot to process and we did some talking. We both fell asleep for maybe 10 minutes or so. I woke up and I was feeling horny again and knowing she hadn’t cum yet. My hand went down to her pussy and it wasn’t very wet. Later I would learn that she doesn’t stay Kartal Escort wet for long periods. In fact often she would go dry after 15 minutes or so, even if she started off wet.

‘Can we do that again?’ I asked.

‘Of course!’

‘I don’t want to get you pregnant. Do you have a condom?’

‘Yes I do’.

She got one out of her bedside table and put it on my hard dick. Gemma went to get on top of me and put my dick in but she was too dry. She said she has some lube and put some on my dick and gave me a quick handjob with the condom on. To my surprise, I didn’t feel a whole lot. She got on top of me and my dick slid inside her again. I was disappointed cause I couldn’t feel anywhere near as much as I did before. She started fucking my hard dick but I wasn’t feeling much. It was still sexy and I still liked it but I felt a bit plain. I think the condom loosened up with use and after a while, it started to feel ok again. I could feel the wetness of her pussy and I was enjoying it. Gemma started panting and grunting as she fucked me harder. She didn’t say anything but she put her head on the pillow next to mine, hugged me tight and was fucking me with short hard strokes. Her breathing was fast and she let out ‘oh oh ooooooooohh.’ and was grinding her pussy onto my dick. She was definitely cumming! She didn’t say anything throughout her orgasm but just grunted, moaned and fucked. I was so pleased that she had an orgasm on my dick!

She collapsed on me panting and said ‘oh that was good.’ and she had a short break. I rolled her on her back again and I got on top of her started to fuck her. Seeing my dick slid in and out of her with a condom on was sexy as anything! I loved seeing my dick with a condom on. Plus as I said before, it was feeling really good again. I think I fucked her for another 15 minutes before I felt I needed to cum. I had to make myself want to cum because the feeling was just coming naturally. It’s that unfamiliar feeling that was holding it back. As I kept fucking her and see my condom covered dick go inside her, I felt my orgasm build again.

‘I’m going to cum again.’ I said.

‘Fuck me. Cum inside my pussy.’

I fucked her hard, probably a bit out of rhythm due to my inexperience. As my orgam came, I pushed my dick as far into her as it would go and I shot my load in her. I convulsed and hugged her tight. It was another big orgasm and it was the first time I had an orgasm inside a woman. Many firsts for me this day. When I finished cumming, I rolled off her and my dick was still rock hard. She pointed at my dick and said ‘why is this still hard?’. ‘I don’t know.’ I replied.

Gemma took my condom off and tied it in a knot. She said ‘that’s what you do with used condoms’. Another first for me, how to dispose of a used condom. We chatted for a little while in bed and we got up and ate some lunch. As I went to leave, she gave me a hug and said she had a good time. I said I did too and we said our goodbyes. We chatted about our day that night on ICQ. It was a day I would never forget, and as you’ve read. The detail I can still recall shows I haven’t forgotten!

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