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My First Night at University

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Addison Rose

So for a bit of backstory, I come from a very conservative household. Neither of my parents agree with gay marriage or even gay people, really. Of course I was born as gay as they come, for whatever reason. I have a pretty high sex drive I’d say, but as I couldn’t ever go out and meet girls I was essentially stuck finger-dancing with myself whenever I got the chance, which wasn’t very often as I have two sisters who live at home. And yes, two of us share a bedroom. Needless to say that when my parents dropped me at university, hugged me, and left, I was pretty confident what I would do first:

Masturbate like it was the last days of Rome and I was the only Senator without a date.

But of course it’s never that easy, is it? I was getting unpacked, finishing off my book collection on one of the shelves, when one of my new flatmates knocked at my door and invited me to come into the kitchen to get to know everyone. I lived in a girls-only accommodation (no I did not choose it simply to perve on my flatmates (though that was a happy coincidence)) with four other first-years. It was Beth who was trying to gather everyone up for a flat meeting, and from the way she was all made-up she clearly planned to go out drinking tonight. She already had a strapless azure dress on; which hugged her slim figure well. Her modest chest suited her nicely, I thought. Her face was decorated with an average amount of make-up for a girl her age really, and her chestnut hair was brushed and ready to have blue WKD spilled in it at 2am while on the dance-floor. I acquiesced and accompanied her into our kitchen, where I met two more of my new partners in living: Zoe, a tiny tanned girl who wore sweats almost everywhere to hide Bahçelievler escort that she was as flat as a board, and Geogria, an athletic Nigerian girl who wore sweats everywhere because she did so much sport, track mostly. As we got to introducing ourselves, what courses we do, where we’re from, etc, I couldn’t help but wonder if our final flatmate would be as attractive as the others had been so far. I don’t really have a ‘type’, unless you count ‘female’ as a type, so I wasn’t picky over race or hair colour. I was just thankful that I had such an array of lovely ladies I could stare at awkwardly in the kitchen for a year.

After about 20 minutes I was beginning to become restless, Beth’s leg was resting against my own and I couldn’t stop picturing Georgia all sweaty after a run in her sweats. I could feel that warmth grow in my lower belly, that swelling hungry feeling that any woman knows means she is going to lay in bed and stifle a moan or two tonight. Just as Zoe began to tell us about her ex-boyfriend, our final flatmate sheepishly walked in. Her name was Akari, and she was awkwardly stood against the wall. Her shyness was palpable, for whatever reason she was heavily playing into the ‘shy Japanese girl’ trope. Unlike most Asian girls however, she was built less like Zoe and more like a rather buxom Venus. Her jumper, try as it may, did not do much to hide that she was sporting a very large chest, balanced by her curvaceous figure elsewhere too. She often wore glasses but didn’t the first time we met her.

Now I was definitely feeling something I could scarcely deny any longer. The yearning warmth of my loins was now joined in sisterhood by that pulsing, Bahçeşehir escort bayan rhythmic heartbeat that told me I would definitely need to wash these panties after wearing them. Thankfully, Beth had to leave to get into the club she wanted to go to, Akari had little desire to stay longer than she had to, and with just three of us there we decided to head into our rooms for the night. Thank fuck.

I had never been able to relax while I masturbated at home, I was always worried I was being too loud, or I would be walked-in on, or even that my parents had cameras in the house to make sure I wasn’t doing it. I’d never done it fully naked, I’d never taken my time. Every time was a mad dash of quickly pawing-away at my little happy-button before I bit my lip, fixed my skirt, and pretended nothing had happened. Not this time. I undressed slowly, probably too slowly, lifting my dress over my head, unhooking my bra and gently cupping my breasts, pulling my tights off my legs one at a time. I had never allowed myself to feel sensual, I had never before felt like I was a sexual being. I remember looking in the mirror at my almost naked form, and almost tearing up at how I was finally sexually independent. Before I could get too emotional however I noticed my excitement was showing through my knickers, which made my soft, rhythmic pulsing feeling explode into a harsh desperation. I laid on my bed and peeled the thin pink fabric off of my sticky lower lips. I raised my legs up as a mother about to give birth, and allowed my hands to wander as they pleased. No conscious thought was needed, no active input. My body knew what it needed, my mind was simply along for the ride. Escort Bakırköy I immediately found my way to my hot, swollen clitoris, and began to very gently rub it with my index finger. I audibly gasped, before remembering I could be loud, I could gasp and moan and laugh and cry. I moaned once, just because I could, and then as I continued to gently caress my clit my other hand made its way to my nipples, which I softly pinched. This drew out a moan naturally, and I had found my method.

I am not especially good at lasting a while at the best of times. My average time to orgasm is around a minute, less if I have been especially aroused or it’s been a while. So when I tell you that from start to finish, from touching my clit to being victim to an assault of orgasmic tsunamis, took around 20 seconds, I want you to understand that this was the quickest, most intense orgasm of my entire life. I had been masturbating for around 4 years at this point, and never once had I felt anything near this level of complete mind-wiping, body-locking, electrical storm emanating straight from my dripping slit. I could feel her trying to grip down on something, cramping almost, clearly unaware that the girl she was attached to was gay and wanted few things inside her. After another ten seconds of touching the same feeling returned stronger, like gunpowder igniting from within my most vulnerable and weak spots to the crackle of thunder in ever cell of my delicate being.

I slumped against my pillows, my body sweating and gasping. I realised that, for now, any more and I may genuinely explode. I pulled my blanket over myself and fell almost instantly to sleep. That night I remember dreaming about my new flatmates and I play-fighting whilst naked, wrestling on the floor and kissing. Unsurprisingly, upon waking I was, again, dripping wet.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the start of my university life, I might write about more things that happened during my time exercising my freedom to be gay soon. Stay safe everyone!


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