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During the mid-70s it just wasn’t as common for people to openly discuss masturbation as it is today and the first time I recall hearing about it was when I inadvertently overheard a boy at my Jr. High talking about how his brother had once played with penis until a liquid came out. Of course I had fooled around a little bit with my penis prior to hearing this, but I hadn’t really linked my erections with sexual arousal yet, much less had anything like this happen to me. I was so clueless about jerking off that when I thought about what he had said I envisioned some gushy fluid oozing out of every pore of that particular boy’s penis. My lack of knowledge is most likely what increased my curiosity and led to the subsequent chain of events which opened my eyes.

One lazy afternoon a close school friend of mine, John, came over to my house so we could hang out together. After talking about all of the gossip at school and looking at some comic books we grew bored, so I decided to show him my stash of Penthouse and Playboy. The magazines were hidden outside so my mother wouldn’t discover them and they wouldn’t get wet. Just the mention of these magazines made had his face beaming with exultation. In a virtual state of delirium we rushed into the backyard where I had my cache stashed.

Enjoying the camouflage of some fortuitously placed bushes, we huddled down next to the house and quickly uncovered my treasure. With slightly shaky fingers I frantically turned to my favorite section — to women performing lesbian acts on each other. “Isn’t this great?” I madly asked, as we both gawked in wonderment at the photos. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” John remarked. Just the thought of these pics had my dick standing at full mast, but sharing this delight with my buddy seemed to make this even more electrifying.

While I had experienced numerous erections before this, I really couldn’t recall one being this intense. It wasn’t the photos; I had seen them before. Perhaps it was just the excitement of showing someone else what I liked and the thrill that we could potentially be discovered by someone at any time looking at this forbidden pleasure, but I was being taken over by the tingling which was taking place in my loins.

As our discussion about what was going on in the pictures became even more intense my penis was aching as it strained against the waistband of my pants. This delightful pain I was experiencing, as my member fruitlessly struggled to escape the confines of my jeans, was further intensified when I furtively looked over at John’s crotch and saw he also had a bulge in his shorts. My heart began to pound faster and faster and my dick felt like it was growing even stiffer, no matter how improbable it seemed. Even though the layout was unbelievably stimulating, just knowing John was experiencing the same thing gave me some unforeseen courage.

“Does your dick get hard for almost no reason at all?” I innocently inquired.
He seemed rather squeamish, but reluctantly told me he did get a lot of boners.
“Do you rub yours? I know when I do it feels pretty darn good.” I said.
“Well…” He stammered, as he looked at the tent in my lap for the first time. “I don’t touch it much because my mom always tells me it’s bad.”
“I know what you mean,” I retorted. “My mom says the same thing all the time.” I scoffed, quickly shifting my eyes from his lap back to the pictures.

Following my lead, John began looking at the photos once again. Hesitantly he asked, “How good does it feel when you do rub it?” As I thought about how to respond to this question, I became intrigued with his interest in my experiences. It really didn’t şişli escort seem possible at the time, but I was becoming even more aroused. “It feels too great for me to stop just because my mom keeps telling me to stop.” I answered, looking at his face for a reaction.

His questions indicated he was interested, but his facial expressions reveal he was even more intrigued than his hesitant voice belied. His curiosity gave me the little shove I needed to go on and explain to him in a little more detail what I had discovered, which really wasn’t very much. In fact, I had not even experiencing orgasm yet.

“Can I see it?” He then asked in a hushed voice, interrupting me as I was telling him how much enjoyment I got out of touching the tip of my penis and lightly rubbing the shaft with my fingertips.

Taken back by his sudden boldness, but thrilled nonetheless with the knowledge that he wanted to look at my penis, I now had an overwhelming urge to see his cock as well. Then I could compare it with my own. The prospect of seeing someone else’s cock for the first time in my life buoyed my confidence enough to answer.

“Yes… if you show me yours right afterwards… but you have to promise you really will do it.” I replied with a mischievous smile.
Apparently unable to talk now, John simply bobbed his head enthusiastically up and down in eager anticipation. My mind was now racing along with my heart. The excitement and fear was palpable. How much should I show him? What if he reneges? What happens if we’re discovered doing this? All of these unanswered questions just added to the ardor and this ultimately lowered the majority of any residual hesitations I had remaining.

With my mind made up to go ahead, I reached down to unbutton my jeans and noticed the head of my cock was eagerly poking ever so slightly above the waist band of my pants; obviously it desired a rapid escape as much as I also wanted it. Stealing a glance at John’s face as he looked at a my crotch, revealed to me that he wouldn’t go back on his promise; his tongue was ever so slightly protruding through his clenched teeth and his eyes were large as saucers. He really liked what little he saw; maybe even more than I wanted to show it to him.

In a rush I undid the button, pulled down the zipper, and hooked my left thumb under my briefs so I could lower them just enough so he could get a good look at my wonderfully stiff shaft, but not enough to allow him a full view of all of my private parts. That would give him more incentive to show me his boner. John’s eyes were fixated on my pride and joy. Entranced he leaned even closer to my now pulsating cock so he could look at it in much more detail. My eyes began vacillating between my dick, his facial expressions, and his crotch. The anticipation of seeing someone else’s penis for the first time was getting the better of me.

“Okay, let me see yours now.” I crooned, as my thumb released its hold on the waistband of my underwear, resheathing my manhood.
With obvious disappointment at not being able to look at my dick any longer, John began unfastening his shorts as he continued to look at the bulge in my underwear, where my naked cock had just been unmasked for the first time to another. It was obvious to me that he wanted to see more, but not until he showed me his.

Leaning back against the wall so he could more easily opened his shorts, his intense gaze never wavered from the bulge under my briefs as he worked his to button. Fascinated about the chance of seeing more of my dick and balls, he hurriedly unzipped his shorts and revealed his own white underwear. As I waited for his underwear to be pulled down my heart began to pounding so fast that I was beginning to think my chest might explode if I didn’t see it shortly. I had never experienced this type of exhilaration before.

Emulating my previous actions, he used his left thumb to lower his waistband and it was then I saw the head and shaft of someone else’s penis for the first time. As he had done before, I instinctively leaned forward to get a better look. His dick was a little bit smaller, thinner and even a little redder than mine, but it was circumcised like my own and looked intoxicating. I stared in wonderment at his rigid penis and began to wonder what it felt like.

My arousal grew to a point where almost all of my inhibitions about this “forbidden” act melted away to my overwhelming curiosity and I finally asked if I could touch his manhood. This must have made him even hornier than he already was, because it seemed as if his penis even grew harder at my suggestion. Reluctantly I released my trancelike fixation on his cock and looked up to see what his response would be. His eyes told me he not only agreed, but welcome the idea enthusiastically.
“Why don’t we go back into my bedroom so nobody can see us out here?” I offered before he could verbally respond to my question. In a blur we fastened our pants and ran back into the house.

As we got back in the house I quickly told my mother there was no one outside to play with, so we were going back to my room. With the door of my inner sanctum safely closed behind us, we rushed to get our pants down so we could inspect each other’s junk. Without even talking, we both sat facing each other with our knees bent outward and feet touching each others.

Now with unfettered view of each other’s sexual organs, we began to visually inspect each other intently making comparisons along the way. Unlike me had practically no pubic hair and the redness of his rigid shaft, that I noticed before, had inexplicably intensified. His testicles were smoothly hugging up against the base of his shaft and seemed to be all prickly. The texture of the skin was slightly smoother than mine, but taken as a whole, his dick and nuts were sculptured much the same as my own.

At that point, the only thing which could be heard in the room was deep breathing as we enthusiastically continued visually checking each other out. The excitement I had experienced outside paled in comparison to the overwhelming desire I now possessed to simply reach out and see what his penis felt like. Seeing he wasn’t going to make the first move, I inched forward and using my left hand to keep my body balanced, I began to move my other hand toward his engorged manliness. Comprehending what I was intended to do now, he leaned back and simultaneously scooted his butt forward allowing easier access to his delightful organ.

He let out a small gasp when my first touch grazed his urethra. Lightly I began to tentatively explore his private parts. I was absolutely enthralled with this object of my newfound obsession. Not hearing anything from him for what seemed like hours, but was more likely only a few minutes, I hesitantly looked up to see why he hadn’t said anything and discovered that his eyes were riveted to the point where my fingers were caressing his balls and dick. The old clich?a picture is worth a thousand words” would have aptly described the pleasurable expression his face revealed. Although I was having a blast continuing to check out his knob, I now wanted to share some of the pure enjoyment he was obviously experiencing.

“Why don’t you check my dick out?” I practically implored him, knowing full well I would be almost devastated if he didn’t. Without a word he stopped canvassing his own penis and shifted his riveting gaze over to my shaft. His hunger was obvious as he immediately inched forward until our legs were interlocked and our penises were only about a foot from each other. Now we could both explore each other at the same time. As I had done before, he used his left hand to support his body and grabbed my throbbing cock with his right.

The delight I was getting out of touching his penis was nothing in contrast to the tantalizing shockwave which permeated my body as his fingers cautiously explored all aspects of my testicles and penis. He seemed to be as obsessed as I was and his manipulations were causing something I’d never experienced before. There was a droplet of clear liquid which seem to be slowly oozing from the tip of my penis. I didn’t know what this was, but I knew it felt exquisite, better than anything I had ever experienced up to that point in my life.

John was now more fixated on my penis than I was on his, and the enjoyment I was deriving from just letting him palpate me was definitely satisfying enough for me. All of a sudden, he released his grasp.
“Let’s touch them together!” He practically ordered.
That was fine by me. We inched even a little closer together and began rubbing our cocks together. I don’t know what it was, perhaps the taboo nature of two guys touching each other “inappropriately,” but he had obviously become more emboldened than I was.

“Would you bend over and let me look at your butt hole?” He tentatively asked me after we had touched our penises together for a few minutes.
With all of the adrenaline and desire flowing through my veins, how was I going to say no? I got up on my knees, turned around and leaned forward on my hands so that he could look at my rear end. I then tilted my head downward so I could look back between my legs and see what was going on. He had shifted his body forward so he had his left hand right near my left foot and his face was so close to my butt I wasn’t able to see it between my legs, but I almost sensed his breath on my cheeks. Then something quite unexpected happened. He reached between his legs and started to squeeze and stroke his penis up and down.

Although I had played with myself before, I had never really done this or even thought about it. I quickly turned around and told him it was my turn to look. As I was kneeling there gazing at his bunghole, I saw a fleeting image of me sliding my cock between his two cheeks, just like a hotdog fits into a bun, but this was only a transitory thought. My hand, however, instinctively went between my legs and began to stroke my penis much as he had. Now there was much more of a clear liquid which I had noticed before all over my dick. Man, this was unbelievable.

I was almost in ecstasy when I was suddenly distracted buy a noise.
“What was that?” I queried.
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s your mom?” He replied.
Fortunately we both realized at the same time that my mother was coming down the hallway. Quick as lightning, we were able to both get into our clothing and had even managed to grab some handy comic books so we looked perfectly innocent by the time my mother opened the door.

Thankfully my mom did notice the bulge in either of our laps, but this wonderful experience between two young boys was tragically over because my mom had just informed us John’s mother had called and wanted him to start heading home.

Sadly neither of us had an orgasm together that day, but 30 years has gone by and I, a straight married man, still look fondly back on that eye-opening afternoon which ultimately led to an even more fulfilling evening, but that’s another story.

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