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My First Date

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All parties are over 18 and consent

I will start with my name being Benjamin Massie and the girl is Fiona McClanahan. I am 5ft 10. I have blonde hair that darkens in the winter and brightens in the summer with Sun exposure, I look like your average HS senior. My face is forgettable but my body is lean from 6 years of x country, soccer, and track. My counter is Fiona. She is from Irish decent, like mom is full Irish. She is 5ft 7 with hair of dark brown tones and a natural blend of a deep and dark red. Her face is nice being smooth and angular and similar enough resemblance to Willa Holland to say it and not be embarrassed from humility. Her body is one of longer than average legs but not goes on forever, green eyes that look like freshly mowed grass, and a build of an average HS Senior female athlete. Skinny but not popular skinny but definitely not curvaceous. Her bust is handful size and her butt is nice but not stop and stare.

Her family and my family were friends and since we were the same age we became friends as well. We hung out when our parents would play bridge together. Her little sister Amy would watch TV and her older sister, Emily, would hang out with my older brother, Sam, and watch movies on repeat until they knew every line, downstairs in the basement. Me and Fiona would jump on the trampoline, or play an outside game like tag, or join our siblings watching a TV. Sam and Emily were never close but they could hang out if need be but Fiona and I were great friends hanging out independently of our parent’s bridge night after about 10 to 12 ages. As we got older our game became more complicated and structured; Fiona played soccer and volleyball and I did Soccer, outdoor track, and Cross Country. Since about 14-15 I knew I liked her more than a friend but I also knew if I asked her and she said no I would lose a friend. I know that sounds cliché but a cliché becomes one by being true often. As well, since our family were friends, I would have to see her no matter her answer at least twice a month.

With all the background, out of the way we can get to our first date, or how I got said date. As you might have guessed from the sports I played I like to run. Now that is not true but I am good at running and it doesn’t bother me to run, so I run. Fiona is not a giant fan of it but she is a morning person, I am not; so, we made a compromise that in the morning we would run together on the weekends to hang out and to doing something together that is not anti-productive. When we ran we ran a one hour route at a slow pace able enough to talk but not slow enough that you must talk just that you can if you want to. Now we didn’t always talk, but this Saturday morning in February. It was February 11 or three days until Valentine’s day and so while longing along a slightly winding path through a forest nearby, called the ‘Bike Trails’ by locals. I was wearing on this run a pair of white running short sans pockets and an older rec soccer jersey that was orange and my blue Nike shoes. Fiona was wearing a pair of spandex with semi tight running shorts over them with a loose white shirt with big arm holes. Underneath and mostly covered was a colorful sports bra matching her neon blue running shoes. My friend and secret crush asked me “Am I supposed to notice you watching my ass?” I was shocked but it was true and before I could respond she said, “Its ok if you took me out on a date and kissed me.” Now Fiona is not one to say something just to get a reaction out of me, she was frank and deliberate. That was good because I did nothing. I looked at her and kept jogging in a straight line until when the path curved off and I didn’t and ran straight into a tree full force. Now when I did this, as any good friend would do, Fi just stopped and laughed.

Running into the tree brought me to my senses and I immediately got to my feet and asked Fi “Can I could kiss her now or Uşak Escort do I have to wait until our date.”

Fiona stated, “why don’t you kiss me now and at the date.”

So, I walked the six feet towards her and said, “Will you allow me to kiss you now” and she bit her bottom lip and nodded her head yes. So, I did what I wished I knew instinctively but learned from that Will Smith movie about getting a girl and went 90% of the way and Fi went big-eyed while I was leaning in and when I stopped less than an inch from her. Fi flashed panic, like I could ever not want to kiss her, for a brief millisecond and then leaned the rest of the way in and we shared a cute one second kiss and then she pulled back and started jogging again without saying anything and I literally ran after her to catch up and we finished the rest of the run in joyful silence likes many other runs in the past, but different in so many ways that are unexplainable.

Now since it was a Saturday I had nothing planned for the rest of the day but veg out and play video games/watch TV. Because of the eventful run I now had plans, also had to plan a first date with my now less than secret crush. I came to a realization at about 10am/ an hour after the run ended that we could take my dog to the local dog park and let my little border collie run her heart out while Fiona and I talk. I thought this would be a great first date because it is open enough so the girl feels safe, in a relaxing setting so nerves don’t get to big, and always talking to happen which is what a first date is all about, to get to know the other person. So, at like 10:30ish, after second guessing myself for a while, I texted her to meet me a Coyner Springs Park at 12. I figured a noon time gives plenty of time to change and gives her time to back out which I thought was a real possibility. Fiona quickly replied ^_^, not an emoji, and the text “Thank God I don’t have to wait until tonight.” I quickly changed from my running attire into a pair of regular ‘pockety’ shorts, a T-shirt I got from Northern Sun about a math problem and miracles, and my regular every day, I forgot I have others, pair of blue Nike tennis shoes. Now I should tell you that in my mind fashion is a stupid social construct and I do not explicitly not follow it or follow it; I just buy what is comfortable and funny/useful. I then have approximately one hour and 20 minutes to waste so I half watch the MSNBC new report going on at the time.

I then forgot time is a thing and left not at 11:40 to get there at 10 before 12 but at 11:45 with added hassle to get the dog in my car, which is a Honda Element, gets me arriving at noon exactly and not me five to ten minutes early, like I like. In the small parking space for the park is Fi waiting next to her car waving at me drive up to her and park, like I had a choice of spots? Fiona is wearing a pair of white short shorts, a polo T-shirt without a collar, unbuttoned down two spots, that is striped horizontally, and a pair of tennis shoes that are orangey. I get out of my car grab the leash and let out my dog, Shadow, and walk over to Fi.

Fiona says, “Hey Ben what’s up, what is the game plan here?”

I respond which “Lets walk around, throw the ball to Shadow and just talk, if that’s cool?” Fiona nods grabs the ball which Shadow dropped in her excitement of seeing her and throws it along the path. Shadow immediately races after it and we walk at a normal pace after her. I connect the leash over my shoulder like a ribbon in beauty contest and instantly start explaining the reasons why I decided this and this place in excruciating detail just so I can talk to Fi.

Fi stops me pretty quickly in my explanation by throwing me a look ad says, “Why are you rabbling? We have been friends since childhood and we were talking just fine yesterday.”

I respond, “Today we are on a date, not being friends, and Uşak Escort Bayan you look, I don’t know, less attainable on a date then as a friend so I got a little nervous.” A little is a joke, by saying a little and gesturing as such means a lot.

Fiona starts laughing for the second time today at me and says, “I should still be your friend now and I am not that attractive to be less attainable and by ‘attaining’ me now how do become less so?”

I retort “Of course we are still friends but up a step and you are the most attractive person I have seen.” When she starts shaking her head I start up with “Attractivity is a personal opinion of what you like in a partner like big breast/ass, long legs, or hair color, sexy is whether you want to have sex with them; it has nothing to do with personality or their emotions, cute is a word to describe the x factor which makes any person appealing to the eyes like babies, children, or possible partners alike, beautiful is defined as what a whole society finds appealing to them on a whole like 50’s Curvy, Aniston hair, or 2010’s Big Butts, and hot is a vague word to use whenever possible, especially when you need a compliment.”

Fiona asks, “So what do you find attractive?”

I respond dryly, “Your Voice” she looks at me funny which I get a lot of when my other friends ask me this and I continue with “It is not a set sound for all people it is the error of what I think a person’s voice should sound like and what their voice does sound like.”

She smiles and asks, “So what is my percentage error?” I hold up a zero. She continues “So what do you take into effect when deciding their ‘perfect’ voice?”

I say, “Well I guess I take into my gut instinct, some reason, their body type, race, and where they grew up.”

“So, does it matter what I speak that makes me attractive like if I leaned in and whispered sweet nothings or if I was reading a physics textbook?”

“Nope your voice is all the same no matter the material or the emotion you wish to express with it. It’s like a musical instrument, a saxophone playing the blues, or funk or heavy rock is still a saxophone.”

“So, I could get your engine running by reading the Odyssey to you?”


Fi then asked, “So now I know about your likes, would you like to know mine?”

“Sure, but if you don’t want to tell me that is fine we can talk about other things.”

“No. I want to tell you, I want in my ‘partner’ (with the air quotes) someone who is three things: Self-aware, athletic, and smart.”

“Well at least I fill two of them.”

“Which two?”

“I am definitely athletic, unless you want someone super athletic like an Ali or Lebron James, then I am either not smart or not aware because, I don’t think I’m smart but I could be so I am not self-aware or I am not smart and am self-aware.”

“I believe that and two is plenty to start a relationship.”

“Are we in a relationship Fiona?”

“Well we are on a date and I am attractive to you and you are attractive to me so I do believe we are.”

I stopped walking and stared at her and then I walked past her turned around and looked her right in the eyes and said, “Since we are now in a relationship can I kiss you?”

She did that thing where your eyes dart from eyes to lips before a kiss and Fi said, “Are you always going to ask me?”

I said, “Yes at least until I stop and are you always going to say yes.”

“I haven’t said yes yet.”

“And yet I haven’t moved and we are barely four inches apart.” She then leaned in and gave me a real kiss while moaning ‘yes’. No tongue but it wasn’t a peck but it might have been a big bang from how I felt when it happened. I put my right hand on her waist and my left was still by my side. Fiona arms were on my upper arms holding onto me but not for support but to feel where I was. It felt Escort Uşak like when you are walking into a dark room and you feel the wall to know where it is, not for support. I was like that wall in two ways one she was feeling me and two I was not going to be the one that stopped this kiss. If I was shoot or had an aneurism and died just then I would tell Saint Peter by the gates I lived a good life and died the happiest I ever felt. She pulled away when two other walkers that looked like a couple in their forties stopped and clapped. That actually happen I kissed her-ish, more like she kissed me, and people felt the happiness we, or at least I felt and clapped.

Fi pulled away and said, “So Shadow are you tired yet?” She grabbed the ball and threw it again, probably for the 13th time. I don’t understand how she recovered from that kiss completely, I am still recovering from it and that was in 2014. I started walking when Fi said, “Come on we got to finish the date?”

“I thought dates ended with a kiss.”

“No that wasn’t a date ending kiss, when I kiss you to end this date you will feel it.”

“What am I feeling now then? A peck on the lips that lasted seconds?”

“A mundane kiss.”

“Can we end this date now so I can get that now?”

“Are you saying you don’t like my company?” with all the sass and the small turn lean.

I sputtered “No, it is a compliment or at least it was meant to be.” I then thought for a second for the first time since the kiss and said, “Was that your first real kiss?”

“Ya, I wouldn’t kiss someone and not tell my best male friend.”

“Wow, that was amazing I can’t wait till we get good at kissing.”

“You might want to readjust your shorts.”

I looked down and came to the realization that I had popped a complete chubby. I quickly fixed it and said, “Well we have been talking, and you sound like an angel.”

Fiona smiled and we started our walk again. We spent the rest of the date talking about practice on Thursday and other mundane things. We ended up back at are cars at around 2pm from my watch and then Fiona said, “Can I see you in your car for a minute?” I looked at her like an idiot then at her car and when I looked back at her she was already in my passenger seat. I walked up and sat in my seat and then stared at her until she was ready to start this conversation. Fiona started with, “So, I thought this was a good place to show you how much I liked the date and how much I liked your appreciation of my voice,” pointing down to my dick. Fi then reached down onto my zipper while I am just being dumbfounded. She pulls down the zipper reaches into my shorts and underwear with some fumbles because of I assume inexperience or nerves. She reaches my skin and grabs my dick.

Now I should describe my dick in some detail. My penis is about 10 and half inches long and my average finger span thick, being that my thumb and middle finger just meet. I have never measured and my length is an estimate.

Fiona then looks at me and says, “What is this aren’t they supposed to be like 7 inches and not this thick.”

“How would you know?”

“Girls talk, and porn is for all.”

“Ok I guess but is it like bad?” I guess that makes sense “I mean I doesn’t get bigger.”

“It is not bad just big.” She then proceeds to give me my first sexual experience with a hand job. I don’t understand how her hand feels so much better than mine but it is like the difference in skill between Tom Brady and my HS quarterback. They barely play the same sport. I think I lasted maybe two minutes and spurt all over my underwear being it is still in them and my shorts. Fiona then leans in and gives me a kiss that compares to the first kiss like me masturbating and Fi’s hand job. She stops when Shadow, who I assume she let in the backseat, barks for not have attention for a long time. I don’t know how long we kissed for all I know is that by the time Fi left after Shadow’s poorly timed bark, and me recovering it was 3:06 when I started the car and the time came on the headboard.

I will Write More If someone comments asking for it and advise for better writing is good.

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