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My Exception is You Ch. 18

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***Everyone in this story is 18+ years old***

This was an interesting chapter to say the least. Lots of things happening, lots of emotional yo-yoing. Hope you can get through it! lol. Enjoy 🙂


“Fuck Bruno, I need you,” he panted, his hands clawing at my hips. My hands pressed on his chest, my ass rubbing against his throbbing shaft. It was hot, both of our bodies covered in sweat. I don’t know how long we were at this but I made him promise me he wouldn’t put his dick in my ass until I asked for it. Up until this point I was just teasing him with my body.

“Tell me what you need,” I whispered, leaning over as I pressed my hand into the bed. My other hand grabbed the back of his head. He pushed up onto his elbow, his eyes closing as our lips met. I felt his other hand run down my back and over my ass, gripping and massaging it eagerly as his dick rubbed up against me.

“I’m gonna go fucking crazy if I can’t get your ass,” he panted, as I pushed him down, kissing and sucking at his neck and chest. Both his hands ran over my legs, ass, and hips as he moaned and whimpered. My lips found his, our mouths opening as his tongue brushed against mine. “Please,” he croaked, clawing at my back as he thrusted up against my ass. I shuddered, sucking and nibbling on his lip as I clutched the pillow above his head.

“Sit up,” I whispered, pushing off him. He sighed, sliding up and sitting back against the headboard. I grabbed the lube bottle, smiling as we looked at each other. “It’s almost empty,” I wiggled it and he smirked, biting his lip as he stroked his dick slowly.

“I’ll get another one,” he held his hand out to me but I ignored him, crawling onto the bed. I pushed his legs apart, kneeling between them. “Bruno, what are you-” he stopped short as I poured lube onto my fingers, reaching back to shove them into my ass. I dropped the bottle, leaning onto my arm as my ass pushed up into the air at him. I felt a bit shy but also really sexy as my body burned. Knowing he was sitting there, staring at my ass as I fingered it was exhilarating.

“I have to be ready,” I huffed, working my fingers around eagerly. It felt nice, my dick throbbing occasionally when I’d hit that sweet spot.

“Can I help?” he grumbled, his hands sliding up my thighs. I felt his palms cup my ass, his thumbs brushing against my balls then my taint, pulling my cheeks open more as my fingers pushed in deeper. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” he moaned. I could feel his breath on my ass, my body tingling as I closed my eyes.

“Do what you want with me, I’m ready now,” I mumbled, pulling my fingers out slowly. Before I could pull my hand away he caught my wrist, sucking and nibbling at my fingers as he moaned. It sent thrills up my arm and spine, my stomach burning. Then both his hands were on my ass, pushing it apart. Before I could think about what he planned I felt his mouth on me. We both moaned, my body trembling under him as his lips and tongue assaulted my ass and taint.

“So fucking soft,” he groaned, his thumb rubbing up against me then. I whimpered, feeling him push into my ass as his lips worked along my taint. His hand was gripping my ass tightly as he adjusted and pulled his thumb out. A moment later I felt a pressure and groaned, trembling as my ass stretched out. It was a bit painful, but the burning sensation went away almost instantly as he continued to massage and finger my ass.

“H-how many, huuh, fingers is that?!” I cried out weakly, trembling as I felt so stuffed.

“Mmm, this is three right now,” he muttered, his voice so deep and husky. I could only shudder, clawing at the blanket as I focused on breathing and relaxing. “Let’s try four,” he kissed my ass right by my thigh, his fingers sliding out before sliding back in. My head snapped back, my back burning as he stretched me out more. “Fuck, do you like that?” he asked as I twitched and cried out with each push into my ass.

“God Clay, it feels so good,” I admitted and he groaned, immediately shoving his fingers all the way in. That similar itchy, burning feeling was welling up inside of me. I was getting impatient, desperate as my desires consumed and burned me from head to toe. “Hmmm, it’s not enough!” I whined as he twisted his hand, plunging into my ass over and over again.

“What about this?” he groaned as his other hand slid across my balls to my shaft, his arm between my legs. I felt my eyes roll back as my body spasmed. My cock was throbbing painfully, the pleasure excruciating as he jerked me off slowly. His hand slid from my tip to my balls, just doing enough to stimulate me as he continued to stretch my ass out.

“Clay please! I need more!” I reached between my legs, pushing his hand off my dick. My other hand grabbed his wrist, shoving his fingers in deeper. “This isn’t enough,” I whimpered.

“Dammit Bruno, I’m losing my fucking mind!” he pulled his hands away, grabbing my hips. “I want to fill your ass with istanbul travesti my cock,” he grumbled, tugging on my hips pointedly.

“Do it,” I pushed up onto my hands, looking back at him as I bit my lip. His eyes were burning, his face flushed as he stared back at me. “Stuff my ass with your fat cock,” I groaned, wiggling my hips slightly. His face wrinkled as his hands clamped on my hips. In one swift motion he pulled me down, my ass taking him almost all the way in. My head snapped back as I cried out, my body shaking as a surge of pleasure washed through me.

“Huuuh, god I, mmm,” he rubbed my thighs and hips, panting. “All your teasing, I nearly just blew my load,” he gruffed, squeezing my hips and easing me up slowly. I trembled, feeling every inch of him slide out of my ass. Suddenly he grunted, yanking me all the way down and I fell back into him. I was shaking, my ass stretched out as he was buried deep inside me. “So incredible,” he grumbled, his arms wrapping around my body. His legs slid up, his feet pushing into the bed as he held me on his lap. I could feel his lips, his tongue, his breath burning my neck and shoulder as he kissed and bit at my skin. The feeling of his palms and fingers running all over my body, teasing my nipples with each pass was maddening.

“Clay!” I cried out when his hands slid up under my thighs, brushing against my taint and balls. He was teasing me, making me lose my mind.

“Sensitive,” he chuckled, his lips and tongue on my ear as he started stroking my dick and massaging my balls. My legs were hanging open on his arms, my eyes locked on his hands as they worked me to new heights. “How are you so damn sexy?” his voice was husky, his body hot against mine. My head fell back, resting on his shoulder as he gripped my ass and pulled me up slightly. With a grunt he pushed into my ass, my body tensing as I gripped his forearms.

“Hooo fuuu,” I cried out, trembling as he kept at it. This angle had his cock pushing up against my stomach, the delicious spot, with every thrust. It was mind boggling, my balls already churning eagerly as my dick twitched.

“Yes, just like this right?” he groaned, nibbling and sucking at my ear before grunting and pushing in deep again. I could only whimper in response, my body shaking uncontrollably. I had never felt this good before. Maybe it was all of our teasing, or how emotional we both have been today, but this felt like a whole new experience.

“Ahhk! Don’t hnn, don’t stop! So close!” I managed to choke out between his thrusts, my body jostling as he started going faster. I was letting him do everything, unable to even think straight as he took over my entire body. Every touch, every kiss, every thrust broke me piece by piece until I was lost in the throes of our passion.

“Bruno!” he bit my shoulder then, slamming up into me. I groaned, my chest burning and vibrating as he wrapped his arms around my legs. He slammed into me one more time, his mouth against my neck as he panted and groaned. I could feel his body tensing and shaking, my ass scorching hot.

“Did you just-“

“Fuck I couldn’t hold back anymore,” he panted, releasing his hold on my legs. I was about to get off when he held my waist. “No, I want you to cum too,” he insisted weakly.

“Clay, we’ve both cum so much already. It’s fine,” I panted, my body already feeling incredibly satisfied. Before I could move though, his hand closed around my dick. I trembled immediately, collapsing at the touch. I was so sensitive, already feeling on edge from the amazing sex and all the teasing and edging from earlier.

“Let me do this for you, please?” he whispered against my ear as I panted, my hands on his as he started massaging my balls and stroking my shaft. His dick was still deep in my ass, hot and hard enough to keep it stretched out. We stayed like that, his body feeling like it was cradling mine as he pleasured me. His hand was strong and firm, hitting and pressing against all the right spots as it stroked my shaft.

“Mmmm, just like that!” I encouraged, my hips twitching with each surge of pleasure as his palm would stroke my tip on the way up. He was panting, his breath and lips hot against my neck as it washed over my chest.

“Like this?” he groaned, his hand cupping my balls as his fingers massaged my taint toward my ass. My back arched as a tantalizing wave of electricity zapped me. I felt like I was jittery and tingling all over. “God, so fucking sexy. You’re making me hard again,” he growled, thrusting pointedly as his dick slid deep into me. All of this stimulation had my head swimming, my body burning. I didn’t know what felt better, and I didn’t care. And then I felt it, my balls clenching as my dick started to throb and pulse eagerly. My heart raced, my breath hitching as my hips bucked in time with his stroking and thrusting. I wanted this pleasure as much as he wanted to give it to me.

“Claaaay!” I dropped my hips, my back arching as I let my head fall back. He slammed istanbul travestileri up into me, stroking me eagerly as my balls erupted. Each jerk of his hand sent a wave of cum shooting up out of my tip and all over my stomach. I could hear myself panting and moaning as I was overcome with my orgasm, losing all sense of reality for a moment. Then I started to come down from the high, panting and going limp. He held me tightly, kissing all over my neck and cheek.

“Bruno being with you is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced,” he whispered before sucking on my ear gently. It felt so tender as his hands rubbed my body all over. I felt his cock twitch in my ass and whimpered.

“Clay I need to stop, this is too much,” I muttered, trying to push off his lap but feeling so weak.

“Ok, hold on,” he lifted my hips, his cock slipping from my ass. I trembled, feeling his cum sliding out a bit too. “Should we shower now?” he asked gently, still holding me on his lap.

“I can’t even move,” I laughed weakly and he chuckled. “But I would like a shower before passing out,” I mumbled, too happy to be embarrassed about how pitiful this was.

“I’ll help,” he eased me off his lap, getting up before pulling me up off the bed.

“You pick me up like it’s nothing,” I grumbled, blushing and he laughed.

“Is it bad that I like it?” he teased, squeezing me against his body. I pouted, glaring at the shower as he sat me down on the toilet. “Because I really like taking care of you. I don’t know why! I’ve never felt like this for anyone before,” he mused. I studied him, noticing a distant and thoughtful look on his face. My smile was too damn big.

“So I’m the first person you really love then, right?” I asked and he smiled, shoving his hand into my hair as he leaned over to kiss me.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he sighed, kissing me one more time before he turned to the shower.

“Is this how straight women feel?” I blurted out then, an amusing thought on my mind as I laughed at the look on his face. He looked appalled and mortified. “Getting their world rocked until they can’t move, then getting pampered for almost no reason?” I chuckled and he blushed, clearing his throat as he turned back to the shower.

“I don’t really know,” he admitted and I sighed, closing my eyes as I laughed.

“Maybe my relationships failed before because I never was that good at making women happy. Maybe I’m too selfish and needy,” I laughed some more.

“Why do you keep thinking about that stuff?” Clay grumbled, his tone worrying me. The look on his face seemed to be either frustration or pain. “You’re always comparing your previous relationships to us,” he mumbled and I felt a pang in my gut.

“Sorry, I guess I have a habit of just blabbing out all of my thoughts. I didn’t mean to compare us-“

“You got mad at me when I brought up one past guy I slept with. But do you realize how often you do this?” he asked then, his forehead wrinkling as he studied me. “Do you realize how often you try to figure out why you aren’t with women, why you’re with me instead? Do you know how insecure it makes me feel every time I hear you say shit like this?” he demanded and my heart dropped.

“No, that thought never crossed my mind,” I mumbled, hanging my head as the happiness started slipping away. “I’m sorry,” I whispered and he sighed heavily, shaking his head as he glared at the shower.

“The water’s fine,” he helped me into the shower, joining me as well. He wouldn’t look me in the eyes as we washed up. In fact he avoided looking at me as much as possible. When we got into bed he closed his eyes, just facing me as he tucked his arm up under his pillow.

“Clay I really am sorry,” I insisted, feeling desperate and panicked. His eyes opened slowly, his face hard to read.

“I know you are,” he sighed, clearing his throat and adjusting as he closed his eyes again. “Let’s just go to sleep, ok? I’m tired,” he muttered. Before I could say anything he sighed and rolled over. Well this wasn’t what I had in mind. And after such an amazing night together I had to go and ruin it. Maybe he just wanted to sleep it off and move on. I apologized, so it’s not like I didn’t acknowledge his feelings. To try and relax I wiggled closer to him, wrapping my arm around him as I got comfy. He didn’t push me away or avoid my affection. That made me feel good.

“I love you,” I whispered, kissing the back of his neck.

“I love you too,” his voice was so soft. I sighed, feeling more at ease as I smiled slightly. At least he wasn’t so mad he couldn’t say that! We should be fine in the morning. I had nothing to worry about.


“Bruno you’re stressing me out!” Jake grumbled as I paced, nibbling on my thumb.

“Jake it’s been two days! He’s been different. I-I apologized right? I thought we’d talk about it when he wasn’t as upset,” I insisted and Jake sighed, rolling his eyes as he pulled his hoodie on.

“How has he been different?” he demanded travesti istanbul and I pouted.

“Distant is the only word that comes to mind,” I admitted and he shook his head. “He didn’t even ask me to sleep over the last two nights. He didn’t ask me to stay and hang out Wednesday like he normally would after I sleep over,” I continued and he smirked, glancing at me.

“Honeymoon phase wearing off?” he shrugged and I shook my head.

“No, definitely nothing to do with that stupid shit,” I pressed, jumping when my phone rang. I smiled when I saw his name. “Hey Clay! We’re finishing getting ready now,” I breathed excitedly, Jake laughing lightly. I flipped him off, grabbing my keys and wallet to slide into my pocket.

“Cool, I’m pulling up by the dorm now,” he breathed casually. “Just come out when you’re ready,” he hung up and my heart sunk. No I love you? No I’m excited to see you? He didn’t even sound happy.

“I swear to fucking god if you two talk awkwardly about your relationship and third wheel me as well,” Jake turned to me then, his eyes narrowing. “I will be super pissed,” he breathed. I slumped over, hugging myself loosely as I nodded.

“I know, I get it, well I’m going to ask to sleep over his house tonight so no worries. I’ll save it for later,” I offered and he smirked.

“Good. Let’s just try to not worry and see if today is any better!” he agreed, pushing past me. Something told me today wouldn’t be good either, but I had to be positive. We left, getting into Clay’s car. Jake let me sit in the front, Clay smiling at me.

“Hey,” he leaned over, giving me a kiss. My heart leapt happily, my hand resting on his as we kept kissing.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jake called out and Clay laughed, pulling away to start driving. Maybe he did just need time to get over it? We both rested our elbows on the middle console, his hand holding and teasing mine gently. “So Katie goes to the State school right?” Jake asked and my heart dropped.

“Uh huh, yeah she was aiming to go there since they have one of the best volleyball teams in the country. It’s been her dream school since she was in eighth grade,” Clay chuckled. He squeezed my hand, looking confused at my obvious discomfort. “What’s wrong?” his thumb rubbed the back of my hand and I shook my head slowly.

“Oh, uh, nothing,” I offered and he nodded once, dropping it.

“Bruno’s ex-girlfriend goes to school there. In fact they’re on the same team!” Jake ratted on me and I cringed, sighing heavily. Clay tensed up a bit, his hand loosening in mine momentarily before he cleared his throat and adjusted. He hit his blinker, looking around before pulling out onto the main street. We were headed to the highway, an uncomfortable silence settling over us.

“We broke up after high school. It was on mutual terms since we didn’t want to do long distance,” I started and Jake snorted.

“She dumped you, and you just told yourself it would make the most sense,” he corrected me and I cringed, hating this fucking asshole for his blabbermouth and being so inconsiderate of the situation. “He kept in touch with her for a few months too. Until he found out she was dating again,” he continued and I took a deep breath, sinking in the seat a bit as I glared out the front window.

“Is that how all his relationships ended?” Clay asked then and I gasped, squeezing his hand. He looked pensive as he glanced at me out of the corner of his eye.

“With Bruno getting dumped? Oh a hundred percent,” Jake snorted. I felt so embarrassed and awful, my stomach churning uncomfortably as I shifted in my seat. “He’s like that though. He gets so caught up in the relationship he’ll do stupid shit without even realizing it. Like chasing after a girl who dumped him, because he is so invested in her and her happiness. The boy gets love struck so damn easy,” he snorted and I rolled my eyes.

“Can we not talk about me as if I’m not right fucking here?” I demanded, turning to glare back at Jake. Clay sighed, letting my hand go to rub my leg. “And they all said we could stay friends, until it was obvious they didn’t want that,” I defended myself weakly and Jake laughed lightly.

“That’s the dumbest fucking thing. How do you go back to being friends after trying to love someone?” he demanded and I shrugged.

“If you love that person enough, you just want them to be happy,” I mumbled, hating how uneasy I felt.

“I feel like you hoped they would get back together with you,” he countered and I frowned. “But you had terrible taste in women. They were all demanding, free-loading bitches!” he scoffed and I sighed, leaning on the door. “You would do everything to make all of them happy, no matter what, and then they’d just decide you weren’t good enough. Like any one of those girls would probably be lucky to marry you had they not just tossed you aside. It’s so du-“

“Jake, can you just shut the fuck up for a bit?” I demanded angrily, seething as I grit my teeth and glared out the passenger window.

“Why are you so angry?” he challenged and I took a deep, shaky breath. Clay rubbed my leg then and I flinched, glancing at him warily. He seemed at ease which was shocking. “It’s not like this didn’t happen. But it’s also in the past,” he offered nonchalantly.

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