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My Ex-Wife , I: Final

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Over the next few weeks my ex wife and I communicated via email and telephone calls nearly every day. We relived our moment and talked about not allowing ourselves to be together in the future. For almost two months, we didn’t see each other. We even began to limit our emails and phone calls to once a week.

However, the desire and passion we had rekindled was too strong.

My ex informed me that she had a Tuesday off coming up. I asked if I could come to her home again. When she said yes, I arranged to be free that day also.

I went to her home. Since it would be difficult for her to explain away a dozen red roses, I downloaded and printed a picture of red roses that I found on the Internet. At the bottom of the picture, I added the words, “I love you so much. I desire you without end.”

I arrived at my ex’s home late in the morning. I presented her with the “red roses” and she was so overcome that tears formed in her eyes. I held her and caressed her and told her how much that I loved her. I told her that I wished we had known fifteen years ago what we knew now. She agreed, tears again forming in her eyes.

She led me to the couch and we simply and quietly held each other. I brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her lovingly. She returned my kiss. I touched her entire face with gentle kisses. I moved to her ears, then her neck. We felt our desire rising with each kiss.

She rose, took my hand, and led me to her bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly and deliberately began to remove her clothing. I kissed and licked as I exposed each part of her body. Finally, she was unclothed. I admired her body and told her how sexy she was. With a smile, she shoved me back on the bed and, starting with my shoes, removed my clothing. As I had done, she kissed, licked, and sucked each part of me from my toes to Uşak Escort my head.

Unlike previous encounters, we kept our passion under control. We held one another, allowing our bodies to melt together, and gently kissed with arms grasping other tightly.

Soon, however, my penis began to rise. She took it and placed it between her thighs. We began a slow rocking motion. The feel of her body next to mine sent sensations through me that I could hardly bear. She, too, was surrendering to her emotions. As our passion built, our kisses became stronger and longer. Our bodies pressed against each other. Our hands explored every surface and crevice we could reach.

We sat up and faced each other, our legs reaching in different directions. We caressed each other’s face, while gazing into the other’s eyes. I kissed her neck and her shoulders. I continued downward and began sucking on each hardened nipple. She held first one, then the other for me to enjoy. She drew my head up and began to kiss my forehead, cheeks, neck, and chest. When her lips found my nipples, a feeling of electricity coursed through my body. I began to lick and kiss her abdomen, continuing down her legs to her knees. I turned her slightly and kissed and licked behind her knee. She jerked as if she had been shocked.

I began working my way up her legs intending to bury my face and lose myself in her sweet smelling womanhood. I intended to suck her clitoris until she begged me to stop.

I arrived where I wanted to be and made one lick with my tongue. Her body nearly leaped off the bed. I spread her outer lips and caressed their walls with my tongue. Her inner lips began to swell and I began to probe her slit with my tongue. I pushed my tongue deep inside of her. She moaned, and, with her fingers, opened herself wide for me. I removed my tongue and Uşak Escort Bayan while, plunging my fingers inside of her, sucked hard on her clit.

“No, I want you inside of me! Now,” she shouted!

I stood up and looked into her eyes. The look that passed between us said that our passion had made it impossible to keep any promise or vow of the past.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for me. I moistened myself, rubbed my penis against her clitoris several times and entered her. “Oh, Leto,” she cried, “It’s been so long!”

I started out slowly, wanting this moment to last forever. After several thrusts, she was no longer uncomfortable and began to meet me stroke for stroke. I propped on my elbows to keep my weight off of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I don’t know how long we lost ourselves in the feel of my penis moving in and out of her wet womanhood. We began to pant and move faster.

Suddenly, she rolled me over on my back without losing my penis from her grip. She sat on me so that she could control the force, the depth, and the tempo of my hard shaft entering into and out of her. She leaned forward until my penis was almost outside of her, and then leaned back to thrust it deeper and deeper. Faster and faster, our bodies slapped against each other. We both felt the orgasm coming and, at the same time, drove a finger into the other’s anus. I made one final plunge, the tip of my penis pressing against the back of her opening. She fell on me, and, clutching each other tightly, we came at the same time. She screamed with her orgasm. With the walls of her womanhood gripping me tightly, I felt her juices covering my penis. As I came, I feel could myself spurting so much semen into her that she was filled to overflowing. Our come covered my penis, my scrotum, her thatch, and our Escort Uşak legs.

We melted into each other’s arms, keeping me deeply impaled inside of her. For what seemed an eternity, we both said nothing. Then slowly she began rotating her pelvis against my groin. Before long, I was hard and thrusting rapidly in and out of her while she matched furiously my every thrust with one of her own. We both came again. Much louder this time! We pulled apart, and, with her hand on my penis and my hand on her clitoris, we fell on our backs totally exhausted.

I aroused first and began covering her ears, eyes, and mouth with tender kisses. We held one another for a long while, continuing to exchange loving kisses, then simply holding one another closely.

She stirred, went to the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth. Beginning with me, she slowly cleaned both of us up.

After we dressed, she smiled at me and said, “How about some lunch?”

I told her, “That sounds great! You arouse such hunger in me. May I have you again for desert?”

She laughed and led me into the kitchen.

While we ate, we began talking about where we were to go from here. Unwilling to end the expressions of our passion, we discussed all the possible ways we could think of to be together. This time, our vow was to plan ways to be together at least once a month.

But, fate was against us. Over the Christmas holidays, my ex-wife’s failing mother moved in with her. In addition, my work schedule changed at the first of the year, and I was no longer able to free myself in the afternoons.

It has been a little over a year now. We try not to frustrate and torture ourselves, so our occasional emails read as if we are good friends, merely keeping the other informed of what is going on in our lives. We rarely talk on the phone anymore. Yet, when we are the same place, I can see the hunger in her eyes. I know that she can see it in mine.

Every once in a while, though, times and places present themselves as an outlet for the lust we have for each other. And when we do, we fuck like there is no tomorrow!

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