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My English Teacher

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I was 18 years old at High School; I had an English Teacher called Mrs. Pooja. I would have guessed she was around 30 years old, about 5’5″ tall, with short fashionably styled dark brown hair. She was pretty, and most of the guys had certainly commented on her at one time or another, but mainly because of her figure, and the way she moved when she walked. She was very curvy, thinking back about 38C or D, they always seemed to struggle to be confined in the tight tops she would wear. She had broad hips too for her height, maybe 36, and the combination of her ample breasts, and the tight pencil skirts she used to cram herself into, made a striking sight as she clicked down the hallways in her high heels. It may not sound like the sexiest thing in the world, but it made it difficult to concentrate in her class especially when she was writing on the blackboard.

I had been in her class for 2 years, and had been a fairly good student, but my grades began to drop. I had spent a great deal more time concentrating on girls and masturbating than on any homework assignments, although this wasn’t the reason I gave to her of course when she held me back after school one evening to discuss my falling grades. As I remember I kind of nodded, and said ‘Yes Miss’ allot and ‘I will try to improve Miss’ all the stuff you think they want to here. I did spend a great deal of my time looking at her tits as she was talking to me, something that I am sure did not escape her attention. It was the first time I had been that close to her for a concerted period of time. I was sent off with not so much a scolding as a pep talk about how I had promise etc. and how she would always be there to help me if I needed it.

A few weeks past and my grades were dropping off the scale and I had not always handed in work on time, and when I did, it was clearly rushed. She discussed this with my parents and it was decided that 2 nights a week after school I would go to her class, and stay for an extra hour and she would tutor me and get me back on track. To be honest I wasn’t all that sad at the prospect, and the first couple of weeks weren’t too bad although my workload increased dramatically. One day when I got there, she seemed distracted and decided we would shelve the written work, and we could discuss the book we had been reading as a class. She sat with me, and my nostrils were filled with the pungent, floral aroma of her Ataköy escort perfume, which seemed stronger than usual. As she read a paragraph and asked me what I thought the author was trying to say, my eyes kept straying onto her chest and lower down the split at the side of her skirt, which was showing more of her shapely legs. At one point she had stopped reading and with a finger under my chin lifted my head up from the position it had been occupying looking at her chest and legs. I was embarrassed, and she could see this. She closed the book, and looked at me and told me it was perfectly normal to be interested in a woman’s body but that wasn’t going to help with my understanding of the book. She then got up and said that we would resume on Friday and sent me on my way.

I walked home, feeling weird. Embarrassed, and also kind of turned on by the gentle way she spoke to me, and couldn’t wait till Friday.

Friday came and when I got there she was in the walk in book cupboard trying to stack some books on a higher shelf without much success, and after me watching her struggle at this for a while I took the books and helped her. Getting on a small step ladder, she handed me the books and I placed them on the top shelf. When I did look down however I had noticed that she had a fairly sheer white blouse on that button up the front, and in her struggle the top button had become undone, and I had a great view of the tops of her breasts held in by an ivory colored bra. She handed me the last of the books and I got down, and she followed my eyes to her open blouse. The reaction that happened next was not what I would have at all expected. As we stood in the cupboard, she didn’t attempt to fix her top and instead asked if I had a girlfriend. I didn’t. She then asked if I had ever seen a woman’s breast before. I was stuttering and mentioned that I had in magazines. She asked where I got those magazines and I reluctantly admitted that my dad had some under his bed and she smiled. She then looked right at me intently and asked if I had masturbated whilst looking at these magazines. I felt my face redden and my heart beat a great deal faster. She put her hands and my face and lifted my head up to look into my eyes, and told me it was perfectly natural and that everyone did it.

I must have nodded and grunted that I had, and she reassured me that I need not feel embarrassed, Ataköy escort bayan still with her hands on my face, stroking it a little.

Without warning she took her hands away from my face and began to undo her blouse, and pulled it from her skirt where it was tucked in, and opened it. She then unclasped the front of her bra, and pulled her bra off. Taking my hands in her hands she guided them onto her breasts. They were smooth and heavy, with large round brown colored nipples that responded and became hard when she ran my hands over them. My heart was now beating very fast and I was astutely aware that my cock was now straining against my pants.

‘How do they feel?’ she asked.

I couldn’t answer I just looked at them and nodded. She then moved me around and sat on one the steps on the ladder I had used to stack the books and guided me closer to her.

‘Would you like to kiss them? She said softly.

She took moved my head into her left breast lifting it to meet my mouth.

‘I want you to suck gently on my nipple’

I did and she pulled my head in tighter to her chest.

‘That’s it, now run your tongue in circles around it and then suck harder next time’

I did everything she said and for what seemed like 15 minutes did everything she asked. In between instructions she moaned and groaned gently, and I like and sucked each nipple. She then pulled my head away and began to yank up her skirt over her soft thighs so I could see her panties. They were the same ivory color as the bra. She then pulled them quickly down her thighs and off her ankles in one swift motion and quickly took my hand and leaning back open her legs and placed my hand over her pussy. The hair was trimmed closely and I could see her pink lips protruding. Taking my forefinger she ran it along her wet slit. It felt hot and I nearly came in my pants at the very thought of what was happening to me. She then widened her legs further and pushed my finger inside her, it was soft and warm and very wet, and she asked me if it felt nice. Mrs. Pooja then pulled me closer to her and started to undo my belt and the top button of my pants, never taking her eyes from mine. I felt the zip being pulled down and then a rush of air as she pulled them down to my thighs. My cock sprang free from my underwear as she lifted the band over the head and pulled them down too.

‘Mmmmmmmm escort Ataköy you have a nice thick cock, girls like a cock like yours.’

I don’t think I had ever felt so hard and excited in all my life and shuddered slightly as her hand gripped the shaft and pulled the foreskin of my uncircumcised cock down. I thought I was going to cum and clearly so did she, and she looked at me and told me not yet. I felt her other hand on my balls, and she rolled them around in her hands. She then looked up at me and moved closer to my cock and I watched her run her tongue up the length of my shaft, until her mouth eventually engulfed the head and she started to suck. I could feel her tongue running around my cock in her mouth, and knew I was going to cum. I moaned with urgency that I was Cumming and she quickened the strokes of her hand as her bobbed up and down on my swollen cock. After a few seconds I stiffened and spurted the first jets of seamen into her mouth and she continued to bob up and down swallowing as she did until I had finished.

My cock stayed hard however, and as she pulled her head away, she smiled.

‘That’s the advantage you young guys have ‘ she said, her hand still gripping my shaft.’ Next time you wont cum so quickly’

She pulled me over to her as she sat on the step ladder, and opened her legs wider as I closed in. She leaned back as much as she could and lift her legs up and took my cock and moved in towards her pussy. I watched as with one hand she opened her pink lips and guided the head to her hole and pulled me into her. Her hands then moved onto my ass as she pulled me in tightly to her. I was in her as far as I could go, and she looked at me and told me how good I felt.

‘ Now pump your cock in and out of me’ I began with her help to move in and out of her warm tight hole, listening intently to every instruction she gave, her hands still on my ass pulling me ever harder into her.

‘Faster’ said gasped

I began to pump harder and faster’

Yes. Come on that’s it make me cum, I want to cum’

In the next few stroke, I felt the muscles inside her tighten around my cock squeezing them hard, as she shook, and moaned that she was Cumming. The feeling of the muscles squeezing me was pulling me towards my second orgasm and I told her I was cumming and she told me to pump as fast as I could. I sprayed nearly as much again into her, with each jerk she moaned.

When I pulled out of her I could see my cum running out of her and she took my head and kissed me hard on the lips.

‘Our secret right?’



That was the first of many lessons I was given and my grades did improve.

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