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My Dream Of You

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It’s dark, yet I can see a pale glow from a nearby streetlamp. Nothing looks familiar in this room. I sit up from this strange bed and look around. My mind is struggling to overcome its confusion. I have no idea where I am, but I don’t feel as if I’m in danger.

As I take stock of my surroundings, I’m startled by a silhouette coming nearer. I sit up quickly, and before I have time to speak, you are upon me. Just as quickly you are transformed from vapor to a solid mass, sitting astride me.

“I, I’m confused. Where am I? How did I-” I whisper.

“You came to me in sleep. Your dreams, your desire brought you here,” you reply, a faint smile on your lips.

It is only then I that I allow myself to look at your naked body. My initial confusion is replaced with a burning desire as I look at you. My eyes lock onto yours as we move closer. Now I can smell your scent and my senses are like a puzzle unfolding before me. From the depths of sleep I am suddenly very awake. What was strange is now comforting, and with each moment my desire burns brighter.

I attempt to speak, but before I can a word you say, “Just say it with your touch, lover.”

Suddenly I am at your feet, your body stretched beylikdüzü escort out before me. Your body is illuminated by this eerie glow. My eyes drink in your beauty, from each little toe, up your silken legs, upon your thighs which are parting, to your sex. I see your hands move across your body; your left hand following the curve of each breast, the right stroking the top of your sex. I take your toes into my mouth and lick them. Kissing and sucking your toes, I watch your hands move to your nipples, which grow harder from your arousal. Your thumb and forefinger caress the areola, then across to pull lightly on your nipples, growing even harder from the sensation of my warm, wet mouth. Your eyes close as my mouth covers your feet in soft, wet kisses. Your back arches slightly as my hands move up your calves. A low murmur escapes your lips as I massage your calves and kiss the arches of your feet. My hands push your legs apart, and I see your sex glistening. My body moves up, following my hands, and I inhale the scent of your arousal. Watching you, smelling you makes me dizzy with lust. I begin kissing your ankles and move up to your beyoğlu escort calves. Your body shudders as kisses cover your skin, and my fingers reach further up your thighs.

Kissing behind each knee, I feel the warmth of your thighs. Your moans become louder now as your hips begin to grind in earnest. The tip of my tongue snakes up to your thighs while my fingertips stroke the lips of your sex. Pushing softly against your labia, my finger disappears and strokes the length of you.

“Oh, my god; don’t stop.”

My mouth is right behind, and your body shudders as the tip of my tongue joins my finger in the pink folds of your sex. Your taste on my tongue makes my penis throb terribly, and I feel you grow wetter as I snake my tongue inside of you. Teasing your hole, my tongue slips in, then withdraws. The tip of my finger surrounds your hood then draws it back to expose your beautiful, wet clit. Your hips are bucking now as I stroke it, sending waves of electricity through your body. Every nerve is on fire as my tongue slips deeper into your pussy. I can feel your muscles tighten around my tongue as I pump inside your pussy. I want bizimkent escort to devour you, every inch of your beauty. Your hips grind now, pushing your pussy against me, thrusting, pumping. My hands move to your ass, pulling you closer to me. I lick up softly, pulling your lips into my mouth and basking in the incredible beauty that is you. As I massage your pussy with my lips, my tongue and my thumb move across your clit and stroke.

“Ooh….please don’t ever stop, baby…”

Your body rocks now, seeking release. Your moans fill the room as my mouth surrounds your clit. Flattening my tongue against the hood, I apply pressure and roll my tongue over your clit. With each pass across your clit, your grinding gets harder, more focused. You’re pushing now, grinding your sex into my mouth. I slip my finger inside, and curl it up towards your g-spot. With this, your pussy gets wetter, your clit harder, your moans louder.

Your clit fills my mouth now, my tongue massaging until you feel as if you’ll explode. As my tongue works on you, your pussy tightens around my finger and your hips grind faster. Our bodies move as one now as each stroke brings you closer to the edge. Two fingers pump inside you, coaxing your release.


Suddenly, your taste floods my mouth, your hips jerking, crying loudly. I’m holding on tightly, trying to drink in every drop as spasms rock your body. One orgasm, then shortly after, another. Your body is covered in sweat, your face smiling at me now.

I reach forward to kiss you, but you are gone…

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