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My Date With Monica P. Ch. 01

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When I first moved to Los Angeles seven years ago I only knew one couple there. We had met at college back east. I was trying to fulfill my dream of being a screenwriter and, like everybody else with similar ambitions, was struggling to make ends meet with a menial day job. The couple I knew introduced me to their social circle and I dated several women I met through them, but things didn’t click with any of them. Then one day they told me that a friend of a friend was an up and coming actress who had just broken up with her long time boyfriend and was looking to meet someone new. Her name was Monica P. (I will be using just first names in this story since many of the people are well known now and I want to respect their privacy.) I had seen a couple of her films and she was a very hot young blonde with a very sassy attitude in most of her roles. I couldn’t believe that I might get a chance to date her. I told my friends to give her my phone number.

About a week later I got a phone call from Monica and we chatted for about ten minutes before we decided to meet for dinner that weekend. We met at a semi-fancy restaurant and had a wonderful meal, discussing our careers, hopes and eventually our love life (or rather lack thereof recently). She paid for dinner since I was strapped for cash and she had just scored another big role. We adjourned to the bar and nursed a couple of drinks until closing, all the while having a delightful conversation. We walked back to our cars and found that we had parked next to each other. Monica told me she had had a great time and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before getting in her car and driving off. I was just so much in awe that I had actually met someone that hot that I didn’t even ask for her phone number, let alone make a move on her. I was kicking myself all the way home for having blown my big chance.

So it was a surprise when I got a call from her about a week later.

“Hi Jim, this is Monica.”

“Oh hi, I wanted to call you but I forgot to ask for your number,” I replied.

“I know. I thought that meant you weren’t interested. But I had such a great time that I just had to take a chance and see if you’d like to get together again.”

“Yeah, sure. I’d love to. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, this is going to sound pretty forward of me, but here goes. My ex-boyfriend and I had signed up for this class together before we broke up and obviously that’s not going to happen now. I’d still like to go, but it’s for couples only,” she explained.

“Okay, I’m game. What’s the class?”

I could hear her hesitate and take a deep breath. “It’s an erotic massage class.”

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe a woman I’d just met was proposing this, let alone one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. I stuttered a bit when responding “Yeah… yeah, that sounds okay.”

“Good. I was afraid you’d think I was a tramp or something, since we barely know each other. But I felt some chemistry between us at dinner and, quite frankly, I’ve been missing physical contact. We don’t have to go too far if you don’t want to.”

“No, that’s okay. We’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.”

She told me that the class was held at an exclusive resort out in Malibu that catered to a lot of celebrities and that there might be some A list stars there. Since I lived between her house and the resort, she said that she would pick me up Saturday morning.

“What should I wear?” I asked innocently.

“Oh, did I forget to say that the class is taught in the nude?” She giggled sweetly and then hung up without giving me a chance to answer.

The rest of the week dragged on as I anticipated the weekend and wondered what would happen. Monica had always had a rather tame reputation in the press, but from the way she talked on the phone it sounded like she had a wild side to her.

She showed up about 8 a.m. in a hot red convertible. The day was already warming up so we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down. Once we got to Malibu, we headed up a canyon a couple of miles into the hills and turned down a private drive. When we came to a gate, Monica announced us and they buzzed us through. Just as we parked by the main building, a man and woman barefoot in bath robes came out the door and introduced themselves. They were Don and Kelly, our instructors. They gave us a quick tour and said we were the first to arrive.

Kelly showed us to a dressing room and said “You can undress in here. Just leave your clothes on the hooks on the wall and make your way out to the hot tub where we’ll begin once the others arrive.” Then she left us and Monica and I stared at each other.

“I guess this is it,” she said. “It’s not too late to chicken out if you want to.”

“No, I’m good. Just think of it as a new experience,” I replied as I started unbuttoning my shirt. As I hung up my pants, I saw that Monica was down to her underwear. She asked for my help with her bra and I nervously fumbled with the taksim escort hooks. I stepped away and finished undressing, then turned around just in time to see her stepping out of her panties.

She turned to me with her arms halfway up in the air in a comic pose and with a brave smile said, “Well, what you see is what you get.” We both laughed and I took her hand and led her out to the hot tub. We eased in slowly and found that it was quite deep. Once in the water our nervousness eased up a little because we were somewhat hidden. We chatted and began to relax until the first other couple arrived. I could tell that they were much more comfortable with the situation. We introduced ourselves and they joined in the conversation. Eventually more people arrived. All of them were very good looking and I recognized a few, though people always looked different in person than they do on television or the big screen. There were about twelve people in the tub, which probably could hold ten comfortably, when Don and Kelly reappeared, now nude also, with the last couple.

“We have a big class today so we’re all going to have to squeeze in and get to know each other better,” Don said as he stepped in. “Ladies, you can sit on your partners’ laps and there will be enough room for all of us.”

Monica stood up and then straddled my leg before sitting back down and leaning against me. Her ass felt amazingly smooth as it slid across my thigh. My dick, which was already semi-erect from looking at all the lovely women, got instantly hard as it rubbed against her. She obviously felt it as she turned her head around and gave me a sly little smile.

Don started to talk about how he had taught traditional massage classes for years and had always avoided the sexual aspects of it. “Even so, men would inevitably get erections as their partners worked on them and you could tell the ladies were aroused also. So Kelly and I decided to create a class that celebrates the sensual and erotic aspects of massage rather than ignoring them.” The two took turns explaining the ground rules for the day, which mostly could be summed up with by do what is comfortable for you and “no means no”.

After about ten minutes we all got out of the tub, toweled off and headed inside to a large room with a fire going. There were seven portable massage tables set up. Kelly got up on one of the tables in the center and Don proceeded to demonstrate traditional massage strokes, starting with the back. He showed us how to apply maximum pressure without straining ourselves or tiring out. Then he worked on Kelly’s legs, kneading and stroking first her calves and then her thighs. As his hands approached her ass, he let them trace the inside of her thighs and the fingertips disappeared between her legs. From her gentle moan we could tell she was enjoying it. She shifted her body a little and spread her legs further apart. Don reached under her on each of his next two strokes, pausing ever so briefly as his hand was at her pubic region. Then he finished up with a few long, gentle strokes that started at her feet and continued all the way up her body as far as he could reach. At his furthest extension, Don was bent over Kelly’s body and his face rested on her ass, giving a whole new meaning to the term “cheek to cheek”.

Then it was our turn to practice what they had shown us. Monica and I looked at each other and we were both obviously nervous. I volunteered to be the first “victim” and laid down on one of the tables. She positioned herself at my head and I heard her rubbing her hands together to warm them up before placing them on my back. Even though I was expecting it, I startled a little bit at her first touch.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” she whispered in my ear. “Gentle, but firm.”

Her first long strokes went the entire length of my back, stopping before reaching my ass. I felt body pressing against my head as she leaned her weight into each stroke. After a few minutes, she moved to my side and started kneading each side of my abdomen. Kelly came by and told her that she could get up on the table to apply more pressure. I felt Monica place her knee next to my thigh and then swing her body up onto the table. She straddled me as she began to apply more pressure to my lower back. Then she leaned forward and let her weight move her hands up both sides of my spine until she reached by shoulders. I felt her smooth thighs rubbing on my hips as she moved up and down on each stroke. After the fourth repetition she was relaxing more and I could feel her pubic hair rubbing my ass as she rested momentarily between strokes. After a while longer, she reversed her position so that she was now facing my feet and began working on my legs. As she kneaded my thighs and calves her pussy was rubbing up and down my back. After a while I could feel moisture on my back as she was sliding back and forth with her legs spread on either side of my abdomen. Then she moved her legs toward my topkapı escort head a little more and began working on my ass. She added more oil so that her hands were very slick and moved smoothly. She applied a lot of pressure as she worked on my gluteus maximus, even going so far as to grind her knuckles into it. On the return strokes her fingers slid along my inner thighs and then traced my crack as she brought her hands back up for another power stroke. After a while she got more playful, letting her fingertips tickle my balls and circle my asshole. I was really enjoying it and my cock was getting hard as a result.

At that point, Don said it was time to switch partners. I sheepishly swung my legs around and a sat up, revealing raging hard-on. Monica looked at it and then smiled at me as she said “I can see that you enjoyed that. I hope I get as much out of this as you obviously have.” I looked around the room and saw that most of the other guys were just as excited as I was so I didn’t feel too embarrassed.

Monica lay down on the table as I warmed some oil by rubbing it between my hands. Her body felt cool to the touch as I placed my hands in the middle of her back and started to spread the oil around. I began with long deep strokes the full length of her torso and felt her soft skin warm up from the friction. Then I concentrated on her neck and shoulders for five minutes or so. As I focused on traditional massage strokes my erection subsided. At first I could feel a lot of tension in her muscles and even an actual knot, but as I worked on her I could feel it disappear. This coincided with the quiet “oohs” and “aahs” she was moaning. I moved around the table to her side and started working on her beautiful ass. I reached across her body to do the far cheek first, alternating pressure strokes with more gentle movements. Then I gave the near cheek the same treatment. Next I worked on both sides at the same time, using a circular clockwise motion to bring the cheeks together at the top of the stroke and gently tug them apart at the bottom. Then I reversed direction. My hands moved toward the crack of her ass and I gently stroked up and down. My fingers gradually moved toward her taint and rubbed it firmly. This started her squirming and she raised herself slightly off the table. I took this as permission to explore further and my fingers found her pussy. Rubbing it on the outside of the lips I could tell she was sopping wet. I slowly slipped my fingers inside her and she gasped. All of this more sexual attention had got me excited again and my hard-on had returned. It brushed against Monica’s palm, which lay upturned at the side of her body. As I explored the inside of her vagina with first one and then two fingers, she wrapped her hand around my penis and squeezed it. After a few moments her squeezes were in synch with my strokes inside her.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear “Who is massaging whom?”

“I think the pleasure is mutual,” she replied, punctuating her response with an even firmer grip on me.

After a few more moments Kelly said we had five minutes left so I reluctantly moved down to Monica’s feet and worked on her legs. As my hands moved up her thighs she parted her legs some more giving me a great view of her pussy. I let my fingers tease her at the top of each stroke. After working on both legs for a while, I decided to wrap up with some full body length strokes. I leaned all the way over her and reached as far up her back as I could. My dick was pressing against the soles of her feet and my face was rubbing against her firm but soft butt. I playfully gave each cheek a quick kiss.

“I never pictured you as an ass kisser,” she joked.

At that point Don said it was time for the next demonstration so we all wrapped up what we were doing and gathered around one of the tables on which he had laid down face up. This time Kelly explained the different strokes used on the front of the body, showing us how to do them as she went along. When she got to the groin area she had no hesitation in playing with Don’s erection in front of us all. She squeezed his balls and circled his dick with her fist, alternating strong power strokes with teasing using just her finger tips.

“You may have noticed that the oils we are using are scented. They are also flavored, so don’t be afraid to taste them on your partner. Sensual massage is about using all your senses,” Kelly explained. With that, she bent over and ran her tongue up and down Don’s shaft, then circled the head with her mouth and took the first few inches in. After going up and down several times, she removed her mouth and used the extra lubrication from her saliva to pump him harder and faster. It took just half a minute of this until he was cumming.

Monica and I looked at each other nervously. I’m not sure either of us expected things would get this explicit. At any rate, it was now our turn to practice what we had seen. Monica crawled up on tesettürlü escort the table first and positioned herself with her legs spread as far apart as she could. I positioned myself at her head and began by gently rubbing her face. Next I moved to the left side of the table and massaged her hand, then moved up her arm with strokes that squeezed her muscles firmly. After repeating this procedure on the other arm I moved down to her feet and alternated rubbing the soles, insteps and ankles. I focused a lot of attention on the sexual chakra points that Kelly had shown us during her demonstration. I could tell that Monica was getting aroused just by my rubbing her feet and anticipating what was to come. I started working my hands up her leg, letting them glide smoothly over her well oiled skin. As I reached the top of her legs, I let my fingertips brush against her pubes before bringing my hands gently back down along the insides of her thighs. I should mention that Monica had a neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair which, while not quite as light as the hair on her head, proved that she was a natural blonde. I could see her pussy lips very clearly and the way that they were glistening told me that my teasing was getting her turned on.

I moved back up to her side and playfully massaged her breasts. Her nipples got very hard as I paid special attention to them. Kelly reminded us to use all of our senses. Taking the clue, I leaned over and started licking Monica’s breasts. Our oil was a very tasty peppermint flavor. I traced abound her nipples with my tongue and then took the hard little buds into my mouth. I playfully teased them with my teeth. While my mouth was so occupied, I let my hand wander down to her pussy and starting stroking her lips. She was very well lubricated. I licked my way up to her neck and gently nibbled and kissed her as I inserted my fingers into her pussy. She let out a moan, which I silenced by pressing my lips full on hers. As I stroked up and down inside of her, she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth as we passionately kissed, which gave Monica a taste of the massage oil I had licked off her body. After a few minutes of this I could tell from her bucking against my hand that she was getting close to a climax, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I gently broke away from our embrace and moved back to her feet as she weakly protested. I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her down to the end of the table.

As I stroked up her legs and torso, I extended my full body over hers. My hard cock rubbed against the soles of her feet as I reached the upper part of my stroke. On each successive stroke I remained in contact with her longer and longer. Then I separated her feet again so that she was fully exposed to me. When I reached the upper part of my next stroke my face was just inches from her pussy. The natural scent of her arousal mixed with the peppermint oil to form a delightful aroma. Rather than stand up to finish my stroke back down to her feet, I buried my face in her pussy while massaging her breasts with my outstretched arms. I traced her lips with my tongue and made circles around her clit. After a few minutes of this, I plunged my tongue into her slit and explored the inside of her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer into her. Her breathing got heavy and her body started writhing on the table. This time I didn’t stop and kept licking and sucking until she came with a violent shudder. After she was done, I stood and moved up to her side. Her face and chest were flushed. As she recovered and realized where she was, she got even redder from embarrassment at having cum in front of so many people. But as we hugged and gently stroked each other, we could hear and see other couples sharing the same level of intimacy in front of us and it began to seem more natural. We kissed long and hard.

Soon it was my turn to get on the table. My dick was still hard from the excitement of tending to Monica’s needs and I was anticipating her returning the favor. She and the tall lady of the couple working on the next table exchanged bottles of oil so that we all would experience different tastes. She teased me by taking a lot of time with traditional massage strokes all over my body but totally ignored my erection. Finally, smiling at me, she dribbled a large amount of oil directly on my cock. I felt it run down my balls and along the crack of my ass. Rather than touch me with her hands, she rubbed her breasts over my cock and balls. Some of the oil transferred from my body to hers as she did this. After a short while of playing like this, she stood up and used her hand to give me long firm strokes alternated with gently playing with the head of my cock using her fingertips. She was definitely enjoying teasing me like this. This continued for several minutes as she brought me close to the edge and then backed off again and again. Not letting go of my cock, she moved around to the top of the table and leaned her body over mine. She started licking down my chest ever so slowly. As she moved further down and explored my lower belly her breasts brushed against my face. I opened my mouth and sampled the oil that had transferred onto them. It was a delicate vanilla flavor. Monica continued stroking my dick as she licked and sucked right down my body all the way to my pubic hair.

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