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My Dad’s Best Friend

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Thank you again to kenjisato for taking the time to read and edit.

Thank you also to the kind comments on my last story.

All characters are 18+

“Megan,” his voice was a hoarse whisper as he tried to scold me. Biting my lip, I pushed my hand further up his leg until my fingertips brushed against the head of his hard cock. But, before I can tell you what happens next… first I have to tell you how we got here.


Today had started like any other Saturday morning. I woke up groggy with a monster of a hangover, I reached for the water left on my bedside table, it was still cold. I took a big sip and laid back down. Flashbacks of the night before played out behind my closed eyes. I remembered the dancing, the flirting, and the tequila shots. I was home from uni for the summer and had gone out with some of my childhood friends for a belated eighteenth celebration.

“Ugh,” I groaned, as I pushed the covers off and padded my way across to my en-suite bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and grabbed the toothbrush, giving my teeth a good brush. Back in the bedroom, I decided a day led by the pool was the perfect cure for a hangover. I rummaged in the drawer for a bikini, and I found a white one tucked right at the back. I remember buying it at the beginning of summer and then after wearing it once and realising it went very see through–it got tucked right at the back of the drawer.

I held it up, deciding since no one else was home today, it would be fine. It was a smaller fit than my others, it tied at the hips with thin string and cut high, showing off my toned thighs and peachy bum. The top was just two small triangles of fabric that barely contained my ever growing chest. It was perfect for a bit of sunbathing. I quickly put it on before I changed my mind and made my way downstairs. The house was so quiet as dad was out sea fishing for the day.

I poured a glass of orange juice from the fridge and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl as I walked past; my stomach reminding me that anything heavy wasn’t welcome at this moment! It was already warm as I stepped out onto the decking; the pool water was shimmering below me. I grabbed one of the loungers and pulled it into the middle of the decking. Switched on the outdoor stereo and laid down on my front; untying the back of the bikini, so I wasn’t left with a white line.

“Megan? You here?” my dad’s voice startled me from my sleep, I sat bolt upright and quickly scrambled to grab my bikini top, which currently hung loosely around my neck, to pull around my chest; but not before my dad’s best friend, Tommy, walked out through the patio doors and got a good eyeful of my naked tits. I managed to cover them and tie the string around the back just as my dad appeared in the doorway.

Tommy and my dad had been best friends since before I was born. They worked together and hung out, but I thought he was away with his new bit this summer. Unlike my dad, who had met my mum and married before having me, Tommy hadn’t settled down. He was always introducing us to a new girlfriend each time we saw him. I stopped bothering to remember their names. He was never short on women throwing themselves at him either, or so dad tells it. Even though he had just turned sixty, he was in good shape. Working all his life as a fireman meant he had stayed fit. I had once caught a glimpse of him with his shirt off when he helped dad build the new decking, and was surprised to see he had clearly defined abs. His hair was now grey, as was the stubble around his jaw and mouth. He often wore tight jeans and a shirt, always leaving a few buttons open, like he was now!

“Hey guys, what are you doing back?” I ask, as I stand and give my dad a quick hug. “Tommy, nice to see you,” I turn to give him a hug, too; trying to break the awkwardness of him seeing me so exposed.

“Hey, Megs,” he replied, as he hugged me back. I almost gasped when I felt the hard bulge against my leg. I stepped away and glanced down before I realised what I was doing. I’d never noticed the clear outline of his cock in his jeans before; I was even more taken aback by the tingle it caused Escort Yeşilköy between my legs.

Dad handed Tommy a beer and they walked over to the patio chairs. I left them chatting as I walked back into the kitchen. The cool air caused a ripple of goosebumps to cover my skin. I grabbed another glass of juice as my mind wondered back to Tommy… had seeing me made him hard? My nipples began to harden as I thought about how it might feel in my small, delicate hands. I held my hand out flat, looking at the palm and my slender fingers when I heard a noise behind me.

I spun around and saw Tommy standing at the counter. I felt my breathing catch as I saw the look in his eyes as they swept over my body. There was no hiding the hard nubs poking through the thin fabric. I knew the white bikini enhanced the deep hues of my tan, my stomach was flat and tight, my legs long and toned. I could feel the wetness spread between my legs just from the way he was looking at me.

Feeling bold, I stood closer to him, stopping just as my chest pressed against his. He was somewhat taller than my five foot frame, so I had to tilt my head to look up at him. I bite my lip as I press my hand to his stomach, feeling those hard abs beneath my fingers. I let my hand drop lower slowly.

“Megan!” he scolded me, grabbing my wrist tight to stop me from moving further; but, not moving it away.

“Tommy, where are those beers?” My dad’s voice sounded from outside. Tommy seemed to snap out of it and let my wrist go. He didn’t say another word, just turned and walked towards the fridge.


I woke with a start. I was laying on my bed in my towel, I must have fallen asleep after my shower. I could feel the tingle between my legs which reminded me of the dream that had woken me.

I had never thought of Tommy in any other way, but innocent; but after that dream…

I decided to get up, I grabbed my PJs and slid them on. I stopped at the mirror to check! My hair was still in its messy bun, but a few strands had come loose and fell around my neck and shoulders. The vest top was right across my tits, the back fabric almost sheer from the stretching and the shorts cut up my ass; turning, I could see the bottom of my cheeks were visible.

Smiling, I made my way downstairs and stood in the lounge doorway. As I expected, dad was fast asleep in the chair. Tommy was sitting on one end of the sofa, the TV was on, but he was focused on his phone. Taking a deep breath, I walked in and sat next to him. He looked up in surprise. I was pleased when I saw his gaze drift down my top.

“Are you watching this?” I asked innocently, and he shook his head and went back to his phone. I scrolled through Netflix trying to find the perfect programme, and settled on the Homeland series I had been watching recently.

Tommy looks up and his phone seems to be forgotten as he gets into the programme. I watch him out of the corner of my eye as the scenes are becoming more heated. He shifts in his seat and I notice the outline in his jeans becomes more prominent. Just as the two characters really get into the moment, her moans filling the room along with the distinct sounds of hard fucking, I reach out and place my hand on his leg, just above his knee.

“Megan,” his voice was a hoarse whisper as he tried to scold me. Biting my lip, I pushed my hand further up his leg until my fingertips brushed against the head of his hard cock. I can feel the pulse between my legs intensify as I move along his shaft and feel it twitch.

I look at him, his eyes stormy as he tries to control his breathing. I can’t help but imagine what the stubble around his jaw would feel like if he kissed the insides of my thighs. The thought causes an involuntary moan to escape my lips.

“Megan,” his voice is harder, almost like a warning, as I slowly undo the buttons on his jeans. But he doesn’t stop me, as I slide my hand inside and pull him out. He is big. I don’t have anything to compare it to, except the stories my friends share; but even I knew he was bigger than average, because if I fisted both my hands around it, it Yeşilyurt escort would still stick out the top by a couple of inches.

I wrap my hand around him, it was hotter than I thought it would be and felt really heavy. I gently began to stroke it, like I’d seen on the TV. I watched as he closed his eyes and groaned. I wetted my lips and slowly leant down and licked the tip with my tongue and then covered it with my lips. I moved down, trying to swirl my tongue around it, but there wasn’t a lot of room.

“Fuck,” he cursed, as he stood bolt upright. His cock fell from my mouth with a pop.

“What are you doing?” he panted, as he looked down at me, his cock standing to attention right in front of me. I held his gaze as I shuffled forward on the sofa and reached out to grab him.

“I thought that was obvious,” I smiled. A wave of confidence surging through my blood, had taken over my movements. I licked along the length of him, it tasted slightly salty; but I didn’t mind. Despite how angry and hard it looked, it surprised me that the skin felt velvety.

I wrap my lips around him again and moan as I try to take more of him into my mouth. I suck gently as I look up at him, I feel a small amount of dribble down my chin as he feels my mouth. I watch his expression change. It became steel-like and hot and it seemed to talk straight to the ache between my legs.

I hear Tommy curse as I feel his hands grab my hair, he starts to move his hips and push his cock further into my mouth. I feel myself gag, but I manage to take more of it. After a few minutes, he pulls my mouth off of him. I pout as I was really enjoying it.

“Don’t pout,” he growls, and I’m surprised by the warning in his tone and even more so by the way my body responds to it. “We can’t do this,” he sits down beside me. The ache in my loins grows. I stand up in front of him and slowly begin to push my shorts down my legs. He watches me, guarded, reminding me a bit of a cornered animal. I know he can see my juices glistening around my bare pussy lips.

“Tommy…” my voice, a whisper; and even I’m unsure of what I’m asking. I have never felt this before. All that I’m aware of is the beating of my heart in my chest and the pulsing between my legs. I reach down and slide a finger between my lips to try… all I can think about is stopping the ache.

I barely register the feeling of his hands on my hips as I rub the bundle of nerves. Tommy pulls me down onto the sofa and leans over me. I run my hands across his stubble, and again, the thought of that between my legs makes me groan as I arch my back.

“I’m not the person you think,” he warns again, as he cups my chin; a shiver flows through me, but it just makes my heart beat faster. He moves his hand lower and it rests around my throat and I’m aware of the warning bells ringing in the back of my head, but they are drowned out but my own voice pleading.

I watch his face and see the moment when his will gives in to his need. His eyes darken further and his face hardens. I feel his finger flex around my throat and he growls deep from inside his chest. I feel his hand cup my sex, his palm pressed against my clit as my hips move on their own to get some pressure. With his fingers, he pushes my lips apart and I feel the air as he blows against me. He leans down and runs his tongue along my slit. I bite my lip to hold back the noise building.

I have, of course, heard my friends tell stories of their boyfriends going down on them and they had always said it wasn’t always that great. But I could feel Tommy, as he grazed his teeth over my clit and caused my body to shudder. His tongue felt stiff as it slid in and out of me.

“Please,” I moaned, as my hips bucked. He hushed me and pinned my hips with his forearm. I felt his finger slide inside me… it felt tight; he crooked his finger and began to rub. I felt the pressure in my stomach as he began to suck on my nub. I couldn’t move even though my hips wanted to.

I could feel the burning as it starts deep in my stomach and then as it explodes through my body. I moan loudly as my fingers grip Zeytinburnu escort bayan the sofa cushions. I can feel the wetness as it pours out my pussy and I start to feel my cheeks redden, knowing that his face must now be covered.

Slowly he sits up and slides his finger out of me. His cock now standing upright as he wraps his hand around it to try and push it into his trousers again. I put my hand around his to stop it. I want to finally feel what it’s like to have one inside me.

I straddle over his lap and we both still as we hear movement from the chair. I’d completely forgotten dad was there, but he was still snoring softly. Before Tommy can look back at me, I hold his cock and position myself over it. I feel it as the head slips in, it’s so big it stretches me and hurts a little. I bite my lip again, just as his face snaps back to face me. I lower myself a bit more and I see the shock register on his face when he hits the thin barrier.

“Megan, you’re a…” his voice trails off as his cock presses hard against my hymen. “But, how have you not…” his questions come fast, as I just shrug! There’s no big secret, I just wasn’t interested… until now.

“We can’t, I can’t,” he shakes his head, trying to convince himself; but he can’t deny how his cock swells harder inside me. I nod and say it’s okay as I begin to lift myself off him. Just when the head of his cock is left inside me, I hold still for a second and I watch his face. Without a word I drop myself down hard. I feel his cock rip through the barrier, the pain surges through me and I choke back a cry. As it registers what I’ve just done, he looks surprised and then in a split moment, that feral look comes back and his hand grips my hips as he moves his hips up pushing himself until he hits the tip of my cervix, but he’s not fully inside me yet.

My body quivers around him, I’m panting hard as the pain begins to subside and a hot burning replaces it, spurring my body into movement. I begin to rock on him, it feels amazing, so full. I can tell he’s holding back as his fingers flex around my hips.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he growls, and feeling bold, I pull my top down so my tits fall out. He leans forward and takes my painfully hard nipple between his teeth. I feel the shocks run to my pussy and I groan. He takes the other between his finger and thumb and pulls. It hurts, but I like it.

“Yes, please,” I groan, as I move my hips faster. Tommy grabs my hips and pulls them towards him, he hits my cervix with each thrust.

“Lean back,” he commands. I do, putting my hands on his knees. I move my hips so I can watch his cock slide in and out of me, my juices leaving a trail along his length. He pulls me towards him again. On the third time, he pulls hard and thrusts up at the same time and I feel him push through my limit and into my womb. He does it again, the pain that I first felt melts to even more pleasure and my legs begin to shake. I even see the little bulge in my stomach where his cock hits. He takes my nipple into his mouth again and sucks hard as he thrusts harder into me again and again.

My whole body begins to tighten, my vision begins to darken at the edges as my breathing becomes fast and shallow.

“Tommy,” I whimper over and over, until even my words become incoherent.

“Cum for me baby,” he growls, as my body convulses and I can’t stop the scream that follows! In one movement he flips me so I’m underneath him, pinned to the sofa by his hard long thrusts. His fingers wrap around my throat again as my orgasm rolls into another. His fingers squeeze slightly as I feel him thrust hard so he’s buried completely into me, his balls against my ass as he swells and pulses, emptying himself into me.

Slowly, Tommy moves and I feel him slide out of me. I groan at how empty I feel suddenly. I sit up to face him, briefly glancing over in the direction of my dad who surprisingly is still snoring. Tommy’s cock has softened, but is still big and I can’t believe that was just inside of me. I try to think if I feel different. I definitely feel sore, and I can’t mistake the telltale sign of blood that’s smeared along his cock and my legs. But I feel something else, and as I watch his cock, I bite my lip as I imagine all the other positions I want to try.

“Megan, don’t look at me like that, this cannot happen again,” he warns.

And, I smile up at him because we both know, it will happen again… and again.

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