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My Co-Worker Carly

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Carly was another one of my buddies. I hardly ever worked directly with her since she always worked in a different part of the store, but that never stopped me from always talking to her and joking around with her when I went on break.

I’d walk over either on my way to or on my way from break to spend a few minutes talking to Carly.

I don’t remember one time when I didn’t make her laugh.

Carly is a cutie. She is an attractive twenty one year old with long brown hair. She is about five feet six inches tall and weighs about one hundred eight pounds.

You can never tell by what she wears but Carly actually has a nice set of tits which are about the size of large apples.

She has a really nice ass that actually looks smaller then it is. Once she takes off her smock, her ass becomes very noticeable.

When it comes to sexual topics, they would come up every now and then, but, like with Katelynn, they’d always be in story form.

There was one night however when the topic of eating pussy came up between myself beşiktaş escort and another Co-Worker named Hannah. I didn’t like Hannah in any way, but somehow we got to talking about eating Pussy.

Hannah asked me why guys like doing that so much. I told her that I couldn’t speak for every guy, but I did tell her at least what I got out of doing that, the couple of times that I have.

Just then, Carly comes walking toward us, so I waved her over.

Hannah repeated the question to Carly.

“Why do guys like eating girls out?”

She asked her.

I couldn’t wait for Carly’s reply but when it came I was less then happy with it.

“I don’t know.” “I don’t know why guys like that so much, I really don’t see the point.”

Carly said.

The way she was saying that sounded like she didn’t like having her pussy eaten.

All I could think about was that either Carly’s Pussy isn’t that sensitive or her boyfriend isn’t doing something right.

I beşyol escort know that given the chance, I’d eat Carly’s Pussy and I would make her scream.

I don’t have any actual fantasies about Carly, but I have had a couple of dreams about her when I was sleeping.

In my one dream, I’m sitting in a chair minding my own business when I feel a pair of arms lovingly reach around my neck. Then I feel a tongue licking and probing my left ear. I actually see the rest of the dream in the third person and I see Carly smiling as her tongue probes my ear.

The dream was kind of strange simply for the fact that I really, really love my ears licked and sucked. When I awoke after the dream, I had the feeling that what happened in the dream actually happened. I woke up smiling, and looking around the room to see if Carly might have actually been there.

The second dream I had about her was much better, but very different.

In this dream I find myself violently finger fucking beykent escort a girl’s pussy. I bend down and lick her pussy for a few seconds then continue to dig deeply into her.

I have my fingers in her so deep and I’m digging into her so violently it was almost as if there was a live grenade that had only seconds before exploding, and I’m desperately trying to get it out of her.

The girl is in so much pleasure the entire lower half of her body constantly rears up from the chair she is sitting in.

I realize then that the girl I am fingering is Carly.

I was so tempted to tell Carly about the dream the next time I worked with her, but the relationship her and I had wasn’t like it was with some of my other Co-Workers. I don’t think it would have went over well with her so I kept it to myself.

I did on the other hand tell my Co-Worker Angel, and another Co-Worker named Vanessa.

Both of them thought that it was funny that I would have had a dream like that about Carly.

I wasn’t used to seeing Carly in “Civilian” clothes, but there were a few times when I have.

She’d often weak a pair of tight jeans that made her ass look awesome, and her crotch look tight.

Carly was another one of the girls I invited on a trip to California once I get my 1958 Plymouth restored, but she is also one of the girls that I put some doubt on to actually go.

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