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My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 07

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After a long night at work I got home extremely tired and after saying good morning and goodbye to my boyfriend for the day as he left for work I passed out hard.

I was asleep for about 5 or 6 hours according to my bedside clock when I was nudged awake by a shifting on my bed and my hips being lifted from behind. I must have been in a deep sleep because when I tried to move to see who was behind me I found my wrists were strapped to my bed and I was tied face down with enough slack in the straps to lift my head but not enough to get a good look behind me.

When I did look behind me I was able to see a large male, not unfamiliar, but definitely not my boyfriend. I heard my phone go off, it was the text alert sound I have assigned to my boyfriend. I started to struggle and attempted pull myself free from the straps. Suddenly my hips were lifted up off the bed I tried to look down between my legs to see who it is behind me but my head was shoved down into my pillow.

I started struggling again and I received a sharp slap on my ass that made me whimper. I stilled and the hand gently rubbed my ass where it had just spanked me. My skin was stinging and I could already tell I had a bright red welt in the shape of a hand there. I felt movement behind me as I lay there head in my pillow ass in the air, then I felt hot breath on my ass just before I felt a face bury itself into my pussy.

The man behind me was sliding his tongue up and down my slit and asshole aggressively, as if it was his last meal. I jumped at the suddenness of it and he spanked my ass again on the other side. I whimpered again and allowed the stranger to eat my cunt.

I Urfa Escort tried to ignore the feeling between my legs not wanting to give in so easily but it felt so good and the tongue was definitely skilled. Before I knew it I was pressing my ass back into his face and moaning into my pillow.

I could feel the stubble on his face rough against my ass as his face moved behind me. It felt so good I whimpered out lifting my he face from the pillow I gasped.

“You’re gonna make me cum!”

But just before I could, the face was gone. I was left on the edge, my body trembling my ass pushing back searching for the face, I groaned if frustration and pleasure. I felt movement behind me again on the bed and then this time I felt the head of a very hard and large cock pressing against my wet lips.

I moaned but jumped again in surprise, I winced in anticipation of the spank but, it didn’t come. Instead I felt the head of the thick cock gently part my lips then suddenly and without warning slam deep into me. I moaned and whimpered as the cock forced its way into me almost knocking the wind out of me. I gasped and wriggled as he held his cock deep inside me for a moment letting me feel how big and thick his cock is.

I slowly caught my breath and whispered


The only reply I received was the cock slowly pulling out then suddenly slamming back into me as deep and as hard as possible. I moaned out loud as the cock started sliding in and out of me sending waves of pleasure and pain throughout my body. All I could do was moan and whimper as the cock filled me completely, and stretched my tight pussy.

I was repeating Urfa Escort Bayan “Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh God!” with each thrust of the big dick that was using my pussy.

I didn’t care who it was anymore as I pushed back into him I felt his hips slap against my ass and his balls slap against my clit. I wanted to reach back and play with my clit so bad as my fingers dug into the bed under me and my wrists strained against the straps holding me down.

“Oh fuck please don’t stop! You’re gonna make me cum” I moaned out.

There was no response from behind me other than the lewd wet squish of my wet pussy and the slapping of our bodies as he pumped in and out of me.

“P-please ugh don’t stop! Fuck me! Oh God yes! Fuck me! Give me all that big cock please!” I moaned.

It felt so dirty in that moment. I felt like a dirty slut taking this strange cock and loving it so much. The man fucking me still not saying a word only grunting, moaning and gasping as he fucked me deep and hard.

“Oh God I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum don’t stop!” I nearly screamed as I felt the orgasm building inside.

No response for the man behind me, but he increased his tempo fucking me faster.

“Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Oh God I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh fuck oh God!” I moaned as I came hard on the big cock.

I felt my pussy clamp down on his shaft and he pushed into me as deep as he could and held it there, at the same time he reached around and rubbed my clit making my body convulse and wriggle in response.

I almost collapsed under him as he held himself inside me. I felt his cock throb and jump inside me before he Escort Urfa started fucking me again. His thick cock slowly dragging out of me my pussy twitching and pulsing as he slid back in. I whimpered loud.

I’d cum so hard I was extremely sensitive but that didn’t slow him down at all. He pulled almost completely out of me before shoving half his cock back in then pulling back again then shoving the whole thing in as deep as he could. He got his rhythm going slowly at first but with each few thrusts he was going faster and faster. Half, half, whole, half, half, whole over and over fucking me with more force and speed after each pattern.

I was moaning and begging for more as he used my wet cunt. I felt him change pace and he began mercilessly pounding my pussy deep and hard full strokes of his massive cock pummeling my pussy

“Oh God I’m gonna cum again!” I moaned to him.

He picked up his pace and I was in heaven.

“Fuck me! Oh God yes! Fuck me with that huge amazing cock! I don’t even care who you are anymore just fuck me with that cock and make me cum!” I screamed as I came again harder than I can remember.

That must have set him off because he grunted and slammed into me his cock pulsing and throbbing inside me as he filled me with hot cum. It felt like he came a gallon inside me as I felt each pulse fill me with more. He groaned and pumped slowly 3 or 4 times before pulling out of me. I felt him slump back as I collapsed on the bed completely spent.

After a few minutes I felt him move off the bed and heard him walk to the bathroom, then move around my room as he got dressed. He walked to the head of the bed and released my wrists. I looked over and saw Pete smiling at me like a cat that ate a canary. He kissed me and thanked me, said he had to go, and was gone.

I reached over for my phone and saw the text from my boyfriend.

“have fun baby. I love you ;)”

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