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My Best Ride

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I don’t know what possessed me to be on my bike that night. My brother had borrowed my car and I had needed to get out. The weather forecast predicted rain, but I never believe them anyway. And so, there I was cruising down the windy road in the middle of the night in the rain.

I was wet, but it had yet to soak through my jacket and I had a shield. What I needed was a windshield wiper. Had I had one, I might not have come so close to the woman standing by her car at the side of the road. It was all I could do to keep the bike with the rubber side down, and miss her altogether. Luckily I did, and when I was able to turned the bike around to find out just what she was doing there in the middle of nowhere in, as I said, the middle of the night in the rain.

I think she was happy to see me, or anyone given her predicament whatever it was. She also appeared a little apprehensive since she was alone and it was dark and I was a “biker” after all.

She was fairly tall and very blonde. She was a bit older than I was, attractive and by the looks of the fir coat she was holding over her head, fairly well off. She wore a red spaghetti-strap dress cut just above the knee. She was elegant, not flashy, elegant, and she tried as hard as she could to smile in her given situation. I took my helmet off and introduced myself my hand. After a brief clasp of my palm her had darted back to her rain cover.

She told me she had been driving home from a party and all of a sudden first her lights and then the rest of her electrical systems failed. This left her to brake on a corner, in the dark and to come to a rest on a narrow shoulder. She had done an admirable job. She had tried in vain to start it and had even wiggled a bunch of wires under the hood. All to no avail. She had tried her cell phone, but there hadn’t been a signal. She told me she was just getting ready to walk when I nearly rode over her. (My words not hers.)

I just smiled without apology and thought about it for a second. It appeared she was doing the same and I think we were both on the same track. Aside from her sleeping in her car until daylight or rain stopped, or her walking the next ten miles to the next intersection on this country road, OR she got on the back of my bike.

Now I had one helmet and one pair of glasses, it was cold and rainy. I don’t very often take riders due to the inherent danger associated with riding no matter how good you are. Here there was no alternative.

I started the bike and closed her hood. I suggested she leave the fur in the car as the rain and the ride might very well ruin it. I took off my leather jacket and handed it to her. She was going to have to hold on and the cold would make that hard.

I also handed her my helmet. I apologized but if I were going to see I still needed the glasses to see. She still looked apprehensive about the whole thing, and seemed to hesitate when she got near the bike. She looked at me and then the bike and then me again. Are you any good with that? She asked to which I smiled my most confidence building smile and said, “I got this far didn’t I”. She smiled and asked what to do. “Whatever It ell you to until you get off anyway. As it says in the book, sit close and hold on tight. I got on and gave her a hand as she stepped over the seat. I told her to wrap her arms around my stomach and to put her hands in her sleeves. I also told her to close her eyes tight while we were moving. This probably wasn’t necessary, but I thought it would add to the thrill if she couldn’t see anything. I may be a nice guy but I like to have fun too…

We rolled away and I slowly accelerated down the road. She had told me that she lived in a house the next town over and about 15 miles away from where we were. It was unfortunately about 15 miles in the other direction from where I wanted to go on this night, but I didn’t tell her that.

I’d say it was about 58 degrees out on this may evening. It had been a warm and sunny day and I could still smell the awaking flowers and grasses as we sped down the road. I now had my Ralph Lauren button down polo shirt on, jeans and my boots. That’s it. Nothing else. Given the speed we were going, the 58 degrees felt more like 40 to 45, and the rain dropped tit from there. All you really need to do is keep a grip on the handlebars. If you can lock your fingers there, steering can still be easy. I wont tell you it wasn’t cold, it was freezing. After about 5 miles or so your muscles just begin to stiffen and knot.

I was able to keep my grip however, although throttling became a little difficult. There were a lot of corners on this little dirt road, which meant a lot of leaning. One of the things I like most about riding is leaning into a corner. Now it was wet, and I had a newby on the back. So we weren’t really tilting like we could have. She seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. As a matter of fact shortly into the ride she seemed to grip tighter, but I could feel her tension relax. She kind of slid closer pulled tighter and went with it. bahçeşehir escort It made the rest of the ride a lot easier.

When we neared her house she shouted appropriate directions, and in no time we were pulling into her driveway. It seems the rain was coming down harder if that is at all possible. I shut down the bike and gave her a hand getting off. She shouted for me to come in and ran up to the front door. Wasn’t about to stand there any longer than necessary, so I followed her up and into her very nice home. I nearly fell over half way up the drive. I hadn’t realized how cold my legs had been and was surprised by their stiffness. I limped into her home. She thanked me and then thanked me again and I believe she thanked me one more time. Across her face was the widest smile I had ever seen. When I asked what it was from she stated that she had never experienced a ride like that. She would have ridden long ago had she know what it felt like.

I told her she was quite welcome, and that if she ever got the urge again I could be convinced to take her out on a sunnier, warmer day. I also asked her if I could stand in her house for a minute in order to warm up a little before I set on my way home.

She insisted that I stay at least until the rain stopped. “It was ridiculous weather for anyone to be in” she said with a smile, “despite the thrill”, and she “had an extra room” and “did I want to use it”? It was the least she could do. After all I did save her life (her words not mine) and I gave her a motorcycle ride on top of it. I could swear that there was almost a gleam in her eye as she said the latter. I accepted the offer of a hot cup of coffee and a place to sit. She said that she had no men’s clothes but that I could wear her white bathrobe hanging in the bathroom. She had another upstairs. Why didn’t I take a shower in the downstairs and she would do the same in the upstairs. She would meet me in the living room in a half hour. Please make myself at home. All this was said as she smiled and slid into the kitchen to start the coffee. It WAS warm, and without the wet fir, she looked better indeed. The party must have been black tie. Her dress was a sheath. It clung to every curve and bend in her body. I have always been a fan of spaghetti and strapless dresses. This one topped the list. She caught me looking at her body. I normally don’t do that very often if only for the reason that I don’t like to get caught. But caught I was. She simply gave me a smile and was gone. I made my way to the bathroom found it as she had described, and undressed to shower…

As I was loosening up my muscles and letting the room fill with steam I heard the door open and turned. I saw her arm dropping a cup of coffee on the counter. She hadn’t stuck her head in, but when I looked in the mirror there she was looking my way and smiling. She softly closed the door and was gone.

The shower was wonderful. I stayed longer than I usually do and when I finished the room was filled with steam. I dried my skin with a thick warm thick towel slipped on the bathrobe and set out to find the living room. Her house was handsome almost masculine in a way. I wandered around until I found the room I was seeking. It was warm and cozy with a roaring fire going in a fireplace at the other end of the room. She was nowhere in sight, so I sat near the warm flames and continued to untie the knots in my shoulders and back.

When I heard her enter I turned to see her walking toward me wearing a short silk, bathrobe gathered about the waist. In her hands were two glasses. “Scotch ” she said handing me one. It will help your relax better than anything. I hope you drink it she said looking into my eyes. It’s all have. My preference actually I said thanking her. To warming up I said in salute and we sipped. It was warm and refreshing. So was the long look I got. She smiled and said “I still need to repay you for what you did. At least let me pay for gas or something she said as I shook my head. “My mother would not allow it,” I said smiling. She took a step closer, placed her hand on my chest and placed her face about an inch from mine. “What would she allow do you suppose?” she asked softly, then leaned over and kissed my lips……….. My mouth met hers and I reached around to the small of her back and softly prevented her from pulling away. Her response was to bring her hands to the sides of my face and let out a soft moan. I have always liked the feel of a woman’s body under satin. There is nothing like it. Hers was firm and warm and naked underneath. I tried as hard as I could, but it was t long before my body reacted to hers. Thinking it too soon, I hoped she hadn’t noticed. A deeper kiss and a soft sound let me know my secret was out…… she pulled her head back…smiled, and kissed me again…………………….

When she stopped this time she looked deeply into my eyes. I could feel her hand slide off of my shoulder and down my chest. Her soft fingers felt warm bakırköy escort against my skin. When her hand reached the center of my chest it paused, then moved in a slow arc that took her fingers across my nipple and down my side, the movement of hr arm loosening my robe as it went. Her fingers grazed the side of my stomach and hip then, in a gentle instant, my cock was in her hand. Still looking directly into my eyes, she smiled and moaned a soft, willful sound. Her fingers encircling my hard warm flesh. ” Well that takes care of the motorcycle ride, now to thank you for saving me.” She said. With that she walked to a trunk next to the fireplace and produced a large fur rug, which she carefully laid out in front of the fireplace. She took her time. Straightening each corner, placing it just right. When she was done she stood again walked to me and gave me another long slow, wet kiss. As she pulled away she sucked my lower lip into her mouth and held it there like a baby with its mother’s nipple. Next she kissed my neck and jaw line. When she wasn’t kissing her gentle tongue reached out from between those wonderful wet lips and traced patterns on my skin. The feeling I had was amazing. With each movement of her mouth my cock pulsed against her belly, calling out for her attention. I think my cock knew what was coming next.

She stood back and opened my robe. She took a moment to look at my body before her. From head to toe her eyes moved over my body. She was not shy about this. It was as if she were planning her moves in her mind. Inch by inch she decided what she would do next. What must have been a minute seemed like an eternity. In a way I felt vulnerable there before her. I was not shy, but I was at her mercy. When she was done there was a smile on her lips. She glanced at me again and undid her robe before me. She paused for a second like she knew I wanted the same opportunity she had had with my body. I took it and looked from her high cheeks, full lips and slender throat down to her full and firm breasts. Her nipples were erect, her breasts perfectly shaped. Her entire body was tanned. Her stomach was flat. It created a small bulge between the valley created by her hips. This body was the one I had been thinking of my entire life it seemed. There she was standing in front of me. Her pussy was not shaved, but trimmed by a woman accustomed to wearing a bikini. Her legs were long and reached away from me to the floor. Her thighs stood slightly apart creating a gap perfect for a man’s hand. When my eyes made their way back to hers she stepped close again and those lips moved to my throat and the licking and kissing began again. It was almost as if I wasn’t there. This was between my body and her. My body was very lucky

She licked and sucked each of my nipples in turn. I knew finally the pleasure a woman feels when a man sucks her nipples. She drew each into her mouth and rolled them with her tongue. Her eyes moving up to meet mine when she sensed my pleasure. Then her knees bent and she knelt in front of me her hands sliding slowly down my stomach. She looked up at me with a meek, almost shy look that transformed into a smile of pleasure when her eyes turned down to face my cock. Her hands traced over it, exploring every inch. Her fingers moved over the head and her nails slid down either side of the shaft. Her right hand moved to the bottom of my sac and her fingers rolled my balls around in her palm. She moaned softly, looked on my eyes then back to my cock. She kissed it softly with her lips. Then many kisses up and down the shaft holding my balls in her one hand and stroking my hip with the other. Then, her lips parted and with her tongue she formed a wet slit, which she slid up and down my shaft. She was careful to avoid the head, purposely depriving me of that pleasure for now. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair. The sensation of my hand on the side of her head brought a moan from her. The feeling of her soft long hair between my fingers was more than I could bear. Suddenly her tongue came out of her mouth and she licked me from the bottom of my cock to the top. She did this a number of times and I thought I was going to cum then and there. But it was not to be. She looked up at me, understanding my pleasure. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and pulled it slightly away from my body. Then she parted her lips and slid the tip of my cock between them. She held it there and moaned with pleasure. I moaned to. She sucked on the tip of m cock for a moment, and then with a slow stroke, slid it into her mouth until her lips kissed the top of her hand. She began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Long slow strokes accented by her hand sliding up and down my shaft. She took me deeper and deeper into her. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the back of her mouth. My legs melted. The pleasure was consuming. I watched her slide me into her, stoke me as if masturbating me into her mouth. I ran my hands through her hair and her movements intensified. başakşehir escort She seemed to like the feel of my hands on her head.

He other hand moved around to my butt and in the rhythm of her movements it pushed me into her mouth and let me back again. As the sensations intensified I moaned louder all of me was in my cock then, moving in and out of her mouth moist and soft, her tongue caressing my entire body. Her paced quickened. She alternately took me in and sucked me with a fury, then pulled me out and licked me with her whole tongue top to bottom. Watching this woman take me with the relish she seemed to be feeling was amazing. Her mouth was the most wondrous place I had ever been. I wanted to be there, to stay there forever. But that too was not to be. She sensed my heightened satisfaction and sucked harder quickening her pace. I held her head and let my hands move back and forth with her rhythm. She moaned as I moaned and pulled me further into her mouth each time, her hand stroking my life into her mouth. Finally it was all I could take and my semen welled up from my balls and ran into her warm wet mouth. When she felt the first pulse she moaned loader, smoothed her pace and sucked everything out of me. She kept it up until the last pulses of pleasure had subsided, letting each drop in. What I saw next was almost as satisfying as the rest had been. There came upon her face a look of pleasure, of serene satisfaction that made me feel whole, as if I had given her a great gift. Amazing. It was I who had felt the greatest pleasure and she looked so satisfied.

As she pulled me out, she gave my cock soft gentle kisses along the head and along the shaft. Sot, love kisses of goodbye…for now. She stood and said ” thank you for rescuing me”. Although my legs were nearly rubber, I managed to stay standing. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, tasting myself on her mouth. Her lips were warm, wet and inviting. I released her and led her toward the back of the house in search of her bedroom

I led her around her house for several minutes before I found the stairs and her bedroom. The ceilings were high with tall windows draped in lush and went to the floor. The room was dark lit only by candles sprinkled about the room. There was a scent of perfume in the room which when I inhaled it sent tingles down inside my body. She had a king size canopy bed with curtains draped across the side. The bed was covered in thick down comforters with soft full pillows all around. I led her to the bed and climbed up onto it. She stood in the middle with me and I embraced her and kissed her once again. Her body felt warm against mine, her thigh between my mine, and her hair against my shoulder.

I lowered her onto the bed and knelt over her body. I kissed her again and began to softly kiss and lick her neck. It was time to explore this woman’s body and I meant to. Every inch of it. “Don’t move” I whispered in her ear and then kissed her there and moved down. Her throat was beautiful, slender and vulnerable to my kisses. I heard her sigh as I kissed her there, softly tracing my tongue from her chin to her collarbone.

Everything about her body was exceptional. Her skin was tight, tan and smelled wonderful. I was never good at remembering perfumes, but I was unlikely to forget hers when this night was through. As my tongue moved from her shoulder toward her breast, there was a strike of lightening and a roll of thunder. I looked her in the eye and smiled…”Good thing I stayed” I said…. MMMMMM…was all she responded and closed her eyes as my tongue traced around the bottom oh her breast. I made my way around her soft breast with my tongue, tracing circles around and around slowly moving closer and closer to her nipple. I could almost see her nipple get more and more erect as I did. As I got closer she slowly arched her back trying to steer her nipple into my mouth. I wasn’t going to have that. I moved over to her other breast and began again at the bottom, tracing the perfect shape with just the tip of my wet tongue. This time I made it to her soft nipple and at last brushed across it with a long slow lick. This elicited a moan from my beautiful companion. I looked to see her watching my tongue move across her skin leaving glistening lines of wetness.

I sucked her nipples deep into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue. Her nipples were quite sensitive and I loved the way she arched her back in response to my touch. I sucked and licked her breasts for what seemed like an hour. Not nearly long enough. But my tongue wanted more. More of her skin, more of her scent and more of her body. Traced my tongue down the center of her stomach, between her wonderful stomach muscles to her navel, which I licked and sucked as well. Then I made my way to one of my favorite parts of a woman’s body, her hips, my tongue licking circles around there as well. I stopped then and kneeled before her. She lay before me, my saliva showing traces along her skin, her looking at me from behind tousled hair. “Spread your legs” I said. She paused then did as I had asked. “Wider” I asked, and she responded. She was beautiful, laying spread before me looking me in the eye with a smile on her face. I positioned myself between her thighs and slowly began to lick the inside of them, first one side then the other. My tongue moving from her knee up, stopping well short of her warmth at the top.

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