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Ms. Marca Ch. 16

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Chapter 16: Going away party

I was at the home across the street from my old friends, the White’s, whom I was visiting for a few days. It was a going away party for the White’s who were moving to a new home. Everyone was having a great time and the beer and wines was moving fast among the group and many of them had too much to drink, but a good time was had by all. I was dress to kill and had on a short mine skirt and blouse with 4″ heels. The owner of the house, who was giving the party, Had his brother-in law at the party and he was giving me the full court press and had been putting sweet words and moves on me for about 2 hours. I’m sure he was told all about me before the party and was on me like stink on shit, the moment I got in the door. He told me his brother-in-law had a wine room and he wanted to show it to me. It was out behind the backside of the house and you had to go out by the pool to get to it. When we went in he pulled me near him and gave me a full kiss open mouth and rubbed his hands over my ass pulling my dress up and running his fingers in my ass crack. All this did was make me jump forward and feel his erect cock up next to my crouch. My hands were down at my front when he pulled me next to him and he moved his crouch toward my hand. I could feel the rock hard shaft! Than he moved to where my hand was on his tool and I was in a stupor. I could not believe what was happening and what I was letting him do.

“What the hell are you doing, you Son Of A Bitch!” He looked at me with a smart-ass smile and said. “Roland said you were a good fuck and could suck his cock like it was heaven!”


“Honey I run Man Power and he told me what great tits Mrs. White had. I couldn’t believe it when I first overheard it, but the more I listened, the worse it got! He was talking about the fantastic blow-job that started it all off, and about sucking your cunt till you screamed and begged him to fuck you, and then of fucking you silly, not just once, but over and over again. The real kicker was when he told everyone at the place about how the phone rang and you answered it while curled up in his arms, then told your husband that he was working, and then fucked him the minute you hung the phone up!” I ask him how old was Mrs. White, he said about 29 or 30! The real Mrs. White is 60 something, I knew he had fucked someone else so I had to come tonight to see who was the real Mrs. White.”

I pulled back and tried to gather myself and not go weak in the knees. “OH GOD WHO HAVE YOU TOLD, WHO KNOWS!” Marca I’m not going to tell any one that you sucked my cock, I’m married man are you kidding!” I just stood frozen, thinking to myself that I’m in deep shit. “Your wife might come out here we can’t do this, anyone could walk in on us.” He pulled down his zipper and out flew his big pink dong. He moved it to where my hand was next to the limp but growing thing. My mouth fell open as I looked around just knowing someone was watching us. He places my hand on his cock and I protested again but I did so as I knew he had me and if I wanted him to keep quite, I had no choice. I just put my hand on his tool rubbing and pulling his cock and then he pulled my hand deeper into his pants so that I might feel all of it. I was shocked by the fullness that I had in my hand.


I pulled out Bob’s prick and looked at it, studying it as it twitched against my fingers. I felt it stiffens and a surge of excitement swept over me. I realized the lewd joy of turning on a man. His cock leaped and trembled, growing Sakarya Escort rapidly as I felt it. I eyed the ballooning cock head pointing right at me. “Damn, Marca, see what you do to me?” he hissed, his voice breaking into wicked thoughts. “Go ahead and kiss it, honey. I know you got to give good head, Roland has told everyone in the shop, but I could tell that when I saw you tonight, with your full lips, I just got to have them around my cock. Show me I’m right, Marca. Prove to me that boy knows what a good cock sucker you are. I know you want to do it.”

“I could kill that boy, Bob someone might see us, I can’t!” I protested weakly as I continued to grip his prick, gazing in lewd fascination at his swollen cock knob. “It’s too dangerous, someone might come out here.”

“Stop worrying,” he scolded me mildly. “Everyone is having a good time to even know we’re missing.” He smiled at me. “Come on, Marca, do it. You’re not getting back until you do,” he said as he reached to fondle my big tits through my blouse. I gasped when he touched my breasts. Deep inside my creaming cunt a fire blazed, igniting passion even more. In that strange instant I knew it was no turning back. I knew what I had to do, and deep down I guess I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to taste his cum and drink it down. “Oh, I hate myself, but I can’t help it,” I whispered. “Come on, sweetheart,” he urged, fondling my tits through the material of my silk blouse. “Why don’t you just give me a good blow job the same as you gave Roland, or you saving it all for you’re other guys? Spread the fun around a little, you’ll be happier for it.” God my pussy twitches and my blood raced at the mention of having other men and a flood of guilt coursed through me. I closed my eyes for a second, but, when I blinked them back open, I was still staring at Bob’s hard cock, my hand still securely holding it by the base. “What if we get caught?” I whispered. “Forget it,” he snapped confidently. “No one will come snooping around here. Besides, the door is locked. We’re safe and you don’t have a choice.”

My mind went blank and I had only to listen to the urgent whispers of my lust-filled body. I continued to squeeze his cock, concentrating on the head area. I was amazed that Bob’s cock was almost the same size as my old boy friend that I saw a few months ago, although not quite as thick in the shaft. As I studied his prick, I felt some wondrous contractions begin and as I shifted my position, I could feel my juice-slick pussy lips rub together deliciously. My clit began erecting quickly in proportion to my horny and growing lust. The way Bob continued to play with my sensitive tits was gradually driving up the heat of my cunt even more.

I closed my eyes again and imagined how wonderful it would be if Bob would begin to suck my nipples. I always loved it when a man played with my 40DD tits, licking and sucking on the nipples. Such action never failed to make my cunt extremely wet and hot. I sighed, realizing the fantasy of Bob sucking my tits wouldn’t happen tonight. There just wasn’t time. “We don’t have time for me to undress, so we can’t fuck, OK please Bob I’ll get cum all over my legs and smell of sex if we fuck!” I was afraid someone would surely soon miss me and come looking for us and we might need to get out of there quick so I wanted to keep my clothes on. I began moving Bob’s cock flesh up and down, sliding my hand over his hard, stiff shaft. It felt both strange and exciting to be touching this man’s cock. I couldn’t contain my curiosity as I used my free hand to cup his balls. I shivered Sakarya Escort Bayan as I held his prick with one hand and his nuts with the other. His big, hairy balls were hot and sweaty on my palm, and I crooned a raspy sigh just imagining the huge cum load stored in them. I took one last look around to see if no one was watching and telling him, “don’t take my dress off I don’t want to be found naked or go home without my panties.”

As if I were in a trance, I bent over with my legs straight just spread about 2 feet as if we were going to fuck dog style standing and leaned my face forward, bringing my lips an inch from his swollen cock head. When you looking up, head is back and your back is straight in this position it makes your mouth inline with your throat and you can suck the cock deeper. I know if anyone was standing behind me they had a great shot of my ass, for I could feel my dress ride up high as I bent over. I could now smell the intoxicating aroma of his maleness and the scent nearly overpowered me and I was forced into action. I touched the tip of his cock head with my lips. I ached to have his prick in my mouth, to feel the pleasure of it stretching my lips, clogging my throat, and stuffing me full. I longed to feast on him, to give him the wild pleasure that no man can resist and that every man craved. I longed to please him and, in turn, know that he appreciated me for that. With a cautious flip of my tongue I licked at the head of his shaft, tasting the pre-cum. The taste thrilled me, being different from the taste of my last cock I sucked. I went to work on the tiny slit with my tongue. I moaned as he thrust his swollen shaft deep down my throat. Then my cheeks were hollowed as I bobbed up and down his long cock. Bob had one hand tangled in my dark hair, pulling my head toward him until several inches of his cock disappeared into my mouth. His other hand brushed the curls away from my face so he could watch as I licked and sucked his cock.

I pulled my mouth away and tenderly flicked my tongue all around his swollen cock-head. My fingers stroked his rock hard pole and gently massaged his ball sack. From the way he was breathing and thrusting, I knew he couldn’t hold out long. “Oh, shit, you sure know how to tease a guy,” Bob groaned now tangling his fingers through my long silky hair. “Roland was right God you do know how to give head, oh shit don’t stop he was right about you, Marca. You were born with a natural talent for sucking cock.”

I held his throbbing organ in my fist as I opened my jaws wide and sucked the swollen knob into my mouth. I closed my lips around the bulbous head and continued to suck. At the same time, I swirled my tongue around and began covering the shaft with my spit. I began to moaned as I sucked him. I savored the taste of him and soon was no longer content to just taste his cock head. I sucked vigorously and drew in several more inches of his prick between my lips. My mouth slid over the veined flesh, creating a tight ring as I gobbled up inch after inch of his hot cock. Then I flattened my tongue and arranged my mouth to allow myself to take in more cock until, at last, my lips nudged the bristly clump of his dark pubic hairs. Bob groaned with delight. His reaction thrilled me almost as much as the satisfying sensation of his rubbery cock head pressing into my throat. I moaned and hummed his cock with it that deep in my throat.

I prided myself on being able to mouth all of a guys prick, and now the satisfying feeling was just as strong as I performed the same action with Bob’s Escort Sakarya cock. Slowly, I pulled my head back. Then I brought my tongue back into action, flicking it along the ridged underside of Bob’s cock shaft. Then, with only his cock head between my lips, I once again swirled my tongue over it. Bob grunted huskily as I gulped his prick deep into my mouth, taking it all with one swift suction force. This time I didn’t linger. Instead, I pulled back swiftly and released his prick entirely from my mouth. Before he could object, I attacked his cock with my wet tongue. I licked and nibbled, covering every inch of his fuck stick with spit while massaging his balls with both hands. “Damn, honey, you sure are doing some fine action on me,”

Bob gasped, twisting my hair in his fingers and trying to pull my mouth back onto his cock. Finally, I did suck his cock back into my mouth. I moaned as I tasted him again and I was especially happy with the active responses his cock made with every sensual touch. Then Bob grabbed the back of my head and roughly fucked his rigid cock straight into my face. The sudden motion caught me off guard for a moment, but I recovered before gagging. My own moans grew louder and more urgent as he began driving his cock in and out of my mouth with deep strokes. Now, without a doubt, I enjoyed the rough fuck mouth/face treatment. I loved a forceful man, especially when it came to fucking and sucking. My pussy heated up as Bob fucked my mouth. His big, hard prick hit against my windpipe as he gyrated his hips and shoved into my mouth repeatedly. He built up the rhythm and the pace until his balls literally bounced against my chin each time he fucked his cock to the hilt into my mouth. My lips were getting sore from the friction of his prick, but I didn’t care. The hot fire in my pussy suddenly blazed out of control and a great climax shuddered through me. A second later, I felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of my throat.

I jumped involuntarily, but the desperate hold he had on the back of my head kept me locked firmly in place, helping me to receive every drop of his salty cum. The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes. I gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch my breath. For a panicky moment I feared I might actually miss some of his milky load, but I managed to drink it all down. I squeezed his balls, then his cock root and finished it off by milking his rod like it was giving up lifeblood to me. I wanted to make sure I had completely drained him before freeing his prick from me mouth. Then I let his softening prick slide from my lips. I told him not to put it back in his pants not until it was dry and no cum was leaking. I bent back down and ran my tongue back over the head and flicked the P hole and sucked it again trying to get the last drop. I ran my tongue up and down his limp shaft to get any that I might have missed. I held his cock in my hand a few minutes and saw just a little drop come out of the P hole and I bent over one last time to give it one long hard suck and lick the head for the last time. I stood up slowly. I was turned on and damn I wanted to fuck. I looked at Bob and smiled and told him I’m horny! “Baby I’m 55 years old and honey I can’t get it up, you got to get someone else to fuck you tonight.” Oh will I tried, do I have any cum on my face, don’t want the people to think I been having sex!” After all I was a guest in my friend’s house and didn’t want to make anyone mad.

I went back in the hose and had one more wine and looked around to see if I might find a cock that was ready because I was, my pussy lips were twitching. “Marca honey it is getting late we need to go home!”

“Your right Mrs. White we do!” Oh how I could have used a good fuck tonight, Mr. Two Fingers will just have to do it for me.

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