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M’s Chronicles Ch. 01

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I was only 18 when we met each other, I was living with my mother in the Midwest. I was getting ready to begin my Senior year of high school, and I had been searching the internet for online friends; stuck in an unforgettable truth. I had lost my eyesight in my right eye, due to a torn and wrinkled retina. No freak unusual accident, just pure chance. To top it all off, my parents had finally gotten a divorce after 18 years of misunderstood, heartbreak of a marriage relationship. I was lonely and looking, for what, I had no idea. But I somehow found myself gazing at a website where talking about sex, all kinds of sex and positions was all it was about. It had simple but good 3D graphics and interesting forum topics.

After reading a few, thereby educating myself to a certain degree, I decided to create an account. Then I went on with what remained of my summer break, periodically checking into the website out of curiosity.

Since I had made the account I had happened to meet a young guy that was my age via yahoo and we hit it off, we talked and phoned each other regularly. But something was still missing from deep within myself, a part that was unwilling to fully trust this nice boy, who was handsome and kind to me. We chatted often about sex and even had cyber sex on numerous occasions. Yet it wasn’t until a month before I had to return to school that I learned a deeper truth about this guy, Jay. You see it was during one of our chats about sex that I learned how much he got off thinking about a dog doing a girl, as in me. As shocked as I was at hearing such a notion, caring for him rather deeply I made a conscious effort to include his fantasy into our cyber sessions…. lying to myself as well as to Jay. I thought that caring as deeply as I did for Jay, meant that I had to consent to the ideas and fantasies that excited him, disregarding my own feelings and needs. Within two weeks of conducting myself as such, it began to wear me down mentally and emotionally. I didn’t want to humiliate myself in this way, even though it was not physically real, it still felt real.

So thinking of my sex forum site I searched there, seeking questions and answers, wanting to read for myself what others were saying. Needless to say there wasn’t much on animals. So I asked my own question to the site public, in general. Posting a question that was related to my situation, asking if it was a normal thing to find in a relationship? And what I should do about it?

A few days later I received one single reply by a user called hammerfist. His answer went like this: If this guy really cares for you he would never asked to to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable and If he Truly Loved You, he would never dream of asking you to do something that would harm you.

This one and only answer(still to this very day) compelled me to click the user’s name to view his profile and send him a private message. His profile stated that he was between ages 50-60 and that he lived also in the Midwest. In my message to him I thanked him for his sincerity and fearlessly gave him my email address. ( A habit that I do not take lightly). Within a day or two we were emailing and IM-ing each other eagerly. Chatting and learning about one another as the summer days swept by, Dan was his name and he a wonderful, devoted, sexy gentleman who knew the ways to treat a woman. Charm was not something he flaunted or boasted of, but rather Dan had an calm air a confidence mecidiyeköy escort and truthfulness that I had never encountered in a man before. I liked it, was drawn to it and before either he or I realized it, we had developed feelings for one another. Which in turn made chatting with Jay tougher and more infrequent. Being finally honest with myself and him, I informed Jay that I was speaking to someone else and that I would need to make a choice between the two men before I started my Senior year. Shell shocked and hurt beyond words, Jay still hung on to my every word, unwilling to just drop me because of my seemingly rash choice to pursue a man 3 times my own age.

My mother had yet to fully discover what I was really up to, though vaguely aware that I was under some kind extreme emotional stress and excitement. I wasn’t into sharing much of my love life on my sleeve, so I didn’t say much to her.

Dan was everything that I had imaged of wanting in a boyfriend, and he went above and beyond any other teenage relationship that I had managed to survive from, he told me that he loved me but my heart was still timid and fearful. Sex was an open topic between he and I. While phone sex and deep conversations were what truly opened our eyes mutually to the bond that had naturally wound itself around us.

Feeling as if we had known each other for years when it had only been a few months. Mother had her suspicious looks and finally demanded one evening in mid September to know who exactly I was talking to, let’s just put it simply…. the shit had hit the fan!

She went literally insane with fear, worry, protectiveness and rage. Rightly so, as would any self respecting parent. The only thing I had going for me was that I was a legal adult, and my choices were my choices. I stood my ground with Dan supporting me 200%. My mother’s threats and parental jibber ish fell upon me like a dead weight. Combine that with, going to a new school and attempting to finish high school drove me into Dan’s arms even more-so. I loved my mother, but my new love I refused to deny simply because she feared for my life and refused to put any trust in my personal judgement.

So much stress and torment was weighing on me that my health declined, I lost weight and digesting any kind of food was painful at best. I did not view my mother as the enemy nor did I feel any less love for her because of her crazed efforts to keep Dan and I apart… All I wished for was to be able to love this man and to see where this love would take me. Even if it lasted only for a little while, I was willing to take that risk because Dan had taught me that it was okay to really follow your heart.

Holding my ground in front of my mother, through all the screaming fights and sobbing heart retching tears that she and I shared with one another; something I will always remember.

It wasn’t until the middle of October of 2009 that Dan and I first met face to face for the very first time. Sure he and I had exchanged pictures, but things sometimes are not really cemented until you see someone in the flesh. Secretly we met, he had driven 8 hours to see me, not to fuck me or abduct me; but to simply meet me and share a cup of coffee.

It was around 8:30 pm as I sat nervously in the little coffee shop, Dan had texted me that it would be about 20 minutes until he pulled into the area. My hair was cut short, my brunette curls framed my oval shaped faced as my dark green eyes şişli escort darted out the window every time a car left or pulled into the little parking lot outside the cafe. I was excited and nervous, oddly comfortable with the fact that I was meeting a complete stranger for the very first time after four months of talking on the phone and chatting online.

Dan’s van pulled into the parking lot and I stilled as I watched him climb out of the vehicle. I had forgot in my nervousness to text him what I was wearing so he casually wandered just outside the shop for a few moments. He was tall about 6’1″ and had deep thoughtful eyes. Salt and pepper hair, parted down the middle and a matching mustache. His skin was tanned from the summer sun, a color that I liked very much. He wore jeans and a long sleeved navy blue button down dress shirt. Finally he came inside and I gave a small wave to let him know where I was sitting, his smile lit up his eyes and warmed his features as he eagerly came over and took the seat next to me. I reached for him and his large hands clasped around mine, warm callused fingers tickled mine as his paws engulfed my petite hands. Our smiles seemed glued to our faces as we gazed at one another.

“How are you?” concern filled my tone as I came to realize just how far he had come just for this moment.

“I’m doing alright, I am tired. But I’m even more excited to see you, so don’t worry about it. I came to see you and so here I am.” his tone sent waves of pleasure down my spine, it was not too deep but somewhat alluring in nature, tender and thoughtful. My heart fluttered inside my chest and I felt waves of newly awakened sensations zing throughout my body.

Sitting there taking in Dan, I had no second thoughts, no doubts about who he was and what he meant to me. I had come love him and he knew it to be true. We went up to the counter and order some drinks then took our seats again, sipping at the beverages. But inside we trembled and felt of molten fire. Wanting, no, needing to be closer to one another.

“Do you want to sit in my car?” Dan asked gently as we both gingerly finished our drinks.

“Yes.” I answered eagerly. We exited the warmth of the cafe and stepped out into the crisp October night. Dan took hold of my hand and we walked to his van, opening the passenger door for me he took the seat and with a giggling grin I hopped up into his lap so he could close the door. Inside his lap was warm beneath me, and he gently layered small kisses on the side of my neck, my body tingled and I let my instincts rule my actions as I turned so I could kiss Dan. Meeting my lips Dan eagerly yet tenderly kissed me, gently tasting and sampling each other for the first time. My little tongue licked at his lips and he opened to me, letting my tastebuds explore his tongue. Dan tasted of sugar and cigarettes, his after shave mixed with his overall earthy scent drove me wild, a moan of timid delight escaped me as he reciprocated my French kiss. His large warm palms warmed my skin as he reached beneath my shirt to pet my torso, callused but gentle fingertips feathered across my ribcage in a sensual exploration of my body. His breath was warm and heavy and I let my lips roam over his jawline and cheek, burying into his neck to kiss and smell him. I felt myself getting excited as his thick fingers sought my peaked nipples, carefully flicking and circling them. Dan moaned in agreement as I kissed and sucked at his heated neck, I wiggled taksim escort and made tiny noises of pleasure as he cupped and massaged my breasts with a touch of gentle experience.

I could feel his cock and how truly aroused he was as I sat in his lap, he felt thick and long beneath his jeans. I heard him whisper how beautiful and wonderful I was, “M, may I touch you?” he asked as his paw came to rest softly upon my jeans zipper. His voice cracked slightly with arousal and gentleness. I felt his heart drumming quickly and the warmth of his body as I sat on top of him facing away from him.

“Yes Dan, I want you to touch me.” I managed. My heart was racing and my body felt it was going to explode with excitement as he undid my button and unzipped my jeans, a sighed and gasped as his hand delved beneath my jeans and panties, his fingers caressed my curls and petted my clit. Making me wiggle, trembling, pant with desire. Moaning deeply I tried to widen my legs but my jeans held me.

Seeing that I was uncomfortable Dan murmured; “Would you like to lay down in the back? I had not planned on this, but if it would make you more comfy.”

Nodding I scrambled into the back of the van, maneuvering across the console I discover that he had taken most of the seats out of his van, several random items like tools and things lay to one side of the van; as if he used it more like a truck rather than a passenger van. Dan climbed back with me and produced a blanket which he laid down on the bed of the van.

“Like I said I hadn’t planned on doing this, or I would have put a seat or two back in.” Dan chuckled to himself.

“No, it’s okay, I understand.” I replied as I eagerly crawled onto the blanket and removed my jeans and underwear. Laying on my back I gazed up at Dan, curiously awaiting him. Dan seemed to be in awe as he looked at me, bewildered and thrilled that I was so open and fearless around him… I mean come on an 18 year old girl chucking her drawers in the back of the van of a 50 year old guy, what man in his right mind would refuse. But Dan was not only patient with me, he took his time and was gentle in handling me.

Dan slid in between my legs, seemingly unconcerned about being serviced, no his mind was hyper focused on making me feel safe, loved, and pleasured beyond compare. His smile was admiring and lovely to me as he settled his face into my pussy.

The first slow swipe of his tongue was like nothing I had experience before, it was thoughtful and wanting. As if he enjoyed going down on me, lapping at my outer and inner folds I found myself moaning and sighing with delight as his fingers tenderly parted my labia to expose my clit. His eyes locked with mine as Dan applied his thick warm loving tongue to my hyper sensitive bud of nerves. A sharp gasp escaped me as I nearly rammed my pussy into his mouth, my hips rotating with eager want. I was gushing as he licked and concentrated all his attention on my buzzing thrilled clitoris, while also lapping up my juices that flowed from between my velvety lips. I moaned and was dizzy with sensation and feeling as my hands instinctively buried themselves into his thick hair, tugging and pulling him, kneading as his ministrations pleased me and himself. My young 18 year old self had never known what love really meant until this moment, until this man patiently and adoringly pleasured me til I was writhing and mewling with hyper sensitivity, my body trembling from head to toe, my mind swirling and heady with the feeling of uninhibited orgasmic freedom. With no selfishness or pride, Dan was simply happy in making me feel good about myself and thrilled that I had picked him to be the man to do it.

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