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Mrs. Maxwell

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Big Tits

Every student has a teacher that we usually fantasize about and mine was certainly Ms. Maxwell. She was a goddess and I masturbate every time thinking about her. She stands 5 ft. 2 inches and has an hourglass figure with big breasts and red hair. What’s truly amazing about her is her eyes which are blue in color.

Let me describe myself, my name is Jack Myers and I am 18 years of age. I am not exactly what you call ripped but I play rugby at our Kings collage in London. I am 6 ft. 4 inches tall with blonde hair and grey eyes. Ms. Maxwell teaches math’s and almost every boy in my class drools over her perfect butt sticking out of her black skirt.

“Oh wow!” Say’s Tyler my best friend as Mrs. Maxwell gets out her car. She is wearing a black blouse and a grey skirt with a hint of cleavage exposing her pale white breasts.

Did you know? Says Tyler, about her husband. I shook my head and said no. I wondered whether she had a husband or not because as long as I’ve known her, I did not see her with any other guy or even a wedding ring on her finger.

“Well apparently, her husband used to be an alcoholic and would sometimes would beat her up,” said Tyler. You see Tyler’s mom was a board member and a well-known gossip queen.

“One day, her husband came home and almost beat her to death but luckily the neighbors heard the commotion and rescued her. The husband was charged with assault and thrown in almanbahis prison,” said Tyler.

One evening after my rugby training, I closed my locker and picked up my training gear and was coming out when I saw Mrs. Maxwell’s classroom was still open. I glanced and saw her looking at something on her phone. I could see tears on her eyes and wondered what was bothering her.

“Ma’am, is everything alright,” I asked.

“Oh jack it’s you,” she said. She looked surprised that I caught her crying.

“Yeah everything’s alright,” she said but I could tell something was bothering her. I told her she could tell me anything. She was reluctant but then decided to open up to me.

“Well apparently this Saturday my ex-husband will be released from prison and that monster will be free. He would always blame me for everything and he would always take his anger out on me,” she said.

“Sometimes he would even compare me to his past girlfriends and flings and say they were a better fuck than me, I can’t take this anymore,” she says sobbing. I wondered whether her ex-husband was an idiot who did not fail to at least once appreciate this beautiful women sitting in front of me.

“He’s an idiot for not noticing how beautiful, pretty and sexy you are,” I said. She looks at me surprised at what I said and I wondered crap I just told her she was sexy

“You think I’m pretty and sexy, “she says. I almanbahis giriş decided to tell her my hidden feelings and attraction towards her.

“Yes you’re sexy and pretty as hell, “I said. You’re compassionate about your work and when you smile it lights up my world and you always care about your students, if he can’t see that than he’s an idiot.

“Do you really mean it,” she said.

I nodded, stood up and silenced her with a kiss. I opened my mouth and she pushed her tongue into it. She moaned and I started invade her tongue with my lips feeling every inch of her mouth. We were in ecstasy as she pulled me closer into her pushing her breasts against me.

Moments passed before we released each other gasping for air. I took that opportunity to grab her ass and lift her onto the table. I pulled my shirt off and she had already taken off her blouse and bra showing her perfect D cup breasts. I sucked and gently bit her perfect nipples earning a moan from her. She managed to push my shorts and saw my 8 inch dick.

“Wow jack, you’re full of surprises,” she said as she started sucking my dick. She pushed my dick into her mouth and managed to take it all. Holy crap no one has ever done that before, not even with any of the girls I fuck. She kept on sucking while looking at me with her blue eyes smiling. I couldn’t take it anymore as I could feel the tension building up inside me. I almanbahis yeni giriş think she knew it too as this encouraged her to suck my dick even faster than before.

“Arrgghhhhhhhhh,”I groaned as I spurting my man juice all over her face, on her tits and even some traces of my cum could be seen in her hair. She started sucking and licking up my left over on my head.

I gently pushed up her legs and I got down. Her smell from her pussy was intoxicating. I started to kiss around her thighs and I started to lick her pussy while carefully avoiding her clitoris.

“Mmmmmnnnnn, right there baby fuck your good.” She said. I slurped her sweet nectar. I licked and sucked her pussy and gently bit her clitoris earning a moan from her.

“Oh fucccckkkkkkk”, she screamed as her juices splashed all around my face. She took my and gently rubbed it against her mound.

Ready to stick your big pole inside me. I groaned as I slid inside her feeling her very tight and wet pussy. “Fuck you’re so big,” she groaned as banging her tight pussy, I couldn’t believe that I was actually fucking the woman that I always dreamt about while masturbating.

“Oh shitttttt,” she screamed as she released an intense orgasm. I pounded her wet cunt faster and faster when I began to feel that familiar release. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.

“Cum inside me baby, I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Here I go, I groaned as I flooded her pussy with my cum. That was awesome, I hope we can do this again.”

“Sure why not, as long as you keep this a secret and never tell anyone,” she said. I agreed and wondred what the future holds for both of us.

The End.

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